Getting Shaved 2

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After the guy was hairless, he asked the owner if the machine does anything else beside shave hair? The owner said no but there is a room in the back that is set up for the manual works. Would you like to do that? The man said sure but I’m already shaved. The owner said we can either reshave or just continue? The man chose to get shaved again but this time with the foil shaver all over his body including his head and privates. After the shave the barber took a hose that was attached to a vacuum and vacuumed him off. He enjoyed this but the next part had him turned on. His privates were getting exfoliated with a power brush. Then came the buffer. His whole body got buffed especially his privates. He wanted to come everyday but couldn’t because that’s usually used for punishment and he didn’t have anybody to get punished by.

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