Finn’s Further Feminization ♡ (Part 2)

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“You’ve been a very bad boy,” said Astrid.
 Finn could feel the restraints against his limbs again, except the footrest of the barber chair had been split apart, and his legs were spread wide and secured either side of his head. The barbershop around him seemed endless, spreading out in every direction as far as he could see, and even the street outside the window went on and on with no trace of a building opposite. His cock was somehow huge, and yet the bulge was tiny under Astrid’s gaze – it was as if the blood pulsing through it made it feel bigger than it really was. 
“You’ve been a very bad boy,” said Astrid again, and then again “You’ve been a very bad boy.” She was looming over him, more imposing than he’d ever seen her. “Time for your reward.” The words echoed. She reached into her trolley, opened up a special compartment and brought forth a pair of black clippers. But as Finn tried to stare at them, his eyes unable to keep focus, their bottom end took on a rubbery texture and a bulbous tip. When he blinked, it was back to being a normal pair of clippers, but they started shifting again the longer he watched. 
“You know where this goes, don’t you?” Finn looked down, and he was suddenly naked (had he been wearing clothes before? He’d thought he had, but he wasn’t sure.) Instead of being embarrassed, he let out a louder moan than he’d ever heard from himself, and his hips thrusted up against the restraints. There was something in his mouth, he noticed, and it was keeping him from talking. It was silky and stringy in his mouth, and it flattened when he pushed his tongue against it, but he couldn’t identify the material.
When he looked back at Astrid, she’d changed into a corset that pushed her breasts together, and a skirt that flipped up to reveal a massive strap-on. “My hole,” she said, and then gnashed her teeth, then raised her hand and shoved the soft end of the clippers deep into his ass.
Finn gasped, and his eyes glowed as he squealed with pleasure. Astrid thrusted it deep into his dripping-wet asshole, and he shoved his hips into it at the same time. They formed a perfect rhythm with each other, each synchronised motion pumping his cock one step closer to its ejaculation. He looked down, and it was actually Astrid’s strap in him now, purple-black silicon in an intricate harness that he could see under her skirt, but he could also see her skirt over it somehow. 
She fucked him, and he let himself get fucked, and slowly the world around him went from colourful to faded to a pure white, and he felt himself cumming, felt himself becoming one with her.
And then he heard the noise of a distant drill, and then he shifted and felt smooth fabric against his skin. And he opened his eyes, just a crack, and found himself in his room. Fuck. He groaned and moved to get up, but paused when he noticed stickiness on his belly. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he sighed, and gingerly shifted out of bed.
This was the third time now, he thought to himself in the bathroom. He masturbated regularly, but for some reason it happened anyway. He peeled off his shirt, then carefully lowered it into the laundry hamper. He’d put it in the machine before he started on his breakfast. 
But as he sat at his desk, eating a bowl of cereal, he wondered how long he’d be able to go on like this. It’d been two months, hadn’t it? He felt the ends of his hair – the bottom of the bob reached his jawline by now, and the undercut had grown out to look almost like a mullet. His bangs had been getting in his eyes for a couple weeks now too. He sighed. He looked like a jellyfish. He couldn’t go on like this – he needed to get a haircut. 
Putting aside whether or not he’d enjoyed the last time, he told himself, he needed to look presentable again. He’d been working from home, sure, but he wanted to go out to the grocery store without feeling self-conscious. Plus Chinese New Year was coming soon, and he didn’t want all his relatives seeing him like this. 
And he only knew of one salon that was anywhere near him… fuck it, he sighed, and picked up his phone.
A breathy voice came from the other side. “Hello, this is Beauty Command Studios. How may I help you?”

“Hi – I’d like to book an appointment…”
And so, a few days later, Finn found himself walking his familiar route, down to what used to be the old barber shop but was now Beauty Command Studios. He’d probably left it too long, he thought to himself. Ideally he would’ve had a same-day appointment, but because of the lead-up to Chinese New Year, the soonest slot they’d had was for today, inexplicably in the early afternoon on the weekend. So of course the streets were packed – and as he looked through the window, he realised the salon was too. Thank god for his hoodie. For now.
He pushed the door open, sending a cheery little jingle through the bustling room. Astrid had been sweeping the floors – she looked up. “Oh, Finn!” As soon as she saw him, her face broke into a grin. “About time,” she snickered, strolling over to him. She slipped behind the reception desk, opened up a filing cabinet, and pulled out a few pieces of paper. She peered at them. “It’s been more than two months since your last appointment, huh? No wonder you’re all wrapped up in that hoodie. You must look terrible in there.” 
Finn just frowned and said “Well, it’s your job to fix that, isn’t it?”
Astrid grinned. “Sure is. And considering you’re back here instead of at some other shop… can I assume that you’d be okay with a repeat of last time?”
She eyed him through her lashes, and Finn opened his mouth to protest, but closed it again. He blushed, pressed his lips together. It was either admitting it now or even more wet dreams. “Yeah,” he said softly – he couldn’t even look her in the eye. “Just– I don’t know. Yeah.” God, this was embarrassing. Something about it felt freeing, but– well. Mostly embarrassing.
“Alright,” said Astrid, a smug smile on her face. She sauntered around the reception desk to stand directly opposite him. “I’m glad you’re being honest with me. Well done.”
She reached out her hand, slipped it under his hoodie and ruffled his hair, which felt so good that he actually shivered. Oh. He was being rewarded for this…? He didn’t really know how to respond. 
When she noticed his awkwardness, she let out a chuckle and gave him one final pat, then pulled her hand out. “I’ll carry over everything you signed from last time – you don’t pay, but in exchange I get to do whatever I feel like. Does that sound good?” 
Finn mumbled another “Yeah,” so she took his elbow and led him over to the same chair as last time. It felt strangely familiar on his back as he sat down, and Astrid’s warm fingers pulled off his hood.

His hair emerged. The overall impression was not just of a jellyfish, but of some kind of jellyfish-bee hybrid – his black roots had grown out terribly, both on the top of his head and in the former undercut, and the ends of one chunk looked like they’d been unevenly dip-dyed red. A few customers, mostly women, looked over – one of them stifled a giggle, one of them had her mouth wide open. The rest just stared for a moment, tried to look away, but most of them glanced back at least once. He felt like a freak.
“Whoa,” she chuckled. “I knew it was going to be grown-out, but you haven’t tried to trim this at all, have you? It must have been hard to see for the past few weeks. And those colours… I guess it looks avant-garde and deliberate if you squint. I don’t know how you lasted this long without coming in.” 
Finn looked away and shrugged, trying to tamp down the embarrassment. “I’ve gotten by. I have hats.” 
Astrid looked unimpressed. “Well. Anyway,” she sighed, “let’s take care of this. You looked great last time, so I’m going to try something similar, but a little different. Maybe branch out a little too.” 
Finn felt a bit like a child, having been brushed off so easily, but he was tentatively looking forward to this. Last time had been… eye-opening, to say the least. He couldn’t pretend to himself that he didn’t like Astrid doing exactly what she wanted to him – hopefully the end result this time would be a little easier to go into work with, if he had to later.
Astrid left Finn’s side. Finn turned around when he heard her footsteps, but he she was already gone. He took the time to look around the salon – man, was it busy today. He’d noticed it through the window, but now that he was inside he could feel the crowd around him. Every seat in the salon was full. There were hairdressers and other employees scurrying around, working on clients, and near the entrance there were several people sitting in armchairs waiting their turn. 
It was so noisy with all the people that he didn’t notice Astrid’s return until she cleared her throat. “Wh– Oh. Hi,” said Finn, and she snickered. He looked down from her face to her hands, and saw she was holding… what were those? They looked like small hair curtains – columns of long blonde hair with a string connecting them at the top. 
Astrid glanced at Finn’s face and replied “I gave you a bob last time, didn’t I? I think it looked pretty good, but it was quite short. I want to try something longer this time, you know, something more versatile.”
She put the hairpieces down on the table, and lifted up a section of his hair to secure on top of his head. Then she selected a few thin locks from the section below, pulled them taut and started braiding them horizontally. 
Finn didn’t realise what was going on at first, but the stinging pain of someone pulling his hair filled him in fast. It felt like she was trying to yank it out by the roots. “C-Can’t you do that any softer?” 
“You’ll be fine,” sighed Astrid, her fingers moving rhythmically. “You handled getting your hair bleached once you stopped making a fuss about it, so a few braided rows aren’t going to kill you.” 
She finished tugging at the braid once she reached the middle of Finn’s head, then went to the other side and did the same. Finn could only assume she was tying them off in some way, but he couldn’t see any of it in the mirror. She re-sectioned his hair and started a new row, as Finn sat with a silent wince on his face.
There ended up being three rows in all. “Alright,” she sighed once she was done, and pulled a hand mirror out from her trolley. She lifted up Finn’s hair and angled the mirror so that he could see the back of his head. “You see these braids here?” Finn had been right – they’d each been brought together in the middle, with the excess length tied off in a tiny ponytail. There was a layer of loose hair in between each braid, and the braids were evenly spaced from his nape to the top of his head. 
Astrid put her finger on one of them, which tugged at his scalp a little even with such gentle pressure. “I’m going to sew those extensions onto these braids, and then you’ll basically have long hair. It means you don’t have to wait two years to start trying out fun styles, and your real hair won’t look as awkward growing out either. Won’t that be nice?”

Finn frowned, looking up at Astrid sceptically. “It’s better than what I have now, I guess… but if you’re going to put in blonde extensions, does that mean you’re going to dye my roots blonde as well? I don’t want to keep bleaching my hair forever.”
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” said Astrid with a wink. “We’re not touching up your roots today.”
“Wh– seriously?” Finn was sort of conflicted about that. On one hand, it was good that he’d be able to go back to a regular black short haircut if he wanted, once his hair grew out enough. On the other hand… wasn’t an obviously-grown-out dye job even less professional than a well-maintained blonde colour? “If you’re going to do that, why not dye the rest of my hair back to black too?”
“Because,” purred Astrid as she picked up her sewing needle, “I think it’ll be cute when people look at you and know for sure that you dyed your hair blonde.”
“I’m Asian,” shot back Finn. “You’re Asian. We’re all Asian. What kind of Asian has naturally blond hair?”
“I don’t know,” shrugged Astrid, “there are some. Hmong, Ainu, indigenous Russians–”
“Alright, alright,” sighed Finn. “I don’t think anyone would look at me, with blond hair, and think “oh, that’s an indigenous Russian”, I think you just want my hair to be embarrassing.”
“If you want me to acknowledge that, I’ll just have to lean into it more,” said Astrid offhandedly.

Finn’s mouth closed. 
“Thought so,” said Astrid. “Now…” she looked around. “It’s clear you have too much free space in your mind. You should be thinking about how pretty you’re going to be after I give you your makeover, not the minutiae of why I’m choosing each step. Let’s give you something to distract yourself while I get on with it, shall we?”
She pulled open a drawer in her trolley, opened up a zip-lock bag and pulled out… wait, what? Finn blinked – no, that was definitely a buttplug. It looked longer than he’d expect a buttplug to be as well, and it was weirdly curved and lumpy. It seemed to be made of a pink silicone. Of course it was pink.
Astrid pulled out a bottle of lube from the same drawer and put it on the table next to the buttplug. “You still have clothes on. Let’s fix that.”
She pulled out a spare pair of scissors and started hacking at Finn’s shirt yet again, and he kicked himself mentally. She’d done this last time too – he should have remembered and worn old clothes today, or just put holes in a garbage bag or something. But of course, he’d forgotten, and now Astrid was cutting up a new shirt. Not that he was trying to impress her or anything.  “Do you have to do that?” He frowned, trying to catch Astrid’s eyes in the mirror. “I came here willingly this time, you know. I’m not even restrained – you could have just asked me.”
He hadn’t thought about what that sounded like until it came out of his mouth. He blushed. ‘You could have asked me to strip for you, and I would have done it’ wasn’t exactly unprecedented, coming from a person who’d very clearly enjoyed this the last time it happened, but for him to admit it was another thing.
“Oh, alright,” laughed Astrid. Even she’d been a little caught off guard by that. “Tell you what,” she said, as she snipped the waistline and Finn’s shirt fell neatly off. Her eyes met his. “Next time you come over, say that to me again and I’ll sit back and watch you like you want me to, okay?”
Finn coughed and then gasped as he hit the sharp end of Astrid’s scissors. “Um–” He was too flustered to do anything for a moment, but then nodded jerkily. “Okay. Yeah.” He got to keep his clothes that way, so it was a win for him. Plus… well. Even with all these people around, stripping for Astrid wouldn’t be so bad.
Oh, right, wait, no, he was being stripped naked in a packed salon right now and people were definitely looking. Fuck. 
He heard a wolf-whistle from someone to his left, and as he tore his eyes away from Astrid, he saw a young woman with a flattop watching him with interest. She stared at him for a moment, said something to her stylist who giggled and replied. The person next to her chipped in too, and then the person on her other side did as well. 
He didn’t like seeing them openly discussing him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to go over and confront them, either. It was embarrassing to think about, but she looked a lot more masculine than him right now… he wasn’t confident he could beat her if things got physical. 
He shook his head, told himself not to worry about that, and looked back down to see what Astrid was doing. She was just snipping the hem of his left boxer leg, and as he watched, she tugged his underwear off. “There we are,” she sighed, and wiped her hands on her apron. “I thought you’d gained a little weight when you came in, but it turns out your shirt was just baggy – you should get better-fitting clothes.. anyway. Time to get your little pacifier in,” she snickered.
She picked up the buttplug and gave it a generous pour of lube, then scooped up some of the excess and applied it liberally to Finn’s hole. Finn twitched as the cold goo hit sensitive skin. As it dripped down, he could feel it creeping up his buttcrack, spreading out underneath his thighs on the leather barber-chair. Come to think of it, if this place doubled as a sex dungeon, they must have plenty of practice cleaning lube off these chairs – well, lube and other, harder-to-clean things.
Astrid shoved the buttplug into his asshole. He sucked in a breath. Fuck, that was cold. And hard. And it made him feel full and stretched out inside, in a way that he hadn’t really been able to imagine in his dream. Well, now he knew what it felt like… maybe that meant he’d feel this feeling in his dreams from now on. He didn’t know how to feel about that.
He shifted his weight, and the plug shifted inside him too. It pushed against a spot inside him that felt really good – holy shit, his body was capable of feeling this good? He let out a moan, which drew Astrid’s notice. She’d been threading a needle and brushing out the extensions – she came over with one in each hand and grinned at him. “Already? I didn’t think you were so sensitive,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “but maybe I like you that way.” 

“If that’s all it takes to get you squirming…” Astrid licked her lips, set down the extensions briefly. “Let’s try this.” She clicked a button on a remote control. Suddenly Finn was overcome. He could feel it inside him, deep rumbling vibrations, pressing right into that spot that had made him gasp and working it so hard he could have passed out right there – luckily, he didn’t. He just flopped back into the chair, panting, his shoulders flexing and his hips trembling.

“There we are. Now you’ll be nice and quiet while I get those extensions in, I bet.” The soft tinkling of Astrid’s giggle brushed past Finn’s ears as she settled in behind him, aligning the first extension with the end of one braid. “Make sure not to move too much, or I’ll end up sticking you with the needle, okay~?” She laid the last word on so thick that Finn had no doubt she was expecting him to squirm. Looking forward to it, even. 

She pushed the needle through into Finn’s braid, and pulled it back out, then pushed it back in again. Her stitches were small, and Finn hadn’t been pricked so far, but that was mostly because he’d been frozen in place by the vibrator inside him. It felt so good that it was all he could focus on. That steady hum felt like it was– he flicked his eyes down. Yep, there was no hiding that. He was rock hard. 
Astrid either hadn’t noticed or didn’t care, and kept sewing in Finn’s extensions. “I want you to wash these once a week, okay? If you get sweaty in between those times, you should use dry shampoo – I’ll give you a can.” Her tone was a little softer than usual – despite what she’d said earlier, it seemed like she was really trying not to prick Finn’s scalp. He found that kind of touching.
The vibrator inside him still felt amazing, but it was less overwhelming now that he was used to it – Finn had enough mental space to appreciate how carefully Astrid was making each stitch, how softly she was holding the loose end of the extensions against his head. His panting lessened, and he started to settle into a pleasurable haze.
Astrid wouldn’t have that, though. She paused her sewing, reached over to the remote and pressed a button, and the vibrator pulsed hard. Finn squeaked higher than he’d ever heard his voice go before, jerked his hips, squeaked again as he pricked himself with the needle. Astrid snickered and continued her work.
As Astrid tied off one extension and started sewing in another, he waited for another pulse so that he could brace himself for it, but it didn’t come. It was only when he relaxed, let down his guard, that the vibrator pulsed again, and he shuddered, and stuck himself with the needle again. Goddammit. He bit down a strangled whine of frustration and went back into waiting mode. 
The third one came a few seconds after the first, and Finn realised they were coming at irregular intervals. He successfully kept himself from moving that time, and after that, simply started concentrating on his breathing. He ended up going back into that pleasurable haze, but with occasional bursts of pleasure sending him deeper and deeper into his trance – the gentle tugging of the thread against his scalp, the slight cold of the barbershop air on his naked skin, all contributing to his altered mental state. 
He came at some point. He could hear himself gasp and spill over his belly and thighs, could feel a paper towel being swiped over them, but could barely feel the pleasure that came with the orgasm besides a slight wave in the all-encompassing hum. He felt like he was cumming the whole time, kind of. 
In the end it took Astrid tapping Finn’s cheek with her scissors to wake him up. “Hey,” she said. “Head up – I’m going to trim your bangs a little.”
No sooner did Finn do what she said then Astrid moved in front of him, leaving him unable to see his reflection. He could feel hair clippings fall into his lap, his sideburn hair being pulled out and snipped at – and then Astrid moved away and he saw himself.
His first thought was ‘Wow, those are good extensions.’ It just… looked like he had long hair. He looked down at his torso – waist-long hair, in fact. Wow. If someone looked carefully at the roots, they’d be able to see the black streaks of his natural hair, but that just looked like he’d gotten weird highlights rather than any hint that the blonde hair wasn’t really his. Not only that, but his bangs had been cut just below his eyebrows, and he’d been given sidelocks that framed his face in a naturally cute way. Last time it had taken makeup to look like a girl – this time he was nearly there after just a cut.
Astrid stood behind him, clearly proud of herself. “Nice, isn’t it? Last time I wanted to tease you by promising I’d cut your hair short – this time there’s no need to pretend like that.” She entwined her fingers into Finn’s hair, then tugged gently. Finn blushed hard, but she continued, “They’re pretty secure, aren’t they? You don’t have to worry about them falling out.” 
The vibrator was still on. Finn wanted to respond, but he was afraid a moan would come out if he opened his mouth, so he just looked stubbornly down at his lap. Astrid stared at him, waiting for a reply… after far too long, she realised what was going on. “Ah. What a wuss,” she giggled, but she turned the vibrator off for him, and a moment later pulled it out with a brisk ‘pop’. 
Finn shuddered as his sphincter was forced open again, but after a moment he sighed and settled. Astrid nodded. “With hair like this, your salary at work should increase, because every guy in the office will be lining up to do your work for you. Even better if the boss gets his eye on you – you’ll never have to work again,” she grinned.

“Don’t say that like I’m attracted to guys,” grumbled Finn, but deep inside he kind of enjoyed the way his hair looked. He didn’t like the idea of guys going after him – but he could see the woman with the flattop staring at him out of the corner of his eye, and Astrid was admiring her work with clear satisfaction. Maybe he didn’t mind being pretty if girls liked him that way. Especially Astrid. 
“You don’t want that?” Astrid stuck her tongue out with a joking pout, but then took Finn’s shoulders in her hands, and squeezed. “Maybe I should leave a little mark on you, then… something that’ll stop all those boys from getting too far with you. Something that makes it clear that you’re mine.” 
Finn flushed, and Astrid’s eyes lit up. “You like that idea, huh? Well, luckily for you, this place has more than just hairstyling equipment.” 
She went into the backroom again, just long enough for Finn to mentally retort that a buttplug definitely wasn’t hairstyling equipment, and came back out with a big toolbox. She set it down on the table with a clunk and popped the lid, and Finn’s eyes bugged out of his head. “I’m sorry– you want to give me a tattoo?” Inside the toolbox was a tattoo gun and various inks, with other tattoo-related equipment further down inside. 
“Yep,” said Astrid, a smug little smile on her face. “Well, not quite. I want to give you multiple tattoos.” She traced her fingers over Finn’s naked back. Each little brush of contact sent his skin quivering, as if he was anticipating the burn of a needle right after. They floated between his shoulder blades, down his spine, across the expanse of his ribs… finally, Astrid’s pointer finger settled at the back of his neck. “Here,” she purred. “This is where the first one is going to go.”
Finn tried to comprehend what was going on. He felt a wave of dizziness come over him as Astrid nudged his shoulders a little, making him sway. He was jerked back into awareness when Astrid swiped a cold alcohol wipe over his nape though. “Hold still,” she hummed, and started drawing on him with some kind of marker. “I want to get this right…”
When she’d finished her design, Astrid turned on the tattoo gun. Finn’s eyes widened – that sure was a needle, alright. He could hear it buzzing, could see the little tip poking out too fast to distinguish individual cycles. This was really happening, huh? 
Finn saw her put a little black ink-pot down onto the table and dip the tip in. “Now, stay still,” she said. “Technically you could laser this off if I make a mistake, but I’m sure you don’t want to spend that kind of money…”
Finn squeezed his eyes shut as he braced for the first line – but when it hit his skin, he was pleasantly surprised. It was painful, sure, but it wasn’t as bad as a flu shot. It felt more like a needle being dragged over his skin than anything actually piercing him. It probably helped that Astrid seemed to be going quite fast. One of her hands was on his shoulder, and the one holding the needle moved slowly but steadily. As she worked, he felt his skin start to get kind of sensitive, as if he was getting a sunburn.
The pain started accumulating, but Finn found it easy enough to deal with with a few deep breaths. He could feel it spreading over the back of his neck, radiating out past where he remembered the needle landing. Astrid seemed to be taking her time with this, working the needle over one little patch for a while before moving onto the next. Finn waited, and waited – just as he was starting to squirm with the pain, Astrid paused for a while to switch out her needles. After that, she filled in a patch somewhere, then she turned off the gun. 
She admired her work silently for a moment, then hummed, “You’re going to like this when you see it.” Then she was silent. A few moments later, Finn turned around to look at her, wondering what she was thinking – when he met her eyes, she grinned. “It’s nice, but that one’s a little too small. Let’s get you another one, shall we?”

Finn’s eyes widened, but Astrid had already grabbed him by the underarms. She yanked him out of the chair, overbalancing him rather than truly lifting him, and then shoved his face down onto the table, leaving his ass sticking right out for all the salon’s patrons to see. “Right here…” She rubbed one buttcheek, and he bit his lip, partly out of embarrassment and partly out of fear. At least neither of these would show when he was wearing a collared shirt… the one on the back of his neck might be a problem in a T-shirt, though. Maybe he’d have to start wearing scarves.
The buzz of the tattoo gun jolted him back into awareness. Astrid said “This one’s going to take a little longer than the last one, so brace yourself, alright? You can whimper and moan, but I don’t want you to disturb the other customers by being too loud.” Finn had the sudden realisation that these things were permanent – last time he could have shaved his head to get rid of the haircut, but it’d take months and exorbitant amounts of money to get rid of tattoos, if they were even in removable colours. “Wait–”
Astrid lowered the needle down onto his butt, and he hissed. He figured it was useless to try to get her to stop when there was already a black line on his asscheek. He could feel his lower back shaking, because a needle on his ass was conceptually harder to handle than one on the back of his neck – plus, the persistent sting was starting to itch really quickly this time. He scrunched his face up to try and deal with it, and heard someone laugh behind him. His eyes snapped back open – were they watching him through the mirror? Of course they were. Everyone in this salon knew what had been drawn on his neck but him, and now it was going to be the same for his ass.
It wasn’t just the tattoo, either. Finn became increasingly aware that the position he was in was putting absolutely everything between his legs on display. Just the fact that he’d thought about that momentarily made his asshole flutter the slightest bit, and immediately afterward he heard a wolf-whistle from elsewhere in the store. 
“Why don’t you gape yourself, give us a show?”
“Got a nice little pair of cherries right there! Bet they’re just for decoration.”
“Pretty cold in this store, huh? I can tell!”
Finn gritted his teeth. He didn’t care what random salon patrons thought about him, but it was humiliating to be casually ogled like this. He couldn’t even squirm and adjust himself, not without giving himself a bad drawing on his butt for life. 
Astrid was using a larger variety of needles for this one, Finn noticed. Some of them were just single points like the first time, but some of them seemed to be poking him ten or twenty at once. Luckily this one didn’t hurt as much as the one on his neck had – it was just uncomfortable. Finn waited patiently, tried his hardest to ignore any unsavoury comments coming his way, and eventually Astrid tapped on his shoulder. “Get up and take a look. It’s ready.”
Finn gingerly pulled himself up off the table. Nothing had been keeping him there, he realised, he’d just stayed in the position Astrid had put him in without thinking about it. Oh well. He shook himself a little bit, then turned his back to the mirror and turned his head around to see it.
Both tattoos had been covered with cling wrap and tape, so they were a little hard to see at first. Finn squinted at the one on his neck. “As…” He gulped. It was the words “Astrid’s pet,” written in an elegant lowercase cursive, with a little pink heart dotting the ‘i’. It felt degrading, but oddly still kind of tasteful. As if he really was some kind of prize dog or show cat. Astrid’s prize dog or show cat… her property.
Never mind that. What about the one on his ass? Finn’s eyes trailed down his surprisingly slim-looking back to reach… ah. At first he thought it was just a long magenta hair roller, but when he looked closer, he saw the words “Salon Femboy” written in black title case in the centre. The cursive matched the tattoo on his neck. 
When he looked back at Astrid, he was blushing hard. “I don’t know you did tattoos professionally as well,” he mumbled. There wasn’t really anything he could say about the execution, at least. They looked smooth and well-drawn, and they hadn’t even hurt that much going on. “You could have told me what they were going to be before putting them on me, though.”
“I wanted to surprise you,” said Astrid with a little smirk, leaning back on her trolley. “And I’m glad I did. You look adorable right now. It makes me want to mark you all over,” she giggled.
Finn opened his mouth, then closed it again, then opened it again, then closed it again. “You can’t be serious,” he mumbled. He had to put a hand in front of his face with how flustered he was. He couldn’t believe himself. He was seriously getting turned on by this? Not just turned on – that might have been easier to accept. He could… kind of feel his heart fluttering.
Astrid took slow, ringing steps toward him, then gave him a gentle kiss on the temple. “Don’t worry about it,” she whispered in his ear. “I’ll teach you how to take care of them.”
“Anyway,” she said, stepping back as if she’d done nothing out of the ordinary. “Seeing how well you reacted to that, I think I want to put some more things on you. Wait right there, hm?”
Finn leaned his forehead against the mirror, his head fuzzy, while Astrid rummaged in her toolbox – and came back with a piercing needle. “Oh, no,” Finn said, and tried to back away, but Astrid grabbed his wrist. “Relax,” she said. “You’ll look great. Besides, plenty of guys have them nowadays… although I don’t know if that applies to you,” she said with a little grin.


Finn gulped as she picked up a marker, but then relaxed a little as she put two dots on each earlobe. Thank goodness. As far as piercings went, ear piercings were the hardest to hide, but they were at least kind of acceptable professionally. “I think you’d look really nice with earrings, especially with this hair,” she smiled. 
Finn was starting to build up his courage for it – but Astrid grabbed his left earlobe with tweezers, pushed the needle through, and he felt a flash of pain and it was done. The pain continued, although dulled, as she held up a gold barbell and pushed it in to replace the needle. It was heavy in his ear, and he knew it’d be a while before he stopped noticing its presence, if ever. 
Just as he reached up to touch it, Astrid took his other earlobe in the tweezers and shoved the needle in there too, and he dropped his hand with a little hiss. “Hey,” smirked Astrid, “at least piercings go a lot faster than tattoos, huh?” Almost too fast, her expression was saying. Not enough to savour. Finn watched her with some trepidation as she put another gold barbell in, and sighed internally as her face lit up. “You know,” she said, “since they’re so much faster, I think you may as well get a few more.”
His nerves grew as her eyes raked down his body – and they stopped at his nipples. Oh no. “Perfect,” she said, even though the idea was definitely not perfect in Finn’s eyes. God – nipple piercings? He wouldn’t be able to go without a jacket in case they showed through his shirt, would he? They’d be so damn inconvenient, he told himself, frantically trying to tamp down his growing arousal. 
Luckily Astrid was too focused on her target to notice this time. She licked her lips and carefully squeezed Finn’s left nipple with the tweezers, just enough for his nose to scrunch with the pain – and then she stabbed it through and the pain went from moderate to severe. Finn’s body jerked, but the tweezers held firm and kept him from ripping his nipple open. She sighed as she pulled out the needle and slid in a gold hoop. “You have to be careful, alright? You could have gotten seriously hurt there. Do I need to take the restraints out?”

Finn’s mouth opened, ready to tell her that she was the one causing him pain in the first place – but he couldn’t bring himself to speak against her. He ended up just shaking his head, and she rewarded him with a smug smile. “Alright. Stay still, then.” 
She took his right nipple in the tweezers, and stabbed them quickly enough that Finn was more shocked than physically hurt this time. The second ring went in before he knew it as well. “There,” she sighed again, looking him up and down. “Gold looks good on your skin, you know. Maybe I’ll give you a nice little necklace on the way out.” 
Finn waited for her to take her eyes off him, to go look for some other thing to subject him to, but she didn’t. Her gaze stayed fixated on his chest – then, slowly, it worked its way up to his eyes. It was unbearably intense, but Finn couldn’t look away. “You,” she said, “are really pretty. I don’t know how I never noticed growing up. Not handsome – pretty. Even without makeup.”
Finn’s lips parted. “Uh,” he said. Fuck, okay, he was definitely blushing. “Um. Thanks.” 
Astrid looked to her left and right, trying to gauge something – her eyebrows furrowed, but she shrugged and looked back at Finn. “You know how I said this place moonlights as a sex dungeon?”


Finn’s eyes blew wide. “Y-yeah?” 
Astrid licked her lips, thinking over her words carefully. “Well,” she said. “I might get in trouble for fucking you with so many customers waiting. But you’re pretty, and you make really nice sounds when you’re embarrassed – so maybe that’ll convince my boss that, for everyone else, the show was worth the extra wait.”
Oh, holy shit, he’d been dreaming about this. His mouth dropped open. “I… yeah. Yeah. I’d be– that’d be great.”
Astrid grinned. “Yeah? Okay.” 
She reached into a drawer in her trolley, and pulled out a surprisingly large purple strap-on, complete with harness. 
Wow, yep. This was really happening. He’d half-suspected Astrid had wanted to ride him when she mentioned ‘fucking’, but of course she’d want to see his reaction to being pegged after all this feminization. He needed to thank whatever god had been sending him those prophetic dreams (that he hadn’t realised were prophetic), for all the anticipation he’d built up for this day.
Astrid brought out the lube from earlier, and coated the dildo thoroughly with it until it was almost dripping. “You’re pretty loose from the plug earlier, aren’t you? So I don’t really need to prep you again.” Finn nodded, partially because he agreed with her, partially because he didn’t want to be too loose as it went in. He kind of wanted to feel it as much as he could, as embarrassing as that was to even admit in his own thoughts. 

Fully strapped and ready now, Astrid’s eyes narrowed. She grabbed Finn by the hips, and in one smooth motion, tripped him and brought his legs up to rest on the arms of the barber chair. Now his lower back and flat palms were on the table, his feet were where his hands normally rested on the chair arms, and Astrid was right between his legs. She raised an eyebrow. “You ready?”
Finn was scared of saying yes, but he definitely didn’t want to say no. He nodded. 
“Mm. I bet this is your first time, so I’ll go slow…” Astrid gripped Finn’s hips, and carefully lined up the tip of her strap-on with his hole. Little by little, she pressed it in, opening him up. 
Finn’s heart pounded, and his mouth fell open. “Hh– hh…” The biggest difference to his earlier penetration was that this strap-on was substantially thicker than the buttplug. The second-biggest was that Astrid was controlling its every move. It felt so much more intimate – he felt downright vulnerable. He touched his chin to his chest, his eyes closing, his breath coming out hot and fast as he tried to get used to the feeling of fullness.

“Good boy,” purred Astrid. She rubbed the side of his thigh as she eased the rest of the head in, then started with the shaft. Finn could feel her adjusting her speed with every little move she made, fast enough to overwhelm him the tiniest bit but slow enough to keep him from passing his limit and going numb. A little whimper left his mouth every time he felt a little spike in her speed – sounds he’d never heard from his own mouth before.
She gripped the sides of his thighs as she moved, and after a few seconds, Finn felt her hips against his pelvis. That was it – the whole thing was in him. He felt full enough to burst, in a way that hadn’t at all been present in his dreams. The real thing really was different.

“Fuck, you took that easily, huh?” After a few seconds of silence, Finn cracked his eyes open to see Astrid looking down at him with an expression he could only describe as love. Love, and hunger. “Now just keep taking it – just like that. I’m going to go a little faster.”
She pulled her hips away from Finn’s – and then she pushed them back in, and he shouted with pleasure. Fuck, that felt good. The burn of the stretch, combined with the ecstasy of the nerve endings all over his walls, made him feel like he was unravelling. 
She pulled out, then thrusted in again, and Finn moaned, higher and louder than he expected himself to. He was surprised just how good his body was capable of feeling, how good human bodies were capable of feeling. It wasn’t just his hole – the pleasure spread to his belly, his thighs, his chest. His mouth stayed wide open, even between sounds, and his cock was already so hard that the tip touched his belly. It was drawing little streaks of pre on his skin. 

Astrid started to go a little faster, watching his face carefully as she rocked her hips in a smooth rhythm. Finn moaned again, even louder, and her eyes lit up. “I need to quiet you down a little,” she purred. “You might scream loud enough to disturb the other stores…”
She leaned over and reached deep into the trolley, then righted herself, bringing a ponytail with her. Finn opened his mouth to ask why she had something like that, but she shoved it in fast before he could speak, all the way down to the base of his tongue. She fastened it behind his head with some kind of clasp. “There,” she sighed. “Now you can moan as loud as you feel like.”
Finn had only caught a glimpse of the ponytail. It was black, and felt smooth and well-conditioned in his mouth. He looked questioningly up at Astrid, and she said “Remember we used to have to have our hair up every day at school?” She grinned. “I cut my ponytail off the day we graduated – the day I left my parents’ house and struck out on my own. I’ve been keeping it since then. Luckily I should be able to wash your saliva out.”
Why would she entrust him with something like that, in a context like this? His eyes widened a little in alarm, and he stared up at her with increasing urgency. “Relax,” she chuckled, and popped her hips hard enough to make him gasp. “Don’t worry about damaging it – hair isn’t that fragile.”
Finn exhaled. He was glad Astrid had said that – her fucking was driving him over the moon, and he didn’t think he’d be able to restrain himself for much longer. 
He obeyed her and relaxed, his eyes closing and his jaw clamping down on the hair a little. So he jumped when Astrid’s arms moved up to his chest. They held his sides, then slid up, past his shoulders, past his neck. “Also,” she purred, panting a little with each thrust. “I think I’m going to try some new hairstyles on you while I have you pinned…”
She pushed her nails gently up the nape of his neck, into his hairline, all the way up past his extensions. Finn keened and shivered. The contrast between the delicate scratches and the dull, throbbing pleasure in his asshole was making him fall apart. When she pulled her fingers away from his scalp and down the strands of his hair, Finn groaned and tried to twist his head back into her touch. 
But it seemed like Astrid had her own ideas. Instead of moving her hands back up like Finn wanted, she instead twisted his hair once around each palm, somewhat taut but not painful. “Pigtails,” she breathed. Finn opened his eyes a crack – there was sweat at her temples from the force of her thrusting, and a hint of a satisfied smile on her face. She was glowing in the incandescent light. “You look great in pigtails – I’ll have to teach you how to tie them yourself.”
And then she pulled, and Finn’s head was forced back, and Astrid’s mouth was at his newly-exposed neck, licking, kissing. Finn could feel himself going scarlet, could feel his ecstasy going far beyond what his dreams had made him long for. He felt his hips start to twitch of their own accord, felt the base of his thighs start to clench. Unlike with the buttplug, he was fully aware of everything that was being done to his body, and the limits of his mind were being stretched by the second. 
He tried to speak from behind the gag, and Astrid undid it for him as soon as she noticed.
 “I’m,” he gasped. “I’m gonna c-cum…”
“Good boy,” said Astrid, and he could hear her grin in her voice even though his eyes had been forced up toward the ceiling. “Go on and cum.”
It was like he’d been waiting for permission. The command sent Finn’s back arching up further than he’d ever seen himself go, and his cum shot out of his cock, onto his belly and chest and coating one of his nipple rings. His lungs forced out exhausted breaths, and his legs shook from holding up part of his weight.
Astrid smiled and pulled her strap out of Finn‘s quivering hole, then reached her arms down and wrapped them around Finn‘s hips and butt. Relieved, Finn put his weight into her hands.  Astrid eased his feet to the floor, then pivoted him into the chair.
Finn felt like steam was coming out of his mouth with each exhale. That had been the most intense experience of his life, and probably the most pleasurable, too. How had Astrid known how to do that? Too overwhelmed to lift his head and look at her, his mind conjured up an image of her as she had just been – palms hot, eyes locked on his face, exerting her strength and taking care of him at the same time. Rather than just being skilled at sex, it felt like she’d known his body specifically. Known all the pleasurable spots inside him, exactly how much force to use, how fast to go, where to hold him. He could feel his chest tightening, in a good way.
After a little while, he worked up the courage to say something, and he looked up – but Astrid’s face had gone from the kind smile from just now to the smirk from earlier. “You stretch really well,” she hummed, and took his jaw in both hands, lifting his head up just slightly. “I think we should do this more often. Maybe next time I’ll be able to rush a little less.”

That was rushing? How good was next time going to be, then? Finn blinked twice and nodded. “Y-yeah. That sounds great.” He swallowed a build-up of saliva. “Do you… did you like it?”
Astrid’s eyebrows raised for a second, and her expression became a little fond. “I did like that, very much. You did well.”
As Finn blushed, Astrid’s eyebrows raised and she hit her palm gently with her fist. “That reminds me,” she said. “I had one last thing on my list for today. I want to give you a nice outfit for the new year,” she hummed, looking Finn’s naked body up and down. “Make sure you take pictures of the makeup so that you can do it yourself later, alright?”
Finn pouted and shot back “I don’t own makeup, you know,” but Astrid was already heading into the back of the store. 
When she came back, she was holding a sizable make-up bag and a larger tote that seemed quite full. “I’ll give you some of our nearly-used-up stuff to take home,” she said lightly. So she’d heard him from there. “The boss will be fine with that, at least. You’re so pretty that I’ll bet you make more money in advertising just being here than we lose on products.”

Finn’s mouth opened and closed, having no idea how to react to a casual compliment like that, and Astrid took the opportunity to grab his chin. “Stay still, alright?” She leaned in and kissed him on the nose. He’d already been reeling, so that almost broke Finn’s brain entirely. “And,” she said as if nothing had happened, “make sure you don’t blink while I’m doing your eyes. I don’t want any do-overs.”
Her first step was to pull out some wet wipes and clean his face thoroughly – she wasn’t quite rough enough to abrade his skin, but Finn’s face still twisted at the feeling of it. She let it dry after that, then squirted some primer onto his fingers and spread it evenly over his face. Her hands were even softer than Finn had expected, especially her fingertips – he found himself wishing that this part of it would last a little longer. 
After that came concealer, dabbed on with a little wand, and then foundation, applied using a large brush. She picked up a smaller brush next, and tapped some blush onto the apples of Finn’s cheeks. “In high-fashion they put it on the cheekbones, but I want you to look cute, not striking,” she said a little absentmindedly. She applied a thin coating of peach-coloured lipstick to his lips, followed by a thick layer of glittery lip-gloss, then affixed fluffy fake eyelashes to his eyes and filled in his eyebrows to look soft and rounded. 
“Alright, don’t blink,” she said, as she started applying the mascara. It was eye-wateringly hard to obey her, but he did it, and when she made an affirmative sound, he blinked and saw himself with subtle but fetching wings to the sides of his eyes. A few quick swipes of a brush gave him glittery orange eyeshadow, and Astrid put her hands on her hips. “There,” she sighed. “It’s different from last time, but I think you look adorable.”
Finn caught a glimpse, but before he had time to properly look at himself, Astrid was pulling things out of the tote bag. She gestured for him to get up, opened some dark red garment and laid it opening-first on the floor. “Here, get into this.” He stepped into it as told, and then Astrid reached down and pulled it up his body. 
He looked in the mirror as she fastened the neck. “Oh.” It was a qipao – a really nice one, too, with subtle but beautiful gold detailing against the fabric. Something he might compliment his cousins for if he saw them wearing it. The dewy, cute make-up made it seem like he wore dresses like this every day.
He was grateful for it for a moment, but then Astrid pulled the fabric together and started zipping it up. “Oh boy,” exhaled Finn with clear discomfort in his voice. Astrid tutted. “Hold your breath for a bit. Compared to a wedding dress, this level of tightness is nothing.”
It was an ordeal, but Astrid managed to zip the qipao all the way up, and Finn realised that he had a nice figure when he was wearing something tight enough to show it off. For a guy, at least. 
Meanwhile, Astrid took out the barbells in his ears and hooked in a pair of earrings. Finn leaned forward and peered into the mirror – they were little bundles of orange rope. “Um,” he said, but Astrid cut him off with “They’re lucky knots!” 

“They don’t look like lucky knots,” he said, as Astrid slid gold and jade bracelets onto his wrists. “They look like bundles of bondage rope.”
“It’s a new kind of lucky knot. It symbolises a smooth relationship between a salon femboy and his mistress.” She smirked at his shock, and pulled him back into the chair, then started carefully brushing his hair out. “Are you remembering how to do all this?”

“Of course not! You’re going way too fast.” Finn had the urge to turn around and look at Astrid directly, but she was parting his hair, so he held back. 
She separated it into quarters with quick ponytails, then undid one and slowly twisted it into a neat bun on the left side of his head. As Finn watched, she did the same with the upper right quadrant as well, leaving cute little twin buns. Finn groaned, and she smirked, “Perfect for Chinese New Year, isn’t it? You’ll look so festive.”

“I doubt it,” Finn sighed, but she was already tying them off with dark red ribbon. She brushed out each lower quadrant, then tied them at the ends with the same type of ribbon, leaving two sausage-like ponytails coming down Finn’s sides.
“And here,” she said, tossing two dark red shoes to the ground in front of Finn. “Done.”
Finn slipped into the shoes and stood. He… looked really pretty. The blonde of his hair matched with the dark red and the orange of his outfit, and was highlighted by the gold. The makeup made him look like just another cute girl on the street, and the qipao hugged his body in all the right ways. “…Holy shit.”
“Holy shit is right,” nodded Astrid, looking at him with a smug pride in her face. “You should wear that to visit your family on New Year’s Day.”
Finn’s eyes widened. “No! My grandma would have a heart attack.” He smirked and shot back “If you invite me to see your family on the second day of the year, I’ll wear this again. I can pretend to be your female friend,” he laughed.
Astrid nodded. “Done.” 
There was no trace of a joke in her tone, and Finn whipped around. “What? No! You’re not actually–”
She stepped forward and put a finger to his lips. “Ah-ah,” she said. “Don’t go back on your word, hm? I’ll see you that morning.”
Oh, boy. Just what had he gotten himself into now?

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