Eager To Please

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I stumble into my front door, carrying bags filled with paper draped down my side, weighing me down after a long day in the office. I kick my black loafers off timidly and let my feet breathe. My smart black flared leg trousers drape the ground as I walk into the kitchen.


“Ah!” I jump back and gasp, dropping my bags to the floor. My boyfriend reveals himself from behind the door laughing.

“John, it’s been a long day, you can’t keep doing this to me..” I smile and wrap my arms round him.

“I’m sorry honey, I can’t help it” he replies giggling.

He stares at me with his beautiful blue eyes and I am entranced. We kiss for a moment when he pulls back.

“God, you look very good in your smart uniform.. like you could order me around.”

I stand blushing and run my hair back over my head, its chest length auburn wisps rendered dishevelled after my long day.

“Well… I do have one order for your, Private John.” I smile.

“Get to the bedroom, now!” I hold his hand and lead him in to our room where we fall onto each other and our lips lock in place. I run my hand down his thigh and towards his crotch, stroking, trying to get him hard.

Minutes go by and John doesn’t seem to be enticed. Our kissing slows and he pulls back again.

“I’m sorry Babe, I’m just stressed. I can’t get it going tonight. Besides, I’ve got to get ready for the night shift soon.”

I sigh.

“This is the 3rd time this week, it’s beginning to make me worry…” my eyes drop to the floor and my feet swing off the edge of the bed.

“It’s not you! It’s me! I swear…” he gets up, holding my hand.

“You’re beautiful babe.” He kisses me again, I’m trying to let a wry smile show.

“I got to go for a shower. I’ve only got an hour  before I got to go, alright?” He says In a sympathetic tone.

“Alright… I’m going to get into my red wine.” I trudge off to the kitchen as John undresses for his shower and I hear the bathroom door lock behind him.

I open the cupboard and take my wine out, cracking open the seal and pouring myself a glass. I sit on the couch and peel off my flared trousers, leaving my untucked shirt draped over my lower half and sit scrolling on my phone as I do every night.  I see women… young women, my age, doing exciting things, living their life all over social media. And here I am, can’t even get my boyfriend horny. A year falls from my eye.

10 minutes pass and John is still in the shower. I think to myself he’s been a while, and I could feel a pee coming along. I get up and bang on the door.

“I need the bathroom babe! Hurry up, we are going to run out of hot water!”

John Pauses, “Yes! I’m just coming!”

I hear the shower turn off and the door unlock, John comes out with a towel wrapped round his waste and I sneak in past him into the steamed up bathroom and take a look at myself in the mirror, leaning over the sink. I looked tired. My hair was all over the place. Ugh. Then I notice something,

John’s phone, sitting on the counter. My insecure girlfriend instinct kicks in. I take a look. I gasp.

A girl in a barbershop chair, with hair draped all down her cape… and she’s been.. shaved? I don’t know what to think. I check his search history. ‘Girl gets headshaved’, ‘hair fetish videos’. What is this?

I drop the phone back down and leave the bathroom and see John brushing his teeth.

“Hey Babe? Did I leave my phone in there” he asks, casually.

“Uhhh.. I don’t know.” I pretend to check.

“Here. I hand it to him and walk off to our room again and shut the door.

I sit and think. John… has a haircut fetish? Girls getting their heads… shaved? Oh my god. Is this what he’s into… I look the videos up on my phone, thousands on YouTube of girls getting their heads shorn and admirers in the comments gloating over how beautiful they are. And they are beautiful. I turn on my phone camera and inspect myself. Surely not… I mean, a Bob maybe. A pixie… maybe. But shaved? I mean… I do love John. I burst out crying. Is this what it’s going to take for him to want me?

I compose myself after 5 minutes and walk out to say bye to him. He is all dressed up and gives me a kiss on the cheek before flying out the door. I watch his car pull away and wave then head to the bathroom when he is around the corner and inspect my head, I pull my hair back giving them impression that I had a buzzcut, and check from all angles. Not bad I though. I drape my auburn locks back over my face and sigh. I love my hair, it’s my security. But I love John.

I grab my phone and look up how to give myself a buzzcut tutorial.

“Hey guys, welcome to my YouTube, and today I will be shaving my head” a lady with a blonde Bob says over the internet. Butterflies build within my stomach and I can feel pulsating from my vagina as I watch her lift the clippers up to the camera and show the guard.

“So this is a number 6, which I’m going to start with to get the bulk off.” I watch, transfixed on this brave brave girl.

She lifts the clippers to her shiny blonde bob and mows away the top of her head. She keeps going and leaves a short blonde crop.

“Now, we are going to use the number 2 guard to get it nice and close.” She says, like it’s the most casual thing in the world. There is something so sensual and heart racing about a girl doing something this extreme.

She passes the clippers over and leaves a extremely short buzzcut behind. Wow. I put the phone down and look again in the mirror. I want it. I want it. John wants it.

I grab my car keys and slip back into my trousers, and just throw on a pair of trainers. I hop in the car and without hesitation drive down to the supermarket. I walk in and have one thing on my mind. Clippers. Clippers. Clippers. I throw my hoodie over my head and hide from view. I see them, a pair of babyliss clippers with all the different attachments, and other gizmos I don’t know the use for. I look around and grab it. £25, not bad.

My drive home is long, I forgot to even put the radio on. Am I really going to do this? Yes. Your brave enough. I storm back in the house and strip down naked, and head for the bathroom. The box is intimidating, with pictures of short cropped and shaved men decorating it. I open it up and take everything out. The clippers are menacing but exciting, I can’t wait much longer. I clip the number 6 guard onto the machine and spring it into action.

The buzzing turns my stomach. I feel like I’m handling a weapon, and i take a dee breathe. I take the clippers to the very bottom of my hair and clip about an inch off, and watch it fall to the ground. I go a little higher, then more falls. I feel my heart pounding through my chest and pulsing between my legs. A little higher, it’s uneven now… I need to just go for it. I take a deep breath and raise this weapon to my forehead… and pull back. A light brown strip is left behind. I pause and feel my scalp… it’s 6mm. Not #6. Shit. I shrug my shoulders. No turning back. I shear my auburn hair from the top of my little face, I’m in a trance now and there’s no stopping me. I run the clippers over my head one last time and step back, hair crunching under my feet. In the mirror I see myself, I see myself without a curtain hiding my features. I like it, I actually like it. I hop into the shower and feel the water pour onto my scalp, and it’s refreshing. I hop out and put my best lingerie on. God, I actually feel sexy. Looking in the mirror I see a model, I see someone interesting. Not just a office worker who can’t get her husband erect.

I lie on the bed and take selfies, admiring my new look. Now I wait for John.

I hear the front door open. It’s my turn to give him a surprise.

He opens the bedroom door.

“Hi honey…” he gasps and drops his bags on the floor, I laugh and he walks over to me like a zombie. He sits on the bed. We embrace, and kiss. I finally feel his excitement again.

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