Dream Come True: Part 4

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Here’s a new installment in what is quickly becoming one of my favorite series! We’ll check in with Jane and her new style, meet some people that readers of one of my other series might know, and of course have plenty of fun transformations along the way!

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Dream Come True

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Bobbed and Beautiful

“Okay, Jane. You were bald and had no eyebrows. This is no big deal,” I said with a nervous breath.

Looking at myself in the same body length mirror that I had watched myself be shaved in, I took another deep breath. The girl that looked back at me looked nearly as alien as the bald girl that had been in the mirror on that humiliating and wonderful night.

Today was the first day of classes and it would be the first time I would be walking through the fully packed campus in the new style that John had chosen for me. I teased my cotton candy pink bangs, not really changing how they looked, but I just felt like I needed to do something.

I had brushed my pink, bobbed hair, using a blow dryer to give shape to the front where my hair was longest. My clippered nape was too short for the time being, but it seemed like my hair would be getting longer. I had also used my straightener on my bangs, curling them inward slightly so they looked especially bouncy. My new haircut and color really was cute, but it was so different.

Thanks to plenty of new makeup purchased using the money from my special account, I had a tasteful amount of makeup adorning my face. My eye shadow was a sky-blue color and my mascara made my normally blonde eyelashes long and black, surrounding my pale green eyes. I had just enough pink blush on my cheeks to be noticeable, but not overwhelming, and the whole makeup look was rounded out with a soft pink lip color.

My dress was sky blue that matched my eyeshadow with cotton candy pink flowers that matched the color of my hair. It had spaghetti straps and showed a modest amount of cleavage at my neckline. The dress hugged my waist and then hung loose over my hips and flowed out to just above my knees. I did a twirl in the mirror and watched my dress fan out and wrap around my legs after I stopped my spin.

Around my neck was the gold choker necklace that I always wore, and I had a single diamond stud in each earlobe that stuck out just below my pink hair. I rounded out the outfit with a pair of nude, open-toe heels that showed off my cotton candy pink toenails that matched my newly painted fingernails. In my hand, I carried a clutch purse that hung from a loop on my wrist. The color was, of course, also cotton candy pink.

I sighed and smoothed my dress down and looked at myself again, nodding.

”Okay, Jane. It’s no big deal. You need to get to class,” I said to myself as I knelt to pick up my light gray Jansport backpack from the ground next to my desk, careful to not bend now that I was a proper lady in a dress.

My venture to class was surprisingly uneventful. It was a big school, and I was just another face in the crowd. My face, and the rest of my body were adorned with bright colors, but nobody really seemed to care. I was able to walk to class, find a seat at the edge of a massive lecture hall, and take notes on my brand-new MacBook.

Even though my fellow students didn’t seem to care about my appearance that could really only be described as aggressively feminine, my online followers had been overjoyed. After a summer of no haircuts, now my hair has taken a new shape and had a clear direction. There were always those who were sad to see that I wasn’t bald and eyebrowless, but the overall opinion of my look online had been positive.

After my first class, I had about an hour before my next one. My room was a decently long walk, especially in the heels that I hadn’t quite adjusted to spending much time in, so I decided to spend the little break between classes at a coffee shop on campus that I liked.

My heels clip-clopping on the concrete sidewalk, I opened the door and was greeted by a mass of people and a long line. I rolled my eyes, the first week of classes meant that for some reason, everybody was always out and about. Even though just as many people were enrolled for the entire semester, the first few weeks, and especially the first day, meant that even my favorite coffee shop would be more crowded than it would normally be.

I sighed and took my place in line, pulling my phone from my clutch and scrolling through Instagram. My Instagram was mostly just a teaser for my paid content and so I scrolled through notifications, replying to some comments, hitting the little heart button for others. It was all so flattering, and I was really growing to love the attention.

”Oh my god, I LOVE your hair!” I heard a voice behind me say.

Clicking the lock button on my iPhone, I turned around and was greeted by two girls and their smiling faces. In almost every way, the two looked like normal college freshmen. Even though there weren’t any real distinguishable features, anybody on a college campus could pick out a freshman, and these two girls had the look. What was different about their look though, was their hair.

Or rather their absence of hair. Both girls were completely bald. It was obvious that both of them had razor shaved their heads. Both had eyebrows so they hadn’t gone as far as John had with me, but their heads were both completely hairless, except for maybe the slightest hint of five o’clock shadow, like they had shaved the night before.

”It looks even better from the front! I love that color! And your makeup too!” one of the girls said.

The one who spoke was clearly the more outgoing of the two friends and she had a wide smile and a bubbly demeanor. The other girl looked equally friendly but seemed more shy and only nodded in agreement with her friend.

I reached a hand up and scratched my buzzed nape, “Oh thank you! I like your hair too!”

The bubbly girl reached up and rubbed her head, “Well I wouldn’t say that I really have hair to like, but I get what you mean! My name’s Kelly, it’s nice to meet you!”

”Hi Kelly, I’m Jane,” I said, smiling a sweet closed lipped smile.

“And this shy girl here is my roommate and new best friend, Hallie,” Kelly said, nudging the girl I now knew as Hallie.

Hallie shook her bald head like she was shaking herself from her silence and smiled more widely, “Sorry, hi Jane, I’m Hallie!”

Kelly laughed, “Sorry, you’ll have to ignore farm girl here, she’s probably not used to seeing people with pink hair.”

Hallie scoffed and nudged Kelly playfully with her elbow, “Watch it cheerleader, or else I’ll show you how we do things on the farm.”

I laughed at the two new friends, “Well let’s not start a fight in the line of my favorite coffee shop on campus. I’d hate to get banned because these two bald girls roped me into some brawl. I’m wearing heels, I am not dressed for a fight.”

Kelly and Hallie both giggled. “You’re probably right. We aren’t either, these hoop earrings would be a problem,” Hallie said, pointing at the large hoops that hung from her ears.

The two girls were similarly dressed, and just based off of their personalities, I assumed that their clothes had most likely been picked out by Kelly. They both wore shorts and cute sleeveless tops. Both also had big hoop earrings and big sunglasses that were resting on top of their bald heads. They were clearly better at accessorizing than I had been when I was bald.

As the line moved forward, we chit chatted. I was right in my guess that they were freshmen, with Kelly coming from Tennessee and Hallie coming to college from Iowa. They were both sweet and fun to talk to so after getting our coffees, we sat down at a table together and continued chatting.

I learned that Hallie had only just recently shaved her head for the first time, having been inspired upon seeing Kelly’s bald head. Kelly’s head had been shaved by her sister’s hairstylist boyfriend back before the start of the summer and she had fully committed. They were both surprised to find out that I had actually been growing my hair out for nine months since shaving my own head. We all agreed that we were indeed kindred spirits, even if I could tell that neither girl had a hair fetish like me.

Maybe it was because Kelly had an older sister my age, but she and I got along extremely well. Hallie was also sweet and reminded me of myself as a freshman, and as we all stood to head to our next classes, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at the coffee shop again soon. Our class schedules were similar so it wouldn’t be too hard. I had learned that, in college, friendships are often formed by convenience and this one seemed to be shaping up to be rather convenient.

The rest of the day went well, my fears over my new cute, perhaps excessively so, style maybe a little too strong. My friends that I ran into throughout the day all loved it and the people I didn’t know hardly noticed me. Just like when I had finally bared my short hair to the world, the people at my school were almost wholeheartedly unphased.

Online, though, things were different. My new look was a popular one. Not as popular as my headshave, but certainly more popular than anything that had happened since then. People loved my renewed femininity, loved my makeup, jewelry, outfits, and especially my hair. The micro bob and bangs were a hit.

That first month of classes was a blur. None of my classes were particularly hard from the start and so instead of stressing over classes, I really did my best to enjoy my college experience. Perhaps for the first time ever.

John had unlocked my fearless side; he had shown me how brave I could be and how adventurous I could be. Thanks to my content creation, I had disposable income. Of course, much of the money I earned needed to be reinvested in clothes, makeup, and accessories, but that hardly made a dent in the money that was coming in.

Part of that income, I discovered, could be spent on spoiling my short-haired friends.

Barber Shop Buddies

”Seriously, don’t worry about the money. It’s on me. You just have to try getting your shave done at my barbershop. Just once,” I said, sitting at my regular table in the coffee shop with Kelly and Hallie.

Hallie rubbed her head, her hair having grown in over a couple of weeks without a shave, “I don’t know, I feel bad just taking money from you like that.”

”You aren’t! I’m inviting you. That means it’s my treat,” I said, tucking pink hair behind my ear, a feeling I was only just getting used to being able to feel again.

”Yeah, come on Hallie! I’m good, but a straight razor and the full barbershop experience sounds amazing!” Kelly said, her head just showing a few days’ worth of growth.

”Are you sure? I mean I’m way overdue. You’re sure it won’t be a problem? I just don’t have a lot of cash floating around right now. Y’know, the whole poor college kid thing,” Hallie said bashfully.

”Girl, I get it. I was there when I was a freshman,” I said, touching her hand.

“We can’t all be like Kelly here, having daddy’s credit card ready all the time,” Hallie said, nudging her roommate who sat next to her.

”Hey, sometimes it’s good to be me. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. It’s always good to be me,” Kelly said with a sarcastic smile. Then she looked at me.

”You know, how are you not a broke college kid anymore?” Kelly asked me.

My cheeks flushed and I looked down at my iced coffee, “Oh you know, my boyfriend does IT stuff and he hooked me up with some simple stuff that I can do from home.”

Kelly nodded, squinting her eyes at me with a suspicious smile, “Yeah sure. This mysterious boyfriend that we’ve never even seen a picture of.”

Now I looked at her, feigning shock and hurt, “You think I couldn’t have a boyfriend?”

She shoved my shoulder playfully, “Oh whatever, we all know how hot you are. I’m just saying I wish we could meet him is all.”

I pondered on that for a moment. It would be nice to show John off. I loved our relationship and the passion that we had. But being long distance was hard, and I did find myself wishing for some normalcy in our relationship. Nothing too crazy. Just being able to drag him around with the girls. I hadn’t ever really had girls I wanted to drag him around with until I met these two.

”So is it going to happen?” Kelly said, waggling her eyebrows at me.

I nodded, “It is going to happen. I don’t know when, but it is.”

”My sister’s boyfriend used to be so mysterious too. Then I met him, and he shaved my head. So that was cool. Can I expect any surprises when I meet your boyfriend?” Kelly asked.

I laughed. If only she knew.

”Probably not anything like that. He’s just a dorky IT guy so your hair is probably safe,” I said with a laugh.

”But a ridiculously hot IT guy,” Hallie chimed in with a sly smirk.

”Oh he’s so hot,” I said.

“Fine. I’ll go with you guys. Will you make an appointment for me with your girl?” Hallie said, putting her hands on the table.

”Of course I will! Anything for my short-haired friends,” I said, reaching a hand up to rub her head. Even though I loved my bob, feeling Hallie’s hair made me yearn for what my hair had been, nearly ten months before. I hadn’t enjoyed it properly back then. But hopefully if I had the chance to experience it again, I wouldn’t hide in shame.

Recent Conversion

The day arrived and Kelly, Hallie, and I crossed the street to one of my favorite places. Both girls had foregone their shaves and Kelly had a full week’s worth of growth while Hallie’s was a fluffy three week grow out. My nape was in desperate need of a trim and my color needed to be touched up badly. Roxie definitely had her work cut out for her.

It was still fairly warm, the cool Colorado air only just starting to cool the nights off in early October. The girls were both comfortably dressed, wearing shorts and baggy t shirts, neither wearing makeup in preparation for what was going to be a relaxing shave. I wore one of my many dresses, one that was pale yellow that had the puffy short sleeves that were in style. The dress stopped at my mid-thigh and flowed out gently from my hips so it would twirl when I spun my body, just the way John liked.

I opened the door and stepped to the side to allow my guests to enter. Hallie, ever being the shy one, was hesitant to enter until Kelly confidently stepped in with a smile. Once her more bold friend had entered, Hallie was quick to follow. I stepped in after them, letting the door close behind me.

”I’ll be with you in just a moment,” a stylist said. I didn’t recognize her, but she had a familiar sounding voice.

I cocked my head to the side. She stood over a college boy, a nice looking guy that was in the finishing stages of his haircut. The unfamiliar looking stylist was hunched over him, working some kind of product into his freshly cut hair with both hands, using her fingers to make the hair settle into a position she was pleased with.

First, I couldn’t place this mystery woman. Then I began to see features that were familiar. The tattoos, the converse style shoes, the ripped jeans. Then I saw her face in the mirror. It did not match the hair that I saw surrounding her face.

”Oh my god! Roxie! What did you do?” I squealed.

Roxie stood up and turned around, a broad smile on her face, “Mija! I was so excited to show you! What do you think?”

She held a hand on the back of her head, the other on her popped-out hip as she modeled her new hair. It was short. Extremely short, especially in comparison to what it had been before. The sides were buzzed down to maybe a quarter of an inch, most likely a number two. The buzzed sides went up to a high fade and the hair on top had been cut brutally short by scissors, only being just long enough to be pushed to the side from a side part, most likely styled by the same product she had just used on the boy in the chair.

The other shocking thing was that the now closely cropped hair was no longer its natural near black color. Instead, it had been bleached and toned to a pale blonde, perhaps even silver color.

”Do I like it? I love it!” I said, walking up to her and hugging her.

She hugged me back and kissed me on the cheek, “I couldn’t have done it without seeing you and your grow out! You showed me how good short hair looks and how good it can look if I decide to grow it out! Except I won’t go three months without a cut like you did over the summer!”

”Really? Thank you so much! And you really won’t ever let me live that summer down, will you?” I said, rolling my eyes with great exaggeration.

“Not a chance mija. Let me finish up with him and I’ll get started on you girls,” she said, turning back to the guy in her chair.

Using her blow dryer, she blew all of the light brown hair that had been cut off of the young man’s head. I didn’t recognize him, but I could tell he was a student at the college, and he was probably my age or maybe a year younger. He smiled up at Roxie.

”Thanks, it looks great as always. I’ll see you in a couple months,” he said, standing up as she pulled the black cape from his body.

”No problem, mijo. I just wish you’d come every month, you’d look this good all the time. Like my girl, Jane. She’s always in here once a month. Maybe her friends will be too, after today,” Roxie said, gesturing to me and the girls.

The guy looked at Kelly, Hallie, and me for the first time and smiled, “Hey, nice to meet you guys. I’m Taylor. I didn’t know girls came here.”

I smiled, “Just special cases like the three of us. I’m Jane, and this is Kelly and Hallie.”

Kelly and Hallie smiled at Taylor who smiled and nodded at them. “Yeah, these two have a lot more in common with my barber needs than most girls around campus. More than you too,” he said, looking at the pink bob on my head.

Hallie smiled, rubbing her head, “Yeah, and this is a little shaggy for me. Normally this is all gone.”

“Yep, we’re just a couple of baldies,” Kelly said, miming the motion of tossing long hair.

”I like it, I bet it looks good on you. Hopefully I’ll see you around campus,” Taylor said, primarily looking at Hallie.

Hallie blushed, “Thanks, I’d like that.”

Kelly and I looked at each other, suppressing smiles.

”Maybe this is a little out there, but could I get your number?” Taylor asked Hallie.

”Oh, mine?” Hallie asked bashfully.

”Yes, yours. You know, just so I can make sure I see you around campus and all. Plus, I need to see you without all of this,” he said, pointing at the puff of hair on Hallie’s head. “Just to see if it looks as good as I think it does.”

Kelly and I exchanged an excited, knowing look as Hallie and Taylor pulled out their phones and exchanged numbers. I could see that Kelly was excited for our friend. In normal circumstances, I could see friends getting jealous that the other received the attention of a cute boy, but Kelly seemed better than that. During our month-long friendship, I had gathered that Kelly had never had any issues with getting attention from boys. It seemed more like she was excited that Hallie was getting the chance to feel the same way.

”While those two love birds exchange numbers, why don’t I get started on you,” Roxie said, inviting Kelly to the chair.

”Oh yes please! I’m Kelly,” she said, sitting in the seat.

Two Shaves and a Trim

”Nice to meet you, Kelly. I hear that you’re here for a headshave?” Roxie asked, sweeping a clean cape across Kelly’s body and snapping it around her slender neck.

“Yes I am. I’ve never had a barber do it. My sister’s boyfriend owns a salon, but he mostly does women’s hair. And he did it in the bathroom at my parents’ house in the middle of the night. I’m ready for the full experience,” Kelly said, settling into the seat happily.

”I’m happy to give it to you,” Roxie said, taking the small clippers I had seen her use to edge up my shorter haircuts.

She flipped the clippers on and tilted Kelly’s head down, putting her chin to her chest. Starting at her nape, Roxie drove the clippers up the back of Kelly’s head, leaving behind almost no hair at all. The small clippers would already make Kelly more bald than most people who claimed to have shaved their heads had ever been, but she was just getting started.

”Oh mija, I forgot. Since you always vlog your haircuts, I tried it out and vlogged mine. I figure I’d speed it up and then post it to my Instagram. You want to watch while I work on your friend? Maybe you could give me a little advice on making the video look better,” Roxie said, pausing from shaving the girl in the seat to pull out her phone, punch in her passcode, and pull up the video.

I took a seat in one of the chairs and looked down at the phone. In it, I could see Roxie, her formerly signature long dark hair tied into braids, one coming out of the top of her head, two coming out of the sides, and one from the back.

”Did you donate it?” I asked.

”You know it. That much hair? I couldn’t not do it. It was all virgin too. Before this I hadn’t ever colored my hair,” Roxie said.

“This is so cool, Roxie. Can you send this to me? Maybe I can help you edit it,” I said.

“Sure, mija, I’d appreciate that. I’m not good at the whole social media thing, but I know it would help out business if I could get it down. Just send it to yourself, you’re under Jane with the pink hair,” Roxie said.

I smiled and texted the video to myself before I started watching. Without her consent, I’d never share it with anybody other than John, but he was the one who edited all of my videos so he’d get to see it anyway. Settling in, I started the video.

Not wanting to miss all of Kelly’s shave, I used my thumb to scrub through the video quickly. One by one, Roxie’s braids were snipped off by one of the other stylists I had seen in the shop, a cute petite blonde with a layered, teased up bob.

I looked back up at Kelly to see that her nape was buzzed down to almost nothing and the Roxie that looked so different from the one in the video was tilting her head to the side, shaving away the roughly quarter inch, mousy brown hair away.

Hallie finally sat next to me as I heard the door chime, signaling Taylor’s departure. She was smiling so broadly I knew her cheeks would hurt if she wasn’t so excited. I looked at her and smiled.

She didn’t notice me right away, clearly lost in thought about the cute boy that had just clearly shown interest in her. Then she looked at me and somehow smiled bigger.

“We’re going to go on a date,” she said.

”Is that so?” I asked, an amused half smile on my pink lips.

”Yeah, we’re going to work out the details later,” Hallie said, nearly swooning.

”He’s cute, and clearly he has good taste, right farm girl?” I said, giving her a nudge.

”You think so?” Hallie said, touching her flushed cheeks with her hands in an attempt to cover them. I felt sure that if she was as bald as she had been the day I met her, her head would have been as red as her cheeks.

”For sure. You’re pretty hot, I’m just saying. We’ll get you ready. We’re about the same size so anything in my wardrobe is at your disposal,” I said, putting an arm around her. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed.

”Mine too!” Kelly said, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the treatment she was receiving. The right side of her head was bald and now Roxie was moving to the left side, the clippers buzzing louder as they chewed through the hair.

”Thanks guys,” Hallie said.

”You want to watch Roxie’s transformation with me?” I asked.

”Yeah, sure why not,” Hallie said, looking down at Roxie’s phone.

”Did I hear Roxie say that you vlog all of your haircuts?” Kelly asked.

I blushed, “Yeah. I’m just kind of keeping a record of the grow out.”

”Oh, is that so?” Kelly asked, looking at me in the mirror with a raised eyebrow.

I giggled, “Yeah, I know it’s silly.”

Kelly smiled at me and closed her eyes. With the heat off of me, I began to skip through the video. Each of the braids now cut off, Roxie’s thick hair was choppy and uneven. Soon, the clippers were out, and the blonde stylist attached the number 2 guard and went to work. Even if I hadn’t been skipping through the video at a faster rate, the cut would have been quick. Roxie’s dark hair was buzzed down to almost nothing in nearly no time at all.

Next, the blonde barber spritzed the hair on the top of Roxie’s head that looked long in comparison to the blonde hair that was on her head now with water. She expertly began to snip away, combing up sections and cutting hair away, the hair being cut barely longer than the width of the barberette’s fingers.

I stopped the video and looked up to see Kelly’s crown being shaved, the last of the hair on her head being reduced to stubble. She looked deeply relaxed, her eyes closed gently, a soft smile on her face. I was glad she was enjoying this experience. Perhaps not the way I had enjoyed my first shave, but she was still having a good time, nonetheless.

I continued the video on Roxie’s phone, watching as the hair got shorter and shorter until it finally took the shape that it was now. The video came to an end after the bleach had been applied to Roxie’s now extremely short hair.

”Wow, Roxie! So how do you feel? And when was this?” I asked, locking the screen and passing it to my barber.

”Now I feel great! This was just a couple days ago. The first day was not so great,” Roxie said with an awkward chuckle.

”Bad first day?” I asked, raising an eyebrow that grazed my pink bangs.

”I basically sobbed that whole night and most of the next day,” she said with a more natural laugh. “And then I remembered how great it looks and that you can look good while you’re growing your hair out. Thanks to you mija.”

I smiled, “I’m glad I could help you feel better! Even if I didn’t know it.”

”And now I’m feeling better than I have in a while,” Kelly sighed. The clipper shave was now finished, and Roxie draped a hot towel over Kelly’s head, rubbing gently through the towel in what looked to be a relaxing head massage. I envied her.

”I’m glad you like it, mijita,” Roxie said softly.

”Hallie, you’re going to love this,” Kelly said.

”I’m sure I will,” Hallie sighed, still in a boy inspired state of joy.

”I bet you would too, Jane,” Kelly said, winking at me from under her hot towel.

”No, she is growing it out, don’t tempt her,” Roxie said, taking the towel away and massaging a warm foamy concoction into Kelly’s scalp.

I laughed, scratching the grown-out buzz on my nape with my fingertips, “Yeah my headshave was a drunken mistake, not a fashion choice like you guys.”

Kelly squinted at me, and I smiled and looked down. Why did it feel like Kelly knew more than she let on? There was no way she was one of my followers. She liked her head shaved, but she wasn’t like me or the people that followed me. But she knew something. I couldn’t figure out what.

Using the hot towel, Roxie wiped away all of the white foam and took shaving cream from the warmer, massaging it into Kelly’s stubbly scalp.

”Mija, you’re next. Since you’re getting your color touched up, I’ll do the cut and start your color before I get to Hallie. That way it can process while I’m doing her shave,” Roxie said, wiping the shaving cream from her hands and picking up her straight razor.

With expert hands, Roxie used her straight razor to scrape away the stubble from Kelly’s head. She started at the back of her crown, going with the grain, shaving out in a circle, down her nape and the sides, pushing forward on her crown. The circle grew larger and, first Roxie tilted Kelly’s head down to shave the rest of her nape.

When Kelly’s nape was hairless, her head was tilted to the left, then to the right, with only a small patch of stubble remaining on the front of her crown. That was quickly removed, and Kelly was now happily bald.

Surprisingly, Roxie was not finished. I had never seen her do a headshave and I grew more jealous as I saw her massage another coat of warm shaving cream on Kelly’s head. The second pass was done against the grain, making Kelly’s head appear as if there had never been any hair there in the first place.

The second pass was faster than the first and, after a quick pass over with Roxie’s foil shaver, Kelly was left with a hot towel on her head.

She swapped seats with me, her face one of pure bliss as she settled into the chair. I took my seat in the chair and I was caped as soon as Roxie finished sweeping Kelly’s hair up off of the floor.

”Leave that hot towel on, mijita. It’ll help keep your skin from breaking out. I’ll put some moisturizer on before I start Hallie’s shave,” Roxie said, turning to grab her clippers.

“Just a trim, just like you said in your text,” Roxie said, pushing my head down so my chin touched my chest.

She used a number two guard on my nape, and it was quick and easy. Then, she sprayed my hair wet with a spray bottle, first trimming my bangs to the same length they were the last time. Then she worked on the sides, trimming them off at the same length she did the time before, in the middle of my ears. This time, however, my bob looked fuller as the hair was starting to all fill in. Pretty soon, my hair may reach down to my earlobes if this continued. Then maybe even longer than that.

With skilled hands, she applied bleach to my roots, my pink hair sticking up in odd directions as the roots held up the unencumbered ends.

”Alright, mija, let Kelly over here and then it’ll be Hallie’s turn. I’ll keep an eye on the clock and then I’ll take you to the sink. I’ll do the pink over there too, so Hallie doesn’t have to get up,” Roxie said.

I went and sat next to Hallie, but only for a moment. Kelly’s moisturized scalp massage was quick and soon she was sitting next to me, feeling her head and looking at herself in the selfie camera of her phone.

As Roxie began to use her clippers to shave away Hallie’s overgrown hair, Kelly smiled at me and said, “Hallie, I think you’re out of a job. You were the best before, but I think Roxie has you beat. Can I get a weekly appointment with you?”

Hallie, who had the same, pleased look on her face that Kelly had previously worn, agreed, “Yeah, Roxie, me too. Even if I have to figure out a way to pay for it myself, this is amazing.”

Roxie blushed, “Ay, ladies! You are too nice! Of course I can get my girls in for a weekly appointment. Maybe Jane can come just to hang out? Bring me a coffee?”

I smiled, “I’d be happy to. And, Hallie, since I caused this, I’d be happy to pay for you to keep coming back.”

Hallie smiled at me, “Thanks, Jane. That’s so nice of you.”

Kelly smiled, “And if Jane gets tired of paying for you, or bringing coffee for Roxie, I’ll help out too. Or really, daddy will. Anything for our farm girl.”

As Hallie’s nape was being finished, Kelly looked at me. “So, a vlog? Can I watch this somewhere?”

I blushed, looking down again, “Well not really. I haven’t posted it or anything. I’m just keeping them in case I decide I want to later. You know, once I have long hair again.”

“Right, ok,” she said, pulling up her phone and scrolling through Instagram.

I pulled my phone out, avoiding Instagram intentionally for fear of Kelly seeing my content creator page. She was suspicious of my flow of cash, and probably for good reason. It was suspicious.

”Have you seen this girl? Anna, with the buzzcut? That cheerleader out East,” Kelly asked, showing me her phone.

Of course I had seen Anna, the cute college cheerleader who had gone from shoulder length platinum hair to a number one buzzcut. I knew of her team too, the one that broke all of the cheerleader stereotypes. They didn’t all have short or shaved hair, but well over half of them did.

”Yeah, I’ve seen her. Back after I shaved my head, I looked at her for makeup ideas,” I said cautiously.

”You know my big sister, the one whose boyfriend shaved my head, she was the one who talked her into the buzzcut. She’s that girl with the mohawk that you see in some of Anna’s stuff,” Kelly said.

Looking down at my phone, my eyes opened wide. I had seen her before, she was completely gorgeous. That team was basically hair fetish royalty, even if they didn’t know it. Of course, so was I. But hopefully Kelly didn’t know that.

”No way, that’s pretty cool. I’ve seen her,” I said, playing it cool.

”If she ever comes out to visit, you’ll have to meet her. You’d like her I think,” Kelly said.

Soon, Hallie’s hair was down to stubble, her head was covered in a hot towel, and it was my turn for some attention. Over at the sink, I leaned my head back as Roxie rinsed the bleach from my roots. She towel dried my hair and applied pink dye, from root to tip to both color my roots and revitalize the faded pink in the rest of my hair. I took my seat next to Kelly as the dye in my hair took hold.

”Well, if you ever decide to post those vlogs, let me know. I’d love to see them,” Kelly said.

We chit chatted as Hallie’s head was shaved, the conversation drifting away from my mysterious money, and into getting Hallie ready for her date. Hallie’s head was going through the first round of shaving, her face the picture of relaxed bliss.

”The way you girls act getting shaved tempts me. Not enough to actually do it, but you make it look nice,” Roxie said.

”Oh, you’ve got to try it. If you decide to grow your hair out, you have to try a headshave first,” Kelly gushed.

Roxie laughed, “Maybe I will. The blonde would be pretty tough to keep up with once my hair gets longer, so maybe I could just shave it off and start fresh. That doesn’t sound too bad.”

Mystery Man No Longer

Soon, Hallie was fully shaved and sitting under a hot towel while my hair was being rinsed, blow dried and styled. We left, the girls setting up their next appointments and Roxie giving me her coffee order. We all hugged Roxie and left, their heads shining in the early October sun, my bobbed hair bouncing with each high-heeled step.

My phone buzzed and I looked down. It was John.

”Hey, I’m here. Let’s not do this the normal way. I want to meet your new friends,” the text read.

I smiled and looked at Kelly and Hallie, “Hey girls, wanna meet my boyfriend?”

The two girls looked at each other and squealed as we hurried off to my dorm.

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  1. Here’s the next part of my most popular series to date! I hope it was worth the wait! What do you guys think of the introduction of a couple of favorite side characters from another one of my creations? I think they’re a welcome addition to Jane’s small group of friends!

  2. @BlondesHaveMoreFun I’m glad you liked both of those things! You can definitely expect more crossovers in the future if you liked this one 😉 and yeah I’ve been toying with the idea of making her a platinum blonde ever since she saw herself with her hair bleached before John dyed it pink that first time.

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