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Om and Riya are Indian immigrants living in America. Their lovely duo has been together for 5 years and since last 2 years they were living in America. Both of them were very common yet so different in their personality. Riya was rather shy and silent and on the other hand Om was expressive and loud.

Riya has always been simple in her choice be it clothes or lifestyle. She liked to keep everything to minimum where there won’t be too much hassle about things. After coming to America their life drastically changed. She who had always been surrounded by family was now all alone with her husband and major change for her body was weather, summers of America was nothing for her skin but winter was too much for her, especially when she had no one to cuddle. However, her long raven hair helped her a lot to keep her warm. She loved her time at office and home even though she missed her family. This was her time of exploration, that’s how she convinced herself. Her time in America was so different from India. Different culture, different ideologies but her husband was helping her in gradually opening up to everything she wanted to try keeping aside the results.

Currently, she was sitting on couch with her hair tied up in ponytail and being cladded in some trousers and a sports bra. It was a lazy day and the couple was planning to go out in some time. In the mean time Riya was going through some photos in her gallery, they were endearing to look at. Every person in those pictures was dressed in confidence from head to toe. She admired their courage and felt inspired. It wasn’t for much time that she could watch those females much as Om called her.

“Riya, go get ready we need to leave before its dark.” Riya slightly jumped as eerie silence was broken by Om’s voice, who spoke from above the stairs while coming down.

“What the hell! Om, you scared me.” Riya nearly shouted at him. Om gave a slight chuckle as if he was really amused.

“I don’t sound like demon, babe.” Om inched closer towards her as he whispered in lower volume, “Although you can complement my deep voice.”

Riya was lost for a moment but anyways after reviving she left her place to change, keeping her phone open at whatever picture she was watching; on the couch.

After about five minutes Om got bored of standing alone, so he took a seat on couch. As a part of his finger touched Riya’s phone screen, it opened on lock screen. Curiosity got best of Om, he opened Riya’s phone. He knows it was wrong as he trusted Riya that she won’t ever hide anything from him, then why to check anything? His mind gave out a second thought, there won’t be nothing personal that he doesn’t know so why not just see once?

As he opened the screen, he gave out a breath of relief, it was nothing just some pictures of some ladies and young girls. He didn’t like those girls as such, as other than the confidence in their eyes there was nothing really exciting. He closed the phone again but after about 2 minutes he realised there was one common thing about all of them. He opened the screen again and rummaged through about 100 photos and then noticed folder’s name and where it was placed. He closed phone again after reaching at the picture that was initially there and also shared it to himself meanwhile not forgetting to clear recent history.

“Common let’s go.” Riya came back after about 5 mins.

“Yeah, let’s hurry up.” Om said as he ignored looking at Riya’s face and walked outside.

Riya picked up her phone and locked the house. They walked for about 20 minutes and reached mall.

They passed nearly 2 hours in mall buying variety of clothes for themselves. Om’s clothes differed in many ways, from printed shirt to cool variety of t-shirts along with an embroidered jacket, a lovely pant and denim. He consumed about two bags and on the other side Riya’s bag was full of t-shirt, a pant, a denim and a dungaree which Om forced her to buy saying that, there should have some variety in her clothing if she wants to keep up with changing world. They paid for all of those each holding two bags of clothes and walked off towards cafeteria.

After about finishing half of coffee; Om spoke, “Babe, would you please change into that dungaree with any of your new t-shirt that goes with it.”

“Om, aren’t you really obsessed with that piece of clothing?” Riya sassed.

“I am impatient to see how it looks on you, please.” Om persuaded.

“You can see that when we go home. I’ll invite you to my special fashion show.” Riya chuckled softly, liking his kiddishness.

“Nooooo, please change right now.” Om pouted as he made pleading eyes. Not being able to say no Riya stood up, took a bag with her and went to washroom.

After changing her clothes, she admired herself in mirror; dungaree she wore brought out her cuteness. She wore grey long-sleeved t-shirt inside orange dungaree and finished her look by wearing white shoes with black socks from her earlier outfit. She checked herself again as this time she opened her hair from ponytail which added another detail to her look. Her long waist-length raven hair touched her ass every time she took a step as she walked outside from washroom with her stuff.

“Wow” Om left an inaudible gasp as Riya stood by the table. His most favourite feature of Riya was definitely helping in adding cuteness to her. Her tiny face was stuffed behind her hair, every tiny little detail was covered in it. Her lovely light brown, big eyes, her sharp cheekbone and especially her perfectly angled jaw were all covered. Still his favourite feature of Riya was her hair, as it made her looking tiny and small. ‘Teddy bear, precisely’ He called her that in his thoughts..

Om took two bags in left hand and one in right as he took hold of his wife’s hand and ran meanwhile screaming not caring if others gave him weird looks, “Run, I am desperate to cuddle you.” Riya started loudly laughing at that as she kept running to keep up with Om.

As soon as they were out of mall both of them laughed and held their knees to catch on breath. “You are crazy.” Riya smacked Om lightly on head with that.

They started walking towards home after couple of minutes. “Did you like it?” Om asked about her outfit.

“Yeah.” Riya replied in a low volume as she looked up in Om’s eyes. Feeling love bubbles inside him Om kissed his wife on her head while also noticing how her eyes twinkled by street lights.

They kept walking for about 10 minutes after which Om noticed an open barbershop. “Perfect.” He uttered which was audible for Riya.

“What happened?” Riya muttered looking in the direction that her husband was looking at.

“You want to get a haircut, now?” She questioned as she noticed a small unisex barbershop was opened among all the other shops. “Come.” Om took Riya along with himself near barbershop as he replied to Riya’s question, “And no, you are getting a haircut.” Riya was baffled by hearing those words and jerked her hand off from Om’s hold. “I will get my hair chop at salon but thanks for the offer.” Suddenly the idea made her angry and she didn’t understand why but she was triggered as if Om hit some sensitive part of her.

“Riya, I am really sorry for what I am about to say” He paused for a second. “I saw pictures on your phone. Now please come, I know you want it.” Om dragged her inside barbershop without letting her utter a word.

As soon as they entered barbershop fresh fragrance hit their nostrils. Barbershop was small in size but its ambiance was cosy and comfortable

“Are you open for a cut?” Om inquired from the barber who sweeping out small chopped hairs from the floor.

“Yeah, sit for few minutes. I will be back.” Barber replied who looked like he was in his early 30’s. His hairs were cropped short in a flattop, reflecting bright red colour which looked extremely bright against his white t-shirt and black denim. His front was covered in a white apron, his short hair definitely brought out his intense green eyes.

Riya was looking at the two-barber chairs in front of her when Om pulled her down along with him on couch. The shop but looked posh. White walls with couple of lights on ceiling made the shop looked bright, in contrast of that grey look of furniture and marble was perfectly matching.

Riya touched her long, smooth hairs. She took care of them for all these years, timely oiling them as per requirement, always being cautious about her shampoo and brushing them carefully. She had a strange attachment with them. It was weird that the idea of chopping her hair off was erotic for her but she didn’t want to loose her lovely crown. She was perplexed between her fantasy and her comfort zone and there was one more fear that she always held on since forever and she can’t let it go now either. It was fear of acceptance, fear of attention and above all she feared about answering her and Om’s family; her dear ones. Maybe she’ll just simply say no and move out, it’s not like anyone can force her to do what she doesn’t want. Right? That was her next move.

“Next” Green-eyed barber announced taking Riya out of her mental battle as he stood behind chair. There was merely 2 feet difference between waiting area and barber chair.

Om nudged Riya to go and take a seat which she simply obeyed to. She paused all of her movements on face, not showing any signs of nervousness on the outside but on the inside her heart was racing at unimaginable speed. She took her position and Om stood up to show barber picture of the cut.

“Are you ok with this, lady?” Barber asked in a gentle tone to make sure that there wasn’t any enforcement happening without consent.

“No.” Riya plainly replied gazing up at Om who was looking back at her with an unreadable expression which Riya wasn’t able to put finger on, was it disappointment? She asked herself, maybe for all these years she was wrong when she thought her hair was Om’s favourite.

“Can I have a word with her before we walk out?” Om politely asked the barber.

“Yes, but in front of me. I can’t give her something she doesn’t want or is forced in some way.” Barber lightly threatened Om but Om didn’t feel any of it as he was sure that he won’t do something to Riya without her will.

“Riya look at me in. Please.” Riya obliged as soon as her nerves calmed down due to Om’s gentle finger combing on her head.

“What’s bothering you? Can you share it with me?” Om asked in a soft voice.

“I don’t want to get it, Om.”

“Ok, if you don’t want it, you won’t get it. Now try to relax.” He said as he continued to give gentle massage to her.

“Your folder said my wish, right? Then what’s stopping you?” Riya was bewildered to find out that Om probably knew everything. Her eyed widened at that.

“I don’t think anyone will accept me if I chopped my hair off.” Riya murmured in a very low tone which was only audible to Om.

“Who do you fear that won’t accept you? People from our family or our relatives. About my and your family I can for sure say that they will be proud of you when they will know about this and if you fear about relatives then firstly, they don’t even care about us and are mostly jealous and judgemental when someone does something they aren’t capable of.” Om almost lectured both barber and Riya and both of them wore expression of amazement on their faces.

Om crouched down near Riya’s face and asked, “What’s your answer now?” She gave a nod to Om which was visible for barber too.

“I am not getting bald, right?” was all Riya asked because she had multiple pictures of bald girls too.

Om laughed at that and replied, “Maybe next time.” And winked towards Riya while taking his seat on another barber chair.

Barber combed through all of Riya’s hair, he was astonished to know that there were only couple of tangles at the ends. He brought a strip of tissue and wrapped it around the women’s neck followed by a cape. It was new for Riya as salon didn’t have these strips. They just wrapped a cape around. There was no before washing of hair like there was in salon and they haven’t even been asked about it. She internally thought maybe this was Barber’s way as they rarely dealt with long hair.

Cold water was sprayed on Riya’s head which brought her out of her thoughts. She felt a sudden chill passing through her spine at the coldness. Extreme amount of water was sprayed on her head and then her hair was tousled to the drier part this process continued and in the meantime Riya gaze shifted to Om whose entire concentration was on back of her head. Om smiled as his gaze met Riya’s. He was feeling a different type of sensation within himself, something along the lines of ecstasy. He has always loved Riya’s long, thick hairs; he often took out time to pamper them, giving them his sweet time but now that he thinks about Riya’s hair getting so short and him being able to see the process as well as being in control of it, he felt hard at the thought of enjoying some short bristles on soft skin. Maybe he shared Riya’s kink.

Riya loosened herself up soon after seeing Om’s smile. Nervousness was prominently visible of her face and her hands beneath the cape definitely expressed how nervous she was feeling. The table in front of her or more like the platform in front of her was aesthetically pleasing for her eyes as the lovely silver colour of shears perfectly complemented white marble beside which there was a black hair dryer and some hair styling products on her left while on her right there were different type of clippers, they were silver in colour matching with shears but they were way sharper. She has read many confessions about people who got their hair chopped by clippers, all of them were nearly serenaded by its sound and mostly by its feeling as if the device was a massager. She was always excited to know more about them but kept herself adverse to it as they always perked up her kink and her desire to chop off her hair.

After a while her stare landed from right to centre where her reflection was consuming her eye sight. She gawked at her long hair which were currently getting free from tangles as tousling gave rise to many. She had a vivid memory attached with her hairs, ever since being 10 she never allowed herself a short chop. At that little age she wanted to explore other side of her hair and she never stopped for then. Back when she aged about 20, she saw many women in their late 20’s or early 30’s getting their hair chopped in either a bob or clean shaved or a very short cut. She admired how each of those women rocked it, their long neck was visible and moreover the cut brought out their sharp facial features.

Finally, her hair was set free when barber spoke, “Can you show that picture again? That conversion got it out of my mind.”

Om stood up and showed the picture while discussing whole cut but during all this Riya’s attention never wavered towards them as she was engrossed in her own thoughts.

Both the male in room discussed every single thing about the cut as the cut was a pixie and little bit difficult for the barber as he has never done a girl’s major haircut. He resumed back to his work by tying Riya’s hair in correct position with a rubber band. By seeing her hair getting tied Riya’s thoughts changed about admiring other women’s haircut to paying attention to her own. She wondered about how much hair will be left after they will be done with the haircut. Her husband assured her that she won’t be bald but he didn’t mention anything about how much hair would be left either. Her thoughts about hairstyle wavered from one to another. What if it would be flat top? Or a horse shoe flat top? Probably a mohawk? What about crew cut? Or worst of all white walls! At last thought she nearly shuddered. While questioning herself about it she pictured each of those hairstyle as if they are registered in her mind and none of them failed to send a weird erotic feeling at her lower region.

Om’s voice brought Riya out of her thoughts when he asked barber, “Can you turn chair towards this side?” And right after that Riya had to get rid of reflection and look towards Om.

Riya’s whole attention went towards each and every movement of barber as he opened and closed shears in the air. She was pushed upwards as the barber pumped hydraulic pump and adjusted as per required height.

Barber removed the band holding Riya’s top hair. Her vision was covered by her hair now. She took a firm grip of the arm rest by her palm and grinded her teeth while her jaw clenched as her heart beat raised at the thought of ‘change’. ‘Cut is about to begin, say bye to long hair, long awaited event is coming true’ Her mind chanted every sentence like a mantra and for a moment it was liked none of her exotic feeling existed, as if she just wanted to run a mile away from there. That was until there was a hand on her knee, she saw that her vision was clear and she was able to see Om whose hand was firmly placed on her knee for comforting her. She thought probably her top was shortened by some inches but she saw no stray hair around her.

She was in thoughts until there was comfortable pull on her front hair and soon, she heard that mesmerizing sound. Scrnch…. Scrnch…. And about 20 inches of her hair rained down in front of her face. Wow that was short! She beamed within her mind and the first chop was like a satisfying moment as if ‘Hooray! Finally, that happened.’ She was anxious and overwhelmed as well. Those feelings made her juice leak.

Om’s gaze was fixated on how his wife’s hair was being chopped. Each strand was reduced to about 3 inches. It was such a site for him, all of those hair of back and side were about 24 inches and her top was getting short. Those hair currently looked like morning mess but they were definitely showing good side of their short self. Riya’s golden eyes were looking more prominent and bigger than before. Sound of scissor continued to make the couple warn about it’s presence in barber’s hands. Om bit on his lips to stop himself from moaning, his wife’s hair was getting shorter and shorter.

Soon Riya’s top was shortened to few inches, she felt cold air on her crown. Comb that was being continuously passed through her hair felt too prominent. Her unawareness about their height was making her more and more anxious. Next was her sides which were pulled out of the band soon they were nothing more than 3 inches either. Ends of her hair tickled Riya’s ear and her small ears were out in public. Hair was getting shorter and shorter as cut progressed, now only back of her head was in its previous length, all others were probably as short as finger. That eerie feeling returned back to her heart, all the fears returned but this time she mainly discarded all of those and focused on what was making her wet, she forever dreamed of this and it was becoming a reality now.

“Head down.” Barber commanded and Riya obliged after taking a look at Om’s eyes which was full of lust.

A sudden voice of running motor took a hold of room’s air and Riya realized there were clippers. ‘Oh No!’ She mouthed in a very small voice that was barely audible. She was excited by it but she was nervous as hell too. She realized this wasn’t her final length, her hair are getting shorter. Her juices leaked out further just by hearing buzzing sound of clippers and knowing that the length is going down further.

Barber held a comb and inserted them in his client’s hair, chopping down all the unnecessary length. Riya felt chill air tickling her nape and shook her head a bit at that. Barber saw that and asked Om if he can help by holding Riya’s crown.

A comb was sharply pressed against Riya’s head, it went upward and there a smooth chop happened. Om was more than happy to take his new position; his new angle was definitely more pleasing. Now he had a clear view of how much his partner’s hair was being chopped and this time it was the shortest of all but this also gave rise to his already throbbing pain in his jeans. A bulge that also nudged Riya on her forehead.

Riya’s feeling with clippers was similar to how people described in their confessions. As the clippers went down chop-by-chop they were making smaller cuts and also getting closer to her skin. She so wanted to rub herself because the feeling was definitely getting her near to climax. She really wanted to live with clippers for ever. They were like a humming music.

After couple of minutes clipper directly contacted with her skin, in that very moment she nearly moaned but bite her lips as quickly as possible. Her eyes got shut and body shook a bit. She didn’t hit orgasm but it felt as if someone nudged her sweet spot. Soon she retrieved her expressions realising the presence of barber in the shop. Green-eyed barber kept his happy clippers aside and got back with scissors to Riya’s front, he held her jaw and brought her face above at eye level. He combed some front flicks of hair and chopped it right above woman’s eyebrow.

“All done.” He announced to Om who took a good look at Riya’s hair and gave a thumbs-up.

He grabbed trimming clippers and gave a nice shape to her neckline. Barber folded Riya’s ear to clear any unwanted hair there, also giving a sharp line near the ears. Lastly, he finished the cut by giving texture with thinning shears and tousling it.


Riya’s chair was finally turned towards mirror and she was shocked by looking at herself. She looked completely new; she was unable to recognize herself. Was the image in her mind of herself and the lady looking in the mirror same? She was astonished by the look. She loved it, was an understatement.

Two males in the room were looking at her through mirror. One wearing satisfying expression while another wearing lust in his eyes. Cape was removed from Riya’s neck along with strip and an image of a cute girl in a dungaree reflected in mirror. Her facial features light up without the curtain of hair, which she was pleased to look at. Om was looking at same thing that Riya was looking at. He gave his hand to Riya as support to rise.

“That’ll be $15.” Barber said as they reached at the counter.

Om handed him a $20 note and told him to keep the change.

“Come after 2 weeks to keep up with it.” Barber informed Riya.

“Sure, and we’ll probably go for a cut that’s friendly to you.” Om replied instead of Riya and walked out of the shop.

As soon as they walked out with their bags Om whispered, “That hair are definitely something.”


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