Game/Fetish/Obsessed part II

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It didn’t work to her advantage this time! Kale’s wedding was at 6pm, and Cheryl said she was stopping for a super light trim, just a clean up, before the wedding that night. A quip trip to the store for a gift card and a bag, a stop by the barbers, and she’s good to go. “I’ll be home around 4 sweetie, just dropping by Cho’s for a clean up before the wedding- I’ll be home in plenty of time for us to be there by 5:30”

Lying in bed the night before, Cheryl mentioned she was stooping in for a quick “clean up” nothing drastic- ‘I don’t want the just cut look at the wedding, you know sometimes she gets a bit aggressive with the clippers..” she insisted, but did agree her hair was a bit shaggy…

A quick call to Cho’s the next morning went like this…

Hi Cho, this is Kevin..

“Long time no see – you come in for haircut”?

“No, not me Cho – Cheryl wanted me to make sure you guys weren’t busy – she’s stopping in for a cut, we are heading to a wedding out of town, we’ll be gone for a few weeks. Can you take her down to the skin, you know how haircuts 2 weeks prior to a wedding grow out!

“No worries Mr Kevin, I take her down to skin, maybe a 5 -zero, it grow out well in 2 weeks !

“Thanks Cho – I’ll go ahead and take care of the cut, can you take my card information please?

As I paid – I thanked Cho for her attention to my wife and added a $20 tip. ‘remember, the shorter the better” as I hung up the phone..

The call from Cheryl the next afternoon came in @ 3:30 pm.

“You know I look like a fucking Marine, you dickhead, what the fuck did you tell her”

“What do you mean sweetie, tell who”?

“Stop with your bullshit, you paid for my haircut already- don’t act link a dickhead”- I told you I didn’t want to look like I just had a haircut – she always fucking goes too short, she even balded my neckline.

“It will be real good in 2 weeks for wedding” Cho told her….

“What happened with that sweetie”?

“Fuck off you asshole, I told you I did NOT want to look like I’ve been scalped – especially with your fucking ex – bitch Jocelyn coming to the wedding. She didn’t say a fucking word, just pushed my head down and started cutting… God damn it – I wanted to piss that bitch off, but now, I look like a fucking GI fresh from boot camp.

‘You don’t have to go to the wedding sweetie, it’s just your niece, she’ll never know” – What happened”?

“Fuck off, you know good and damn well what happened. She fucking butchered my hair, down to the skin and said that you told her we were going to a wedding in 2 weeks.. It’s in 2 fucking hours, you asshole..

Just meet me at the venue sweetie, there’s probably no need to go home and fix your hair, right???”

We sat in the front row at the ceremony – Cheryl’s nape shining in the sun due to the outside wedding…

“I love your hair Cheryl, so short and tight – kinda military looking, but you can definitely pull it off” Jocelyn said as she walked past Cheryl in the lobby…

“Kevin used to buzz mine short just like that as I had his cock deep in my mouth. Did he use the triple 000 or the 5 – 00000 – I loved the triple, it was always so refreshing on my nape. But that was long ago, I was really over the whole GI Jane shit after a few years. You seem to enjoy it… Best of luck with Kevin, he is really good with those clippers!


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