Favors Returned — My Choice …..

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Favors Returned – My Choice …..

By JimB © January 2019

Mike tried to pay her, but she would not take it.

“Really didn’t think you would do it,” she told me.

I gave her a hug, a gentle kiss on the cheek, a gentle squeeze of her hands.

“See you in a week,” I told her.

“Will he be coming with you?” she inquired.

“Yes,” I told her as I looked at him. “He’ll be first.”

We walked out hand and hand, something we have barely done over the last few years.  You tend to forget about the little things, which brought you together.

It surprised me dinner was at a little French Cafe’, we have not been to since our fifth day as boyfriend and girlfriend.

It has not changed, much.

Still dining inside and outside in the patio, with the soft sound of flowing water.

The meal was …..

Enjoyable ……

A glass of Champaign was surprising.

The play, “CATS”, was way beyond my thoughts.

Our seats were in the middle of the theater.  Just right for watching everything.

When we got home.

Let’s say the tender kissing where he knows gets to me, was very enjoyable.

Even when he turned me over for the second adventure, something we have done off and on.

I found it just as enjoyable and pleasing.

Come Monday I walked into work with my new hair cut.

My Crew Cut, just like Mike got when we met.

My co-workers could hardly believe what they saw.

“MOLLY,” one said to me as she somewhat ran up to with her hands reaching for my head.

“You cut your hair.

“It is so …..

“SO short.”

I smiled as we were joined by a few more, female and male.  Mainly the ladies!

“I thought you said you were not going to cut your hair,” another one inquired as she, too, brushed her fingertips over the sides of my head.

“That feels ……!”

“Shaved,” I told her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Even the cut is surprising for you.

“I understand you cutting your hair …..

“But, this cut …..?”

“Let’s say it was for FAVORS returned,” I told them as I sat at my desk.

After a few hours of everyone looking, commenting, not believing, Mary Ann slid her chair over to my desk.

“I can understand you cutting your hair short.

“You have mentioned you want to cut it shorter …..

“But, this is way beyond you.

“How come?”

Looking at the clock, I told her, “Let’s talk at lunch.”

She agreed and we went back to work.

Lunch time came and I walked into the office.

“Ed,” I said to the boss, manager. “Mary Ann and I will be taking an extended lunch.

“We are working on the Mitch Wander ads.

“And, would rather doing it away from the office, as you sometimes do!”

“Sure, I understand,” he answered looking at me, with a somewhat “what” look on his face.

“Molly, I have to ask!” he said.

“YES,” I told him before he could ask.

“Crew Cut.


“A ‘favor returned’!”

He shook his head and said, “You and Mary Ann take all the time you need.  Just be back before quitting time.”

I smiled and walked to meet Mary Ann at the door.

As we walked to the restaurant I noticed the looks I got.  For some reason I enjoyed them.

I would just smile at them.  A few times I raised my fingertips to the side of my head and gently brushed them over the shaved side.

Our waitresses smiled when she came to our table.

Taking our order she turned to walk away.

But, she stopped and turned back and walked back to our table.

“If I may,” she began. “I like your hair cut.

“I once had one.

“But, management said it was too distracting.

“So, I let it grow and have been keeping my hair in the “Boyish Pixie” since.”

Mary Ann grabbed my hand, “Well, it looks as if some agrees with your hair cut.”

Our drinks arrived.

“Okay,” Mary Ann asked.

“I have to know!


“Mike,” replied.

She looked at me with a “questionable” look.

“Well, we met in a barber shop where he worked part time cleaning up.

“He had his hair cut …..

“Well like this.

“Then, after years passed he let it grow.

“He has ways did what I asked.

“Even when we built the house.

“A few weeks ago we were sitting on the pouch and I mention how nice the from yard would look if we had a small tree, one for shade, and a bench to side under it.

“Got home the next day and there they were.

“Last Tuesday night we were sitting under the tree.

“I mentioned I “owed” him, in someway …..

“For all the things he has done, without complaining.

“So, I asked him, “What would you like for me to do, to return for all the favors he has done for me.

“Surprisingly, he said, “cut your hair short”.

“I have been wanting to cut it a little shorter.

“So, I said, “Sure”.

“Got any cut in mind?

“He smiled and kissed.

“I asked him, “what have you in mind!

“Saturday we got all dressed up.

“I did not know about the tickets to “CATS”.”

“You mean!” she said with a looking on her face.

“I have been wanting to go to a performance for years.

“How did he swing such tickets?”

“I’ll have to ask him,” I replied.

“Okay,” she smiled. “But, what has the tickers have to do with your hair cut?”

“Well, we were driving to the little strip mall and I asked him where we were going.

“I asked him about the hair cut.

“”My choice” he told me.

“I asked mine or his.

“His, he told me and he showed me the tickets and said dinner before was included.

“Then, he told me a “Crew Cut”.

“I looked at him and thought about it.

“A Crew Cut” would be a BIG change for me, for any woman.

“But, I thought about all the favors, and the tickets to ACTS and dinner before.

“So, I told him sure.”

We talked a little more, for an hour or two.  To make it look like we talked about the “Mitch Wander ad”.

I told Mike about the talks with my co-workers.

“Are you upset about the hair cut,” he asked.

“I mean …..!”

“NO way,” I told him as I brushed my fingertips over the back and sides of my head.

“I like it.

“Specially, when we got home.”

He smiled and gave me a kiss.

“Yes, it as been a few years,” he commented. “Since, we had that much fun.”

‘What are you doing Saturday,” I asked him.

“Nothing,” he said. “WHY!”

I stood up, kissed him, and walked to the bedroom.

Brushing my hand over my head, my hair cut, I told him, “I need a hair cut!”

Needless to say, we got to sleep a little later than usual.

“Hi Molly,” I called to her as we walked into her barber shop.

“Well, you said you were coming back!” she replied as we hugged.

“So, where is Mike?”

“Parking the car,” I told her.

I motioned her to a waiting chair.  We talked.

“Parked a little ways from the shop,” he said.

Carol was standing by her barber chair, with cape waiting, “I do believe you are first this time!”

“My CHOICE,” I said as he sat in the barber chair.

He smiled, “Yes, ‘Your Choice’.”

Carol reached under the shelf and took hold of the big clippers, with the .00000 cutting head.

She held them above his head.

He saw them and smiled, “Your ‘Choice’?”

I smiled and pointed a finger to the center of my forehead.

Carol smiled and brought the clippers to the center of his forehead and slowly moved it back over his head.

Leaving behind hair cut so short it looked like his head was shaved.

“My CHOICE,” I told him and sat back and watched.

Remembering how I use to sit, when we first met.

With a few more quick passes, she turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.

Needless to say, he looked at me when Carol wrapped his head with a warm towel.

“My CHOICE,” I told him, smiled, blowing him a kiss, and sat back.

When she finished shaving his head, he got out the barber chair and I was standing there, “Tonight, I have the fun, too!”

He sat in the waiting chair in front of the barber chair, “Don’t want to miss “My Choice”.”

Carol and I looked at each other.

Holding the cape open and tossing it across me.

He looked at her, them me.

“My Choice,” he told us.  “Just like our last visit.”

Carol patted me on the shoulder.

“His Choice,” I replied with a smile.

She reached under the shelf for the big black clippers, with the .00000 cutting head.

She held it up for him, for me, to see.

We smiled at each other.

She tilted my head down and began pushing the clippers up the back of my head, to the same sport she did the last time.

With the back buzzed closely, like last time, she stepped to the right side of the barber chair and began buzzing my head.

She caught his eyes watching and took her time with the clippers.

This time the buzzing gave me a strange feeling.  My body moved a little, as she started each pass of the clippers.

Walking around the back of the barber chair she brushed her fingertips over the buzzing.

Again, standing of the left side of the barber chair, she looked at him.

His eyes were wider, watching.  Again she took her time with the clippers.

She stood there looking at him, “You all right!”

He smiled, and shook his head “yes”.

I smiled at him.

“My Choice,” I told him with a smile.

He looked at me, with a questioning look.

Slowly Carol, without him seeing her, placed the clippers at the center of my head, in the back.

Slowly she pushed the clippers forward, pushing what hair there was until it fell passed my eyes, his eyes, falling on to the cape.

“My Choice, this time,” I told him.

Slowly Carol buzzed the left side of my head.

He sat there with his eyes wide open, staring.


Slowly walking around the back of the barber chair, brushing her left hand over the back of my head.

With the clippers in her left hand, she placed it at the back of my head.

Looking at him, she smiled and slowly pushed the clippers forward.  Sending what hair was on my head, passed my eyes, his eyes, on to the cape with all the rest of my hair.

“Your’?” he stared to ask.

“MY CHOICE this time,” I again replied.

“Just sit back and watch.”

She took two towels form the cabinet.

Tossing one in the sink and tucking the other one in the collar of my blouse.

I looked at Mike, “My Choice”.

With the other towel, soaking wet she warped it around my head.  I closed my eyes from it warmth.

His eyes grew when Carol began flowing the lather from the dispenser.

“My Choice,” I told him with a smile.  He smiled back.

Slowly, as she watched his eyes, she lathered my head.

Stepping back to the shelf she took hold of her straight razor.

Walking to the right side of the barber chair, she took hold of the leather strap and pulling it tautly and began stropping the open blade.

As she raised the open blade, she looked at me in the mirror, behind the waiting chair.

“My Choice,” I told her, as he smiled.

She placed the blade to my forehead, “Slowly!”

I smiled, “Yes.”

She began shaving in short passed, down to the hairline in front of my right ear.

I turned my head to her, “My Choice this time”.”

She raised the open blade and began shaving in short, slow downward movement.

“Tonight,” I began telling him. “We both with be have fun!

“In more ways then what you think!”

He smiled, “Your Choice”.”

Stepping behind the backer chair she tilted my head downward, to see what little hair I had on my head covering it.

I tried to look at Mike but my head was tilted downward too much.

As I felt the open blade touch my skin, I was able to raise my head to see his eyes.

“My Choice,” I told him, again.

He smiled, “Maybe both of us.”

Slowly she shaved the back of my head.

I could not believe the feelings I was starting to have.

The coolness of the air, on my scalp.

I began to wonder if maybe we should have done this, years ago.  When I first mentioned wanting to cut my hair short.

Wondering if it would have gone to this point, in our lives.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair, Carol tilted my head upward.

Mike was smiling.  Sitting almost on the edge of the waiting chair.

“My Choice,” I reminded him, reminded Carol.

What felt like an hour, she finished slowly shaving the left side of my head.

As she stepped to the back of the barber chair, she brushed her fingertips over my, now, shaven head.

My eyes closed as she did this.

I wondered if Mike would do the same.

Placing the straight razor on the shelf, she opened a drawer and began searching around.

Finding what she wanted, she turned the hot water on.

She raised it, a safety razor, above my head for me, for Mike, to see.

“Just going to smooth the hair cut more,” she said.

Slowly her left fingertips searched my scalp.

Hair founded, was slowly shaved.

Wiping my head of excess lather, if there was any, she removed the cape, the towel.

Dusted my face and head with sweet smelling powder.

The barber chair was lowered.

I stepped form it as Mike walked to me.

We kissed and hugged.

He reached in his pocket but Carol stopped him.

“Next time,” she told him.  “This was on me.”

The little bell over the door rang.  In stepped a young girl.

“May, I help you?” Carol asked her.

Looking at us, me and Mike, standing there hold hands and smiling.

“My aunt told me you might be able to give me the hair cut I want!” she said.

Mike and I looked at each other and smiled.

Carol shook the cape.

“Have a seat,” she told the young lady.

“How short do you want to go?”

Mike and I walked to the door.

Mike turned to Carol, “Next Saturday!”

Carol smiled as she began brushing the young girls hair.


The End JimB© January 2019


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