For The Love of a Man

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Part One.

The hair and beauty salon was very busy, but then you had to expect that on Saturday.
Everyone wanted to look their best for Saturday evening in the clubs.

But first a little bit about my husband Mike and I.

My name is Emily and I am married to Mike, we have known each other since high school and we were the iconic childhood sweethearts.
I am now 25 years old and Mike is 26.

We had a fairy tale wedding, Mike wore a morning suit with top hat and tails as did the best man and my father.
I wore a long white silk and lace wedding dress with full veil and all the requisite underwear, white basque and stockings and pink lace leg garter.
My long platinum blonde hair was styled into a gorgeous updo embellished with pink freesia. My makeup was done to perfection by a professional makeup artist.
I felt and looked every inch like the beautiful blushing bride.

Although we have been married for 6 months we are still in our honeymoon period and I love him and would do anything to please him and I know he feels the same way about me.

After leaving college Mike set up his own landscape gardening business, he works hard and the business is doing well. He now employees two other gardeners.
I worked for a short time behind the beauty counter at a local department store after leaving college but since our marriage I quit my job and became a full time wife and home maker, Mike prefers it that way and I would do anything to please him.
I spend my days at the gym keeping myself looking trim for Mike.
I keep regular weekly salon visits to have my long hair which is naturally brown looking good and coloured platinum blonde. Mike wanted me to go blonde for the wedding and I would do anything to please him.
My acrylics are done on a regular basis and I spend quite a lot of time at the tanning studio.
In short, I am Mike’s dream girl and that is how I intend to keep it. I would do anything for him.

Anyway, back to the here and now in the salon.

My hair has just had its weekly treatment to keep the platinum blonde colour looking its best and Mandy my regular stylist is just putting the finishing touches to my image with the curling tongues giving the length a nice bouncy wave.

Back home I dress in a very short little black dress that hides a black satin thong and a black satin and lace bra. I have to look good for Mike because he is my world.

Mike and I leave the house and head into the city for our Saturday night entertainment in the clubs.

“I’m a little bored with the usual haunts.” Mike says.

“What do you suggest then?” I asked.

” I have been told about this great club called Lucifers, shall we give it a go?”

“What ever pleases you I am happy to go along with.” I replied.

The club looked much like any other club but the clientele was very different and to be honest it was a bit weird and not the kind of club that I thought Mike would go for.

Virtually all the women and most of the men were dressed in either black leather or very tight fitting latex clothing. All the men had shaved heads and the vast majority of the women had either a shaved head or a very close cropped high and tight hair cut and it would appear that tattoos and body piercings was a prerequisite to being accepted as part of the club clique.
I felt very much in the minority wearing a dress and having long hair, however I did see a few other couples dressed like Mike and I but they also looked out of place and had stumbled on the club by accident.
I felt a little uncomfortable in the club but Mike was in his element, he loved it.
I know it happens in clubs where a stray hand brushes against your backside but fondling and touching was blatant and openly accepted in Lucifers.


Part Two.

Mike returned to bed carrying two cups of coffee.

“What did you think of that club last night?” asked Mike.

“It was OK but a bit weird and all of the men and most of the women were a bit too free and easy with their hands, did you see that woman in the latex dress put her hand down my panties?”

‘Which one?” asked Mike.

“The one with the shaved head and her hand down my panties and you saw her because you stood watching.”

Mike didn’t respond but sipped his coffee, he went very quiet and seemed to be in deep thought.

“What are you dreaming about?” I asked.

“Nothing really but thinking how you would look with a shaved head?”

“Don’t even go there, you know I would do anything for you but definitely not that.” was my response.

Mike put his coffee cup down leaned into me, scraping the hair back from my face and holding it in a tight ponytail.

“I think you would look good.” he said turning me over and lifting my night dress.
Mike again gathered my hair and lifted it giving him a clear view of my nape.
His penis was erect and he was obviously turned on by the thought of me with a shaved head. The tip of his cock teased me slowly stroking me until my lips swelled and moistened.
I raised myself up onto my knees and opened my legs inviting him in. Mike slipped into me slowly and gently building up until I felt the force of his erect penis deep inside me. Mike continued to hold my hair off my nape, stroking and kissing it.
Mike’s thrusts stopped and his body trembled, releasing his hot silky cum deep inside me.

“Oh my sexy bald wife.” he cried.

What the hell did he mean by sexy bald wife.


Part Three.

After a lovely day shopping and sharing a coffee with a good friend I returned home and as I entered the house I saw an intruder in the living room looking through a drawer in one of the sideboards. I armed myself with an umbrella and crept forward ready to attack him.
The intruder turned around to face me.

“Jesus Mike, it’s you, I didn’t recognise you.”

Mike had no hair, he had a shaved head.

“What the fuck have you done?” I said pointing to his head.

“Do you like it?” asked Mike.

‘Kind of, it will take some getting used to.” I replied.

“And what the fuck is that on your arm.? I said pointing to a large tattoo on his left arm.

“It’s a Celtic band, I have wanted one for ages and this is the new me.”

Mike just gave me his little boy smile when he wanted to get on the better side of me.
“I have bought you something, you are a size 10 dress aren’t you?”

Mike produced a shopping bag that contained a pair of black leather trousers for him and a black latex dress that he expected me to wear.

“You would look good with short hair, are you sure you don’t want to go short?”

” I’m not shaving my head.” I replied.

“I don’t expect you to, how about a nice pixie cut?” Mike asked.

“Would it really please you if I did go short?”

You know it would and I think you would look sexy with short hair.” Mike answered.

“OK I will do it for you.”

I loved Mike and would do anything to please him.

“Good, I’m glad you said yes because I have already spoken with your stylist Mandy and she is expecting you as usual on Saturday but I have already told her you want to go short and the style she is to give you.”

Before I could protest Mike pulled me towards him and lifted my skirt above my waist and pulled down my panties. I was expecting him to bend me over but instead he sank to his knees and knelt underneath my legs slowly rubbing the soft smooth skin of his shaved head on my moist pussy lips.
What was going through Mike’s mind, he had never acted like this before but perhaps it had always been there and our visit to Lucifers nightclub had changed all that and let the demon was out of the box.


Part Four.

The salon was busy as usual as Mandy greeted me.

“Good morning Emily.”

“Good morning Mandy, I believe you have already spoken to Mike about my change.” I replied.

“Yes he has given me full instructions and I believe you have agreed to getting a short pixie, are you happy with that?”

“Yes I’m a little apprehensive about losing all this long hair but if it makes Mike happy then I’m prepared to do it. I would do anything to make him happy.” I replied.

I sat in Mandy’s chair looking at my reflection and quite possibly the last time I would see my long platinum blonde locks.

Mandy gathered the outer layers my hair and twisted them into a pony tail before clipping it to the top of my head.

“Has Mike asked you to cut me really short?” I asked Mandy.

“I’m afraid so, do you want me to stop.” she replied.

“No just do it, I want to make Mike happy and I would do anything for him.” I said.

Mandy took the hair clippers and placed them at the base of my nape, the warmth and vibration of the blades made me tingle and gave me a nice feeling in my stomach. The clippers were pushed up my nape towards the crown of my head as I watched my hair fall onto my shoulders and then to my lap.
Mandy continued to clipper the hair from my nape and around my ears until all that was left was a 1/4 inch fuzz.

Mandy released my ponytail from its clip and I watched it fall into place covering my shaved sides and nape, my hair was so thick that if you looked at me you would never know that my hair was under cut.
Mandy soon sorted that out and with scissors in hand she reduced my long hair to a very short 2 inch crop on the top of my head.
Just as I thought that no more hair could be cut from my head Mandy picked up a smaller set of clippers and started to reduce the 1/4 inch fuzz on my nape and around my ears to virtually nothing and for the first time in my life I could see white skin around and above my ears.
Mike really had instructed Mandy to take my hair short.
Mandy blended the shaved skin of my nape and around my ears nicely into the longish hair on top of my head and I have to admit I did look hot.

“Oh my that is short.” I said to Mandy

“I haven’t finished yet, Mike gave me very precise instructions.” came Mandy’s reply.

Mandy took a straight cut razor from her work station and started to shave the almost non existent stubble from my nape and around my ears.

I was bald from the top of my ears down to my nape with only very short stubble above that until it blended into to 2 inch long hair on top of my head.
Mandy took a palm full of gel and rubbed it into my long hair teasing it to give it a spikey look.

“There we go just as Mike instructed.” declared Mandy.

I would not have chosen this style but I have to admit I loved it. Mike had taken the decision away from me and it was the right decision.

I looked down at my feet to see the floor around me covered in my long platinum blonde hair. The hair that I was once so proud of and the hair that made me look like a princess on my wedding day cascading over my silk and lace wedding dress. The very same hair that was destined for the bin.


Part Five.

“Jesus you look hot.” Mike said touching the shaved skin on my nape.

The feel of his fingers on my skin felt unbelievable, my senses were heightened and every touch made my thighs ache for him. I just wanted him to scoop me into his arms, take me upstairs and fuck me.
Mike must be a mind reader because he did just that and before I knew it I was on all fours with his cock pounding me like he had never done before. He was brutal and I loved it.
Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he pushed inside me with his hands stroking the bare skin on my nape and around my ears, his touch was electrifying adding to my need to have him punish me. I had always been submissive to him but now he could do anything he wanted to me. I loved him so much and I would do anything for him.

Mike pulled away from me and led me to the bathroom.
He pressed down on my shoulders and I knelt before him submitting to his demands, his cock was still erect as he placed his hands on the back of my head and pulled me towards him.
With my mouth open wide he slid his erect 8 inches into my open and wanting mouth. His hands stayed on the back of my head pulling me closer to him forcing the tip of his cock further down my throat.
Mike released his grip on my head as he began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

Unseen to me Mike reached for a waiting set of hair clippers that he had placed on the bathroom unit ready for this moment.
The click and the buzz of the clippers filled the tiny bathroom with its menacing music but I was oblivious to this as my mind and thoughts focused on Mike’s cock punishing my mouth.

I felt the warm clipper blades touch the skin on my forehead and their buzz as they ripped through the remaining hair on my scalp. I knew what was happening but at that moment in time I didn’t care.
I loved Mike now more than I had ever done and I would do anything for him.

Mike stripped the remaining hair from my head and dropped the clippers to the bathroom floor as his body trembled and fired his hot sticky cum deep into my throat.

I looked in the mirror and my cute very short pixie haircut had gone to be replaced with a buzz cut.

“You look fantastic but you could go further.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“I could shave you.”

“Do you want to?” I asked.

“You know I do and you will look fantastic.”

“I love you and I will do anything to please you.” I replied smiling at him.

Mike reached for a can of shaving foam and covered my head in a white foam cap.

“I want to watch you shave me.” I said to Mike as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at my reflection.

Mike stood towering over me as he leaned forward and placed the razor onto the lathered skin on my forehead and drew it back towards my crown leaving a strip of virgin white skin in its wake. My legs quivered as the sensations of the cold steel of the razor striped the last remnants of my hair from my head.
I was completely powerless and this man, the man that I loved had complete control over how I looked and how I felt.

I wanted him.

I needed him.

He controlled me and I was his to do as he pleased.

My fingers reached deep inside me stroking and caressing my lips, my folds, my clit until I could hold on no longer letting my juices flow to the bathroom floor.
Mike smiled and kissed my shaved scalp.

Slowly, seductively my hair was stripped from me leaving all traces of me, Emily Johnson behind. I loved Mike and would do anything for him.

We stood together in the shower allowing the warm water to cascade over our shaved heads and over our bodies. We touched and kissed massaging the shower gel into each others skin, folds and crevices.
We towel dried each other and helped each other dress for our first true night out at Lucifers Nightclub.

Mike wore a black T shirt and his black leather trousers that were so tight he gave the world a hint off just well endowed he was.

Mike helped me into a very tight black wet look latex dress with spaghetti straps. The dress was so tight that there was no way I could wear any form of underwear and I believe Mike had known this when he bought it for me.

Mike and I set off for our night out at Lucifers.


Part Six.

Six months have now passed and Mike and I are regulars at Lucifers and have become very much part of the clique.

We shave each other on a weekly basis ready for our night out at Lucifers.

Mike has embraced the lifestyle and now has numerous tattoos covering his arms, shoulders and most of his body to tell you the truth.

I resisted Mike’s requests for me to get a tattoo but two months ago I gave in and got my first tattoo on my left arm and it was a Celtic band the same as Mike’s and from that moment on I was hooked.
I have to be truthful and say that I am almost as fanatical as Mike and I sometimes think that we are in competition with each other on who can get the best or most unusual tattoo.
My arms and thighs are now covered in the most beautiful designs ranging from flowers to butterflies and intricate patterns.
I have a gorgeous floral design on my scalp starting just behind my left ear and covering most of the left side of my scalp and nape and it is my aim to cover the whole of my scalp.
Mike wants me to join him and get my face tattooed but until now I have managed to resist his pleas but I never say never because I love him and would do anything to please him.
I also love piercings and I can say I am beating Mike on that front. I have my nostrils pierced and I have a lovely ring through the columella of my nose and when I am feeling very naughty I put a very large ring through the piercing when we go clubbing. Mike says that I look like a prize bull with a ring through it’s nose.
The helix of both ears are now heavily pierced and I have piercings in my eyebrows.

Both Mike and I have truly embraced the lifestyle and culture of Lucifers Nightclub.

It is Saturday evening and we are both ready for our usual night out at Lucifers.
As I stand in front of the living room mirror putting the finishing touches to my make-up I glance across to our wedding photo on the adjacent wall.

Mike looks very handsome in his morning suit and stood beside him is a beautiful woman wearing a long silk and lace wedding dress with her long platinum blonde her in the most gorgeous updo.

Mike and I have changed in the last 12 months, we are unrecognisable from the couple in the wedding photograph.

Am I happy with the changes?

Yes I think I am.

I love Mike and I would do anything to make him happy and that’s what a good wife does, isn’t it?

What do you think?












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