Haircut Day – chapter 2

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As Samantha turned onto the main road, Megan said “Make a right turn at first stop lights, when you get out of this parking lot. When Samantha heard that, she began fearing that Megan was trying to take them to Betty’s beauty parlour. In their area, their was a salon named Vintage. It was a trendy salon located in the strip mall. The strip mall would have been straight. 

In an effort to get out of going there, Samantha said “I changed my mind, I don’t want to have my hair permed”. With out hast, Megan said “there is no reason to be scared, Samantha”. Once Megan said that, Samantha pulled onto the main road. As they made their way towards the stop lights, Samantha said “I couldn’t donate my hair, if it was treated with chemicals”. 

Megan looked over at Samantha, and then said “when you did that big chop, yesterday, did you donate it”. With out hast, Samantha said “Sue sectioned it off in a way that she was able to get 3 donateable pony tails”. Samantha went from having hair below her shoulders to a chin length with an undercut in the last 24 hours. When Megan heard what Samantha said, she said “well, then you did your part”.

With out hast, Samantha said “I did my part, and I would like to continue to do my part”. She took a brief pause, and then said “when I got all excited about this earlier, I didn’t realize you need to do weekly sets to maintain it”. She took another brief pause, and then said “I simple would not have the time to do that. I’m a full time student, and I work at work at my father’s business”.

Megan looked over at JD, would was sitting in the back seat of the truck, and then said “can Samantha have wednesday nights off to maintain her perm”. With out even thinking, JD said “my sales person went to jail, yesterday. She is not going to take any time, any time soon”. As Samantha put on the blinker, to signal her intentions, she said “she sold $3.12 more than me last quarter, that hardly makes her that much better than me”.

Once Samantha got that out, JD said “life is drag race, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or mile. A win is a win, and loss is a loss”. As Samantha made her turn, JD said “would you agree she out preformed you”. There where a few moments of silence, and then “let’s just go home. Our market research shows that guys buy our products, prefer sales girls with striaght, chin length, hair”.

As Samantha put on her blinker, to signal her intentions, Megan said “what our you doing. Betty’s is straight”. Samantha looked over at Megan, and then she said “my father said it is time to go home”. Before Megan could say anything, Samantha said “I need to go home, and work on my sales pitches in front of the mirror”. With out even thinking about it, JD said “that would be a good use of time”.

Before anyone said anything esle, Megan said “if you don’t drive to salon, and sit there like a big girl, I will see to it that you don’t get truck”. With out even thinking about it, JD said “these truck threads are getting old”. Samantha laughted, and then said “I already have the keys to it”. As Samantha began to apply the brakes, Megan said “I hope nothing happens to the it”.

Once Samantha heard that, she took her foot of the brake pedal. When Megan saw her do that, she said “that was a wise choice, Samantha”. JD laughted, and then said “I bet Sarah with her clipped bob will out perform, once you perm your hair”.

At this point, Samantha didn’t know how she was going to get out of this. In a last ditch effort to get out of this, she said “you and Ray go in. My father and I will go to the bar across the street. It will give us a change to smoke a few cigarettes, drink a few beer, and come with a few good ideas on how to save the JD tire and wheel brand. 

Megan looked back at him, and then said “you let drink and smoke”. She took a brief pause, and then said “she is only 15 years old”. JD could see what Samantha was trying to do, so he said “what if I do”. In reality, JD had never seen Samantha smoke a cigarette or consume alcohol. As Megan began to shake her head, JD said “was long as she continues to be a top performer, she can have anything she wants”.

After JD said that, Megan said “you people make me sick”. Just as Samantha though she was going to say “just take be back to car”, she said “park it here, Samantha”. Samantha did as she was told, and then said “let’s go get some shot of shine, and then figure this out dad”. Just as Samantha said that, Megan pulled a silver container out of her purse. 

When she opened it, an smell went through the truck. Megan took a drink from the container, and then handed it to Samantha. Once it was in Samantha’s hand, she said “let’s all take a shot before we go are separated ways”. Samantha knew that Megan was trying to call her bluff, so she drank from the container. As she made a face, she handed the container to JD. 

With out hast, JD drank from the container. As he tried to hand it to Ray, he said “drink up, sweetie”. JD knew his was his last chance to save Samantha’s hair from being chemical treated. When refused the to take a drink, JD said “drink up, brother, I want us all to die, together”. With out even thinking about it, Samantha said “what”. Before Megan could say anything, JD said “step grandmother gave us top that was cut with rubbing alcohol”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “we have 15 minutes left to live, if we don’t make it to a hospital”. As Samantha began to turn the ignition key, Megan grabbed her arm. When Samantha and Megan had eye to eye contact, Megan said “that is top shelf moonshine. If you regularly drank shine with dad you would know that”.

Before their eye to eye contact was broke, Samantha said “I think your trying to kill us all, so you can get my grandfather money”. Megan laughted, and then said “what money”. She took a brief pause, and then he works at a chicken factory”. With out hast, Samantha said “that is why you would have to kill us first. That way my grandfather would inherit everything, and then you kill him”. 

In an effort to bring Samantha back to reality, Megan said “do you think it would be worth for me to go through all that trouble”. With out even thinking about it, Samantha said “my dad’s Malibu Wakester retailed for over $109,000, when it was new”. When Megan heard that, she wondered how old the boat was. Before Megan could ask them how old it was, JD said “it’s only 3 years old, and I could still probably get $90,000 for it”.

JD knew this could go on forever, so he said “just go in and get this done. If your sales numbers drop, we can wash it out and get you some hair extensions”. Samantha knew no good would come out of her going in there, but it looked like she was out of options. As Samantha got out of the truck, Megan look her container back. 

As she screwing the cap back on it, she said “I though we could do a couples massage, as the kids get there hair done”. JD thought that was a little odd, but he said “go get them settled in, and the we go get massages”. Before Megan got out of the truck, she put her bottle back on her purse. Once she was out of the truck. JD got out of the truck, and then sat down in the driver’s seat. 

Once they where in the beauty parlour, they saw Tina and another lady. There where no “good mornings” or “how are you doing, today”. Tina was very unfriendly. When they where all in the salon, Tina said “Samantha, you will be with me in the first chair. Raymond, you will in the second chair with April”. As Ray walked to the second chair, April said “I’m so looking forward to perming a man”. 

As Ray was sitting down in stylist’s chair, April said “I’m going to do your make up, when your done with the perm. Your going to look like one sexy lady, Raymond”. Before April could say anything esle, Ray said “I will not be getting a perm, today. I would like the sides and back tapered from a number one to two. I want the lenght on top to just be trimmed. Don’t not take more than inch off”. 

Ray gave his orders to order to April, as Samantha took a seat in one of the waiting area chairs. When Tina saw Samantha do this, she said “I know your not as smart as my daughter, but I hoped that you would be smart enough to realize where the chair your supposed to seat in is”. Samantha made eye to eye contact with Tina, and then said “I got a haircut, yesterday, I don’t need one”.

April was playing with Ray’s hair, as she said “its looked tarpered sides guy here, just got one”. She took a brief pause, and then said “it was cut, but not very good”. Megan quickly came to JD’s defense, and said “this brother didn’t get a chance to finish it, before I let them know about our little outing”. Tina laughted, and then said “Samantha must not known about the outing, either”. 

Tina lit a cigarette, just before she sat down in her stylist’s chair. After she exhaled her first hit, she said “Samantha, why don’t you tell us all how you went from under the shoulder lenght hair to this to this chin length bob”.There where a few moments of silence, and then Megan said “do you know, Samantha”. Tina made eye to eye contact with Megan, and then said “she knows my daughter alot more than I would liked her to”.

April was reaching for a cape, when Tina said “don’t cape him, yet. They may not be staying”. At this point, Megan was very confused. In an effort to better understand what was going on, she said “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what is going on here”. As Megan said that, Tina took another hit of her cigarette. After she exhaled the hit, she exhaled the hit, she said “we let Samantha spend the night at are house, the other night”.

As she ashed her cigarette, she said “I came up to find out what they wanted for breakfast, and I caught them scissoring”. Megan believed scissoring, was girls cut each other’s hair at sleep overs. Megan thought Tina’s daughter did a good job on Samantha’s hair, so she said “your daughter did a good job”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I hope your daughter was pleased, too”.

Tina made eye to eye with Megan, and then Megan said “the only real complaint her mother and I have is that it could have been longer”. At this point, Tina could not believe what she was hearing. In a confused tone of voice, Tina said “your ok with all this”. Tina took another hit of her cigarette, as Megan said “sometimes, it good to have little haircut adventures”.

With out hast, Samantha said “it want really all that great. I went to lesbian Sue’s shop to get to get it finished off”. Samantha took a brief pause, and then said “she is a master at her craft”. Once Samantha got that out, Megan said “you should teach the girl the somethings”. She took a brief pause, and then said “there is nothing more disappointing, then getting out to your car, and realizing your going to have to go somewhere esle to get it finished the way you want it”.

Tina could not believe what she was hearing. She stubbed out her cigarette, and then said get the hell out of my shop”. As Samantha got up from the waiting room chair, Tina said “I hope your counseling session with Colt went well, yesterday”. Samantha had the door of the shop open, when Tina said “clearly, you have issues”. In an effort to be a good step grandmother, she said “we all have issues”.

As Ray was almost to the door, Megan said “if daughter needs help working his issues about or just getting better at, and aren’t able to help her out, I’m sure my step daughter in law would be more than willing to help her out”. Once the three of them where out of the shop, Ray looked at Megan, and then said “you do realize that scissoring is a sexual position that lesbian or bisexual woman do to each other.

When she got in front door on passengers side of the truck, she felt so embarrassed. She put her hand over face. When JD realized that Samantha and Ray had not got her hair altered, he said “this is what happens when you spend all of dad’s money on high end hair care products, over the top parties, and restored trucks”. JD assumed her credit card was declined.

Rather than correct JD on what happened, Megan said “please, just drive”. As JD put the truck in gear, he said “I know about a barbershop that isn’t to far from here that could take of them”. JD took a brief pause, and then said “it’s ran by a beautiful woman”. Before JD could say anything esle, Ray said “do you think she will use scissors on us”. He took a brief pause, and then said “we know how Samantha likes the art of scissoring”.

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