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Jenna and I had been friends from the first day that she started at the same company as me. She had had that ‘lost’ look that all new-starts have and it turned out that I was the only one to take any notice of her. All of the others were just following their “every man or woman for themselves” policy and had left her floundering. We struck up a friendship that endured even after I found myself another job and left the original company. She was more than holding her own by that time and although I suspect that she would still remember that first day, it wasn’t anything that we ever spoke about. That was over two years ago now. We still meet for coffee when we can and a meal every now and again, which are occasions that I always look forward to and never fail to enjoy.

It was a sad day when I left, for me and for the office wags and prospective Romeos. I don’t think we were supposed to know, but the lotharios in the office called us “coffee and cream” referring to the fact that Jenna is of African extraction and I’m blonde . We also suspected that there was a “bounty” on us, with the challenge being for anyone to bed us both, either together or separately in the first instance. It’s amazing what you can overhear when getting stationery out of the cupboard or being in a toilet cubicle when the gossips are in there. As far as I know, Jenna hadn’t succumbed to any of them and I certainly hadn’t. I just wouldn’t want to give them the satisfaction, in more ways than one. It’s true that both of us are early thirties and unattached, but you do have to have standards, don’t you?

I have actually wondered what it would be like if Jenna and I did get propositioned together in the right circumstances. It was the usual threesome fantasy, but I wondered whether I would go through with it or whether it would destroy our friendship. I don’t think that I would want to put that at risk for the sake of a casual fuck, not that she isn’t an attractive woman, mind you. Statuesque isn’t quite the word, but she has a great figure, one that I wouldn’t mind having, that’s for sure. Mine isn’t too shabby, but I wouldn’t have minded an extra helping of boob when they were being given out. I think that she must have got mine!

We had actually missed one of our planned get-togethers because she had a visit from her sister who was living in the States these days. So, I had to make way for her real sister, which in a strange way, made me feel jealous. I thought of myself as her sister at times, although a quick look in the mirror always served to dispel that thought! There I would be, with my shoulder-length blonde hair, straight as it came, and she would comment on the effort that it took to force hers into something resembling straight. She kept it relatively short for that very reason, I think.

So, there I was, sitting in the restaurant, waiting for her, making sure that our table didn’t go to someone who didn’t deserve it. We liked that particular one and were actually quite resentful at the thought of someone else using it. How weird was that! I sipped my water, waiting. My phone chirped. “On my way. 5 mins. Sorry!” it read. I spent the time clearing out some old messages. Less than 5 minutes later, I sensed someone approach hurriedly. I looked up to say “Hi”. It wasn’t Jenna. I felt foolish for a split-second and then looked again. It really was Jenna. I still felt foolish.

‘Jenna!’ I said. ‘Look at you!’ I stood up to give her our traditional, mock-continental peck on the cheek. I eased back and just looked at her. She looked so different.

‘What? Never seen a bald, black woman before?’ she said, smiling.

The waiter approached, clutching menus.

Fuck off, I thought, this is major, leave us alone.

‘Thank you’ I said politely. He took Jenna’s drink order and slunk away.

‘You can speak now’ she said.

‘Wow, you look great!’ I said. ‘Tell me. Everything’ I commanded.

The waiter approached with her drink. Fuck off, I thought again. He put the drink down and we ordered a couple of salads to make him go away.

‘Well?’ I asked after what seemed like an age.

‘Sandra shaves hers now. Most of her friends do, where she lives, so she persuaded me. That’s the problem with big sisters, they make you do stuff that you wouldn’t do, left to your own devices.’

‘It’s different for her though, the climate is a bit better than here and as she says, it’s common there, isn’t it?’

‘It’s not so rare here, either’ she replied.

‘Just that you’ve never done it though.’

‘There is that, but when you think of the things that some black women go through with their hair, it’s not surprising that some just shave it all off, is it really?’

‘I suppose not’ I said, barely able to take my eyes off her, while I took in the change. If anything, she was more striking without hair than with it. Her head was a fabulous shape, dark and sleek. She really was beautiful, and I told her too!

‘Thank you’ she said bashfully.

She told me more stories about her sister and what they got up to while she was here. It sounded like fun and certainly made the time whizz by. Our plates were emptied and we had drunk coffee without really noticing either process.

It was time to go.

‘I haven’t let you get a word in’ Jenna said.

‘There’s nothing to report that can match all of that’ I replied. It was true, what was there in my life that was worthy of a mention, faced with the adventures of my newly-madeover friend? We both had to go, but resolved to meet up again before too long when I would be able to talk to her without my chin being down on my chest.

When I got back to my desk I sent her a text. ‘You’re gorgeous’ I wrote. I meant it. Then it was back to the world of the mundane and the unremarkable.

We chatted on the phone a few days later and decided that we would meet on a weekend next time, as it was just too much of a rush trying to get together at lunchtime. It would be nice just to relax and drink wine without having to worry about going back to the office.

It was just typical that our next meeting was also dominated by developments in Jenna’s life. She now had a new man, and although he didn’t come with her, he was the new screensaver on her phone and was eager to make his presence felt. Although she told me all about it, the thing that stuck in my mind was that he was someone that she had known socially for a while, but it was only after she cut her hair off that he had asked her out. It had taken her a while to wheedle it out of him, but he eventually confessed that she had gone from a “maybe” to a “definite” once the razor had done its work. Well, at least one of us had scored, I thought.

‘You should try something different, you never know’ she said.

‘You mean that sitting in a club with my legs apart isn’t the right way to go about attracting a man. Shit, so that’s where I’ve been going wrong!’ I said. We both laughed.

‘Are you growing it out?’ I asked, looking at the fuzz on her scalp.

‘Tony won’t let me’ she replied with a wicked smile.

‘I’m so pleased to see that strong-minded, independent women are thriving’ I replied.

‘I’m going to get it cut after, if I’ve got time’ she said.

‘Don’t you do it yourself?’

‘I like having someone to do it for me and Tony got the shakes when he tried to do it, so he’s banned’ she said.

‘”Shakes” as in nervous?’ I asked.

‘”Shakes” as in horny’ she replied.


She nodded and winked her reply.

‘So no prizes for guessing what you’ll be doing tonight, then?’

There was that beautiful smile again. Bitch!

We chatted some more before I glanced at my watch.

‘Jeez, look at the time. Haven’t you got an appointment?’

‘They’ll take you without an appointment if they’re not busy. Anyway, if I don’t go today, I’ll get there next week.

‘But what about Tony?’

‘He’ll just have to wait’ she said.

‘I’m sure he’ll be devastated’ I replied.

She rubbed her scalp. ‘Absence makes the dick grow longer’ she said.

‘Jenna! Did you think of that yourself?’

No, it’s one of his’ she replied.

‘Well, we’d better get you down there. I would hate for him to be disappointed.’

‘He’ll do okay, though he puts in a bit more effort if I’ve just had it done!’

‘Less said the better’ I replied with a smile to cover my envy.

We paid and left. Jenna said that the salon she used wasn’t far, and true to her word we were there in five minutes.

‘How did you find this place?’ I asked, looking around me. We were down a side-street and there wasn’t really anything else to draw someone down here.

‘There’s this new invention. A thing called the “INTERNET”‘ she said, drawing out the last word.

‘Ah, I see’ I replied. ‘You must show it to me one day’ I added, joining in. I followed her into the salon.

It was a welcoming-looking place, seemingly prosperous, which surprised me. Obviously its customers went out of their way to visit, so that was a good sign.

‘Hi there’ the woman at reception said, flashing a smile.

‘Hi again’ Jenna said. ‘Have you got time for a quick cut?’ she asked.

‘Of course’ she replied. She was apparently not one to stand on ceremony or formality and before I knew it, Jenna was being directed into the styling area. I’ll just wait here, shall I, I thought. As if reading my mind, the woman was back. ‘You may as well come on through too’ she said, smiling at me. I thanked her and followed her in to where Jenna was already seated.

‘Sorry, I’m in the way’ I said, moving to one side.

‘Don’t worry about it. Have a seat there, we won’t be a minute’ she said, pointing to the styling seat next to Jenna’s. She was almost too nice. I sat down and tried to work out whether I should watch the proceedings or stare disinterestedly around me. Jenna reached out from under the cape that the woman had put over her and stretched as far towards me as she could. We sat like that while the woman took clippers to Jenna’s head and peeled away the fuzz that was there, revealing that glossy black scalp once more. It was even glossier when the woman used a razor and shaving foam to take away any last traces of hair from Jenna’s head. I sat fascinated while Jenna’s stunning appearance was restored by what I had always thought of as a masculine process. I squeezed her hand as the final razor stroke was made.

The stylist led Jenna over to the wash-station, leaving me with my thoughts. Everything said that taking away a woman’s hair would make her look less like a woman, but here was Jenna, stripped of any hair at all, looking radiant and sexy. Had to be those tits! I watched her reclining, watched her sit back up after a quick rinse and looked jealously as she slunk back towards me, one hand cupped to the back of her head.

‘All done’ she said.

‘Doesn’t take long, does it?’

‘Not at all’ she replied. ‘Takes longer to get here than to get sorted out these days.’

We gathered our things and left the salon, ready to do some serious shoe shopping. While we were waiting for a pair of killer-heels to be fetched from the stockroom, Jenna’s phone pinged.

‘Tony’ she said. ‘He’s coming to pick me up at 3.’

‘Can’t he wait?’

‘Apparently not!’

We still had some time to ourselves and used it wisely, safe in the knowledge that Tony was coming in to help with the carrying. It was an expensive afternoon!

At last I was able to meet Tony rather than just see him as a photo on Jenna’s phone. We agreed to meet up at a coffee shop and by the time we got there, he was waiting outside. What a charmer! He was relaxed and funny and seeing Jenna with him made me realise that I needed to get my personal life sorted out. He went off to the little boys’ room after a while.

‘Lucky bitch!’ I said once he was out of earshot. She smiled.

He came back from the toilet and caressed Jenna’s head lovingly as he passed her.

‘Doesn’t she look great?’ he said as he took his seat.

‘I can’t believe it’ I replied. It was true, I still couldn’t get over the way that she looked so good without hair.

‘She hasn’t managed to convince you yet, then?’ he asked.

What? Where did that come from?

‘To do what?’ I asked.

‘To do it too’ he clarified.

Jenna jumped in and covered Tony’s hand with hers.

‘Calm down, dear’ she said to him.

‘Just asking’ he said defensively.

‘She’s not mentioned it, no’ I replied, a little hesitantly.

There was a pause.

‘But would you?’ he asked.

‘Tony!’ Jenna chided.

‘It’s okay, he’s only asking’ I said, trying to restore the peace.

‘Sorry’ Tony said, picking up his cup.

‘Drink up, we’d better be going’ Jenna said pointedly.

‘Don’t go on my account’ I said, flashing my finest “it’s okay” smile at Tony.

‘I’m really sorry’ Tony repeated. ‘I thought she’d mentioned it.’

You could have heard a pin drop. I looked at Jenna.

‘Tony thought that I should suggest that you got yours done too, didn’t you Tony?’ she said.

It was getting awkward.

‘If it’s a look that he likes, then what’s the harm?’ I said, still trying to keep the day from descending into a fight. Tony said nothing. Jenna reached for her bag.

‘Can’t you stay for a while?’ I asked. I really didn’t want them to go while the storm clouds were lingering.

‘Well, it’s not as if we’ll be doing anything else if we go, is it Tony?’ she said pointedly. It appeared that Tony was no longer on a promise. We ordered another coffee and tried to get things back on track. After a few minutes we were actually laughing about it, so I was glad that they had stuck around rather than just leaving. We got to the end of those coffees and looked at each other, knowing that it was a good time to go.

‘Any plans for later?’ Jenna asked.

‘I thought I’d go and get my hair cut and then just take it from there’ I replied.

She looked daggers at me.

‘Joke!’ I said. ‘Sorry’ I added, realising that I had just picked at a scab that should have been left untouched. I couldn’t help but notice Tony’s expression. The guy really was interested in the idea of me getting my hair cut. Strange, particularly when you considered that he was about to go home for a roll in the hay with Jenna.

We said goodbye outside the coffee shop and headed in our respective directions. Well, that was a little more eventful than I had expected, I thought as I walked.

It was the following Monday before I heard from Jenna again. She sent a text apologising for Tony and I texted back telling her that there was absolutely no reason for either of them to apologise. “Thanks” she texted back.

Another text came on the Wednesday, suggesting a Saturday get-together for coffee and a chat. Seemed like a plan to me.

I had spent the time since the previous meeting thinking about Tony and what he’d said. He’d wanted Jenna to suggest that I should get my hair cut. What did he mean? Shaved off like hers? Why? What would he get out of it? I played the conversation over and over in my head and although his remarks baffled me, I had to agree that in the case of Jenna, he was right. She did look better without hair, but there was a gulf between her doing it and me doing it. That was my next challenge to myself. Why did I think there was a gulf there? Why should she be able to do it and not me? It took several cups of tea for me to work that one through my head, but in the end I stalled. I concluded that Jenna looked good without hair, that Tony preferred her to look that way and that she was the one getting fucked, not me! Okay, that last one was perhaps down to chance and maybe Tony was the only guy within a hundred miles who liked his women bald, but still…

Each day in the shower I found that I was annoyed by my hair. I spent time washing and drying it and that made me think about Jenna, who no longer had any of that hassle. By the Thursday morning I had decided that I’d had enough, but it was mid-morning before I picked up my phone.

‘Hi there’ I said when the phone was answered ‘I’d like to make an appointment.’

‘Have you been to us before?’

‘I’ve been with a friend, but I’ve not actually had my hair cut with you’ I replied.

‘So you liked the way we did your friend’s hair?’

‘Yes, I did’ I agreed.

‘Do you know who did it for her?’

‘I don’t know the name, I’m sorry. It was last Saturday. My friend had her head shaved, if that helps’ I replied.

‘Ah yes, Jenna, isn’t it?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘It’s me you’re after. I’m sorry, I should’ve introduced myself, given you my card. I’m Chrissie’ she said.

‘Hi, Chrissie, I’m Judith’ I said before wondering why I’d introduced myself like that.

‘You’re the one with blonde hair, that’s right isn’t it?’ she asked.

I was starting to wonder how long it would be before she actually told me whether she had any free appointments. I had work to do.

‘That’s me’ I said.

‘When were you thinking of coming in?’

‘I don’t suppose you could do after 5 tonight could you?’

‘As long as it’s not for a perm or anything like that, you’ll be okay.’

‘Definitely not a perm’ I replied.

‘How’s 5:15 sound?’ she asked.

‘Brilliant!’ I said, surprised at my enthusiasm.

‘So she’s convinced you to go for the chop has she?’ the stylist said.

‘More a case of me convincing myself, I think’ I replied.

We ended that call and I sat back in my chair, pleased with myself for actually making the call. How stupid was that? I’m a grown woman, surely it’s not something that should be considered an achievement if I can actually use a telephone for its intended purpose. I smiled and willed the rest of the day away.

It was only as I walked round to the salon that I started to have doubts about whether I was doing something silly or not. In the end I decided that I should be guided by the stylist. If she thought that I wouldn’t suit short hair then I would go with whatever she suggested. I doubted that she’d tell me to stick with what I had got, so I would be amazed if I came out with the same amount of hair that I had on the way in.

I was pleased to see her at reception when I got there, even though I was five minutes early.

‘Couldn’t wait?’ she said with a smile.

‘Something like that’ I replied.

‘Come on through then’ she said, not giving me time to catch my breath. I was about to do it, although I wasn’t sure what “it” was at that point. I headed for the same seat that Jenna had sat in, pleased in a way that the salon was empty.

‘You’re quiet’ I said.

‘Closed, actually’ she replied.

‘Really? I’m sorry, you should have said’ I replied.

‘It’s no problem, I just let the other girls go if there’s no-one booked in. I’d be here anyway, doing bits and pieces, so don’t worry about it.’

I sat down without being asked and slid my bag under the unit in front of me.

‘You really are ready to get started aren’t you?’ she said. She had a point. I declined the offer of coffee. I’d had more than enough before I came in, so that was the last thing that I needed. I was covered with a silvery-grey gown and there I was, ready for whatever she could come up with.

‘What are we doing then?’

‘To tell you the truth, I’m not sure’ I replied.

‘Okay, let’s take a step back. Why did you make an appointment?’

‘I liked the atmosphere when I was here with Jenna’ I replied.

‘That’s good to hear. You’ve no idea how hard I try to get the place feeling right. Somewhere that people feel comfortable’ she replied.

‘It’s worked. It doesn’t feel empty like some salons’ I replied.

‘Excellent, that’s what I was trying for’ she replied.

So we’d established that I liked the surroundings. That didn’t really advance the cause. We talked about work, hobbies, fashion, all manner of things and then she wrong-footed me.

‘So, am I shaving you too?’ she asked.

For some reason, I hadn’t expected her to be quite so direct. I hesitated.

‘Don’t say you haven’t thought about it’ she said.

‘Probably not as directly as that’ I replied.

‘But you like the way that Jenna looks, like the idea that she just jumps out of the shower and is ready in a couple of minutes.’


‘But you hadn’t got as far as thinking about doing it yourself?’

‘Jenna’s boyfriend joked about it, but I was just thinking about going short. Changing my image, that sort of thing.’

‘But you don’t think you could carry off the bald look the way that she does?’

‘Not really.’

‘What if I told you that it would suit you even more than it suits her?’

‘I wouldn’t believe you’ I replied with a nervous smile.

‘It makes no difference to me whether you do or you don’t. Same price, whatever we do.’

‘Is that what you said to Jenna?’

‘No, she just sat down and told me to shave her head. The decision was made and the deed was done.’

‘No need for persuasion then?’

‘Not at all, but then I’m not going to persuade you either’ she replied.

‘Pleased to hear it.’

‘I do need to know what we’re doing though. It makes it easier that way’ she replied with a chuckle.

‘I don’t know’ I said. It was true, I didn’t. ‘Would it really suit me?’ I asked, not sure why. I thought back to my shock at seeing Jenna bald for the first time, but then how the shock turned into appreciation of what she had done, how good it made her look.

‘Yes, it would’ she replied.

‘Okay’ I said, unable to disguise the uncertainty in my voice.

‘Okay, what?’ she asked, peering at me more closely.

‘Okay, do it’ I said, feeling slightly more resolute, although not by much.

‘Do you want me to do it in stages?’ she asked.

‘Just tell me when to open my eyes’ I replied, letting the nerves and excitement wash over me. Had I really just given some woman the go-ahead to shave my hair off?

The next voice I heard in the debate was mechanical. A humming sound somewhere to my side. My eyes were closed. I wanted to prepare myself, but I wasn’t sure what for. I didn’t know what it would feel like, whether it would hurt. I hadn’t asked Jenna if they had hurt. Could she cut me with those things? I didn’t think so, but you never know. What was she going to do? It was obviously going to be short if she was going for the clippers straight off, but how short?

‘Sure?’ I heard her ask.

‘No, but do it anyway’ I replied in a final act of bravado.

I felt something stroke my scalp, across the top of my head.

‘You can open your eyes now’ she said.

‘Really?’ I asked, opening just my right eye, rather gingerly. My cautious approach didn’t change the picture that I was seeing. I had a parting a couple of inches wide. The area where my previous parting had been was now occupied by scalp, asserting its new-found freedom. It was revelling in its unobstructed view of the world.

‘Glad to see that you’re easing me in gently’ I said.

‘Saves going round the houses. We’d have got here eventually, so I thought we’d take a short-cut’ she said, smiling at her own pun.

‘You really think so?’

‘Definitely. You’d just want to keep going until you’d experienced exactly what Jenna had.’ She widened my parting and with a couple of strokes, the top of my head was bald.

‘Too late for a comb-over?’ I asked.

She replied by sweeping the clippers up the side of my head. The measured strokes were making short work of my hair, some of which was lying in my lap, but the bulk of it was tumbling to the floor.

What was I going to say at work? I’d have to get a wig, but where would I get one at this time of night? I’d have to go in late. Go wig shopping and then go to work. I watched the stranger emerge in the mirror. “Bald Judith”. “Judith’s bald”. I played with the words in my head. How many times would I hear them in the coming days?

“Hello, stranger” I said to myself as the last visible tress disappeared. I thought of all the money that I had spent on my hair over the years and now it was lying on the floor. I remembered the times that I thought that a stylist had cut off more than I wanted them to and how annoyed that had made me. How stupid it made me feel now. None of them had ever cut it above my chin and now here I was with nothing. I’d got what I had asked for, what I’d come for and I decided that I was probably going to like it. That surprised me. Chrissie wasn’t even finished, but I could sense that I would like myself with no hair.

The blades of the clippers were replaced by Chrissie’s palm as she ran it quickly over my scalp.

‘You see, I told you you’d look great’ she said, watching me watching myself.

‘I’m at the “not hideous” stage. It’ll take me a while to get to the “looks great” stage, I think’ I replied.

‘By the time I’ve finished, you’ll be at the “gorgeous” stage’ she said.

It was time to feel the coldness of the shaving foam and the caress of a different kind of razor. I was more confident about this part. It was a safety razor after all, no different to shaving your legs. Except that it was my head and I was bald and I would have to go out like that. I stopped myself from going any further. I may as well relax, I told myself. I was bald, and there was nothing that I could do about it, even if I did try to hide beneath a wig. I eased into the gentle strokes of the razor and closed my eyes.

I was actually mildly annoyed when Chrissie stopped and the razor strokes were replaced by a towel wiping across my scalp. I opened my eyes to see my head framed between Chrissie’s towel-covered hands.

‘Basin’ I said, knowing that a quick rinse was the next part of the process from watching Jenna go through the same thing.

In no time, I was rinsed, dried and sitting gownless back at the styling station. I reached up to feel my scalp. It was so strange. The closest comparison that I could think of was my freshly shaven pussy, but that wasn’t something that I felt comfortable saying out loud at that moment. It had been hairy, now it was smooth. Different. Sexy. Better than with hair!

‘Well, what’s the verdict?’ Chrissie asked, standing back from me a little.

‘It’s short’ I said, smiling.

‘That it is’ she confirmed.

‘It might take me a few days, but I think I’ll like it’ I added.

‘That’s understandable, it’s a big change’ she said.

I stood up and headed out to reception.

‘Thanks for staying for me’ I said, handing over payment. I took the card that was offered and made a mental note to put the number in my phone. Although the bald head might not necessarily be repeated, a trip to Chrissie definitely would. I left the salon, leaving my hair behind, and walked down the street towards my car. I felt the breeze find new ways to caress my naked scalp and revelled in the new sensations. Who knew that the wind could be so sensual?

Going into work the next day was a different matter. My bravado had disappeared by the time I left the car park and headed into reception. The security guy took a moment to recognise me and then didn’t really know what to do. Awkward. That was pretty much the same as I got into my office. I decided just to let everyone have a look and have their say and then went about my business. By lunchtime the excitement had died down and I was just me again. I’m sure that there were plenty of comments in the break room, but I rarely went in there at the best of times and certainly wouldn’t have ventured in there as a new baldy!

The next bridge to cross was Jenna. Her face was an absolute picture when she saw me. She couldn’t believe that I had done it.

I should’ve said that Tony was with her, intending to drop her off, but for some reason he decided to stay! He put a bit of a dampener on things in a way, as we couldn’t be all girly-screamy with him around, which I’m sure the other patrons in the coffee shop were pleased about. The tone increased when he went to the little boys’ room. When he came back, Jenna went.

‘What’s this, a relay?’ I commented.

He smiled at me nervously. Then I found out why. He handed me a business card. ‘If you need help shaving, call me’ he said.

‘Does Jenna know you’re offering?’

‘Probably best that she doesn’t’ he replied.

‘She said that your hand isn’t the steadiest’ I replied, hoping that it would put him off if I knew.

‘It’s still better than trying to do it yourself’ he replied.

‘Thanks’ I said, putting the card in my bag, conscious that Jenna could come back at any moment. I was sure that she would sense the guilt when she came back. I found it difficult to concentrate on what she was saying once she did come back and conversation resumed. I actually found myself saying that I needed to go, because I was sure that something would give away the fact that Tony and I had a guilty secret.

I looked at that card many times over the coming days, wondering what Tony’s game was.

‘Hi Tony, it’s Judith’ I said when my resolve crumbled.

‘Can I ring you back’ he said. That wasn’t a good start. It was two hours before my phone rang.

‘Judith, I’m sorry. I was a bit tied up with work’ he said. Liar.

‘Doesn’t matter. I was just curious about why you gave me your card’ I said.

‘I want to help you. Help you shave.’ At least he was honest, I thought.

‘Does Jenna know?’

‘Not yet. She’s busy, you know.’

‘Don’t you think she’d want to know that you were offering to help me?’

‘I think she’d be happy that I’m offering to help you.’

That’s one name for it, I thought.


‘So when do you want to do it?’

‘Tomorrow afternoon, if you like’ I said.

We made arrangements and then I sat staring at my phone, the guilt already welling up. How could I do that to Jenna? I made another call.

The following morning I went into town, did what I had to do and then went home to get ready for Tony. I kept telling myself that I should ring and tell him not to come, but the stupid thing was that I wanted him to, regardless of whether Jenna found out or not.

The doorbell rang, my stomach leapt. I answered it and tried to look casual, knowing that I was probably not doing a very good job of it. My eyes met Tony’s as the door swung open.

‘Hi Tony, come in’ I said, turning back down the hallway. I led him to the lounge and indicated where he could sit.

I could see him looking at me intently. Curiosity turned to confusion.

‘I had it done this morning.’

‘Why didn’t you ring me?’

‘Did you really want to shave a few day’s stubble? You could do that with Jenna.’

He stood up.

‘May I?’ he asked, a hand outstretched towards my scalp.

I closed my eyes as he stroked. I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

‘May I?’ I asked, my own hand poised inches from his crotch.

It was the most natural thing in the world to unzip him. It was also the kindest, because it must have been really uncomfortable for him to have what I found in his pants constrained like that. I’ve seen bigger dicks on the internet, but his was very respectable indeed and it was certainly the biggest that I had ever encountered up close and personal. I tried to get as much of him in my mouth as I could, but there are limits to what you can do. Jenna was a lucky girl to have that at her beck and call. I tried to put her out of my mind as I bobbed my head backwards and forwards, trying to get a little more in my mouth with each movement. I gagged. He stroked the back of my head gently, caressing me as I tried to do the impossible. He let go and took his shirt off, eased his jeans down as far as he could while he was still buried in the face of a bald woman!

I drew back, releasing him from my mouth, eyes guiltily looking upwards as I slipped my tee-shirt over my head. In seconds I was easing myself onto him, eyes closed, as I asked more of my pussy than I’d ever asked before. I opened my eyes again so that I could look at him, lying prone beneath me. Our eyes met. He reached up and grabbed my boobs. I hoped that he wouldn’t be disappointed by my more modest boobs, but he certainly didn’t seem like he was going to dismiss them. He played with my hardening nipples, easing himself up so that he could lick them. His sit-up forced me backwards, allowing me to arch my back. He eased back, eyes trailing down my body, lingering on my pussy, gorged with his cock. I lowered my gaze to match his and couldn’t believe how sexy it was to see my comparatively pale skin split by the darkness of his cock. He wasn’t even all the way in! I squeezed him, he bucked, I gasped. There was more.

‘You win the prize’ I said, squeezing him again.

He gave me that curious look again, gave me another thrust. He was fully home now, the tip of his cock nestled somewhere between my lungs, at least that’s what it felt like. We traded squeezes and thrusts, slowly, tantalising each other.

‘You’re the one that got the coffee and the cream’ I said breathlessly. I had to explain it to him, explain the office banter.

‘I like my coffee to have froth on the top’ he said, deftly re-arranging us so that I was on all fours. It felt like he was even deeper inside me. He spent the next ten minutes frothing my cream, making me think about the neighbours and the glances that I would get next time I saw them. I couldn’t help it, the only thing I could do was bite the back of my hand as he fucked me, stroked my scalp, licked the back of my head. If I’d had hair, I am sure that he would have used it to pull my head backwards as he came. As it was, he gripped me under my arms, pulled me into him, pulled me upright as far as he could while staying inside me and then gave me everything he had in one final thrust.

We lay spent on the carpet, getting our breath back. The waves of pleasure quickly turning to guilt.

‘What do I tell Jenna?’ I asked after a minute or so.

‘That depends.’

‘On what?’

‘On whether you want to lose her as a friend’ he replied with surprising honesty.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers round his exhausted dick.

‘If you ever breath a word to her, this gets strangled’ I said, giving him a small taste of what would happen. I felt him stir.

‘If we can’t do this ever again, how about just once more?’ he said.

‘You’re a very bad man’ I said, leaning my bald head in to his shoulder. I gave him a minute or so to recover and then disregarded my friendship with Jenna all over again.

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