Haircut Day – part 5

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“where the hell have you been”. There was a brief pause, and then Taylor said “I texted you more 45 minutes ago”. Before Samantha or Khloe could respond, Taylor said “take a seat in my chair, Khloe”. They both smiled at each other, as they walked towards their seats. At this point, Samantha was playfully holding Khloe’s arm. Samantha walked Khloe to her chair, and then made her way to the other barber chair. Once Samantha was seated, she crossed her legs.

Taylor wondered what was up with all the smiling and arm holding, but she decide not to ask. Instead of making a big deal about it, she draped the cape over Khloe. It was a standard red and white stripped barbers cape. Taylor placed a piece of tissue paper on Khloe, before she secured the cape. Once the cape was the cape was secured, Taylor said “are you ready to loss that stubble”.

Once Taylor said that, she began pumped up the chair. When the chair was at the height Taylor wanted it, Khloe said “Straight razor it all off”. Taylor laughted, and then said ” are you sick of the stubble, already”. With out even thinking about it, Khloe said “im just read to get this over with”.

Soon after Khloe said that, Taylor was placing a hot towel on Khloe’s head. She heated the towel up in the microwave.with out thinking about it, Khloe said “this feel awesome”. Just after Khloe said that, Taylor lit a cigarette. After she exhaled her first hit, she said “We’ll leave that on for a little while”.

Taylor walked over to the barber chair Samantha was sitting in, and then said “you wanted me to buzz you down to stubble, and then razor off all the stubble”. Right after Taylor said that, she took another hit of her cigarette. With out hast, Samantha said “Khloe asked me to keep my hair long. She thinks I look good with my hair at this lenght”. Samantha took a brief pause, and then said “I agreed to keep it at this lenght”.

After Taylor exhaled her hit, she said “are you like a couple, now”. She took a brief pause, and then said “don’t think I didn’t notice all little stuff, today”. Samantha looked over at Khloe, and then said “we are just have some fun, mom”. Taylor didn’t know how to respond to that, so she said “atleast we will not be having to deal with unwanted pregnancies”.

Right after Taylor said that, she checked her watch. Once she realized what time it was, she knew she would need to be quick about this. Ray party was scheduled to start in an hour. With out even thinking about it, she handed Samantha the burning cigarette. She than walked to her vanity. She flicked a towel over her shoulder, and then picked up a can of shaving foam. As she walked back to Klhoe, she said “the hot lather machine is broke”.

Right after she said that, she began applying shave cream to her head. As she set the can of shaving cream back on her vanity, she said “this will have to do”. Taylor began to spread the shave cream all over with her scalp, as she said “it’s fine”. Taylor did best to make sure Khloe entire head was cover. Once she was satisfied that all areas where covered, she washed off her hands in the sink.

After Taylor dried off her hands, she was ready to get to work. With out hast, she removed a stainless steel straight razor from the drawer. At this point, Khloe just wanted Taylor to relieve her of the last of her remaining hair. Khloe looked over at Samantha smoking, as Taylor turned her head. Taylor began to lower the chair. The clean towel was still on Taylor’s shoulder, as she flicked the razor open.

Once the razor was ready to go, Taylor said “just relax, Khloe. I don’t want any nicks you”. With the chair dropped to the floor, Taylor was easily able to come over the top of her head. She began by gliding the razor against the grain, which meant Khloe was going as short as humanly possible. Khloe liked the sound the razor made, as it removed her remaining hair. She could feel every small strokes that Taylor.

For more than a few minutes, for the most part, the only sounds in the shop where the sound coming from the scraping. There occasional click of heels, as Taylor repositioned herself. Every so often Taylor would wipe off the excess foam onto the towel, but that didn’t make much of a voice. After she was done wiping, the stroking sound would start, again.

She contunied to go against the grain. She finished off the top and right hand side of Khloe’s head, and then immediately changed her grip. The grip change made it easier to do the upwards stroke. The left Khloe’s head was done very quickly. It was now time for Taylor to do the back. She used her free hand to steady her. At this point, Khloe was starting to feel the heat of the slightly irritated skin.

Taylor knew the back was going to be the hardest part. Khloe had two large tendons on the sides of her neck. The area around the occipital bone also required the most alot of extra care. Taylor was focused on getting though this with out blood shed. Every stroke was well thought out, and no mistakes where made.

Taylor began cleaning up excess foam around Khloe’s ears and neck, as she said “where almost done, Khloe”. Taylor took a brief pause, and then said “I just need to put on some after shave balm”. Right after Taylor said that, she looked over at Samantha. Samantha had already put out the cigarette, in the arm rest of the barber chair. Before Taylor moved towards her vanity, she said “do you want to massage it in, Samantha”.

After Taylor said that, Taylor handed her the after shave. As Taylor handed it to her, she said “Use it generously and get it all over the head then massage in for at least two minutes”.  Taylor began to clean up, as Samantha got up of the chair she was sitting in. There was definitely a healthy amount into her hand, when she was standing behind her mom’s chair. It slowly run through her fingers onto Khloe’s head. Then Samantha started to massage it in. Before she got it on her hands, she put the after shave back on the vanity. Khloe’s head was perfectly smooth.

When Samantha was done massaging the product in, she turned the chair, so Khloe could see herself in the mirror. She now knew what she would look like for atleast the next few months. Her new look would be a constant reminder of wicked her mother could be. At this point, all Khloe could do was accept that was now her.

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