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Stella was a top rated steamer on the streaming website Mixer. She was one of the best First Person Shooter streamers in the world. Constantly getting thousands of people to tune into her stream and watch her decimate lobbies of players. Stella saw herself as the first female streamer who could challenge top male gamers and win. She was already winning the subscriber battle, with over 2.5 million subs. Her good looks may have also had something to do with it. With DD breasts, blues eyes, a perfect smile, and waist length hair that was constantly changing colors, she was a stunning beauty whose look attached many guys to her channel.

What really pissed Stella off, was all the trolls. They would post on her stream that she had no skill. That people only watched her because she was hot. That she only got wins because she was playing in multiplayer lobbies. If she moved over to a battle royale, she would never be able to get a win. When Stella saw these posts she would become enraged. “Who the fuck do you think you are? I will destroy you you little piece of shit. Come find me in multiplayer and I will t-bag you endlessly.” She always had something savage to through out, but her impulsive responses would be her downfall.

One day, Stella was in the middle of a particularly good stretch. Averaging 40 kills to 4 deaths in all her matches so far. She was annihilating players. A user called “shvedndeprved69” kept commenting on her stream. “You are so ass. Bet you can’t get a win in BR.” Stella tried to ignore it at first, after all her publicist had been chastising her for months about all the yelling and retaliating to trolls on her stream. But soon, the whole chat started to spam what he said. Her chat box was nothing but viewers posting “You are so ass. Bet you can’t get a win in br.” And endless wave of this post. Finally, Stella cracked. “You simps think I can’t get a W in BR huh? Alright if I can’t get a W in BR in the next 24 hours, I will give you all 24 hrs to vote on my next hairstyle.”

Stella immediately switched over to the BR, Warzone. She logged in and started with Solos, where every player was on a team by themselves. As she dropped in, she was confident. “There is no way I don’t get a win, I am too good!” She thought. But sure enough, within a few minutes after landing, she encountered another player only to find herself eliminated shortly thereafter. The next 23 hours were largely the same. Stella would drop in in a new area, sometimes with a squad of other players and sometimes playing solo. She would loot guns and ammo, complete tasks and purchase items. But inevitably, before the game ended, she would get gunned down before she could call herself champion. Polls were already appearing in the chat. “What hairstyle should Stella get? Shaved head and brows: 501345 votes, buzz cut: 500256, Mohawk: 456362” The polls were getting in her head. “I still have an hour left you stupid sluts.”

Little did Stella realize, her viewers were never going to let her win. They were stream sniping. The viewers would all try to join the match Stella was in. Then they would all hunt her down during the game, making it virtually impossible for her to get a win, no matter how good she was.

Despite this, with 10 minutes left in the bet, Stella was one of 3 players left in a match. She had plenty of ammo left in her assault rifle and her position was perfectly in the zone. She was in a building which she had protected with mines at every entrance and from the windows she had a perfect view of the battlefield, plus with her headset she could hear even the slightest movement of her opponents. Despite this, with 5 minutes left in the bet, the other two players were still alive, she hadn’t heard them move once, not even to fight each other. Stella had to make a play or risk losing her crowning glory. She jumped through the window and parachuted down to the ground. She ran back through the door to her building, searching endlessly for where the other players could be hiding. Then she figured it out, they were on the roof, the one place she had failed to secure. “But why weren’t they killing each other?” “These fucking pussies are teaming! These fucking cheaters!” Stella screamed into the mic. She charged up the stairs. She engaged a player lying prone to her right and quickly melted him with well placed headshots. Yet she took quite a bit of damage as well. She had no armor left. As she went to recharge her armor, the other player kept from his hiding place. At first his shots missed. Stella had time. She shouldered her gun and began firing. Her bullets were hitting. But then, just before she eliminated the last player, she ran out of ammo. She hadn’t reloaded after her last firefight. The opposing player quickly eliminated her. Stella still has 30 more second left of the timer, she tried to enter a game, she even extended the bet. “If I don’t win this one, you guys can do my hair however you want.” But alas, even with the one extra match, Stella still couldn’t get a win. In fact, she was eliminated by “shvedndeprved69.”

Stella quickly realized what had happened. She began seeing videos of her viewers teaming and stream sniping, doing everything they could to prevent her from getting a win. “There’s no way they can hold me to this bet,” Stella thought as she fingered her dyed blue hair. “No matter what I’m not shaving my head.” Nervously, she looked over at the poll. Somehow, a new leader in the poll had emerged. Permanently shaved head and brows now led the poll with 758,934 votes. “You sick fucks,” Stella yelled at her viewers, “you want me to be permanently bald! You fuckers are crazy to think I would ever do that!”

As soon as her rant ended the comments poured in. “You stupid bitch, you can’t back out now!” “If she backs out all of us are gonna boycott you!” “If you don’t do it, you’ll never have viewers again!”

Stella was done with the stream. She abruptly turned it off and paced around her house. There was no way she was gonna make herself permanently bald! That’s crazy! Her viewers were psychopaths. I’ll stream tomorrow and these idiots wont even remember the bet. Yet, over the course of the next week’s streams, Stella never topped more than 40 viewers. Even those few people were commenting on her stream, “Isn’t this that bitch who lost the bet?” “When is she shaving off those pretty blue locks?” Stella knew there was no way this could continue. She could outlast them. She had saved quite a bit of money over the last few years, enough for her to live without any income for a few months. These viewers were not going to see her bald, let alone watch her make it permanent!

As the months went by, the viewers did not return. She never got more than 50 viewers over the course of any stream. And the comments were always referencing her bet that she lost, not her streams. Even when she streamed topless for a whole 24 hours, she couldn’t get and increase in viewership. Over this time, Stella was receiving package upon package of haircutting supplies. One box contained clippers. Another scissors. Razors and shaving cream next. “Perma-Shine: root destroyer” came in one box. Another was a set of cheap wigs in all different colors. Other packages contained photoshopped images of Stella bald and browless. Others contained notes pledging vast amounts of money that would be “donated” to her stream if she followed through with the bet.

Finally, after 5 months, Stella couldn’t take it anymore. She was out of options. No significant numbers of viewers had attended her streams since the bet. She had no income coming in, and because she had no other skills to fall back on, she had no way to find a different job. The packages from her viewers had still rolled in, and by this time she had quite a stockpile of haircutting and shaving supplies, including a barber chair that needed to be assembled, several different types of clippers and scissors, and various creams, gels, and syringes from China that purported to result in permanent hair removal when used. Stella took a look at all these products while she logged into her bank account. Only $65.73 left in her account. Her savings were gone and with no future Stella knew what she had to do. The letters from her viewers had promised exorbitant donations. Maybe the loss of her locks would even bring her more viewers? With that, Stella sent out a single tweet: “Tonight. 8pm. The bet is on.”

At 8pm, Stella turned on her camera and began streaming. She was seated in the barber’s chair one of the viewers had sent her. As soon as her stream logged on, the viewers began pouring in. Within 5 minutes she already had 500,000 people viewing her livestream. This was it, this was her moment.

“Alright, you perverts,” Stella said, as she faced the camera from the  barber’s chair, “Its time for what you all have been waiting for. This is the video from the infamous bet stream. You all asked for this.” Stella was wearing her most lowcut top, and her blue hair was cascading over her shoulders. “First things first,” she said, “its time to chop these tresses down a bit.”

Finally, Stella started her transformation. She picked up a pair of barbering scissors and began hacking at her long blue hair. Clumps began to fall to the ground as Stella chopped into her hair haphazardly. Her heart was pounding in her chest, but as the donations began rolling in, she knew she had made the right decision. $100 from BigTime69 – “Yeah chop that hair off!” $50 from Simpian371 – “Can’t wait to see what those clippers are gonna do!” Donations like that kept pouring in. With all this money, Stella would be able to purchase some very nice wigs to go on her new bald scalp. Long blue hair was cascading to the floor as Stella hacked the scissors into her long locks. Soon, Stella’s hair was reduced to a pixie, cut carelessly as the uneven locks left on her head resembled a bowl cut with longer tufts still waiting to be severed in the back. As she reached behind her head to clip these tresses shorter, a message came through on the stream. “Can’t go any shorter with the scissors. Time to fire up those clippers!” This message was from CreepyClipperB777.

Stella looked in the mirror. Her once waist long hair was now an inch or two in length at most. Stella grabbed the clippers. She knew it was time. She resigned herself to her fate. She took a deep breath and fired them up. Their hum filled the air. Her subscribers watched as she raised the clippers up to her hairline. Finally, they found their way and plowed down the middle of her head. Short blue hairs sailed through the air as Stella buzzed the remnants of her beautiful locks into nothing more than stubble. When she was left with nothing more than a buzzcut, Stella had only one more thing to do in order to complete her bet with her subscribers.

Stella pulled out the tub of Perma-Shine and unscrewed the lid. The cream smelled strongly of chemicals, but Stella knew what she had to do. She dipped her hands into the cream and began to spread it over her buzzed head. Slowly she lathered up her hair for the last time.  She began to feel a tingling sensation as she covered her shortened locks with the cream. When her whole head was covered with the cream her scalp began to feel warm. She dipped her finger into the cream and swiped it over her right eyebrow, then she did the same with the left. Soon the last remnants of her hair would be removed from her scalp.

The cream on her head and eyebrows began to grow warmer and warmer, until her scalp was radiating heat. Stella typed into her chat, “Time to follow the directions and shower this hair off of me. The next time you see me, you will be saying hello to the hairless, browless Stella.” Just as she stood up to leave her streaming studio, a direct message popped into her feed. “Use the green paste and the mouthguard and I will make it worth your while.” Stella glanced around her room. She saw the green paste and picked it up. “What the fuck,” she thought, “this says “Teeth-Be-Gone, Painless tooth removal. This freak wants to see me toothless?” Stella wasn’t sure. On the one hand, without her hair and eyebrows she wouldn’t be able to date a regular guy anymore. What would happen if she didn’t have teeth either? But on the other hand, she was already bald and browless for life, so how much worse would it be to be toothless too? Plus this freak would probably pay a small fortune to see her teeth fall out. She decided to test the waters and replied, “How much would you be willing to offer? If the sum is high enough, I will do it for you in private.” She then grabbed her phone and ducked into the bathroom to wash the Perma-Shine off of her head.

As Stella stepped into the shower, the cream began to foam up as the water hit her head and she watched in amazement as the remnants of her hair washed down the drain. As the cream washed off her scalp, she began to feel the sensation of the water running over her smooth bald head. It felt amazing. Maybe there were some perks to not having hair, plus she would save a killing on shampoo. When she stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror, she was shocked. She looked so different with a bald head and no eyebrows. However, Stella was certain she still looked beautiful albeit in a different way that she had when she had hair. She smiled in the mirror and then used her lips to hide her teeth. “What will I look like if I take that guy’s offer she thought?”

As she returned to her streaming room, she was greeted with the resounding sound of donations pouring in. “Holy fuck she’s a smooth goddess!” “She’s even hotter without hair.” Clearly her subscribers were smitten with her new look. Stella opened her dm’s while she soaked in the praise of her subscribers. She audibly gasped when she read the number the man had quoted. Not only was it higher than what she had imagined, it was a fortune. Enough money for her to live like a celebrity for her entire life and still have a fortune left over. Stella ran her tongue over her teeth. Looks like her day was not over quite yet.


To be continued….

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