Evolution of a brat – part 1

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Evolution of a Brat

Brat to Slut

A bratty college girl parties too hard and asks too many favors, without ever giving anything in return.

One time, she has gone too far.

A friend, whom the brat has taken advantage of for many years, discovers that the brat has slept with her long time boyfriend. She has had enough and decides to teach her a lesson.

While at yet another party, the brat has had a lot of drinks, all mooched off of other people of course. After one drink too many she feels woozy. Her friend kindly offers to take her home. The girl takes her up on the offer.

Instead of bringing the brat home however, her friend leads her to some dorm bathroom she doesn’t recognize. Here she takes a turn for the worse and she is laid down onto the floor.

The brat wonders out loud what is going on and her friend tells her plainly that she drugged her. She will not go unconscious but the drugs make her relaxed and pliant.

The friend puts on a mask to cover her face. Then she sets up a camera and starts live-streaming. She shares the link in some campus group chats.

First, she strips the other girl naked. Then she grabs a bag she had been carrying and takes a pair of scissors out from it. He starts chopping big chunks of hair off haphazardly. Big locks of hair rain onto the filthy floor. The brat protests weakly, but is unable to stop her.

In no time the brat’s hair is a short, choppy mess. The angry girl is far from done yet though. She puts the scissors away and takes out a pair of clippers out of the bag. They come to life as she plugs them in and turns them on. She shaves her head without guard and reduces the choppy mess to a stubble.

Then her friend switches the clippers for a razor blade and a can of shaving foam. She aims the shower head at the brat and sprays her with cold water, to get the best results. Next, she sprays the shaving foam all over her head and spreads it over her scalp.

The angry girl proceeds to shave the brat’s entire head with the razor. She is slow and meticulous about it, making sure that she gets every scrap of hair. She rinses the other’s head and inspects skin to see if she missed something. She decides to go over it completely for a second time.

When the brat’s head is completely hairless, the friend puts all the tools back in her bag. She deliberates for a second, before she grabs a permanent marker for a final touch. She takes her phone, which is still recording, and brings it closer. Then she uncaps the marker and writes “SLUT” in big bold letters on her forehead and “freeloading cunt” on her chest.

Finally, the girl turns the camera off. She collects all her things as well as the punished brat’s and leaves. The brat is left there, still drugged and naked and and lying in a pile of her own hair.

The next morning, the brat wakes up, with no memory of what happened. She is horrified and cries when she notices that she is bald. Her phone is gone, so she has no way to contact anyone without leaving the room.

What the brat doesn’t yet realize is that, even if she had her phone, none of her friends would come to pick her up, since they are all done with her bullshit anyway.

The brat has to do the walk of shame, completely naked and bald and with crude texts written on her skin. The worst part is that she has woken up in a bathroom in the guys’ dormitory. She is unable to climb out the window, so she has to walk past groups of guys, while they jeer at her. Some are probably taking pictures or filming her.

After that, the brat even has to go outside for a bit, to get to the girl’s dormitory. It is broad daylight and crowded.

The brat is filled with shame and dread the entire way, but something else also blooms inside of her. By the time she finally gets to her dorm, she is dripping wet. She is incredibly turned on and ends up masturbating furiously.

When the brat finally dares to return to classes, she is wearing a wig. However, the video of her being shorn has been shared all over campus, so is not fooling anyone. She is mercilessly teased and jeered at. At some point, someone steals her wig. Once again she feels ashamed, but arousal settles in her gut as well.

That feeling does not go away and the brat wants more of it. At first, she tries to cause the embarrassment herself, but she is unsuccessful. She purposefully lets her wig fall off and wears short skirts without underwear on windy days, flashing her pussy when the skirt blows in the wind. Unfortunately, it is not enough. She stews on it for a while before coming to a decision.

The brat goes to a party, that she knows a lot of people who don’t like her will attend. In preparation she writes “punish me” on her chest with permanent marker. Her hair has started growing out a little, otherwise she would have written it on her head. She is wearing just a coat without anything underneath and she leaves the wig at home.

To get in, the brat trespasses. She wanders to the middle of the crowded room. There she drops her coat and flashes the room. A bunch of people take her up on the offer and she is forced on her knees. Her hands are bound behind her back and a dishrag is used to muffle her.

Someone puts crocodile clamps on the brat’s nipples and her clit. Another person decides to get rid of her hair again, but instead of a shave, her entire head is waxed, including her eyebrows and eyelashes. The rest of her body is waxed as well.

With permanent marker crude texts and drawings are scrawled on her skin, including “cheap slut” on her scalp, “public fuck hole” on her pubic bone, “free fucks for all” on her ass and a penis on her cheek.

The brat gets exactly what she wants the entire night. Her clit and nipples are abused. Drinks are thrown on her. Guys come and piss on her denuded scalp. She is fucked hard in the middle of the room. She is spanked and slapped.

By early morning, the brat is kicked out and walks home over the crowded campus. She makes no attempts to hide herself: naked, bald and covered in crude doodles, piss and come. She has never been this aroused in her life.

From that point on, the brat stops wearing her wig and make-up all together, showing off her baldness and fishing for humiliating comments. She completely foregoes underwear as well. She starts wearing even shorter skirts, flashing everyone her pussy with even the slightest movement. She wears all white to work out in and the material turns transparent when moist from sweat. Yet, it is still not enough.

One day, the brat can no longer help herself and crashes another party in a similar manner as the last one. She strips in the middle of the room, she has “abuse me” written on her chest. This time some students tell her that if she really wants to atone for her past sins, it should be done properly and not just when she feels like it. Before she can reply, some guys hold her down.

The bratty girl is told that she will be a public service slut for everyone on campus until she graduates. For her to be able to do that properly, she needs to undergo a real make-over, not just a shave.

One of the guys present happens to own a tattoo gun. He has some practice, but is not trained in any way. He goes to fetch the machine.

Someone else comes up with a big tub of a mysterious substance. The cream is applied all over the brat’s body and head, including her face, eyebrows and in close proximity to her eyes. She can feel her skin burning. Then she is rinsed off with a bucket of cold water. She is left completely hairless.

Then the guy returns with his tattoo gun. The brat is placed kneeling on the floor and he gets to work. He starts giving her messy and painfull tattoos: “slut” on in big bold letters her forehead, “public service” on her collarbone, “all holes free for use” on her pubic bone, “spank me” on one ass cheek, “campus fuck toy” on her shoulder, “punish me” on one tit and “open 24/7” on her left thigh.

After that, some random people take over the tattoo gun and start drawing crude things everywhere on the brat’s skin, including a huge dick on her right thigh pointing to her pussy and a smaller one on her cheek pointing to her mouth.

When that is done, some girl, who has experience with doing piercings at home, gives the brat some jewelry. She gets new piercings in her ears, nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, nipples, clit and labia.

Finally, the slut’s transformation is complete and she receives a christening. Her hands are tied behind her back, she is given a collar with a leash and a ring gag. Weights are put on her fresh nipple and clit piercings. She is paraded around like that.

The remainder of the night the slut is fucked in all three holes. She is pinched, pulled and spanked. Guys come and piss on her. Videos are made and shared not only over campus, but on social media and porn sites.

That morning the newly christened slut is escorted to her dorm by a leash, with her arms still tied to her back. She is paraded around in broad daylight, completely naked, bald, drenched in cum and piss, and every inch of her skin covered in crude tattoos and piercings. She could not be any more aroused.

The people that escorted her come into her dorm. She watches as they get rid of her clothes, make-up and the wig, as she will no longer need those. Additionally, she will no longer have a name, as she will only ever be referred to as the slut.

From then on, the former bratty girl is officially a bald public service slut and is free to be used by everyone on campus.

Over the next few days, slut notices the color of her scalp go from pale grey to white and her eyelashes fall out. After some research, she knows not to expect her hair to ever grow back. It turns out all her hair follicles have been destroyed by the mystery cream. Her baldness is as permanent as the tattoos on her skin.

Instead of being in any way upset about her permanent transformation, she loves it. She loves being an extreme, kinky, bald, tattooed, and pierced slut. She enjoys flaunting her hairless, tattooed skin and scalp, and showing off her slutty pierced cunt and tits. Someone, she feels more like herself, like this was what she was always meant to be.

The slut is required to be naked at all times. She still attends classes, but she needs to be ready to service someone at all times. Therefore, during most classes, she is sitting in someone’s lap or kneeling under a desk

The professors and instructors don’t mind at all, since they were sick of the former brat’s behavior too. Now, they get to use the slut, like anyone else on campus.

Outside of classes, during the daytime, she is always sitting somewhere crowded, tied by her leash, with her hands tied behind her back. She is either bent over or lying down with her legs spread. At night, she is paraded around the many campus parties.

Over time, the slut receives many more modifications. For example, she gets fillers injected in her lips and clit. Also, gauges are put in her earlobes, septum, and tongue, to start stretching them. Her body gets more and more ruined.

To be continued…

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