Hair slave to wife

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Lizabell a beautiful half Japanese and German breed living as my hair slave. Reason for hiring her as my maid/slave is her straight calf length hair, silky thick and dark shiny brown is a sight to behold. Her hair is smooth like silk and smells like berries. For years, she has been living with me, never once she displeased me. She cleans, cooked, never complaint, and only to satisfied me. Not only that, she take good care of her body and hair.

I would get my regular dose of her Lizabell once in 2-3 days. Wrapping that silky with my hands, smelling her berries scalped, and brushing it with my fingers. She will wrapped her long silky hair around my penis for a nice hairjob for warm ups before I penetrate her, and release my cum on her wonder hair. After that, I hanged her upside for a good hair wash and blow dry making it all beautiful again.

Every year, Lizabell would take part in a long hair competition under my order. I loved how people react to her long hair, shiny thick dark brown colored, perfectly straight that falls neat when she bow down the audience. She won 3 straight years in row, and again wins another title this year as raining champion of long hair. She’s now the only girl that won 4 long hair crown in the country, and become popular among young girls. Lizabell gave her fans encouragement to grow out their hair.

I was looking at all 4 trophies and crown Lizabell won on the shelves. I’m proud of the accomplishment she had done. Looking at the old pictures of her when she came to me with waist length hair. What a journey its been and she deserve it, I thought to myself. I called Lizabell and took her out on a shopping spree and a nice manicure as a reward.

One day, I came home from work. I called out Lizabell, “Lizabell, Lizabell!” the whole house fill with silent after the call. I wonder where could she be? She never fails to respond and would greet me right away. I walked around the house looking for her and spot a note written by Lizabell. I read the note and was relief that she didn’t run away.

I walk down to the basement and open the door. The room fill with familiar scent of berries, and there Lizabell sitting naked. “I forgot that its time.” I said and running my hands through her hair.

“Master always forgets when he’s busy.” Lizabell replied politely.

I made her a promised that if she wins 4 straight long hair competition. She will not be my hair slave not more, instead I will married her as my wife. All these years, Lizabell and I have developed a feeling for each other, since then, my feeling for her never changed.

“Are you sure about Lizabell? We still could get married.”

“Master, to be your wife the old me has to go. As a hair slave, I offer my hair to you, the rebirth of me will offer you my heart”

I was emotionally happy and in love with this gorgeous woman after her answer. I play with long hair and having a nice conversation about plans for the future. We talked for an hour and still I am play with her hair, maybe because I will miss this beautiful silk. Lizabell noticed it and stood up, she threw her dark brown mane  behind my back and hugged me.

“Master, don’t worried I will grow it out for you not as hair slave but your wife” she said and cover my month with her hair and kissed me.

I carried Lizabell while kissing passionately and sat on the barber chair where I used to play with her play.

“Master, we won’t be using this barber chair for a while.” she playful said, and took out scissor pass it to me, and we had sex on the barber chair.

“Master, I want to know whether I look cute with bangs.” she cover her face with her hair while humping me.

I place the scissor above her eyebrow and cut through her curtain of hair. She moaned as the her hair fall to our private part.

“Wow… you looked pretty cute!” I said.

She turned her head to look at the mirror and was satisfied with the style. Lizabell then slide down the barber chair flat and she continue humping and moaning.

“Master, please make me yours forever!” She switch places with me and I bang her from behind, at time I grab the clippers. “MASTER, PLEASE DO IT! I’M READY, CHANGE ME!”

I pull her thick dark brown hair hard, kiss it goodbye, and switch on the clippers. I buzz her head while banging her.

“YOU”RE MINE, YOU’RE MINE!” I said while buzzing her head.

Tons of hair falling and covering up the barber chair. When the last piece was buzz out. I eject on her newly shave head to mark it mine.

“Darling, look it the hair on the barber chair and floor! I didn’t knew my hair was that thick!” Lizabell picking up her hair from the floor. “It does smell like berries, when its on my head I couldn’t really smell it, but now its off my head I could smell it.” She said, sniffing and feeling her own hair.

I pull Lizabell and hug her tightly. “Sweetie, let get married tomorrow.” I said and kiss her on the lips.

Over the next 5 years, Lizebell and I lived happily. Her hair is touching her butt and its thick it has ever been.

“Honey, I think my hair is long enough to join the long hair competition this year.” she said. I put down my cup of coffee, and hold my child up and said “SURE, my queen.”



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