Frightening Experience at the Barbershop-A True Story

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It was a beautiful summer….To be continued

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    1. Thanks Stacey. I have written this story sometime ago but still in need of some fine tuning before publishing.It will be my first in here though I have written a total of 26 stories, some dating back to high school days,University as well as off and on during my current professional working career.Will be publishing in no time soon.Anyway, I like reading your stories as well as others here


  1. Wow!!A nice surprise to have you here and with 26 stories to your credit, I can’t wait to read your first publication.I understand you are a busy lawyer and a businesswoman,just like I am, a doctor;so it is understandable if you needed sometime to edit before publishing..By the way, thanks for the haircut you had given me at your barbershop,once owmed by your grandparents.You are a pro in handling the clippers and the way you shivers me before the actual haircut makes it a plus point.Now I have been your barbershop but your workers refuse payment.I feel bad.Looking forward to reading all your stories.How about your most recent head shave you related to me was very erotic.Please include that too.Thanks.

    1. Dr.Veronica,
      It is really nice you are keeping track on the latest stories here.Unfortunately, I have yet to publish any stories but once the editing is done and time permits, it will be published.As for your request in having me to publish the most recent headshave that I had, it is unlikely as it is way too erotic.Besides being tied-up in the bulky barber chair and totally naked, many events took place.Glad that you enjoyed the haircut at my barbershop.I have instructed my barberettes that you be given one year free haircuts services excluding slimming, full body massage, sugaring, bikini waxing and personalised (breast and groin) rejuvenation services.Enjoy the free unlimited number of haircuts for a year.It is a unisex barbershop and your friends can come along but will be charged accordingly.Do remind your friends that it is a barbershop.If you bring along a girl for haircuts here,do remind her.We only do proper haircuts.Anyway, my first story involves me and my little brother at the barbershop and the frightening experience I had.Hope to get it publish soon.

  2. Gisele,
    Thank you sweetheart.It is nice to be given a little luxury.I have now been going for my weekly maintenance haircuts.I like the way the treatments your barberettes have given me.Very and friendly.I just had a haircut at your barbershop a few days ago, to be precise on Saturday.I was really fortunate to have your little sister attending to me.She introduced to me as your little sister.It was the first time meeting her.Both of you do really look alike.Atva glance I thought it was you but not possible as you recently had your head shave unless you are wearing a wig.We had petty chats.While she was giving haircuts with clippers, she said she is here to gain some living skills experience and she just turn 17 today(Saturday).She also told me she is here temporarily as she is still schooling.Both of you do really have thick and healthy blond hair.We further chatted and the subject of head shave was brought-up.I asked her if she had any shorter haircuts or a buzz cuts before other than her present super thick waist length natural blonde hair.In a joking manner, she said only a crazy person would do that and prefer having it that way.On questioning her further if your sister one day comes back home bald.Spontaneously,she said my sister always comes home with full of hair.She added that her sister forbids her from getting any shorter haircuts as she is into ballet dancing and swimming.She also said she secured her hair with a net whenever she dances or swim.Wow!! it looks like someone is hiding something from her little sister.Maybe is a good thing afterall, older sister protecting and keeping her little sister safe.I thank her for the superb haircut with clippers and treated her with a drink.Anyway, will be looking forward to you first story here and the rest.

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