Hair feitsh baber part-1

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  1. My hair fetish increase day by day …When I am turned to 18 I studied about hairdresser and I went classes for that. In Mumbai it was hot business.but the story not start yet .I said my family l lie then by saying ,I will stay in Mumbai for any business opportunity .I went to Mumbai and Move to a apartment in near a slum. My apartment was filled with Rich people. One day i watch  the road for my window there was a salon chair in the Conner of the road then I saw a mid thirties house wife was standing there for haircut she was definitely for her haircut because she was alone standing in the que after the child get up she sat. He started in braid her this I was move to road there was tea stall near a babershop. So I stay there, the baber spary water in her head. Then he started to trim her hair after he finished her head I asked to person near a hour wife was get her hair in the street.he said in Mumbai 90% of people was poor and women will regularly cut or trim there hair and he asked me are new to this town. I said yes I am here to open a hair salon the baber join as and saying kid did you know cut hair. I said I finished my degree in it.

I then asked the baber can you work on my shop.i am Rich I bring money to open a salon for women to satisfy myself. He said no won’t join you but I will send the women Customer you send me male and kids. We both agreed.

In a month I opened the women salon in the opposite of my apartment. I didn’t get much attention. The baber said kid this slum and poor people wonder enter after seeing you price is too high for them. I think about it and money not my problem I am here for my dream. The next I put some offer and cut the price too low. Soon people get in my salon.I again think this all are trim I am here shave women heads. I put a summer offer for women only headshave for free and buzzcut is 10rps and trim is 50rps. But I still get Customer for trim. On one day evening 8:00pm a lady enter I am alone I asked how can I help you . I already saw her, she was in my next door I fall love on her when I first saw her.She said I am here for a haircut. She is around 25yrs and tall is 5.11 hair is up to her hip in braid. And look like a heroin.she said just a trim. I tell her to sit the chair and I cape her and comb her and spary her hair and I begin to cut a inch and I trimmed fully and she said nice job and she asked I see you before and said your my neighbor isn’t you? I said yes and she leaves I stare at her. Suddenly a husband pull her wife by her hair and stating shave her head and said sure and she said don’t do that. After they both argue the women in 20s sat in the chair her hair was up to her breast. I caped her and asked her husband are you sure.he said shave that bitch she cheated me. She said I didn’t mean to do that. Then I help for the women then her husband said fine I will do it my own . I think. This my dream . I then said him I will do that.

He said do it slowly​ and I want to video it. I said fine. I asked how can I shave her with clippers or razor. He said anything​ but her hair want to fall on her laps. I get excited and happy. She was still crying I comb her and spary water. And  section her hair in the crown area alone and leave the side hanging. She was still  crying and told her husband to stop he didn’t give attention to her. Her husband said shave her head like a old man shave center no the sides I said ok. I unclip the hair in the top . The hair fall on her face and touching her lap. Then I took the cillper and connect the fluge and on the switch and the cillper roar fzfzfzfzffzfzfzfz.

Sounds surrounded the room I cut the cillper and swipe it from the crown to the forehead and the chunk of hair fall on her lap and continue the process and now her head half shaved like a old man.she begging to finish off .Her husband said wait I want ask some questions if she tell it I will let if she didn’t she will be like that forever and he tell me get out for 5min. After the 6min he said finish it off.

I took the razor and clean shave her head. He asked me how much I said free for headshave he gave me 500rps because he was happy. I then collect the hair on the floor and put in the carebag and bring to my home……..Part2 coming soon

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