Girls Buzzed at the Barber College

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The local barber school decided to have a special day for girls and women’s haircuts. All s haircuts and stylings would be just $5.v

The school called Barberrama Barber College was in the local suburban strip mall. It was quite large with 20 old fashioned barber chairs lined up in two rows of 10 with the waiting area between the rows in the middle.


They advertised the event for two weeks including flyers posted at the area schools. Girls at the local high school were talking about it, and a number were planning on going, saying what a great deal it was.


It was a Saturday and a number of girls were already lined up waiting for them to open. As they were usually pretty busy on Saturdays, there were always some guys waiting early to get in. Usually they only used 7 or 8 chairs at any one time, but the school anticipated a big turn out and scheduled most of the students and instructors so they could use the full 20 chairs.


The students and instructors were excited by the large turnout. Everyone took a number and the instructor announced for the first 20 numbers to get right in the chairs.


The girls all had various lengths and styles, everything from pixie cuts to bobs, shoulder length and some long to their waist.


Most of the girls knew that they mostly did short buzz cuts and boys haircuts, so most were not surprised.


Some were very nervous having never been to a barber shop, let alone in a barber school where almost everyone was getting buzzed with clippers.


One girl with a cute bob said she had never been buzzed before and couldn’t wait to feel the clippers up her nape. The student barber who had a very short tapered boys haircut, responded, I love the feel of the steel and the vibrating on my nape and neck as I get buzzed. It’s quite a turn on, you are going to love this.


With that the girl watched as her barber tilted her head forward and pushed the heavy duty Oster clippers up her nape, leaving a white strip behind.


During the morning girls continued to come in and sat to await their turn. With the usual boys, they were up to number 160 by early afternoon.


The guys couldn’t believe the sight of almost 20 girls lined up in the two rows of barber chairs, all in various stages of being shorn of their locks.


Most would leave with very short haircuts, and many looking like boys. Several of the girls with long hair went for extreme cuts with the sides shaved.


There were about 25 women in their 30’s who came in that day, most wanting or ending up with short clipper cuts.


A couple of times they announced that they were doing complimentary bush shavings and landing strips. Several girls jumped at that offer and were escorted to the back, where 4 stations were set up with chairs with stirrups. The students would take turns, as this was a good opportunity to hone their skills buzzing and shaving girl’s beavers and landing strips.


The girls were told to strip to their bras and panties and have a seat where their legs were strapped to the stirrups and then their legs were spread eagle.


The students would ask the girls if they wanted wide or narrow landing strips or if they preferred to be mowed completely down and shaved like a baby.


They then buzzed the girls with the Oster 76 clippers, either to landing strips or completely. Finally shaved with a straight razor.


The instructor would observe and then closely inspect the students work, feeling the girls stubble for smoothness and evenness.


This was a new experience for most of the younger customers, especially the high school students. Some were getting very wet and experiencing their first orgasm.


Needless to say, this was a very popular option. Some came out and told their friends that you have got to try this.


A few guys went to the back to use the bathroom and were able to get a peak at the girls. The sight of four girls lined up with their legs spread eagle in the stirrups with their bushes being buzzed or lathered with shaving cream, gave them instant erections making them hard as a rock. It was something they would never forget and be talking about for years.


Before leaving the special services area the instructors offered nipple piercing. If desired they could choose plain small hoops, hoops with chains attached, or studs that went through. The studs would really show much more through their bras and even their blouses and dresses.


A number of girls both large or small tits went for this, again complimentary service, and they could get one or both breasts done.


By the end of the day over 250 numbers had been called. Only 3 girls had jumped out of the barber’s chair and ran out as the clippers were about to buzz their hair.

A lot of the girls and women became regular customers, returning to get their new short cuts cleaned up and buzzed.

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