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Set in the same universe as “Summer is Coming

Sarah couldn’t stop staring at her best friend Beth, who’d once had long hair and walked around in jeans and t-shirts all the time.  Then a new Beth showed up about six months earlier.  This new Beth walked around in simple shirt dresses, ankle socks, Mary Janes and wore her hair in a super short bowlcut.  She still joked and laughed like the old Beth, but … there was something else.  About a month earlier, Beth had started wearing a new piece of jewelry – a silver necklace with a small padlock that sat right in the hollow ofher clavicle.

“Thanks for dinner,” Beth said.  “I had a lot of fun.”

“You look so … peaceful,” Sarah commented as they came to a stop in front of the salon that Beth now lived above with her girlfriend Diedre.  Sarah never thought Beth would have ended up with someone like Diedre.

Sarah looked through the windows and saw Diedre talking amiably to a man. The man; Sarah was drawn to him … he was tall, with long legs encased in dark jeans and broad shoulders barely contained in a black polo shirt.  His hair was even shorter than Diedre’s, barely gray at the temples, but … very appealing.  Cleanshaven, with a strong jaw and sensuous lips.  She couldn’t stop staring at him.

She barely registered walking through the front door, following Beth inside and hovering near the door.  She watched Beth lean against Diedre, resting her head on Diedre’s shoulder.  Diedre gently stroked Beth’s nape as she whispered softly.

Sarah was struck again by how happy her best friend looked.  She glanced over at the man and blushed when she found him staring at her, his eyes dark with … arousal and intent.

“Diedre, you remember my best friend Sarah,” Beth said, her head still pillowed on Diedre’s shoulder.

Sarah waved shyly over at Diedre, glancing shyly over at the man.

“Sarah,” Diedre said.  “This is my older brother, Nathaniel.”

Sarah tried to remember to breathe as Nathaniel approached and took her hand in his, kissing it gently.  “Pleasure,” he practically purred.

“Nice to meet you,” Sarah said meekly.  She tried to tear her gaze away from his bright blue eyes, but found herself … entranced.

“Sarah,” Nathaniel said.  “I would love if you could join me for a late drink.”

“Oh, I was just going to say goodbye to …  Beth.”  Sarah looked around – where had Beth and Diedre gone?

“My sister and her girl went upstairs.”  Nathaniel wrapped his hand around Sarah’s and gave it a little squeeze.  “I think Diedre missed her.”

“Oh.”  Sarah looked down where Nathaniel’s hand enveloped hers.  “I’ve never seen her so … at peace.”

“She’s found happiness,” Nathaniel said.  “Embraced who she’s always wanted to be.  Have you?”

“Have I?” Sarah looked up at Nathaniel with wide eyes.  He was so much taller than her; if she wanted, her head would fit right over Nathaniel’s heart.

“Embraced who you want to be,” Nathaniel murmured, stroking Sarah’s long, wheat blond hair.  “I can see it in your eyes, Sarah.  You long for what Beth has, don’t you?”

Sarah swallowed, unwilling to voice her answer.

“Your silence speaks volumes, Sarah,” Nathaniel murmured, continuing to stroke Sarah’s hair.  “I think we should skip the drink, don’t you?  I have a place across town … I think you’ll like it.”

Sarah swallowed, her eyes locked on Nathaniel.  She gave a little nod, scared her voice would crack if she spoke.

“I need to hear you say it, Sarah,” Nathaniel said, giving a lock of Sarah’s hair a gentle tug.

“Yes,” Sarah whispered.

“That’s it,” Nathaniel said.  “Such an easy word.”  He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Sarah’s temple.  “Come with me.”

Sarah allowed Nathaniel to lead her out to the waiting car, and settled against the warm leather.  She felt Nathaniel’s hand on her head, gently stroking her hair as the car made it’s way through the city, towards the other side of town.  Had Beth felt the same?  The same sense of …falling?  When she’d finally accepted it?

She registered that the car had stopped and looked out the window.  Nathaniel had exited the car and opened the passenger door, assisting her out of the car.  “Yes,” he said.  “I own and operate a barbershop.  I guess you could say it runs in the family.”

Sarah swallowed as she stared at the rotating red and white barberpole outside the shop.  Her feet felt heavy as she followed Nathaniel inside.  It was a simple set up – a one chair barberhop, complete with a black and white tiled floor and an imposing red leather barberchair dominating the room.  If she squinted, she could see … restraints?  She swallowed and looked up at Nathaniel, who smiled down at her.

“I sometimes cater to a …different kind of clientele,” Nathaniel said.  “I won’t need the restraints tonight.”  He took her hand and led her to the chair.  “Shoes off, Sarah.”

As Sarah kicked her shoes off and hesitantly slid into the chair, she felt Nataniel’s hands gently urge her back.  “That’s it,” he soothed.  He lifted her hair and, before Sarah could protest, wrapped a strip of paper around her neck and covered her in a stark white cape.  “Can I tell you a secret, Sarah?”  Nathaniel asked as he gently brushed her mid back length wheat blonde hair.

“Yes,” Sarah whispered, her head dropping back to let Nathaniel brush her hair.  It felt so nice, so relaxing.

“I’ve known about you for a while now,” Nathaniel said as he continued to brush Sarah’s hair until it gleamed under the lights.  “After Diedre met you for the first time, she immediately called me.  Told me about this beautiful woman that would be perfect for me.”

“Me?” Sarah murmured, resting her hands on the arms rests of the chair, curling her fingers into the leather.

“You,” Nathaniel said as he set the brush down and reached for a pair of scissors.  “Diedre coerced some information about you from her girl, and relayed it to me.  I finally decided tonight was the night.  It was time to make you mine.  Now, I want you to look in the mirror and watch as I transform you.”

Sarah felt Nathaniel’s hand urge her up, and she blinked a bit at her reflection.  She watched Nathaniel next to her, watched him lift a lock of hair, position the scissors and … a long lock of hair dropped to the floor, leaving a two inch long tuft sticking up right in the middle of Sarah’s forehead.

“Oh!” Sarah gasped.

Nathaniel smiled as he cut another lock.  “You’re hiding behind all this hair,” he said.  “I’m going to expose you.”  He worked meticulously, reducing Sarah’s hair to a uniform two inches all over.

Sarah’s eyes got wider and wider as she watched her hair fall.  She’d had long hair for as long as she could remember and to see it so quickly stripped away … She bit her lip and felt Nathaniel snip the last lock and run his fingers through her hair.

“This is a good start, Sarah,” Nathaniel murmured, massaging her scalp.

Sarah moaned softly; she loved the way Nathaniel said her name, deep and husky, the perfect bedroom voice.  She took a moment to really look at her reflection – she looked so different, almost elfin.  She felt Nathaniel’s fingers leave her hair and watched as he lowered and closed the blinds and turned down the lights so everything was lit with only the dimmest glow.

“And now, my dear Sarah,” Nathaniel said as he made his way back over to the chair.  “I would like to wash your hair for you.  But first, I need you to strip for me.”  He released the cape and tossed the paper strip in the trash bin.  “I would like to see what is mine.”

Sarah blushed bright red as she shyly slid from the chair and stood in front of Nathaniel.  While certainly not overweight, Sarah’s body held many a curve, her belly not as toned as she’d like, her breasts not as perky as they once had been.  She pulled off her trouser socks first, setting them inside her shoes.  Next came her tan slacks, folded and set on top of her shoes.  She slipped out of her coat next, then her simple blue button up blouse, leaving her in her plain white panties and bra.

“Everything, Sarah,” Nathaniel urged gently.  “You’re beautiful.”

Sarah swallowed and closed her eyes as she slipped out of her bra first, then her panties.  She bit her lip, waiting for Nathaniel’s mocking laughter, or for him to tell her to get dressed and leave.  Instead, she let out a loud gasp when she felt one of Nathaniel’s hands on her breast, the other on her pussy.

“We’ll take care of this later,” Nathaniel said, giving her bush a little pat.  “But for now, my beautiful girl, we’ll take care of the hair on your head.”  He led her over to another chair and helped her sit down and lean back over the sink.

Sarah felt completely overwhelmed, on an emotional roller coaster.  Her hair ws gone, at the hands of a man she barely knew, yet felt like she’d known forever.  She lay naked in a chair, letting this same man do … god knew what!  But when Nathaniel touched her she felt … wanted, cherished … beautiful.

She heard the water start, then felt Nathaniel’s fingers back on her scalp, the warm water washing away any stray hairs.  The leather from the chair quickly warmed underneath her and she moaned when she felt Nathaniel gently washing what was left of her hair.  He massaged her scalp and when he’d pressed his thumbs to the base of her skull, her toes curled and she let out a low moan.  “Nnnnnathaniel,” she gasped.

“‘Sir’ is also acceptable,” Nathaniel murmured in her ear as he gently rinsed her hair.  He helped her sit up and gently dried her hair, giving it a playful tousle as he led her back over to the barberchair.

Sarah felt completely exposed as she walked, the only sound that of her bare feet as they slapped against the tile floor.  She slid back into the chair and gasped at the feel of the now cool leather against her skin.

“It’ll warm up soon,” Nathaniel assured her as he wrapped another paper strip around her neck, following it with the cape.

The cotton of the cape felt so strange against Sarah’s bare skin … so different from the cotton of her undergarments.  She looked at her reflection and was again struck by how different she looked without the curtain of hair to hide behind.

“I do like this length for the top,” Nathaniel said, running his fingers through Sarah’s hair.  “A little bit to play with, perhaps to curl for when we have parties.  But the sides … too long.”  He reached for the comb first and then the clippers, popping the guard off and tossing it back on the counter.

Sarah squeaked softly when she saw Nathaniel take the guard off the clippers.  Did he mean to shave her head?

Nathaniel turned back to Sarah, saw the fear in her eyes and ran a hand through her hair.  “Sweet Sarah, trust me.  You were made for this haircut.”

Sarah blinked back the tears that filled her eyes and gave Nathaniel a little nod.  “Yes,” she said softly.  “Trust.  I mean, you, I trust you.”

“That’s my girl,” Nathaniel praised.  He flicked the clippers on and stepped behind Sarah, setting the comb against her scalp and working to create a tight taper.

Sarah gasped as she heard the clippers right next to her ear.  It was a strange sound, the clippers over the comb.  She watched as the sides of her hair got shorter and shorter, tapering up to the longish top.  It seemed to bring attention to her ears, her neck, her eyes.  She’d never thought to cut her hair so short.  She saw Nathaniel set the clippers and comb aside and pick up a brush, dusting stray hairs off her face and neck, causing her to giggle softly.  “That tickles, sir,” she said with a tiny smile.

Nathaniel chuckled and pressed a kiss to her temple.  “Good to know,” he said.  “I’m just going to do a little more cleaning up, then we’ll get you dressed, yes?”

“Yes, sir,” Sarah whispered.

“Good girl,” Nathaniel said.  He reached for a little can of shaving cream and a straight razor.  He turned to look at Sarah, saw the renewed fear in her eyes and cupped her cheek.  “Just around the hairline, sweet Sarah.  Trust, my dear.”

“Trust,” Sarah said hoarsely, nodding at Nathaniel.

“Good girl,” Nathaniel purred.  He squirted a little shaving cream onto his hand and spread just a little bit above Sarah’s right ear, down behind, along her nape and back up over her left ear.  He sharpened the razor on the strap hanging from the chair and then gently tilted Sarah’s head to the side as he carefully shaved the shaving cream away.

That was a new sensation, Sarah decided.  She bit her lip, listening to the loud rasp as the razor stripped away her hair.  She felt Nathaniel’s fingers follow behind the razor and gasped as she felt the slightly calloused fingertips against freshly bared skin.

Nathaniel worked meticulously and when he’d finished, he took a damp cloth and cleared away the leftover shaving cream.  “Just beautiful,” he praised.  He put a little product in his hands and smoothed Sarah’s hair down.  “Something more sedate for now, we can always spike it up when we’re feeling playful.”  He again removed the cape and paperstrip, helping Sarah out of the chair.

Sarah felt Nathaniel step behind her and when she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she gasped softly.  Her hair was so blonde that where Nathaniel had tapered it, it looked almost bald.  The top was smoothed down, swept to the side in a style that was boyish, yet feminine.  She caught Nathaniel’s gaze in the mirror, and blushed at the abject lust she saw directed to her.  She watched Nathaniel’s hands caress her body, shivered as she felt fingers on her nipples, strong hands exploring her stomach, her bush, her pussy … she gasped and arched into Nathaniel’s finger.

“Beautiful Sarah,” Nathaniel breathed, nuzzling Sarah’s freshly shorn nape.  “Come.”  He led her to the back of the barbershop, to a small room hidden behind a privacy screen.

Sarah’s eyes were drawn to the clothes on the table, fingering the dress shyly.  “It’s beautiful,” she whispered.

“Not as beaufitul as you,” Nathaniel said.  He reached for the peach silk panties and strapless bra, gently helping Sarah into them, before assisting her into the dress.  It was dark rose in color, silk and chiffon; spaghetti straps with a sweetheart neckline, a silk ribbon at the waist, and a knee length skirt that Sarah knew would flutter beautifully when she moved.  She let Nathaniel assist her into the white heels, let him clasp the pearl necklace around her neck and slip the pearl earrings into each ear.

“Nathaniel, sir,” Sarah said when she saw her reflection in the mirror.  She’d never thought she could ever look … beautiful.  She turned to look at Nathaniel, her eyes filled with tears.

“No tears, sweet Sarah,” Nathaniel said, kissing her sweetly.  “Just … my girl.  My beautiful elfin girl.  All mine, sweet Sarah.  All mine.”

Sarah swallowed.  The feeling of falling had disappeared, leaving her with a feeling of … peace.  Acceptance.


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