Getting shaved 3

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After a couple months of not seeing the guy come in for a regular haircut, the owner called him and demanded him to come to the shop for a trim. The man arrived and the owner couldn’t believe how long his hair had grown. The owner brought him back to the room where he’s going to get the works but this time it’s automatic. He got everything shaved, vacuumed, and buffed. He was not happy because he was strapped down.

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  1. Sammie,

    Well done! Excellent! Perfect! Another five sentence masterpiece! What a unique concept! How original! Apparently five sentences is all it takes to write a compelling story these days. You are truly a literary force to be reckoned with, Sammie. You have simply redefined what it takes to be a writer capable of producing such riveting prose. Well done, Sammie. Well done!

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