Donna The Hair Salon Domme

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Paula and Pete had been together several years now and we’re quite adventurous. They had recently realised early on that they both had a thing for hairdressing and salon visits and recently had started some BDSM play initially bondage, spanking etc.
One day Paula was randomly googling and she came across a website for a BDSM salon which was owned by a bisexual Domme Donna and was for those who had kinks for hairdressing and being dominated. It was $500 for an afternoon session and open minded couples and were welcome. She looked at the photos and it looked like a hair salon with some interesting additional equipment and the domme looked hot. She was tall heavily but beautifully made up wearing a black pencil skirt with stockings and a white sheer silky blouse. Her hair was striking, long whispy pixie, shiny chestnut brown with red highlights in. She was intrigued and strangely found herself getting aroused and, although she had never been with a woman before, she thought it might be a fun thing to do with this woman and experiment with as a surprise for Pete and they were both up for a kinky salon trip. Without thinking she clicked on the book appointment button and answered a few likes/dislikes/would like to experiment questions made the payment.
Within a few minutes an email popped up with an extremely sexy picture of the domme smiling standing by a barber chair and seductively  holding a  shiny flowery pink cape and some restraint wrist cuffs.  The message underneath said …You’re next, do take a seat. You will be strapped in, no escape. I’ll release you only when I’m done. What I say goes once you’re in here. A kinky salon appointment at 2pm on Saturday is confirmed for two, a male and female. Don’t be late. It stated that Paula was to ensure she was wearing nice lingerie, her best dress and to be made up and Pete to be dressed causally but to be freshly showered. Both were to get restyle haircuts of her choice and that there would be elements of sexual activities (including girl on girl), bondage and use of toys on both clients, again of her choice. Details of a car park were provided and an instruction to call a number provided when parked. If they turned up it is understood that they agreed to the conditions above and they are not to be late. Paula gulped and felt her panties getting wet so put her hand down there and diddled her clit. She was surprised this was really turning her on and how quickly she came.
She told Pete they are in for some fun as she knew he liked hair salon role playing at home but kept it as a surprise and made sure on the day he was available, ready and showered on time. Paula put her best silky black French knickers and matching bra and suspenders set on and a wrap around red polkadot silky dress. She ensured she was well made up and looked a bit slutty. She couldn’t believe she was doing this for another women but it strangely aroused her. She had put on the notes that she fancied experimenting with girl/girl action and she knew Pete liked to watch lesbian porn. It made her wet just thinking about it. They pulled up at the area advised and called the number provided. A short response was to go to the white door between 2 shops numbered 20 with a pair of scissors logo on it. As they walked up to it the door opened and a very seductive voice behind it said enter and take your shoes off and put your handbag/wallet and phones on the table at the side. As they walked in to do that, the door closed behind them and was bolted and locked. There is no escape now for 3 hours my pets and I am going to have such fun with you two and definitely restyles for you both. They noticed an amazing seductive perfume and as they turned Donna was stood behind them looking just like the photos – a sensual sexy confident lady. Dressed in a low cut silk white blouse, nipples pointing out,  and a tight black pencil skirt which just stopped above her knees. They both started to feel aroused already just from the overwhelming sexy aura of Donna and the smell of her erotic perfume. She edged forward to Pete, her heels clicking on the floor,  ran her long finger nails through his longish hair and pulled the back of his head in towards her and gave him a passionate french kiss and said mmm we need to do something with this shaggy mop don’t we sweetie and then grabbed his crutch and fiddled it a while until his semi erect penis sprung to attention. She then turned to Paula and ran her fingers through her mousey brown and straight hair that was down to her bra straps and said oh we can make this look a lot more sexy can’t we, sweetheart and also I’m going to show you what fun girls can have together. You ticked y for straight but happy to experiment and I’m certainly gonna enjoy experimenting with you my pet. Mmmmm. She grabbed her and pulled her in for a lingering french kiss which made Paula start to feel wet already and then lifted up the hem of her dress and put a hand inside her silky knickers, traced the line of her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. My, my for someone who is straight you are loving this and wet already aren’t you darling, this pussy needs the best out of our session. Right let’s give you two a cute makeover,  up the stairs and turn right into my cosy little S&M salon.
They entered the room and noticed it was set up like a hair salon with  2 big barbers chairs, sinks in front of each, 2 dryer hoods above on arms which could be moved around to be placed on clients, if required, and a selection of silky and PVC capes and salon gowns hanging on hooks. Strangely no mirrors. However, they noticed on the right and back walls there was a bondage cross, bondage benches, a selection of dildos/vibrators, ropes, cuffs, butt plugs, blindfolds, whips and floggers and more. It started to sink in that this lady does not mess about. Without saying a word she placed cuffs with D rings on, on both of their wrists and ankles. She told Pete to sit in the right hand chair and fastened his cuffs to clips at the side of the chair and then leant in and gave him another big kiss and rubbed his cock until he could feel the start of precum oozing out. Frustratingly for him, she stopped and spun the chair around to face the cross and bench. Now lets start with some fun with you shall we sweetie and give loverboy a show and get his sap rising and seductively walked up to Paula and hugged her passionately and gave her a big kiss. Then she undid the tie of the wraparound dress and peeled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Mmm how lovely, we can certainly make you look sexier but I do love this sexy silky lingerie and makeup you have put on for me. I bet Pete does too and he’s probly getting aroused right now and frustrated that all he can do is watch and can’t do anything about it. He’ll get some attention soon. She kissed Paula on the neck and moved down to suck on her nipples through the silk bra and, as they became erect, had a little nibble and flicked them with her tongue.  Paula gasped and felt herself getting more aroused and wetter. Whilst still doing this she grabbed her pussy over the silk knickers and gave it a good rub. Oh you naughty slutty girl you’re soaking your panties, you’re really enjoying your first les experience aren’t you? Bet Pete is too. Right bend over this bench and forced her head over and attached her cuffs over and onto the legs below. Now Paula’s bare silky clad backside and pussy were raised and exposed and she was unable to move. Donna than landed  a few sharp slaps to Paula’s buttock, she gasped and felt a dribble from her pussy lips. Donna then slowly peeled the knickers off and fastened her ankles to the back of the bench with straps. She picked up the knickers and walked over to Pete. And stuffed them in his mouth. She laughed and said you’ll love the taste of those and it will keep you from making too much noise. She returned to Paula and gently massaged her buttocks and reached under and ran a finger up from her pussy lips and massaged her pirenium and repeated it several times. Paula gasped several times and felt herself oozing and started to feel an orgasm building. Donna then grabbed a flogger and cracked it across her back and buttocks a few times. Paula gasped each time but found it a big turn on. Donna then released her, undid the silky bra, and fastened her naked spreadeagled to the cross, totally exposed and facing Pete.  A few more strokes of the flogger made Paula’s skin go pink and warm. She then selected a vibrator off the shelf and placed it at Paula’s  pussy lips, fondled her clit and pushed it in with a squelch, it purred as she turned it on to the low slow setting. This is just slow enough to frustrate you. It’s about time Pete has some some fun now so this will entertain you as you watch, looks like he’s enjoyed the show so far looking at that bulge. Time to release it. You ever watched him be blown by another hot sexy women before?
Her heels clicked as she slowly walked over to Pete. He gulped. It aroused Paula even more. She bent down and undid his trousers and slipped them off. His cock was bulging out of his boxers, so she removed those too. She then squeezed his balls and rubbed his cock. Oh dear, so hairy down here, I only give blow jobs to hairless boys, we’ll soon sort that! She put some more cuffs on his ankles and fastened each one to the leg of the barbers chair which forced his legs wide apart. She picked up her clippers and started to very slowly remove all the fuzz whilst humming to herself and fondling his cock with her spare hand. Pete found the  vibrations and the fondling of his intimate area was a big turn on and was rock hard. Next she gently rubbed shaving cream all over and slowly shaved the whole area smooth with a razor. Pete was ready to erupt but could do nothing about it and realised he was totally under her control. All Paula could do was watch on and found it very erotic and with the vibrator gently caressing her pussy was close herself but the vibrations were just gentle enough to keep her just on the edge.
Donna then towel dried him off and sucked and licked his smooth balls and took all his cock into her mouth and expertly edged him whilst gently scratching under his balls with her deep red painted nails. He tried his best  to hold it in but then looked apologetically at Paula, gasped, and just exploded into Donna’s mouth. She took it all. She quietly got up and walked over to Paula leant in and gave her a deep kiss and transferred all the cum over to her and said swallow. Paula could tasty the familiar salty cream and swallowed. She could feel heat building up inside her pussy and was close to her first orgasm too.
Donna then turned and walked back to Pete. She fastened a remote controlled vibrating cock ring to his cock and balls, put it on the lowest slow setting, and started seductively playing with his hair and ears and said about time we gave you a nice little sissy girly style and colour it too sweetie. Hmm, now what shall we put over you. Something very femme, I think. She went over and took a flowery pink silky cape off one of the hooks, flipped it out into the air, and let it settle over Pete then fastened it tightly around his neck. I think we could give you a nice girly haircut but first I’m gonna give you some nice girly blond highlights. She put a heavy pvc colouring cape over his shoulders and picked a rubber cap off the counter and peeled it onto his head then used something that looked like a crochet hook to pull out his hair through the gaps in the cap until there was a mass of dark brown whispy hair sticking up out and over the cap. She then mixed a smelly solution in a little bowl and started to paint it on Pete’s hair that was sticking out. Pete now realised how his hair was to look, was now out of his control and wondered what Paula had got them into. The gentle vibrations were making him hard and ooze precum again. Once it was all covered she massaged his shoulders, turned the cock ring up 1 more speed, took Paula’s damp panties out of his mouth and gave him a very sexy French kiss and said right let’s see what to do with wifey and give her a first lezzie induced orgasm.  I might even let you fuck me, then I’ll let you watch me fuck wifey and then I’ll fuck you later. But she needs to be smooth too before I eat her out. You can watch sweetie and see if you can stop that lovely cockring from making you explode again. If you don’t cum I’ll let you off the pretty sexy haircut I have planned for you. Don’t look too relieved as no man has ever lasted more than 20 minutes before. Although it was pleasant and quite slow he wondered if he could last that long. Hee hee. She turned Pete’s  chair to face Paula and picked up the clippers and razor and seductively walked over to Paula.
She deeply kissed Paula, tweaked her nipples, licked them and then took the vibrator out and tugged on her pubes and slapped her pussy so it stung a few times. You naughty girl, you’ve been neglecting this haven’t you? The clippers buzzed into action and Paula gasped as she felt them vibrate and touch her mound, and pussy lips. She looked down and saw lots of her pubes littered on the floor. She loved the feel of the vibrating clippers and thrust into them, making a note to get some for her and Pete to play with, but they soon stopped and Donna seductively spread some tingly menthol shaving foam all over her bush and gently scraped it away with the razor until it was smooth. Paula found this so erotic and was starting to realise she liked the female dominant attention as an orgasm was very close.  Donna wiped it all clean gently with a warm flannel then pushed her face into Paula’s crotch and sucked on her engorged clit  and lapped at her smooth puffy pussy lips. Paula then soon started to shudder, her legs nearly gave way and only being strapped to the cross kept her up. She released her biggest orgasm ever, screamed out and squirted  into Donna’s mouth and face. Donna stood up and went over to Pete who’s cock was erect as he was enjoying the show and with the cock ring’s vibrations and kissed him deeply and transferred some of Paula’s tasty juices to him.
Donna then went over to Paula and released her from the cross, wrapped her in a pink satin salon robe, and sat her in the other barber chair and restrained her wrists ands ankles in it with the straps and cuffs so she couldn’t move.  Hmmm what to do with you for the restyle you booked in for then, princess. Something drastic, sexy,  and dramatic. Certainly a lot of this long straggly hair has to go and that mousey colour is just so meh. You ever gone short and dark or  red before, honey? Paula had not expected that and said oh no I don’t want to do that thanks, maybe just a trim and some highlights,  and looked very worried. Donna circled Paula with a smile on her face walked behind her and started stroking Paula’s hair, massaging her temples and then leaned over her and rubbed her breasts and nipples so they poked through the silky gown. It felt exquisite.  Paula unable to hardly move just gasped.  Donna grabbed the hair at the back of her head and yanked it back so Paula was facing the ceiling then gave her a long and deep french kiss which made her breathless but turned her on again. Ssshhhh now, my pet. Remember you agreed it’s my choice. Get ready for a drastic change as you’re getting the same cut and colour as me. By the time I’m done Pete’s gonna have prettier and longer hair than you. But you will look hot and very sexy, every man and women will want to fuck you. Oh and you won’t know what it looks like until you get home as there are no mirrors here. Don’t care what he thinks, but I think you’ll look hot. I like you as my girl toy even though you have yet to pleasure me. Also I’m going to introduce you to my strap on and fuck your too whilst you are securely tied down in my chair. Pete can fuck me soon and if he’s good I’ll fuck him after you. Has he ever had anal? She pulled a neck tissue strip of the roll and secured it tightly around Paul’s neck and then grabbed another pink PVC colouring cape and fastened it tightly around her neck too. She picked up some scissors. And went behind Paula and said no point in colouring all of this long hair a reddy chestnut brown so may as well crop it now. Paula started to cry but as she could not move, realised she was trapped. Donna put the scissors level to Paula’s chin and gently and slowly cut all around from a few inches below her ears. Paula could see a big pile of mousey hair lifelessly sitting in her lap and her hair felt lighter. Before she could take it all in her head was pushed forward and Donna started to paint the back of her hair with the reddy brown tint and soon had her whole head covered. A plastic bag  was placed over her head and the dryer pulled over. Donna removed the pink PVC cape and neck strip and turned the chair to face Pete. Pete’s dark hair was now looking blonde. She loosened Paula’s robe so Pete could see her now bald pussy and ran her finger  along her puffy and moist lips.
See how you’re wife loves her pussy to be treated. Right then Pete it’s your turn, sweetie. Ooh that colour seems to have taken well, let’s give you a nice firm shampoo and a lovely shaped bob haircut shall we. She pulled the highlight cap off and his head was pushed forward into the basin. The water was turned on. He was soon shampooed and conditioned and sitting back up. He could not see, but Paula could, and she was quite jealous that he had the most pretty drastic blond streaks. The colouring cape was removed and a neck strip and silky cutting cape put tightly around his neck. He could not move and had to just submit to whatever she did to him. This aroused him more. Donna combed his long, now mainly blond, hair out. Well sweetie, I am going to give you a lovely undercut to help it sit nicely then I’m gonna give it a pretty femme shape and bangs. You’ll so adorable. She clipped up the hair at the back of his head. His head was firmly pushed into his chest, the clippers fired up, the room filled with a buzzing noise, and she seductively ran them up his nape until a velvety pelt was left. Paula found this very arousing and nearly came, as did Pete. Donna noticed this, and said to Paula as you seemed to like that, I think I’ll play with these on you too soon and I know they’ll make you come. I always do in my stylist’s chair. It’s making me all wet just thinking about it. His head was lifted up and then she combed his hair forward and down. Starting at the front she cut straight across giving him some pretty, heavy, bangs and then around to level with just below his chin. Just as she finished the last cut Paula climaxed. Pete could not see but Paula realised that Pete now had a feminine haircut and colour. She thought he looked cute. Then he was turned to face Paula, Donna painted on a floral perfumed deep conditioning mask and put a plastic cap over and lowered the hairdryer hood over his head.
Noticing his very erect cock she said shame to waste that, honey. She unzipped her skirt to reveal some very sexy black silky lingerie. She straddled Pete’s  lap and pulled her panties to one side. Then gently lowered herself onto him and with a squelch Paula saw his cock disappear into Donna’s pussy which she then ground into his pelvis and bobbed up and down. It didn’t take long and Pete soon came again and Donna gasped and came at the same time and kissed him deeply. She gently lifted off of him and straightened her panties and walked over to Paula. Don’t want you missing out on the action do we honey. She went behind Paula and tilted her chair backwards and lowered it’s height. Paula head was now level with Donna’s pussy. Donna removed her panties and maneuvered herself with a leg either side so Paula’s face was just below her pussy and ground it on her face. She could smell the intoxicating aroma of sex. Okay sweetie, time for you to show what a good lessie you can be. Lick my puss out and clean up all Pete’s gooey mess that he left in there and  I’m not moving til you make me come. Remember what I did to you, do the same. Sissy boy over there is gonna love this as you’ll probably give me a better orgasm than he did. Pete watched on with his eyes wide open as his wife lapped at Donna’s smooth pussy and engorged clit. She loved the taste of both Pete’s cum and Donna’s juices. She stuck her tongue in and flicked her clit with it.  Donna was in ecstasy and panted, moaned and rubbed her pussy into Paula’s face. All of a sudden Donna screamed out and came and gushed all over Paula’s face and soaked her. Panting Donna said well, well sweetie aren’t you a dark horse. You’re a natural and that’s one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Way better than what Pete did for me. I can’t wait to get my strap on out later and fuck you and maybe Pete after. But first let’s finish your hair. She leant in and gave Paula a long deep French kiss. This was all to much for Paula and she came again.
Donna put the chair back to upright and raised it. She firmly pushed Paula’s head into the sink and washed out the dye and shampooed and conditioned it. Oh I do love to give a firm forward wash and know that the client is totally under my control unable to do anything. Paula was then sat up, the PVC cape removed, and a silky pink cutting cape and neck strip put back on. Donna complimented the new colour and combed through Paula’s hair and separated it with a lot of clips and said get ready for the haircut of your life, princess. Before was only the start, there’s a load more to be cropped off now. You’ll also appreciate how erotic it is to be have a haircut by a dominant stylist, unable to move or see it. Pete seems to be enjoying the show too. Head down and chin to chest sweetie. Paula’s head was pushed down and held firmly exposing her nape. Donna fired up the clippers, placed them at the hairline and said mmmm, submit to mistress Donna sweetie, just enjoy. Paula tried to resist but couldn’t move and started to sob. Donna just very slowly and gently seductively moved them up her nape as hair tumbled down over the cape. After a minute she felt Paula start to relax and submit to her fate. She was also getting highly aroused by all of this. As Donna finished off the undercut it was all too much, Paula gasped and came again. Donna chuckled to herself and said told you so, isn’t it just devine. The gown and chair under her pussy were soaking. Donna pushed Paula’s head sideways and this time clippered up to her temples. Paula noticed that it was now dark mahogany brown hair with some firey red tinges in collecting in her lap and slipping off the cape and no longer mousey as it used to be. This aroused her more and she realised she was enjoying being dominated and the erotic lesbian experiences she was getting.
Donna then snipped around with scissors above and around her ears and then gave Paula short whispy bangs with a razor. Paula felt it was a lot shorter and it felt lighter but could not see or touch it. She could see the look of shock in Pete’s face and knew it was a big change. This just aroused her. Pete though Paula looked damm hot. Donna removed the neck strip and cape then turned the chair to partly face Pete and the bondage bench and then walked over to Pete.
The dryer hood was lifted and his head pushed into the sink and the conditioning mask rinsed off. She sat him up and gave him a lovely slow blow dry curling it under with around brush. Paula was jealous as he now had such pretty hair that most women would die for. Finally she covered him with nearly a whole can of perfumed hairspray leaving no hair out of place and removed the cape and gave him a long sexy lingering French kiss. She removed the vibrating cock ring and released  him from the chair leading him over to the bench and fastened him to it forwards with his legs apart and backside now up and available. She slapped his buttocks and flogged it til it went pink. Then she applied some cold lube to his arse and gently massaged it eventually slipping a finger in. Pete gasped. She then put on some sort of a harness belt around her waist and crotch and told him to pick a number between 1 and 10. Pete chose his lucky number 8 but will soon realise it won’t be so lucky for him on this occasion. It meant that the big 8 inch strap on cock attachment was to be attached.
Paula thought surely not and looked at the shock on Pete’s face. It looked huge. But Donna said ladies first and turned towards Paula and smiled and winked. This’ll make you gasp, sweetie, its much bigger than Pete’s. I told you I’m gonna fuck you too. She walked slowly up to Paula and ran a finger around her neck, down to her tits and circled her nipples and then down to her pussy and lifted up the hem of the gown. Oh good it’s very wet down here, you’ll need the lubrication to ease this bad boy in. She then reclined the chair a little. Paula felt her self recline and tried to resist but could not move. She was reclined her bare freshly shaved pussy on view with her legs wide apart and facing Pete.
Donna gently worked her way between Paula’s legs, lent in and coaxed the tip of the cock between her pussy lips and then with a plop, a squelch, and a big thrust Paula gasped out loud and felt her pussy fill up until it was in up to the hilt. Paula was gasping for breath and Donna just kept thrusting it in and out faster and faster until she shrieked out load and had a massive orgasm and squirted all over the place. Donna withdrew. Pete was fascinated by this and was erect again but his face changed to fear when he saw Donna now approaching him chucking to herself and then disappear behind him. It’s not fair that only Paula gets to try this now is it? So brace yourself, sweetie. Now you look like a girl its only right you try this. He felt the slippery tip of the cock tickle his hole and Donna then gently push it in all the way and out and then in again whilst wanking his cock at the same time. He was also gasping and hadn’t released how arousing this would be as Donna just kept thrusting  in and out until he came again spurring a rope of cum into her hand. So not only do you look like a cute sissy boy but you also like cock!
Donna went over to Paula who was now recovering from her shagging and made her lick Pete’s cum off her hands then put the chair up straight. She removed the strap on and put her clothes back on .She then soaked Paula’s hair in mousse and blow dried her now short hair into a sexy pixie with the tips all ruffled and spikey. She doused it with a strong hold fragrant hairspray and then released Paula from her bonds and the same to Pete.
They hadn’t realised it but 3 hours had passed by. She told Pete and Paula to get themselves dressed as the session was now over. They looked at each other exhausted thinking how hot the other looked but hadn’t got a clue what they looked like themselves as there were no mirrors. That would have to wait until they got home. Both were exhausted but relaxed in the blurr of all the sexual glow and contentment they were feeling.
Donna took them down to the front door and gave them both big hugs and kisses and let them out just as another couple with ordinary but long  appeared to be approaching and looking nervous. Clearly Donna’s next victims!!

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