Family Gatherings

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Half a dozen boys with identical buzzcuts darted across a freshly cut field of hay. All around them multicolored balls of
paint zipped through the air.

“Ahh… do we have to?” A boy of 12, and his cousin complained as they walked up the staircase to his porch.

“March!” 18 year old Katie laughed at her brother’s plight as she gave him a jesting shove from behind. “Off with your hair!”

Katie had become proficient at her self appointed job of escorting the boys to her aunt Lacy during family gatherings. Always
Two-by-two she’d bring the boys to be sheared like the sheep at the barn next door. The second one giving her more time to watch
the proceedings in the dining room barbershop.

“That’s the last of ’em, aunt Lacy.” Katie dramatically wiped her hands clean of corralling the boys.

“Would you grab me that spoon?” From atop a step ladder Lacy’s mom emptied a cutting board worth of vegetables into
a pot sized for an army.

Katie handed the spoon to her mother, never loosing sight of her cousin being caped in black. “Here,” Transfixed she nearly
missed the chair she meant to sit in. “Are the girls down stairs?” Her throat tightened on the last word as blonde hair, very
nearly the color of her waist length locks, piled into her cousin’s lap.

“They’re on that Tik Tok,” aunt Lacy pushed the boys head down. “Stop squirming!”

“I’ll get Chrissy next,” White scalp peaked at Katie’s through her cousin’s clipped mop.

A few minutes at most and Katie would lead her sister Chrissy to aunt Lacy. This time would be the one, she felt it in her bones.
Chrissy would walk ahead of Katie up the basement stairs, her light blonde ponytail would brush against Katie’s opportunistic hand
before she was ushered off to chair. Her expected trim would instead be a no nonsense summer buzzcut. Head held firmly down as she
tried to squirm. The loss of her crowning glory would be the thing to finally sate Katie’s hunger.

“Are you listening? I said you can go get Chrissy for her trim,” aunt Lacy had the second boy caped, a path of stubble already
down the middle of his head.

Katie snapped back to reality. Did aunt Lacy have to put an end to her dream so quickly? “One Chrissy, coming right up!” Katie sighed
descending the stairs into the basement. Girls never get their hair cut, only trimmed. Boys are the lucky ones, they got to be cool in
the summer, they got to not deal with brushing stupid hair that their stupid mothers make them keep.




“I’m telling you, I learned how to trim hair from aunt Lacy,” Katie bounced nervously on her sister Chrissy’s bed. In her right
hand she held a shining new pair of scissors she had ordered online.

“No. I don’t need a trim. It’s been like a week.” Chrissy swiped to the next video on her phone.

“They’re legit scissors. See?” Steel hair cutting scissors snipped the air in front of Katie. “I got them for when I start
cosmetology school. I’d use them on myself, but it’s not proper learning.”

“No. I’m not going to be your guinea pig.” Chrissy got up and put her phone on her dresser. “Put those away before I get back.”

Katie threw her arm out making playful snips towards her sister’s lower back as she walked around their beds to go brush her teeth.
“They’re just scissors. They won’t make you bald or anything.”

“Then use them on your own hair. I mean, they wont make you bald or anything.” Chrissy went into the bathroom, pushing the door not
quite shut behind her.

The scissors skid across the top of Katie’s dresser, coming to a stop underneath a pile of folded clothes. “It’s gonna happen some
day,” Katie whispered to herself as she laid down in her own bed, looking towards the bathroom . “One day…” she smiled pulling the
comforter over her shoulder. BZZZZZ, the sound of an electric tooth brush hummed from the bathroom. “Mmhmmm… Down the middle,” she
squeezed her breasts while silently mouthing the words. “Aunt Lacy says you’ve been a bad girl. Too bad for that silly hair of yours.”
Her hand glided down her belly.

“Katie, I have to work tomorrow. So, you’re on your own to get clothes. I’ll leave my credit card on the table with a list of things
I think you’ll need for college,” Katie’s mother stood in the hallway blocking the view to the bathroom.

“Sounds good mom. I’ll see you in the morning,” Heart pounding, Katie’s hand rested over her expectant clit.

“Love you, see you in the morning.”

“Love you.” Katie’s body warmed as she renewed her exploration.

“Hey Chrissy,” Katie’s mother barged into the bathroom.

FUCK, moist finger tips circled Katie’s wet slit as she tensed in frustration. The conversation between her mother, and sister
went on, but Katie didn’t care to pay attention after the buzzing stopped.

“Mom said you were going shopping by yourself tomorrow,” Chrissy grinned as she did an excited little dance in the hallway, long hair up
in a loose ponytail for bed. “Girls day?”

Katie tapped her clit at the prospect of getting her sister near a professional hairstylist. “Thinking about making a little stop at
a salon. New style for college.” She smiled, cuddled into her comforter.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Chrissy smacked the bed before heading to her own. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”




Katie gathered long hair behind her head, nodding at her sister who was flipping through dresses on a rack. “I get it, I never dress
girly,” she took an elastic off her wrist to secure it into a messy bun. “Do you really see me in a dress?”

“New town, new you. It will go splendidly with that haircut you’re so keen on getting.” Holding up a canary yellow sundress Chrissy
giggled. “Bell?”

“I was thinking more Rapunzel.” Katie enjoyed watching her sister puzzle out what she meant. “After Flynn cut it.”

Chuckling Chrissy put the yellow dress away. “Why do you just go all, and get sheared like the boys?”

“You think it would look good?” Katie picked a pastel blue sundress off the rack, keeping a straight face.

Chrissy rolled her eyes. “You’re not going to do it.”

Sensing her sister was about to put her foot in her mouth Katie egged her on. “What makes you so sure?”

Chrissy scoffed. “Not going to happen. I’d bet my life on it.”

“What about your hair?” Katie went in for what she saw as the kill.

“Trying to drag me into your insanity?”

“You said I won’t do it. Are you willing to stake your own hair on it?” Katie sized up the glossy hair that covered
her sisters chest.

“Yah, sure, whatever. You’re not going to do it.” Pushing her loose hair behind her ear Chrissy went back to dress shopping.

Got her, Katie thought. “I go next door, get my head shaved, you get yours shaved. Is that our deal?”

No longer paying attention to Katie, Chrissy accepted the wager. “It’s not going to happen. But, yes.”

Katie forced herself to speak a single word. “Come.”




Katie was sure what she wanted to do when she entered the salon, her sister in tow repeating she was never going to do it. Katie was
sure what she wanted to do when the stylist took her back to her chair. Katie was sure what she wanted right up until the stylist asked
her what she wanted. And now she found herself, caped in black, agreeing to a minor trim. I was so close, she thought, upset at
her own lack of fortitude. She saw her sister watching from the waiting area, her leg bouncing up and down.

The last spray of water saturated Katie’s thick ends to the petite stylists satisfaction. With bored professionalism she began to comb
out the light blonde mane.

I had her,” she gave her reflection a disappointed look. Depressed she looked down. There the clippers hung useless on their
hook. “I think I’m having second thoughts,” Katie looked over at her sister who was leaned back with her arms crossed.

“About a trim?” The stylist

“Umm,” Katie’s eyes darted back and forth between the clipper, and her sister. Would she honor the bet? I have to try. What’s the worst
that happens? I get what I ask for?
Katie considered her sectioned hair. “I came here to get my haircut short,”

The stylist gained new life running Katie’s locks through her hands. “A makeover! What were you thinking? Bring it up to your mid back, some
layers? Maybe something a bit shorter?”

Katie felt like her heart was about to explode. “A buzzcut?” she looked shyly at the black and white tiled floor.

“Now that’s daring. Maybe you should stick with a smaller change?” The stylist twisted a strand of Katie’s hair. If you want short, I can
give you a bob just above the shoulders. That would still be quite drastic, though.”

“I’m really just deciding between a trim, and a buzzcut,” Katie looked back at her sister who was now leaning forward on her once again
bouncing knee. “I’ve wanted one forever. Now that I have the nerve. I don’t want to back out.”

“You’re sure?” The stylist gathered Katie’s hair and released it over, and over. “I don’t want you getting me fired if you don’t like it.”

“Please, I’ll leave you a good tip,” Katie managed to keep her voice steady.

The stylist searched for an elastic.

“No need to put it in ponytail. I wont be donating it or anything,” Katie pulled her hair over her shoulders. “One last good look before
it’s gone,” The clippers rose from their hook. Around, and behind Katie they went. With controlled breaths she tried to calm her nerves,
only her heart to pound harder against her chest.

“Last chance. Are you certain this is what you want to do?” The stylist held the clippers to Katie’s forehead.

It’s like she knows just what I want, Katie felt herself getting wet between her legs. “I’m all yours,” she said, uncertain of exactly what she meant.

“Don’t get me fired. That’s all I ask,” The stylist turned on the clippers.

They buzzed more loudly than aunt Lacy’s. More menacing. More enticing. More than Katie could have imagined when they glided in a warm
messaging stroke over her head. A shower of her blonde locks landed in her lap. Between her legs her urge to be touched grew.

The stylist merciless, drawing back the clippers with increasing speed. “Good thing I sprang for the good clippers,” she lifted a section
of clipped hair off the humming clippers, dumping it with the rest in Katie’s lap.

Katie smiled to show she was listening, afraid that her shaking voice would betray she was enjoying the moment more than she should. In
the mirror her reflection looked back at her like an old english friar. Chrissy must think I’m insane, The clippers vibrated the right side of her head, tickling her ear drum. Her wetness begged for her hand. Just a little longer. Just a little longer, repeating the words to herself
she kept trying control her breathing. Continuing their tour of destruction the clippers ran behind her right ear, sending the last blonde hairs on that side of her head slipping down the black cape. Fuck me… she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Not having second thoughts again, are we?” The stylist cleared the left side of Katie’s scalp with a few passes.

Eye’s clenched, lips pressing against each other, Katie nodded side to side.

“Down.” The stylists slender arms pressed with unexpected strength against Katie’s head. “Nearly done.”

The control of the stylist over Katie sent a shiver down her spine. “Just a little longer,” Katie was edging closer her climax with every
attempt to deny it. Just a little longer. Just a little longer, she was afraid to breath for fear of the inhale pushing her
jeans against her clit.

The clippers clicked off. “How do you like it?” The stylist bushed Katie’s shoulder with her hand. “I need to clean it up a bit with the smaller clippers, but I think I did a good job.”

“It’s fine,” Katie squeaked out as she tried to calm herself.

“Another couple minutes, and I’ll have you sorted.” The stylist reached for the smaller clippers.

“I’m good, I’m good.” Trying to hide her condition, Katie stood up. Causing her mound of hair to slide between her legs, buckling her knees
slightly, on it’s way to the floor. There it slid in all directions around her feet. “Here,” she handed the stylist her mother’s credit
card. “Take thirty for yourself,” Katie walked composed as she could to the waiting area. “Where’s Chrissy?” Still trying to compose herself
Katie stood as still as possible trying to locate her sister. “She’s not getting out of this. No way.”

“You don’t look so good.” The stylist handed the card back. “Please tell me you’re not upset about the haircut.”

“No, I’m just feeling a bit ill.” Needing to be alone Katie took the credit card then made her way cautiously back to her truck.

The old truck’s heavy metal door slammed shut. I will find you, Chrissy, Katie smiled as she enjoyed the thought of her sister’s future.
While the parking lot teamed with people Katie slipped her pants to her ankles.

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