Hair Pulling

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Sally and her mom were walking out of a nail salon, when her mother said “I hope there weren’t a lot people ahead of your brother”.

The nail salon was located next to a barber shop. When Sally and her mother went into get manicures and pedicures, her brother went into the barber shop.

Their mother decide she going to smoke a cigarette, as they waited for him. As she reached into her purse for her pack of cigarettes, Sally said “should I go check on him, Mom”.

As her mother opened her flip top pack of Marlboro lights, she said “sure”.

Her mother lit a long white cigarette, as Sally entered the shop. This was Sally’s first time in this shop. Her brother’s barberette just started working there.

Prior to her starting there, she had a single chair shop.  Sally had been in that shop many times. She would tag a long with father and brother when they would get haircuts.

She quickly spotted her brother. Mark, her twin, was in Kate’s chair. It wasn’t a vintage barber chair, like she had at her shop. The three chairs in that shop looked like more of stylist’s chairs.

Before Kate could say something to Sally, the other barberette said “I can take you when I’m done with her”.

At this point, Kate was using her clippers over a comb to create the top part of Mark’s haircut. As Sally sat down, she said “I just came in to check on my brother”.

Kate continued to work on Mark’s hair, as she said “we were pretty backed up, when Mark walked in”.

The other barberette, who was giving her clients an under cut, said “Rachel called in today”.

Sally had no idea who Rachel was. As she turned to look out the large front window of the shop, she said “that’s to bad”.

Kate was hanging up her clippers, as she said “I don’t think she is going to make it”.

She picked up her blow dryer, as she said “so far most of our clients have wanted clipper cuts”.

As Kate flipped on the blow dryer, the other barberette said “her clipper cuts definitely need work”.

Kate began blowing the hairs off the cape Mark was under, when the other barberette said “we should really speak to JD about her issues”.

JD is the owner of the shop. At this point, the shop had only been open 3 days.

The blow dryer was getting hung up, as Kate said “I’m not one to tell on someone. However, we are a new shop, and I don’t people to think we do bad work”.

As Kate lowered her chair, Tammy, the other Barberette, hung up her clippers. Kate removed the cape from Mark, as Tammy said “I need this spot to work out”.

Mark began to climb out of the chair, as Tammy said “every time I change places, I loss clients”.

At this point, Kate didn’t know what to say. She knew she had to say something, so she said “next”.

Sally was thinking about getting a haircut, but she knew that her mother was waiting by the car. She looked over at the girl with the under cut, and then said “I can’t”.

The heat hit them like a ton bricks, when they out the door of the shop. As they began walking towards the car, Sally began thinking how nice it would be to have a haircut like that girls.

They were a few cars away their car, when they saw JD taking a picture of the window of a truck. After he took the picture, their mother said “I’m going to see to it, that this matter gets looked in”.

Right after she said that, he said “thank you, I appreciate that”.

She laughed, and then said “you could thank me by your wife cut off some of Sally’s hair”.

Sally walked past where they were staying, and then said “not now, mother”.

Before Sally could say anything, the girl with the under cut walked out the shop. Sally thought she looked awesome with the sides and back shaved down to nothing.

It was still very long on the top. The girl had it in a tied back tight in a military style bun. At this point, the 19 year old had everyone’s attention. When she got close to them, she said “why are you all standing around my truck”.

Their mom laughed, and then said “the rear plate doesn’t go to this truck, based on VIN”. As the woman made her way to the driver’s side door of the truck, she said “mind your business”.

When the girl got the door open, their mother said “I’m a law enforcement officer. This is matter is my business”.

The girl quickly got in the truck, and then began to back out the spot. As she backed out the spot, their mom said “if you get her haircut, I’ll get you justice”.

As her mother and brother made their way to the car, Sally said “Don’t think I don’t want to, JD”.

She took a brief pause, and then said ” I’ve been wanting to do something with this forever.”

When her brother was standing behind the passanger side fender of their car, he said “you should just go for it, Sally.”

Uneasy tension came over Sally, as she realized  her mother and brother were going to drive off. As she stood there, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kate peeling her head to the bone.

As her mother and brother drove away, JD said “this isn’t the end of the world, Sally”.

They began to walk towards the door of the Barber shop, when Sally said “what was the deal with girl”.

With out even thinking about it, JD said “about a year ago, law enforcement took my truck. They took the truck, because it had an altered wheel base”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “they sold it an auction. They sold it as parts vehicle. The buyer wasn’t supposed to be driving it”.

They were almost to the door, when Sally said “she put a plate on it for a different vehicle, and then began driving it”.

JD opened the door for them to walk into the shop, as he said “yes”.

When they walked into the shop, Tammy was the only person in the shop. Kate was in the bathroom. Tammy looked over at Sally, and then said “did you change your mind, kid”.

Sally made eye to eye contact with Tammy, and then said “my name is Sally”.

Tammy swung the chair in Sally’s direction, and then said “take a seat, Sally”. Sally didn’t even hesitate, she quickly made her way to Tammy’s chair.

Once Sally was seated, she began pumping up the chair. She had one hand on Sally’s shoulder, as she pumped it up. When she got to height were Tammy wanted her, Tammy said “topically, when I get a puller the parents want it all off”.

At this point, JD didn’t know what to say. He pulled this phone out of pocket, and then said “I’ll text her mom”. Tammy got piece of tissue paper, as JD texted her mother.

As she stretched the piece of tissue paper in front of Sally’s neck, she said “there are worse things in this world than being bald”.

When the cape was being put over small body, Kate walked out of the bathroom. When Kate saw Sally sitting in chair, she said “this is the first step in breaking your hair pulling habit”.

As Tammy secured the cape to Sally’s neck, JD said “just cut her like the other girl”.

Tammy began to clean her clippers, as she said “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem”.

She was setting the clippers down on the counter, as Kate said “is that what her mother wanted”.

Once Kate said that, Tammy got her self a comb. As she made her way over to Sally, JD said “don’t worry about it”.

A part was being created, as Kate said “I’m going to worry about it”.

Tammy quickly worked her way around Sally’s head. At this point, it appeared that Sally would be lossing everything below the top her ears.

JD watched Tammy secure a long ponytail at Sally’s crown. Once it was secured, she twisted it into a knot.

Satisfied with how it looked, Tammy went to get her clippers. At point, Sally knew she was going to be lossing a lot of hair.

She gasped when she heard the clippers come to life. At this point, no one had ever used clippers on her. Her hair was always long.

Tammy started by making a line with the clippers were the part was. As she made the part line much wider with her clippers, she said “how old are you”. When Tammy was working on the back of her head, Sally said “15”.

As Tammy worked on the part line of left side her head, she said “are you looking forward to get your license”.

Her hope was that could make this like any other haircut for Sally. Tammy also struggled with hair pulling issues. She solved her issue by keeping her head smooth bald.

The first real pass was made by Sally’s right ear. That pass send a 30 inch sheet of hair to the floor. As the sheet of hair hit the floor, Sally said “I’m very excited”.

As Tammy worked on the right side of her head, Sally talked about the Mustang her and her father were working on. Sally liked the way the clippers felt against the skin.

They slowly made their way around the right side of her, as Sally talked about 1995 Convertible.  As more hair stands wispied to the floor, JD though he had found a winner with his barberette.

When Tammy finished the right side, she turned the chair. Once Sally could see herself in the mirror, Tammy said “that is going to be your side lenght for a while”.

Once Tammy said that, Sally said “can I feel it”.

Tammy laughed, and then said “off course, you can”.

As her hand came out from underneath the cape, JD said “I think that is going to look really bad ass, when she is done”.

Sally ran her hand along the side that was clipped. Just as she was about to comment, Tammy turned the chair. She could no longer see herself in the mirror.

The clippers came on, and were ran up her nape. Sally left like she could feel the weight fall away from her head. As 30 inches rained on to the floor, Tammy said “your doing, so good”.

Tammy was making the third pass up her nape with those hungry clippers, when Sally said “I’m fine with this. I have been wanting to do this for a long time”.

With out even thinking about it, Tammy said “I’m glad”. She continued to work on her nape, as the shop door opened.

The guy looked at Kate and Tammy, and then laughted. When he does laughing, he said “I thought it was called que balls, because you had a pool table in waiting area”.

Tammy kept working on her nape, as JD said “you have a problem with my business”.

The guy made eye to eye contact with JD, and then said “I do”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “woman are to have head covers. What your doing here goes against my faith”.

When JD heard that, he lifted his the corner of shirt. The man could clearly see JD had a hand gun. The man laughed, and then said “I’m willing to die for my believes”.

As Tammy moved onto the left side of her head, Kate said “I spent less time on my hair, now. That frees up time for me to do other things to bless the Lord”.

The guy shook his head, and then said “people like you make me sick. You twist the words of our guide book for life to make your sick wants alright”.

Tammy pushed Sally’s ear forward, as Sally said “don’t judge us. Your not supposed to judge others based on your guide book for life”.

The guy took a step towards Tammy’s chair, and then said “woman and children are to be seen, not heard”.

At this point, JD felt like he needed to put his guy in his place. He stepped in between the guy and Tammy’s chair. He made eye to eye contact with the guy, and then said “medical related issues have caused these 3 ladies to be this situation”.

He shook his head, and then said “if that was the case, they should be handling their business behind closed doors. They should not be exposing themselves to the general public in this matter”.

As Tammy made her final pass with the clippers, Kate said “walk out, and then close the door. Then we will be living behind closed doors”.

The guy did as he was asked, and made his way to the door. Just as he was about to walk out the door, he said “I will be back with members from my church. We are going to protest until this business is permanent closed”.

Sally was disappointed when she heard Tammy turn the clippers off. There was definitely alot of hair on the floor and cape

She reached up from under the cape. Her fingers ran along her newly exposed skin, as Tammy got her blow dryer.

It felt very foreign to her, but she loved the feeling. When Tammy got next to her with the blow dryer, Tammy said “get that hand back under, we aren’t done yet”.

Once her hand was under the cape, Tammy turned the blow dryer on. She quickly blew all the hairs off the cape. As she went to hang up the blow dryer, she said “I just want to put the top up in a military style bun, and then call this one done”.

At this point, Sally was still in shock. Tammy releasing the hair, allowing it to cascade down. It was a lot thinner than they had hoped for. Not even from a distance would it look good hanging down.

Tammy began combing her hair, as she said “I think you just wearing it tied back in regular pony tail would be best”.

When Sally finally got to see the finished product, she was amazed. It looked so much better, than she thought it would.

As Tammy removed the cape from around her shoulders, JD said “you really look bad ass”.

She looked at once-glorious mane, as she stepped out the chair. Once she out of the chair, she gave Tammy a hug. As they parted from there hug, Tammy said “this be a lot colder for summer”.

Sally picked up her purse, as she said “what do I owe you”. With out even thinking about it, JD said “don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of Tammy”.

Tammy waved at Sally, as she walked out the door. When the door was closed, JD said “I was impressed by how you handled yourself”.

Tammy looked over at JD, and then said “I just did my job”. After she said that, she picked up her broom.

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