Hair hacking

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Hi all, this is my first haircut story.I am not very good in english so please forgive for the same.

Summer was really hot than last summer..I was enjoying summer holidays at home since I was not allowed to play outside in that type of temperature.I was slim and mischevious kind of boy with gud quality of hair.My hair were thick and longer since I havent got the haircut in like 3 months.The fringe was at my lip length, swept to the side covering one of my ears, while my sides were starting extended over my ears. My back had also started creeping down my neck, easily covering my collar. Haircut was due before exams and since after that holidays occurred, i also got no interest in getting haircut.My parents yelled at me for that but I not cared.

One day my parents have to go somewhere for the weeeknd.They decide to leave me in neighbour’s house. My neighbour(Monica) was middle aged women who was always troubled by my mischeviousness.She has a son about my age.He did not talk much.He has always really short hair..Short means really short..Short than military cut. I requested my parents not to leave me with her but they did not listen.

And finally the day arrives.My parents left me at monica’s. I was sitting in her house.I was getting bored, so i started to wander in the house.Monica is in the kitchen and her boy was sleeping. While wandering I found this door in the corner below of stairs.I entered and I was surprised by what that room was.That room was a little barbershop. It has basin for washing hair, an old barber chair with a table having scissors,comb,clippers and some high quality shampoo and conditioners.I was checking the table and suddenly I realise someone is behind me.I turned and mrs monica was there.She was very upset seeing me there.She just grabbed me and slapped me. It was so hard that her fingers printed on my cheek. She was outrageous and shouting that how dare I entered that room without her consent.I got terrified and said sorry to her but she was not in the mood.She said that i need to learn how to behave properly and for that I need to learn a lesson. I got petrified by listening this.I tried to run out of the room but she got me back from the back and slapped me 3 to 4 times..I got unconscious.

When I got some consciousness I found myself bound in that barbers chair. She put a tape on my mouth and bound my hands and legs with duct tape.I was unable to resist. She was infront of me with a quirky smile.She told me that whatever she is goin to do with me,will make me a gud boy and if i tried to tell it to anyone she will post the video which she was goin to shoot with camera besides her.She told me that she was really pissed with my naughtyness but she was unable to do anything due to my parents.Now she has perfect oppurtunity to punish me and seek her revenge.She said that my hair were very long for my aged boys.I needed a haircut and she was goin to give me that..


To be continued…..

Please share your views.Based upon your views I will post next part..

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