Do You Trust Me, Part 2

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Didn’t really expect to write this so soon, but…. here we are. Comments are appreciated — letting me know what you like about it will help me write more.


Part 2

Katie’s bedhead curls hadn’t calmed down much after her shower, though, in all fairness, she decided against shampooing them since they’d she had her hair appointment this morning anyway. After reaching the salon’s parking lot, she turned off her car’s engine and just sat there for a moment, thinking about what happened the night before.

About how Gary had taken charge and played with her own uncertainty about what she had wanted to do with her long, silky hair. It was her pride and joy, the one thing everyone — no matter how briefly she’d made their acquaintance — was able to recognize her by. Thick and soft and falling all the way down her back in romantic waves. But she wound up in her kitten zone for him, almost completely unable to resist whatever he asked her to do.

Maybe she shouldn’t have told him she was thinking of cutting her hair. She definitely shouldn’t have told him she was afraid of chickening out this morning, because that was exactly the moment when he took charge and she could never really resist that.

She smiled at herself in the rearview mirror, feeling heat rise in her cheeks as she remembered the thrills that had run up her spine when he asked her to pass him his scissors. The scissors that had never once been used since he bought that haircutting kit, yet now were expected to be used on her crowning glory. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she thought about it, her fingertips tracing a line above her breast where she’d asked him to cut off her treasured locks. They would have been so much shorter than they had been, yes, but they’d still have been long — she’d still have been a long-haired girl, with gorgeous red hair with waves that would have turned into beautiful curls with so much less weight.

But Gary had other ideas. She looked at her reflection again, removing the baseball cap she’d stolen from her husband on her way out the door, releasing the wild, vibrant flock of curls her long tresses had become, shorn away almost at her chin, leaving her shoulders and neck completely untouched now. She ran he fingers through those curls again and again, thinking about how unbelievably loud those scissors were, how teasing and deft Gary’s touch was throughout. She should have been sobbing and crying and trying to run away, but nope… she just stood there and let her always-husband/sometimes master take things so much further than she asked him to. So beautifully, perfectly, blessedly further than she’d asked.

The sunlight streaming through the car window blinked off and on again as someone walked past and Katie snapped out of her reverie. “Good lord, girl,” she whispered. “You’re gonna need new panties if you don’t knock that off.”

She laughed at how red her reflection’s cheeks had become, and then stuffed the cap back on top of her head and started to open the car door. She paused when she saw the curling ends of her hair sticking out from under the ball cap, their ends so sudden and sharp. Again, there were thrills.

“Seriously, girl,” she told herself.

She managed to make it into the salon without embarrassing herself any more, gleefully greeting the receptionist, a cute college girl named Sandi, and saying hello to Brad, the one other stylist she had spoken with before. Rebecca was near the front waiting for her, arranging some items at her station. She looked flawless as always, with a tight black t-shirt and matching pants offset by a silver belt and an absolute tidal wave of thick, is-it-light-brown-or-is-it-dark-blonde hair that tumbled halfway down her back. The sides were pulled back in a cute little clasp, probably to keep it all out of the way as she worked. Her heavy, trademark bangs teased her eyelashes when her eyes widened at the sight of Katie.


Katie whipped off the ball cap and struck a pose. “Ta-daaaa…”

Rebecca sputtered, but not in an angry way or anything. She just seemed flabbergasted, as did   Sandi and Brad.

“What happened to the Red Rapunzel?” Brad asked after dropping the bottle of shampoo he’d been holding.

Katie’s confidence faded, and she suddenly felt very tiny… “Scissors?” She asked, wondering why it came out as a question. Rebecca was suddenly close to her, running her fingers through Katie’s hair, fluffing the lush curls and caressing her scalp with the tips of her nails. For the moment, Katie was glad she was straight because she probably would have been a human puddle by this point otherwise. But then Brad stepped close.

“May I?” He asked Rebecca.

Rebecca? Why was he asking her? Was Katie just some kind of…

And then his hands were in her hair, gently rubbing and stroking their way through its abrupt length. She tried not to focus on his superhero jawline, but when she lowered her eyeline she was instead looking at his fucking glorious pecs and suddenly she just had to close her eyes but then everything was about his fingers in her hair and just holy god she had a feeling she’d better call Gary and tell him to take the afternoon off as she grabbed Brad’s wrists and pulled his hands from her hair.

“Sorry,” he said. “Seriously, though, you were right, Becky — I think that’s the softest hair I’ve ever felt.”

“Yeah, and now it’s all gone!” Rebecca said, smiling as she shook her head in disbelief. “I was looking forward all week to playing with it! I have a really cool braid I wanted to try after your trim.”

Katie let Rebecca take her hand and lead her back to the wash station, waving goodbye to Brad and Sandi despite not going more than thirty feet away. “I can go home and get it, if you want,” she teased. She handed her purse to Rebecca and took her seat at the sink, letting the stylist gather her bobbed locks back into the shampoo bowl.

“I need the story. How’d it happen?” Rebecca asked.

Katie thought about how many details she wanted to provide as Rebecca wet down her hair and worked in the shampoo. The only thing she really accomplished, though, was managing to blush so hard she could feel it.

Rebecca pulled back, looking quizzical. “Really? It was a sex thing?”

Katie’s hands smacked into place over her face. “Oh god, no… it just… It didn’t start out as one, okay? I just mentioned I was thinking of cutting it….”

“Which you always chicken out of..”

“Which I always chicken out of when you talk me out of it…”

“Because I know you’ll regret it and women would die to have hair like yours.”

“But then Gary asked me to let him do it so I wouldn’t have to worry about chickening out. So he did. I was thinking chest-length at first, but…” She shrugged helplessly.

“And then you…. Brown-chicken-brown-cow?”

Katie laughed despite herself. “Pretty much. He tried to give me bangs, but that’s where I put my foot down. Then, yes, the porn music started. My hair doesn’t look too terrible, though, does it?”

“Not at all,” Rebecca assured her. She grabbed a towel and guided Katie up from the sink, wrapping it around the crimson locks before leading Katie back to Rebecca’s station.

“That was fast…”

“There’s, like, none left,” Rebecca chided her.

Katie obediently slid into Rebecca’s chair, going quiet as the stylist blotted the excess water out of her hair. When the towel was pulled away, Katie still managed to be startled by how short her hair was. It just hung in thick, damp waves, well, well short of reaching her shoulders. She shook her head gently, letting her bangs slide forward where they teased her right cheek and tried to tickle her chin.

“So what are we doing today?” Rebecca asked, carefully running a comb through the remains of Katie’s treasured mane.

Katie took a deep breath, thinking of her bet with Gary. Did she have the guts to seal her own fate? All for a very silly bet that really wasn’t an unusual chore for whoever lost?

“Want me to just polish it up? Gary really didn’t do a bad job,” Rebecca said as she fluffed the damp locks.

“Who’s Gary?” Brad asked.

“Her hubby.”

“Got it. Brave girl.” And then his reflection left Rebecca’s mirror as he strode toward the front of the salon.

“So, just a trim?” Rebecca asked again as she fluttered a cape over Katie’s form. Katie instinctively moved to lift her hair so Rebecca could close the cape, but…. Nope, not necessary.

Good lord, what would it say about Katie as a person if she still managed to chicken out even after Gary specifically set it up so she couldn’t chicken out?

“No. I mean, not unless that’s what you want to do.”

Rebecca’s brow furrowed, her head tilting like a dog trying to figure out whether it was about to be taken for a walk.

Katie took a breath, a strange warmth spreading through her body as her decision was made. She was finally able to relax for the first time since getting out of the car, and settled back in the chair and crossed her legs. “It’s your call,” she finally said.

“My call?”

Katie nodded. “Whatever you want to do. Go for it.” As Rebecca smiled, Katie blurted out, “Except the color! Please don’t change the color.”

Rebecca laughed. “No, sweetie, don’t worry. They’d take away my license if I messed with color like yours.” She ran her fingers through Katie’s locks a few times, lifting them away and letting them failed back into place. The curls were returning as they air-dried, both the length and volume rising. She was silent for several moments, only Brad’s chattering with his client filling the void.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking… you have really cute ears.”

The ease that Katie had been feeling suddenly faded a little. A little bit of nervousness crept back into her heart, along with… oh, crap. A bit of that thrill from the night before. She bit her lip, silently wondering when the fuck she suddenly became such a horndog. She straightened in the seat again, and thought she saw a flicker of a smile at the corner of Rebecca’s lips.

“You said you were thinking chest length, but Gary cut it shorter?” She began gathering up sections of Katie’s thick hair, pinning it atop her head and setting a firm line a bit above her ears. Everything beneath that line, now a mass of dry, silky curls, hung free, blanketing those allegedly cute ears of hers and her nape.

Katie nodded, wondering whether she was sealing some kind of fate.

“And did he say anything else when he was convincing you not to chicken out?”

“Not really… well, I mean, I said I thought I wouldn’t look good with it short and he said he knows I would.”

“Did he now?”

“Why do I feel like you’re suddenly my prosecutor?”

Rebecca smiled warmly. “I’m just making sure I don’t go anywhere you don’t want me to. You are an incredibly stunning woman, Katie, with bone structure to die for and a look that could go sexy as hell or cute as a button.” She set her hands on Katie shoulders. “There is literally nothing I could do that would make you look bad. But I wouldn’t want you to regret what I do, either. Your hair is magnificent.”

“Hair grows back, you know,” Brad chimed in. “I keep telling you that.”

Rebecca’s reflection smiled as she rolled her eyes. “So?” She asked.

Katie swallowed the lump in her throat. She could so this. She wouldn’t back out. She could do this. She could. Seriously. Really.

“I don’t know why you’re asking me,” she said. “You’re the one who gets  to decide.”

“So noted,” Rebecca replied with a nod. She made a dramatic show of pulling out her scissors and comb, but then set them down on the counter before her mirror.

It was Katie’s turn to tilt her head in confusion, but then Rebecca opted one of the many drawers at her station and said, “I don’t get much of a chance to use these.”

When she turned around, she was brandishing a set of clippers not unlike Gary’s, and Katie’s heart froze. She didn’t want it to, but it did anyway. Rebecca let out a little giggle of glee as she plugged them in and carefully selected an attachment.

“How.. How… how short?” Katie asked, her voice suddenly a whisper and her throat very dry. She braced herself for the number, and tried to remember what length Gary used when he slippered his own hair down to almost nothing.

“Oh, plenty short. But we can always go shorter later if you want. We just won’t be able to go longer, that’s for sure.”

Katie watched Rebecca as she walked behind her, at least until she couldn’t turn anymore and had to look at her stylist in the mirror instead. That didn’t last long though, because two gentle touches on either side of her head encouraged her chin to tilt down, close to her chest.

“My decision, right?”

Katie swallowed, and then nodded, feeling the thrill of a complete loss of control sweep through her again as the clippers roared to life. She cursed all of the touching and caressing and conversation that had gone on before, it all being the baby steps that unknowingly carried her so close to the edge of being in the kind of mood that made her yearn for a loss of control, to be commanded and ordered and collared and Oh, crap the cape was so tight around her neck just like a collar why didn’t she realize that before—

The clipper guard touch her neck and she nearly squealed, the vibrations joining with and multiplying the thrills racing up and down her body. The guard slid up her nape and she heard the tell-tale change in tone as her crowning glory couldn’t resist the whirling blades. Rebecca had pushed the clippers into her hair slowly at first, but then seemed to race them up the back of Katie’s head as quickly as she was able. Katie gasped audibly when they reached he top of her nape, just barely maintaining control as she risked a glance at the mirror.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Rebecca asked. She reached forward, flicking the clippers and letting the beautiful curls it had reaped float down into Katie’s lap.

This time, Katie let herself squeal, clasping her hands over her face as the squeal turned into a giggle. “Oh. My. God.”

“Too late to change your mind now.” Rebecca’s free hand studied Katie’s head again, and a second pass was made, and then a third. Katie hated how her body was betraying her, hated the kinks she had that had led her to this moment, where more and more of her pride and joy was being taken from her… not necessarily against her will, but not exactly by choice, either.  She was being shorn, there was no doubt, after a lifetime of being the girl, the woman, and sometimes the pet with beautiful, long red hair.

The pile in her lap just kept growing, with each fluff of falling locks reminding Katie that she wasn’t in control. “Can I have my phone?” She asked.

Rebecca turned the clippers off just long enough to reach into Katie’s purse and hand it to her. Then they were alive again, Katie’s head was tilted to the left, and the locks that had always been so easily tucked behind her ear in tandem with a shy smile to win some stranger’s free drinks for the night were gone, sacrificed to the gods of Change and mild domination fantasies.

She snapped a picture of the pile of curls in her lap and sent it to Gary with the message, “Take the afternoon off, bud. Hydrate. XOXO.”

She flipped her phone back to the counter and took another breath as her head was budged to the right. Chattering chewing laid waste to the lengths of red that had remained, dumping them forward to brush against Katie’s breast before gathering with the others.

“Not done.” It was a simple statement, but caused Katie’s eyes to widen nonetheless as she remembered Rebecca’s earlier words — we can go shorter later, but not longer. Rebecca was changing the guard on the clippers, and Katie knew Rebecca wasn’t gonna make it longer.

“Head down again,” Rebecca commanded as she nudged Katie’s chin chest ward again. The clippers sprang back to life, running up Katie’s nape again and again, though not as high as before and sometimes in tandem with a comb. Then yet another set of clippers were used, tidying up the nape and the edges, fixing a perfectly pointed, sexy little sideburn of sorts to highlight each of her allegedly-cute ears. The sheer amount of attention Rebecca was paying to the cut warmed Katie’s nerves a bit, making her feel pampered and appreciated. Her long hair had never received so much care and attention when being cut; but then again, maybe there just wasn’t as much skill involved in trimming a mane as long as hers had been.

Had been.

The thought still caused a rush. Would the Katie of ten years ago ever believe she’d wind up being clippered like this one day? The Katie of one year ago? Hell, the Katie of last week?

The clippers paused.

Katie lifted her eyes and met her reflection head on; a woman with nothing but reddish fuzz on either side of her head and a mass of damp, shiny locks spun into weird little spirals atop it. As of last night, she knew there wouldn’t be any ponytails, no updos, no braids or twists for a good long while, but now…

She turned her head this way and that, trying to glimpse her bare, naked nape. She reached up to feel the buzz there, an electric sting of pleasure riding through her as she caressed what the clippers had left behind.

…Now there wouldn’t be any finger twirls or ear tucks for … a long while.

Rebecca rubbed the back of Katie’s head. At best, she didn’t hear the moan that was elicited as Katie’s eyes fluttered closed, at worst she was kind enough to pretend she hadn’t.

“Stage Two,” Rebecca said, waggling her eyebrows. She undid some of the clasps holding up Katie hair, running her comb through the exceedingly long — at least in comparison to the rest of her hair — locks. The first to meet the scissors were what had once been Katie’s bangs, tediously grown out into a sensual sweep that had almost reached her shoulders before last night’s events shortened them to her chin. And now Rebecca sheared them away again, or at least a good amount of them. Four or so inches tumbled past after Katie heard the crunch of Rebecca’s shears, so much crisper and cleaner than the sounds made by Gary’s last night.

Katie watched in her reflection as another thick swath of hair was gathered up and shortened in the same manner before being carefully disregarded, allowed to fall with the other over Katie’s right eye.

The falling locks got longer and longer as Rebecca worked, and the remaining locks got shorter and shorter the further back Rebecca hands moved. Katie couldn’t believe the disconnect — there was still so much hair falling, such a terribly terrifying amount, and yet, compared to the sides and back, there was still so much that was left on her head. And yet neither amount seemed like very much when compared with the amount of curls she’d had on her head this time of the day yesterday.

It was all kind of nuts, to be honest.

“Okay, there we go,” Rebecca said. Her fingers were still sifting through Katie’s remaining locks, twisting their lengths into soft curls as they cascaded forward and over her right eye. Then she ran her hand up the back of Katie’s head again, scratching ever so lightly before repeating the entire motion. Katie had to fight against the purr that was rising in her throat.

Katie took a long look at herself and smiled. She shook her head a little bit, letting the curls hanging over her right eye dance an alluring little number. “Still a sex kitten,” she whispered, feeling that fact right to her core.

“What was that?’ Rebecca asked.

“Oh” Katie flushed again, seemingly for the fortieth time that day. “Something Gary said last night, that I was a sex kitten with the long hair so maybe it was time to try something different.”

“Something different? Like what?”

Katie shrugged. “I don’t know. Cute girl next door, maybe?”

Rebecca made a thoughtful sound. She slipped her fingers through Katie’s hair again, and Katie did not like the look of consideration the other woman had. Rebecca met her eyes in the mirror and smiled. “Maybe we’re not quite done.”

“What… what do you mean?” Katie asked. She closed her eyes against the watery mist that wet her hair once again.

“My choice, right?” Rebecca asked again.

Katie gripped the arms of the chair, eyes wide as Rebecca started running the comb through her relatively long curls. “Remember,” the stylist told her, “you have bone structure to die for.”

And then she gathered up the long, curly bangs that had been hiding Katie’s right eye, the last vestiges of her legendary mane and, barely more than a finger’s width away from Katie’s head, sheared them off.

Katie gasped as she watched the red curls fall. She could barely take in the first cut before Rebecca was on her third, running her fingers into the thick red locks and carefully chopping and chipping away, intermixing the thick hanks of falling hair with itty bitty clippings that added style and liveliness to the look.

Katie was being pixied. She’d never, ever have guessed it — never truly expected it, but here she was, goaded into a tiny bit of complacency and thinking that the endeavor had come to an end, but no… now every last bit of length was being sheared away from her shiny curls. Hell, every last curl!

The remains…the results, as Rebecca worked, did look cute as fuck, that much Katie had to admit, but holy hell — it was so short! Not clippered like the sides, but easily blended into them for sure. Even after anything that could be considered a true length worthy of notice had been sheared away, Rebecca ket working, lifting and snipping, lifting and snipping.

Surely this had to be it… Katie couldn’t fathom what the next step would be, short of a complete buzzcut and good god she hoped Rebecca wouldn’t do that.

“Okay. There we go,” Rebecca said again. “For real this time.” To emphasize, she set her scissors and come down on her counter before stepping behind Katie with a super soft brush she used to flick away any clipping on her neck and ears. “What do you think?”

Katie sat there, slack jawed. She knew she should say something, but after a lifetime of having a blanket of hair to hide behind, to play with, and tease and seduce men with… there was almost nothing. Just the shortest, cutest, most fucking adorable pixie cut she had ever seen. Her former mane was barely an inch or two long and blended perfectly with sides that couldn’t be more than a half inch –maybe even only a quarter-inch– at their longest. In a matter of a day, she’d gone from having hair that was too long to hold a curl to having hair that was too short to be a curl.

Rebecca held a mirror to show Katie her nape, and thrills and shivers shouted within her body as she thought of what her husband could do to such an open, vulnerable neck.

“Holy shit,” she finally said. “I’m adorable.”

“Yeah,” Rebecca agreed. “I mean, some eyeliner and heavy lipstick will totally have you being the village sex kitten again, but for the other times… I think a few sundresses might be in order.”

“Okay. Okay, okay okay,” Katie muttered. The cape was pulled away, and she froze in shock yet again as she saw the massive amount of hair — her hair — that tumbled to the floor. Her hand instinctively raced up to caress her hair, thrills and chills making it hard to focus again. “Okay, I have a massage scheduled, so… I need to go do that and then fuck the shit out of my husband, soooo… I’m sorry I can’t stay and chat.”

Rebecca laughed and hugged her. “It’s fine, go on. Have fun. Glad you like it.”

“Uhm…. Yeah. To say the least.”

Katie quickly paid, and then might have gone to the massage parlor as planned. In all honesty, everything was kind of in a fog for her as she tried to get used to the sensation of having hair that was so unbelievably short. Like, not Katie-short, which would be considered waist-length for anyone else, but anybody-on-Earth short.

As relaxing as the full-body rubdown had been, though, the butterflies were back by the time she got home. Gary’s car was already in the apartment building’s lot, so at least she wouldn’t have to wait, but…. Holy shit, what was he gonna think? Sure, the picture could have prepared him, but… should she have sent a photo of the finished product?

No, that would have ruined the surprise!

But it would have given him time to think of something to say if he had to only pretend to like it.

No, he’ll love it!

She repeated the mantra to herself all the way to the elevator, and then up until she stood outside their apartment door. “He’ll love it. He’l love it. He’ll love it.”

She reached for the knob, but the door opened before she could even touch it. Gary stood there, dress-shirt half unbuttoned and tie still hanging loose around his neck, making her feel like a complete slug in her tee shirt and jeans. His beautiful brown eyes widened as his jaw dropped.

“Ta-daaa…” She whispered, holding her hands up in the air.

“Ho. Lee. Shit,” he stage whispered, his fallen jaw rising just enough to hint at a smile. He reached up to grab her right hand and guided her in a slow spin that brought her into the apartment. The door thumped shut while she was looking away, and when she finished that pirouette Gary stopped her, circling her himself. “My god, woman. How do you manage to get hotter and hotter every damn day I know you?”

Katie couldn’t fight the blush that flooded her cheeks, a combined result of relief that he liked it and flattery that he seemed to love it. “So… she did in fact go a little crazy. And she did cut it all off.”

“I see that.”

Katie closed her eyes as he ruffled the hair at her crown and she didn’t not bother trying to fight the moan that resulted as he caressed her nape and ran his fingers up and down over the soft red fuzz again and again. She nested close to him as he continued doing that, tugging open his shirt and pressing her hips into him. “So… did you hydrate like I asked you to?”

“Yeah.” His words and lips caressed her naked neck, and it felt every bit as mind-numbingly hot as she thought it might. “And I picked up a case of Gatorade, too. It’s a long weekend, after all.”


The End

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