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This isn’t a story. It’s a reaction to recent cynical manipulation of the voting system on this site against my stories, some of which had been in the ‘Highest rated’ category for a considerable time. I’m aware that something like this happened on the previous story site “1hss”, where the moderator had to introduce an algorithm to stop people rating stories with a ‘1’ without even having taken the time to read them. This happened to a new story that I published a few days ago (which I then removed) and yesterday my stories were targetted to remove them from view, probably by someone trying to replace them with their own.

I’ve been submitting stories to sites for 20 years and I know that some people have enjoyed them. They take time, they take effort, which is wasted when this happens. I’ve now removed all of my stories and won’t be publishing again. Thank you to those who have taken the time to post comments or to email me over the years.



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  1. That is a great shame. Every single one of your stories has been excellent. I hope that you have second thoughts and that the administrators can resolve the issue. I have thought that the voting system has been open to abuse for some time. I really hope that I will be able to read more of your stories again in the future!

  2. It’s hard not to sometimes take the low scores personally. Taking criticism is always hard, but here it can feel especially mean spirited.

    These stories, can be so very personal to us too. Sometimes I worry, that I have made some of mine too personal. I pour bits of myself into them, I discover things about myself while I am writing them. I assume we all do, so when they get rejected, it can feel like we are being rejected as people.

    I always just figure a lot of the low scores are more about personal taste than my writing. I know I have gotten complaints because my characters never end up shaved smooth. (It isn’t part of my fantasies, so why would they.) But that’s part of it, we write what moves us. It’s just unfair to criticize someone’s good stories, just because they don’t line up to someone else’s fantasy. It has nothing to do with the actual quality of the writing, just fantasies we have little control over.

    And putting down someone else’s stories to boost one’s own position is stupid. This isn’t a competition. I do feel good when my stories do well, it makes me feel a little more normal and accepted, but trying to push down someone else’s story, would gain me nothing.

    Your stories ARE good, some asshole shitting on them for no reason doesn’t change that. Though your stories don’t often exactly mirror my own fantasies (which they don’t need to, because they are yours) I have always thought they were well written and worth my time. Your stories never deserve 1 star ratings.

  3. It is such a shame that small minded people seem to get some kind of perverted pleasure in doing things like this.
    I’ve noticed many stories with low rating that are exceptional, and many others with higher ratings that are poor. I too have been reading stories like this for many years. Without the talent to contribute myself I have always admired authors like Rayzur who can and do.
    Rayzur, please don’t allow these petty minded people to stop you publishing your stories. In the end the ratings aren’t what determines if a story is good or bad

  4. Hi there. I signed up for an account on this page just to make this post.

    I’d like to ask you to please reconsider removing all of your content from here, or anywhere else. There’s a lot more people that read your stories and enjoy them, than the people/bots that downvote/downstar your writings.

    Please don’t punish the many for the sins of the few. At the very least, please post them somewhere else where we can read them that doesn’t have any rating system that can be abused.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that we will be losing you and your stories, I have thoroughly enjoyed them over the years. I’ve been reading them for about 15 years now… between this site and the last one. Too bad that one or two mean spirited people have ruined a good thing for the rest of us. Just wanted to let you know you and your stories are appreciated. Take care

  6. There are 2 authors that can make any day Christmas morning with their postings. We just lost one. Let that sink in for a moment. I have been a consumer and supporter of this type of content for 30 years. Been through it all and can’t imagine not having your stories to look forward too every day. Let’s colab and give you a new home. This just wrong and we shouldn’t let great talent be treated like this.

  7. Don’t let the trolls discourage you, anyone who knows anything knows how good your stories are, I’m really sorry to hear this as your stories are among the best on the site, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do next. Thanks for everything you’ve done, and we will miss you

  8. Rayzur,
    I am deeply saddened to read your “Goodbye” note.

    I have been a big fan of your stories since 1hss. And, like yourself, I have posted many stories on both sites over the years (under a different pen name). And, for the most part (particularly on 1hss) the reader response was usually very positive. However, as the world has changed, so have the readers of these two websites. And, obviously, not always in the best of ways.

    At 1hss the rating system seemed to reward the most talented writers for their wonderful stories on a consistent basis, while reserving the lower ratings for the most poorly written stories. All things considered … it seemed to work out fairly well. Unfortunately, it has not worked out so well at Hair Story Network. That being said, I could not agree more with your thoughtful observations and comments. Ginger Herten also helped put things into the proper perspective in her comments. Speaking just for myself … it takes me about two months to write a story. It is a constant process of writing, re-rewriting and editing. But, to paraphrase Ginger, it is a labor of love! Our stories represent not only our imagination, but also reveal who we are … what we like … and, what turns us on! And then we put our stories out there for the readers to hopefully enjoy.

    It is extremely unfortunate that some writers/readers don’t seem to have a clue why this site even exists. To that point, I have recently suggested to the administrators that they simply do away with the rating system. Problem solved. It serves absolutely no purpose, except to possibly discourage the better writers, such as yourself, from continuing to post stories. I have also suggested that perhaps they should take a moment to quickly sample/review all stories before posting them in order to maintain some degree of quality control for the integrity of the site. To date, nothing has changed.

    Like yourself, Ginger Herten, Secretshaver and so many other talented writers on both sites … I find myself discouraged. On one hand, this is an extremely beautiful, efficient website for haircutting/hair fetish enthusiasts to enjoy. For that, I am very thankful. But, on the other hand … while many of the better stories are unfairly trashed, the number of extremely poorly written submissions posted as “stories” has continued to grow over just the past several years. So, to your point, why even bother anymore. Who needs the stress!

    And to think … all this could be so easily solved by the administrators.

    Thank you Rayzur. Thank you for years of quality story telling and entertainment. You have inspired me to become a better, more thoughtful writer. You have inspired me over the years to keep writing, and to keep challenging myself to improve.
    Best of luck, and much love …

    PS – I have been working on my latest story, off and on, since March of this year. At this point, and after all my work, I find myself torn as to whether to post it, or not. If I do decide to post it over the next few days … it will be for you, Ginger, Secretshaver, Theobald and so many other gifted writers who love this site and enjoy writing and telling stories as much as myself.

  9. I’m so so sorry that you’ve been pushed to this action. I personally have always loved your stories, particularly the detail and subtleness of the characters and their thoughts. I hope something can be done in the meantime to combat this abuse and maybe, in time, you’ll want to post stories again. This site should be an appreciation of stories, not a competition.

    <3 Becx

  10. I think Ginger Herten above put it in much better words than I ever could about how skewed rating systems on the site could be— how people would end up rating something Low just because it doesn’t line up with their fantasies or their “genre” of hair fetish in a sense. As a personal habit I always ensure I’m reading something that’s meant to be in my “domain” in a sense before I ever consider rating it, because if you’re gonna read something you KNOW you’re not gonna enjoy, it’s just a dick move to end up giving the story a 1 rating.

    It’s really unfortunate that the rating system on this site is so instrumental to getting traffic on stories, and you need that small window of being on the “recently released stories” to get the rating required before you end up disappearing into the archive that you have to use the search bar for.

    It’s a shame to see you go, but I hope you find a better site for yourself. Or maybe even your own sight where you can control your own traffic. Thank you.

  11. Sad to see you leave Rayzur. I always enjoyed your stories. I hope you keep writing and find a place where you can share your work again. Hopefully in the future the ratings system will change/disappear altogether and you’ll feel able to re-upload your stories to this site.

  12. One last comment after reading your note to Andy @ HSN. Please reconsider your decision to leave HSN. Like yourself, I have suffered through a few haters / possibly other jealous writers who have trashed my work. It stung really bad. Like yourself, and other writers that have posted comments over the past few days, I have to deal with it. At the end of the day, I love writing stories. And in the end … that love wins out. I can take the 1-star ratings from the outliers. It still stings, but your comments, and those of our piers means everything to me. So, I will keep writing stories for HSN regardless of whether Andy drops the 5-star rating system , or not.

    PS – On a side note, you know what really amazes me? We tell readers in advance what our story is about (Surprise-Forced-etc) and additional info (Lesbian-XXX-Bondage-etc) … and then a reader gives a poor rating / comment because the story was about a Surprise XXX shaving adventure. Really? Go figure.

    Take care Rayzur,

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