Ella part 2

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Ella goes off to college, and starts a new life without hiding her baldness. She joins a couple of college sports teams and proves to be especially talented at track and swimming. Her sleek physique and smooth skin work to her advantage.

Ella starts gaining some weight as she becomes more muscular. She looks less lanky and awkward, and she feels that way too. While practicing sports, Ella wears very tight and high cut clothes, which starts to transfer over to her wardrobe. Everything she wears gets shorter and tighter. People at campus love her hairless head and body and she becomes popular. She gets invited to tons of parties and sleeps around, with people of any gender. This boosts her confidence even more.

Between swimming and running, Ella starts doing fitness as well and her body becomes even more muscular. She wears even less clothes. Her tops become smaller and her shorts become shorter. She is showing off her toned abs and thick thighs. At some point, Ella switches to wearing only sports bras, bikini tops and thongs. After each work-out she rubs lotion all over her hairless skin, making her muscles and bald head shine.

One day, Ella has an idea. She shows up to swimming practice buck naked. Every inch of her muscular body and hairless smooth skin are on full display. The coach is about to send her away, but then Ella jumps in the water, swims a few laps and breaks a college record. She climbs out of the pool, water is rolling off her glorious bare body.

From then on, the coach makes Ella go naked every time gor every swimming practice. Not long after that, her track team coach catches on, and she is made to go to track practice completely naked too. Somehow, her coaches manage to convince their respective boards to let her compete in the nude as well. She starts entering competitions and contests. Ella brings in many wins for both her teams.

At some point, Ella forgoes wearing clothes altogether and goes everywhere naked. Walking around like a goddess and showing off her body to the world, all bulging muscles and smooth, hairless, glistering skin. Ella has just as many people admiring her as there are lusting over her. She inspires girls who want to be like her to shave their entire heads and bodies. Some girls even go so far as to use permanent hair removal products to become completely and forever hairless just like her.

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