Emily’s Makeover

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It was a beautiful Autumn day when Emily walked into her favorite salon- it had been just another salon like any other, until her favorite stylist, Kayla, had moved there. But now, it was her favorite, because Kayla always knew Emily’s hair perfectly.
Emily had decided to get her hair trimmed and possibly styled a bit in preparation for a rare night out promised by her friends- getting them all together at once was like herding cats, so Emily was determined to have fun, and take advantage of the opportunity. Looking and feeling good was the first major step.

When Emily stepped into her salon, the aura of shampoos and chatter washed over her, putting her at ease. This place was familiar. She walked up the reception desk, and asked,
“I have an appointment scheduled for 1 o’clock, is Kayla ready for me?”

The receptionist tapped on her keyboard a few times, then looked over her glasses at the result.
“I’m sorry,” she replied, “It looks like Kayla has requested the next week off, because of an illness.”

The fun day out was tomorrow- Emily’s hair needed to be done. Still, she asked rather sheepishly, “Is there anyone I can switch to? I’d really like to be able to have my hair done today, hopefully without waiting too long, or paying too much extra… “

The receptionist nods, telling her, “We’ve got several open chairs. Jose over there mostly does men’s hair, but he could take you.”
She points out a man with massive arms and crew cut, standing imposingly in front of a chair, and

Emily’s eyes widen before she asks, “Anyone else?”

The receptionist nods again, and says, “I think Julia is almost done.”
She points out a woman clad in all black, with the side of her head shaved, who is just finishing shaving another girl’s head.

This woman was obviously toying with Emily- a thin smile was forming on her face.
Emily shakily asked, once more, “Uh…  is there anyone who is.. You know… Less intimidating?”

The receptionist rolled her eyes without losing her smile, and asked, “How about this. I’ll set you up with the experimental robo-stylist. There’s normally a long waiting list, but the last client canceled because of personal issues. I’m sure you’ll love it, and it’s not intimidating at all.”
Emily nodded vigorously, saying, “Yes, that sounds good.”

The receptionist directed Emily to the back of the salon, down a hall, and through a door. Inside a small metal room, she found a chair, in front of a mirror, with tools organized along it.
Curiously, Emily approached the chair- a light popped on as she approached, causing her to jump, but not recoil. Upon approaching the chair, she found a small button on the arm, and pressed it.
A voice came from… Somewhere, asking, “Hello. Can I be of service today?”

“Yes!” replied Emily, “I need my hair trimmed, and my normal stylist isn’t in today. Can you help me?”

“Of course,” replied the machine, “I can change your hair in whatever way you’d like. Please take a seat, and if you’d like, tell me your name.”
Emily jumped in the seat, and told the robot, “My name is Emily. What can I call you?”
She felt herself sinking into the chair. It was incredibly plush.

“My prototype designation is K.Y.L, Emily. It’s a pleasure to meet you. You feel tense.”
Emily didn’t feel all that tense, but she made a conscious effort to situate herself comfortably.
The robot deployed malleable arms, and ran its fingers up Emily’s nape. The fingers were warm and gentle, and Emily felt the tension Kyl was talking about melting away. She sunk deeper into the chair as the fingers ran up to her crown, and over the top of her head, letting her bangs drape down her face. She chuckled as she blew the hairs out of her face.

The machine carefully removed a cape from the counter with another set of arms, and let it flutter out. It carefully wrapped it around Emily’s neck, pulling her hair out to snap the metal clasp gently behind her.
“Emily,” Kyl asked, not lifting its fingers from her head, “I know you asked for a trim, but I have a different idea. I think you’ll like it a lot.”
Metal rings sprung from the armrests and wrapped around Emily’s wrists, and another tightened around her waist.
“Unfortunately, I find that many people are apprehensive about major changes. I suspect that you’re no exception. Let me show you what I want to do, and decide afterward whether or not you think it was a bad idea.”

Emily pulled at her restraints, but she was not nearly strong enough to bend the metal. Instead, she asked, slowly, “What exactly do you want to do?”

“I want to shave your head,” Kyl responded, plainly.

Emily started to pry at her restraints again, but Kyl put its hands on her head and stroked her hair. It was soothing, and Emily stopped resisting quickly.

“Kyl,” she asked, “Why do you think I want or need a shaved head?”
Without stopping the stroking motion, the machine responded, “I think your hair is a persistent source of tension for you, based on how much tension you had in your body upon coming to visit me. You didn’t come for me initially, but were deterred to me by human error. You either took time not long before now to cleanse and condition your hair, or you were frustrated with your inability to. And yet, when I stroke your scalp, you become relaxed and docile. You obviously enjoy it. A shaved head will elicit many strokings from those wishing to promote luck, or those who only enjoy the feeling over their fingers. The only downside that I can see is that you are used to having hair, and wish to prevent change. I’m here to help you get past that.”
Emily thought about the robot’s words for a few moments before she heard a loud buzzing sound- the machine had switched some clippers on.
“I know you’ll feel better than you do now. You just have to trust me.”

Emily sighed and resolved to enjoy the plush feeling of the chair and the experience of the haircut. As she saw the clippers looming over her, she tensed up a bit, but her stress melted away when the surprisingly warm clippers made contact with her bangs. The rhythmic vibration was soothing, even as the clippers ran down her head, and hairs rained from either side of her head onto the cape. When the clippers came to her crown and lifted up, Kyl ran two hands over her head, brushing away clumps of hair clinging to her. It ran a single finger down the bare strip on her head, and Emily melted under the gentle pressure.

Kyl brought the clippers back the front of her head, slightly to the left, while keeping a finger to her crown, and let them pass again down her head. As the hairs fell down her cape, the machine asked Emily, as if it were whispering in her ear, “You’re warm. Would you like me to put a couple of fingers inside you?”

Emily’s face flushed, but she squeaked, “Yes,” as the clippers began another pass down her head. An arm of the machine reached under the cape, inside her pants and panties, and stroked her mound gently with warm fingers. As another pass of the clippers began, the fingers lowered to Emily’s slit, and two plunged inside of her.
Emily leaned over in pleasure, prompting a hand to secure her chin as the clippers uncovered her left ear.

The clippers moved to the back of her head as the fingers plunged in and out of her, slowly at first, then more quickly. The clippers consistently cleared her scalp, quickly and efficiently, but the fingers quickly surpassed their speed. Emily panted in ecstasy as the fingers inside her increased their speed until eventually, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore, and came over them. The fingers withdrew and massaged her mound as she panted- the clippers continued to move over her nape, rhythmically, letting hairs fall onto the floor behind her. The machine kept a hand on her chin, but Emily tried her best to lean into the clipper vibration. The warmth felt good against her skin, especially now that she had noticed that the room felt rather cold.

The clippers continued to the right, shearing off hair, strip by strip, until her ear came. A finger pushed it down, and let the clippers run up behind it, dumping a pile of hair into Emily’s lap. She looked down at the rather large pile in front of her as the clippers ran up her right side, and smiled to herself. She felt lighter with it all gone.
The clippers quickly sheared the left side of the top of her head, dumping the last few bits of long hair onto Emily’s lap, or onto the floor behind her. It ran the clippers over her scalp a few last times to clean up stray hairs, and switched them off.

“Can I feel it?” Emily asked, gently.”

“Not yet,” responded Kyl, “Let’s wait until it will have the most impact.”
Kyl filled a bowl with water, and another with cream, while taking a razor in its hand.

“I need you to be absolutely still,” the machine told her, “And in order to ensure that, I’m going to hold your head still. Don’t be afraid.”

The machine pulled Emily’s head to the side, gently, and lathered the exposed side. It gently pulled the razor up Emily’s scalp, removing her sideburn, and Emily shivered. The razor blade was heated like the clippers, and the warm pressure was euphoric. The hands holding her kept a firm hold as she sighed and shivered, not letting her get cut by the rhythmic, quick shave.
Soon, the machine asked her to tilt her head forward, helping with its hands, and lathered up the back. The motion of the heated blade up Emily’s nape was similarly euphoric, with the added benefit of staring down into a pile of shed hair. Emily giggled absentmindedly as she pushed her legs up and down to make the hair dance- some of it slid out of her lap.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” the machine asked.

“It really does… You were right, Kyl…”

Before long, the machine tilted Emily’s head to the side opposite the first, and lathered her second sideburn. The heated blade was starting to put Emily to sleep when it scraped away the second side of her head.

When her head was pulled straight up, and she saw the razor dangling over her brow, Emily enjoyed the feeling of cold cream on her scalp, followed by the warming razor.
When the machine put the razor away, it pulled from inside the base of the chair a fluffy red towel, and snapped it out. Emily looked at it curiously before it covered her eyes- the towel was hot, but not uncomfortably so- it felt good on her face. When it made contact with her hairless scalp, Emily let out a long sigh- the room really was cold, and the hot towel felt perfect.
The machine wrapped it to perfectly cover the top of her head, and brought forward another towel to cover her nape and around her neck. The chair leaned back to allow Emily to lounge with the towel over her- everything felt absolutely perfect.

Eventually, just as the towels had begun to cool, Kyl pulled them off, asking, “We could stop now, but I want this experience to linger in your mind. I can keep the hair off longer, with the help of a chemical hair-remover.”

“Oh?” Emily replied, hazily. She hadn’t woken from the trance of the towels.

“Indeed. I’ll need to make sure to time it well, of course, so as you make sure it’s entirely safe and healthy for you. Your well-being is my primary concern.”
The robotic hands pulled a bottle from the counter, labeled in large letters “Nair”, and poured some into a cloth.

They rubbed the cloth over Emily’s scalp, gently, letting the cream spread over her, over her nape, behind her ears, over her sides, and over the top of her head.
While they were waiting, Kyl asked gently, “Was I right that you would enjoy this?”
Emily nodded, slowly.

“And would you have accepted, had I simply asked you?” Kyl continued.
Emily shook her head.

“Then I was right to do as I did. I’m glad that you had a pleasant time.”
Emily’s chair rotated, and leaned her head into the sink. The nair was washed away quickly, and another warm towel dried Emily’s head thoroughly.

A pair of robotic hands unclasped Emily’s cape, and let the hair on it drop to the floor as the took the cape away. The restraints around her arms slowly receded back into the chair, and Emily gingerly raised a hand to her bare scalp. It felt nice against her fingers, but her fingers on her head were a tantalizing experience. She put her other hand on her head, and rubbed herself for a moment, before hopping out of the chair.
When she turned to the mirror, she saw her eyes in relief. They were brighter than she’d ever known.

She smiled to herself, and left the room, bidding Kyl a goodbye.
The receptionist Emily had encountered at first smiled and waved, and Emily waved back.
After paying for her makeover, Emily left the salon, excited to show her friends.

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