Dating my hairdresser

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I’ve never been picky about who would cut my hair, as long as it gets done.
Being a hard-working American lass, I haven’t got time to style my locks so I just cut it close on the sides, but I do like to have length up top to play with.
I might go to salons to have it done but the barbershop is more my style.
The faces on those boys as I entered Rick’s shop was priceless.
I felt powerful as I sat in the chair, took off my hard hat, and jolted up my chin to say,”Sup”
They looked at each other like,”Who the F is this? Why is she getting her hair done here?”
Rick was old-fashioned but was also old, he would take money from anybody now.
“Alright, boys. Enough starin’”,he mused, flipping a cape over me,”What’ll it be lassy?”
I had my sides buzzed down to half an inch and the top was snipped slightly but to much.
But enough about that visit, I want to tell you of the time I dated Rick’s daughter.
She is a bit older than me but she has way with words.
I was getting hot one day, picking up beams and what not.
I checked out and headed for Rick’s barbershop.
When I came into its zone, I happened to look through the glass window.
Rick wasn’t there, it was a lady cutting Mr. Benny’s hair.
I opened the door to the shop and the look in her eyes was very manly but had a motherly tint to them.
Is that weird?
“Hello, have a seat near the window and I’ll call you”
I said okay and sat at the window, I soon turned curious.
“Where’s Rick?”
She peered at me,”Arizona, momma and him went for their anniversary”
“Wait, you’re his kid?”
The barber woman smiled,”Yes, I am mhm”
I was a bit credulous,”Well, I’ll be damned”
She shot up her head,”Language!”
I almost fell off the window,”Sorry”
She laughed, her giggle was so cute.
“Sorry”,she apologized.
I straightened myself as she finished up with Benny.
“Alrighty, Miss. I can take you”
I came and sat in her chair,”I want my sides buzzed down to a number 1# and…”
She stopped me,”Papa says you get that every time”
“He talks about me?”
She crossed her arms,”A lot”
“Well”,I put but was quickly countered.
“How about we do something different?”
I was a bit hesitant to get out of my comfort area but smirked,”Okay, what’s your idea?”
“You have such thick hair”,she marveled, ruffle/massaging my scalp,”What’s the shortest you’ve gone?”
“The usual is the shortest I’ve ever gone”,I confessed.
“I see”,she listened,”You’d look good with a number 0”
I awkwardly gazed at her,”What?”
She pointed up to a sign I have never noticed before: Number 0 = clean shave.
“I don’t know..”
She seduced me into agreeing, she was very persuasive.
“Okay”,I giggled,”But I want something in return”
She smooched my lips,”How about a date, sweetie”
I smiled, she plucked up her tool and brushed them off.
“Here we go”,she mused, sliding the clippers into my hairline and down my scalp.
Over and over, more and more hair came off my top til only stubble remained.
She painted my scalp white with cream and took it off with strokes of genius craftsmanship.
We talked about family and the reaction we got when we came out.
“Papa was weird but accepted me”,she romanist,”He thought only of family and I was his still his little gay girl”
“My mother thought I was mad at first but daddy was a working man who wanted the job done”,I said as the cream came off,”He taught me strength and got me the job I have today”
“He must be a good man”,she said, wiping down my head that was now clean and sleek.
I agreed as my clothy bonds were removed.
We exchanged numbers and that night, I went to pick her up.
“There’s my favorite customer”,she exclaimed with love.

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