Dream Come True: Part 3

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Here’s the next part to my most popular series. We return to our favorite budding romance of Jane, the timid yet willing college girl whose long hair was shaved away by John in an effort to free her from herself. What new ways will John push Jane out of her comfort zone? Thanks as always for reading, I hope this continuation is a satisfying one! Here’s the link to part one:

Dream Come True


I rolled off of John and onto my back and let out a sigh. I ran a hand through the three inch long hair on the top of my head and rubbed the freshly zero buzzed undercut on the back of my head. My hair had grown long, the undercut reaching up to the tops of my temples with the longer hair on the top of my head hanging over it. John propped himself up on his elbow and kissed my cheek.

”God, you’re amazing,” he said, laying on his back, content.

“Only because you made me this way,” I said, rolling onto my side and putting my folded arm under my head.

It was true. Before John tied me down and shaved off my hair and eyebrows, I had been a shy little virgin with a rich fantasy life. Now, I lived out the fantasy and had been living it for the last six months.

”I just gave you the nudge, beautiful. You did the rest,” John told me, gazing at me with his twinkling brown eyes.

He had given me quite the nudge. First shaving my head and eyebrows, then starting accounts on several websites for me to post my nudes, haircuts, and other content on. Six months later, I had hundreds of paying followers and thousands of dollars in my special bank account.

”I love you,” I said, meaning it with all of my heart.

”I love you, too,” he said, kissing me slowly on the lips.

Closing my eyes and leaning in close, I savored the kiss for as long as he gave it to me. He put his hand on my neck, tracing the choker necklace he had given me. I loved the way it looked, especially with my neck now exposed thanks to my pixie cut style hair. Even more, I loved what it meant. It was a symbol of our bond, and that he has complete control over me and my hair. I was totally submissive to him and the choker was just one visible representation of that.

He pulled his lips away from the kiss and pulled me in close, wrapping me in his strong arms. We laid there in my single bed and cuddled. I took in his smell, the way his body felt, the thumping of his heart. Soon, we would be apart again. But, instead of waiting for my next monthly haircut, I would be forced to wait all summer to see him again.

Summer was just a couple weeks away and my parents expected me home for summer break. They didn’t expect much from me, just a couple of family vacations and my overall presence, but home was several hours away from my college, and even further from John. We would text and talk and I would still send him all of my content, but I would miss him. Bad.

While I was lost in the mourning of our time apart, John rolled out of my bed and stood up.

”Hey, angel, I have one last surprise for you before you go back home,” he said, turning to his backpack that he always brought with him.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him, smiling expectantly. Surprises were mostly good coming from him, but I was terrified of the possibility that he would be sending me home to my family without a single hair on my head. I knew he would have loved to embarrass me like that.

Instead of clippers, he came out of the backpack with several small boxes. He had a box of bleach in one hand, a box of bright pink dye in the other, and a big smile on his bearded face.

“You’re going home with pink hair!” John said enthusiastically.

My jaw dropped. It wasn’t bald, for sure, but I would be going home with a shaved undercut and pink hair. My parents would have a lot to say about my short hair, sure, but an unnatural color was another. I would hear about it all summer.

I gulped, my heart thumping with the nerves and dread, “Yes sir. Are we doing it now?”

”Once I get the camera set up. Should I tie you down like when I shaved your head?” he asked.

I took my seat in my chair and nodded my short haired head, “Yes sir, please do.”

He smiled proudly from behind the camera, “Good girl.”

The red light on the camera turned on and he stepped out. Without saying a word, he used a length of rope to tie me to the chair and another smaller length to tie my hands together in my lap. We were both still totally nude from sex and he was rock hard again. I loved seeing how much I turned him on.

He mixed the bleach on my desk and began to apply the creamy colored concoction onto the small amount of hair I had. I didn’t have a lot of hair by most girls’ standards even though after having been bald it felt long and luxurious to me, but he was able to quickly apply the bleach to my already sandy blonde hair.

Lifting my chin, he kissed me. After he pulled his lips away, he shut the camera off.

”Alright, just a few minutes and then we rinse the bleach out. Your hair was already light so it shouldn’t take long. But it’s enough time for us to watch your haircut video together, how was Roxie today?” John asked, pulling out his laptop.

”She was good. One day she’ll cut those long brown braids off, I’m sure of it,” I said.

Roxie, my barber, always wore her hair in twin French braids that fell down to the small over her back. It was like she liked to contrast me and my extremely short hair. We often talked about her envy of my hair, but she always said she could never go through with cutting it off because she loved her long hair.

”I bet you’ll wear her down. Is she going to miss you over the summer?” he asked, opening the laptop and pulling up the video from the google drive.

”Yeah she said she’ll be stuck only cutting boy hair all summer. I told her I’d be back though. Even though I guess that is up to you, technically,” I said sweetly.

”That’s right it is,” he said, pressing play.

On the screen, I could see myself sitting in the chair. My sides and nape had a month’s worth of growth and I looked shaggy. The long hair on my crown was hanging down loose as I had not styled it in preparation for my cut. John normally preferred it when I either used my blow dryer to sweep it up and back in a kind of feminine pompadour style, or when I used gel to comb it down and back to give it a sort of slicked back look.

We chitchatted a little as Roxie tied a tissue paper strip around my neck and draped a black cape over me. She then wet the long hair with a spray bottle and combed it away from where she was about to use her clippers.

By that point, Roxie was used to my extreme style choices and had shaved my sides without a guard several times so she didn’t even flinch when I asked for a zero buzz on the sides. She picked up her clippers and worked around my head all the way up to where my long hair started.

Roxie was fast, maybe hurrying because today she had a walk-in waiting for me to finish my haircut. Soon my sides and nape we shaved down to sandy blonde stubble, just the way I liked.

Next we stood to go for a shampoo at the sink. John skipped through this part of the video, something he would edit out before posting, and then watched her style my newly washed hair into the pompadour style it had been when I walked back into my room to meet John.

”That was a good one. I’ll never get tired of watching any part of your head being shaved. It’s hard waiting on it to grow out, but for what I have planned it will be worth it,” he said, standing up to untie me.

”I can’t wait to see what you make of me,” I purred, standing and kissing him.

Into the shower we went, the camera on its tripod watching from outside of the shower. The ground would get wet with the curtain open, but we were only rinsing my hair out. The cool water took my breath away and made my nipples hard as the chemicals were washed down the drain.

We stepped out and towel dried off before I was returned to my seat in the chair. It had been weird seeing the pale yellow color of my hair in the mirror as we passed by it. I had never colored my hair before and it already looked alien even though I had technically lived my life as a blonde.

He tied me back down and restarted the camera. Then he began applying a near highlighter colored pink dye to my pale blonde hair. When he finished he shut off the camera while the dye set. With the camera off he delicately cleaned up the edges of my hair where there was dye. His hands were so gentle and caring.

”Promise you won’t forget me while I’m home all summer?” I asked, still tied up.

”Angel, I’d never forget you. I love you, remember?” John said, lovingly stroking my cheek.

”I’ve never had a boyfriend before, I don’t know how this works,” I said, hanging my head.

”Well this works different than anything I’ve ever been a part of. But I promise I won’t be going anywhere,” he said, lifting my chin and kissing me.

Soon the dye was out of my hair and I was styling my hair and getting dressed for my pictures. John had bought me lacy hot pink lingerie that matched my hair and I also used pink eye shadow, pink blush and a lip color to match my hair. Even my finger and toenails were painted to match.

He used his camera and took pictures of me as I posed for him. He was so encouraging each time he photographed me, calling me beautiful, sexy, any kind of wonderful name or description someone could ever imagine. I always finished one of our shoots feeling completely stunning.

After our photo shoot was our dinner. John had a new dress, purse, and shoes for me which were, of course, pink to match my hair. I had never been much of a pink girl, but there I was at a nice restaurant in head to toe pink. I felt like a short haired Barbie doll.

I think John could sense my embarrassment and he loved every second of it. He loved pushing me out of my comfort zone and then showing me off.

After dinner, we had sex yet again and he even got to sleep over. It was a wonderful last night. His present for me was a vibrator that I was to wear inside of me at all times. He could activate it with an app on his phone and tested it before he left. The quick pulse instantly nearly took me to my knees and I was even more nervous about going home.

Going Home

The response at home was as expected. My parents were disappointed, ashamed, horrified, and generally pissed. Not that they could do anything about it. They couldn’t understand why I did it and my response that I “just felt like it” was not enough to explain. They also didn’t understand why I felt the need to style my hair and do intricate makeup looks that I had learned over my months as a content creator by watching tutorials online.

My little brother Andrew thought my new haircut was awesome, him being the rebellious middle child in our family. He hadn’t ever pulled anything off worth noting, but he had big plans once he moved out. My little sister, the youngest in our family, Cassie was equally horrified at first, but warmed up to the new me, even trying to learn makeup techniques from me.

I continued taking photos and making videos for John and for my followers, all in the safety and security of my room in the middle of the night. My hair grew in longer and my sides got shaggy with my sandy colored hair.

A beach trip meant that I could put out some new content for my followers. Pink hair and a pink bikini made for some great posts and people loved seeing my sun kissed body, even as they were sad that my hair grew longer. Promises of something big coming placated them for the time being, along with plenty of throwback photos that John had cleverly saved.

The trip to visit my grandparents went surprisingly well. They had only laughed at my mom’s dismay enjoying seeing their daughter deal with the rebellion they had once experienced with her. I had expected much worse, but they were just happy that I was happy.

I missed John just as badly as I thought I would, but he constantly reminded me that he was thinking of me. At what always seemed like the worst time, he would activate my vibrator. The waves of pleasure would wash over me and it always seemed to be when I was around people. I’d try to excuse myself to the bathroom as he would turn it off and on, torturing me with my own pleasure.

The car ride to the beach was the worst and he seemed to have left it running almost the whole time I was in the car. I sat in the back seat and acted like I was sleeping under a blanket, when in reality I was experiencing climax after climax. I could barely walk by the time I got out of the car at our first stop for gas and snacks.

I hadn’t even told my parents about my boyfriend yet. Not that I would have ever told them about any of what was going on in that aspect of my private life, but mentioning a boyfriend at all would have brought questions from everybody that I didn’t want to answer.

All the while, my boyfriend kept my hair growing out, uncut, and without trims or touch ups. Quickly, head bands, little pigtails, and baseball caps became my friend to keep my unruly hair out of my face.

Back to School

For the whole summer, I didn’t get a trim or touch up my color, just as John had ordered. My once shaved hair hung over my ears and my color was faded out to the point that it was barely pink at all. The longest hair on my head measured in at exactly four and three quarters inches long, meaning that my hair grew just slightly faster than average considering it had been growing for nine months.

My hair was annoying at this point, easily hanging into my eyes and growing increasingly difficult to style. I was missing my tight cut, barbershop style haircuts and, as I walked into my room, I was hoping that John was just as eager to get me back into Roxie’s chair as I was.

Looking around my room, it was just as I left it. I had left my bed made, everything neat and tidy. That was how I always liked to leave a place, that way it was nice to come home to. I left my rolling suitcase by the door after closing it, and dropped my duffel bag on my couch.

Walking in a little further, I saw the tall mirror I had watched myself shaved in. Running a hand through my long hair as I pushed it back from my face, I actually decided I didn’t like the way I looked. Before summer break, I looked like somebody who was closely cared for and watched over. The girl in the mirror looked faded, shaggy, and undisciplined.

But there was something else in that mirror. One sticky note. One that I hadn’t left.

I snatched the sticky note up and read it.

”You have an appointment with Roxie, she already has the picture.”

I held the note close to my chest and held back the urge to cheer out loud. My plans to flop on the couch and do nothing were immediately forgotten as I grabbed my purse and hurried out the door.

Within just a few minutes, I was in Roxie’s chair and was caped up with my phone camera rolling.

”Alright, mija, you can’t ever go away for three months again. This is just unacceptable,” she said, playing with my hair.

”I know! My parents wanted me home and there’s nobody else like you,” I said, eagerly awaiting what she had in store for me.

”Well I like the picture you sent me. This one will be fun, even if it isn’t something I normally do around here,” Roxie said, turning to grab her clippers.

I didn’t know what that meant but I sat and eagerly awaited what was coming. When she snapped on the number two guard, I did my best to not audibly gulp. She pushed my head down and I squinted my eyes shut with the anticipation.

She drove the clippers up into my nape and then, almost immediately pulled them up and away. I was shocked, she had barely shaved up my nape at all and was already pulling away. Using a comb as a stopping point, she buzzed up my nape a few more times and then put the clippers away.

Next, she sprayed my hair wet and, using her scissors and comb, began combing out hair and snipping it off. She wasn’t cutting off much at all which continued to surprise me. I could watch in the mirror and see that my hair was taking the shape of a cute little bob. My hair wasn’t long enough to all stop at one length and so there were shorter parts that didn’t quite reach all of the way, but my hair was roughly stopping at the ends of my earlobes.

I couldn’t believe how cute it looked on me, even with my mixed pink and sandy blonde hair. Then, once most of the bob had taken shape, she combed out a section to give me bangs. I had never had bangs, at least not intentionally. While my hair had been growing in, I did technically have bangs but they had always been swept back whenever I styled it. But now it looked like I would truly have bangs.

While wet, the hair covered my eyebrows which I knew meant that once dry, my bangs would stop just above them. My hair looked so much more neat and tidy, but I hated how my pink blended with my natural color.

Then, though, Roxie stepped away and came back with bleach. She began applying it all over my head. She was going to make me blonde, all over.

”I can’t believe you did this pink without me, mija. I know this is a barbershop, but I can handle this,” Roxie said once she was done applying the bleach to my hair.

”Well I hadn’t really planned it and decided to do it on a whim, otherwise I would have come right to you. I’m glad you’re doing my color now, though,” I said, being careful not to be specific about what color. Although I thought I was going blonder, I couldn’t be sure.

Soon, she had me in the sink, rinsing my hair out. Yet again, I saw myself in the mirror with yellow-ish blonde hair. The only difference this time was that I now had a full head of hair rather than the shaved undercut pixie. I thought she might be getting a toner, but instead I saw the familiar bright pink color that John had put in my hair. The pink was coming back, just in time for classes.

She was quick and she said my hair took the color well so within minutes, I sat in her chair with a bright pink bob with short bangs. It was so strange seeing myself like that. Even though I had minimal makeup on from a day of driving, I looked so girly. So much more so than I had in quite some time.

There were a few last minute trims that needed to be made, a little bit more clipper work on my nape, and then she was done. After a blow dry and style, I was ready to walk out the door, bobbed and re-pinked.

”See you in a month, mija,” Roxie said, hugging me and kissing me on the cheek.

I hurried home, hoping that our tradition would continue with the new school year. Nervously I unlocked the door to my room.

There on my couch, my handsome man sat, smiling widely with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a wrapped present in the other.

”Baby! Look at me!” I squealed, pointing at my hair as I ran to hug him.

He didn’t have a chance to answer as I smothered him with kisses. I was shocked that he didn’t kiss or hug back and pulled away, cocking my bobbed head to the side, newly cut and styled hair bouncing.

”Angel, I have to put these things down first,” he said, placing my flowers and present on my coffee table.

”Baby, look at me! Look at how good I look,” I said, taking his hands and interlacing them in my hair.

”You look beautiful,” he said, kissing me.

The kiss started off slow, but soon grew hungry. I didn’t know what he had planned for the day, but I knew what had to happen that moment. Within seconds I had stripped both of us of our clothes and had him on his back on top of my meticulously made bed.

I rode him until we climaxed in unison, both of us crumpling onto the bed in exhaustion. We laid on our sides and stared at each other, over three months before. His eyes still twinkled the same, even though my hair was so different.

”Angel, don’t you even care what I have planned? For us and for you,” he said, tucking hair behind my ear, something I had never experienced with him.

”I can finally think of that now that we got that out of the way. You’ve been torture with that vibrator all summer, you rude man,” I said fondly.

He smirked at me, “I’m glad you enjoyed that. I couldn’t just let you forget about me. Now would you like to hear what I have planned for us? And for you?”

”Yes sir, I would love to,” I purred.

”Well tonight, we have dinner at our favorite place. That present is what I expect you to wear tonight. And you’ll be dressing like that a lot more from now on,” he said.

He stood and handed me my present, sitting next to me on the bed. I opened it and was surprised by what I found. Inside was the most girly, pinkest dress I had ever seen. I lifted it out of the box and held it over myself. The dress fell to around my knees and was pink and frilly. Not at all what my style had ever been.

”I have shoes, earrings, and a purse for you as well. And some new makeup,” he said proudly.

This was certainly a reversal. The first time we met, he had fully stripped me of all my femininity and now he was making me more feminine than I had ever been. If this was his standard, I assumed that I would be finding myself in dresses more often.

”I want you to start dressing more like a lady now that your hair is longer. No wearing pants or shorts unless it’s to work out, always wear a full face of tasteful makeup, style your hair, wear your earrings, and always wear nice shoes. I expect you to be a perfect lady whenever you’re out in public,” he said, laying out my rules. I was in for a big change and a lot of work it seemed.

”Yes sir, whatever makes you happy,” I said. Everybody would instantly notice the new me. Just as much as they had when I was bald. I was nervous but excited.

Dinner was great and afterwards we again found ourselves in my bed, panting.

”Do I please you?” I asked, my arm folded under my resting head.

”You please me, angel,” he said sweetly.

”Do you love me?” I asked, tracing my finger down the center of his bare chest.

”I love you, angel,” he said, taking my hand and squeezing it.

And with that, I knew that this transformation, and any others in the future, would be worth it. Worth the weird looks, the questions, the extra effort in my appearance. Because the man I loved was in love with me too.

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  1. Well, here’s the newest part! What did you guys think? And thanks for all of the love on the first two parts! So what do you guys think John’s plans are as he hyper-feminizes Jane’s look? And what do you guys think of her progression? Are with happy with this or not? Thanks again for reading!

  2. Barbershoptales,

    This is my favorite in the series so far! I love your idea of taking her from fully shaved to hyper-feminine. It’s quite the head snapping change and very original.

    I would love to see you push the envelope on further feminizing her. She needs visit to a high end salon for a tight perm, bleaching, and stiff teased ‘do. I’m thinking the salon that styles TV anchors and wealthy trophy wives. Full on Barbie doll!

    Here’s an example for inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/441704675965196151/

    I hope the suggestions help. Keep up the great work!


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