Daisy’s Almost Haircut

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Daisy walked into Que Ball’s barbershop, Tammy said “I know it’s hot out, but we only allow customers in here”.

Tammy was the barberette working further away from the entrance to the shop.

She was pumping the pedal on  her barber chair,  as the innocent child ascended to her desired working level.

Daisy looked her, and then said “what makes you think I’m not a customers”.

Tammy didn’t answer her. She began to ran her long acrylic nails through the boys hair.

 Before she reached forward to grab her clippers, she said“If you sit down, you’re getting a haircut.”

Right after Tammy said that, Daisy sat down in one of the waiting area chairs.

As Daisy sat down in one of the waiting area chairs, Tammy said “Say good bye to these long locks, sweetie”.

She pushed his head forward and gently drove the clippers up his nape.

When Tammy started her second pass up his nape, Daisy looked over at Kate’s chair. Kate was removing the cape from her customer.

As the man opened up his wallet, Kate said “Sam, come have a seat in my chair”.

He saw that his brother was trying to pull away from Tammy’s grasp, as he made his way to Kate’s chair.

Once he was in the Kate’s chair, he looked over at his brother.  Tammy had his brother’s jaw gripped tightly.

More and more hair was being peeled off his head, with each pass of the clippers.

When Kate walked behind her chair, she said “look forward, Sam”.

Sam did as he was told, immediately.  She quicked pinned cape into place.

Daisy thought that it was odd that she did put a piece of tissue paper around his neck.

Kate wasted no time on cut. With in seconds of the cape being pinned, she had the clippers in hand.

With the clippers in front of his forehead, Kate said “what did the boys do, that mom decided they need to lose the flat tops”.

As Kate pulled the clippers back, their sister said “I don’t know”.

Tammy was starting on final side of the other client’s head, when she said “it’s like working in a military barber shop here, today”.

Kate was making her third pass over the top of Sam’s head, as she said “we did have more than a few induction cuts, back to back”.

With in a minute of Kate saying that, Tammy was turning off her clippers. As Tammy hug up her clippers, Sally’s mother walked into the shop.

As Kate started on the right side of Sam’s head, she said “how is Grace doing, today”.

Tammy unpinned Andy, as Grace said “good”.

As Andy made this way to the waiting area, Grace said “we had a uniform watching the girl’s last known address”.

Kate started on the right side of Sam’s head, as Grace said “she never showed up with the truck”.

Kim, the boy’s sister, handed Andy a ten dollar bill, as Kate said “what is your next move”.

Andy handed it to Tammy, as Grace said “we can try to get a judge to swear out a warranty for her attrest”.

Before Grace could say anything else, Tammy said “let’s go, sweetie”.

As Daisy made her way to Tammy’s chair, Kate said “what happens, if the judge wouldn’t swear out a warranty”.

Daisy sat down in Tammy’s chair, as Grace said “they have to catch her driving it”.

Tammy reached for a piece of tissue paper, as Grace said “I wish I had better news for you”.

Kate made her final pass on the right side of Sam’s head, as she said “get out of my shop”.

Grace did as she was told, and made her way towards the door. As she walking towards the door, Tammy said “how are we cutting it, today”.

With the piece of tissue paper stretched out in front her neck, she said “like yours would be great”.

As Kate started on Sam’s nape, Tammy said “don’t get smart with me, bitch”.

Once Daisy heard that she got up the chair, and started to walk her way to the door.

Daisy was half way to the door, when Tammy said “I want my money, bitch”.

She stopped in her tracks, and then turned around. When they had eye to eye contact, Tammy said “the law states that once you sit down in my chair, I’m due payment”.

Daisy laughed, and then said “call the police”.

As Kate started on the final side of Sam’s haircut, she said “come by my shop, tomorrow. I’ll be there between 1 and 9”.

Once Kate said that, Daisy made her way to the door. When the door slammed shut, Kim said “she probably really wanted to get her head shaved”.

Kate continued to work on Sam’s head, as she said “we have been taking about it for a while, now”.

Kim looked over at Tammy, and then said “her boyfriend has been pushing for her to do it”.

For atleast a minute, the clippers was the only sound in the shop.

Once Sam was unpinned, Kim paid Kate. They immediately left the shop, after Kate received her payment.

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