Haircut Day – chapter 4

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As Samantha walked into her mother’s barbershop, she saw her friend, Khloe, sitting in her mother’s barber chair. Khloe had a chin length bob haircut. Her hair was almost exactly like Samantha’s. The only real difference was the undercut lenght. Samantha had a number one tarpered to a number two, where khloe’s was a 000. Samantha began walking closer to her, when she realized that her mother was oiling up her clippers. 

At this point, Samantha was very confused as what was going on. Just yesterday Jessica, Khloe, and herself all got hairs. In an effort to find out what was going on, Samantha said “why is she in the chair”. Taylor, Samantha’s mother, made eye to eye contact Samantha, and then said “I’m going to be shaving Khloe bald, Samantha”. Samantha quick looked over Khloe’s mother. Laura, khloe’s mother, was sitting in a waiting area chair.

When Laura realized that Samantha was looking at her, she said “I’m sure you know that Khloe was warned that this could happen”. Laura took a brief pause, and then “she was well aware that if I found hard evidence that she was smoking, her head would be completely shorn”. With out hast, Samantha said “when you first questioned her, she was not smoking”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “you constantly harassing her about smoking is what drove her to smoking. If she was going to be treated like a smoker, she should just be a smoker”. By the time Samantha got done saying that, Taylor flipped the clippers on. Once the clippers humming, Taylor tilted Khloe’s head back. Taylor then placed the clippers right in front of Khloe’s forehead.

Taylor looked at Khloe’s mother, before she made her first pass. Laura nodded when Taylor looked over at her. In Taylor’s mind, that was the sign that she needed. With out hast, she began making her first pass over Khloe’s head. She ran the clippers from Khloe’s forehead to her crown. Once the first pass was completed, Laura got up from the waiting area chair. When she grabbed her purse, she said “thanks, for agreeing to drop her off after Ray’s party”.

As Taylor began to make the second pass, Taylor said “no problem, Laura”. Samantha gave Laura a dirty look, as she walked past her. By the time Laura got to the door, Khloe was crying. Taylor showed no emotion, as she continued to peel Khloe’s hair off. Just before Laura exited the barbershop, laura said “I like how you can just do that with no emotion”. 

As soon as Laura was gone, Samantha took a sit in her grandmother’s barber chair. Her grandmother was sweeping up her last customer’s hair, when Samantha sat down. Taylor turned the chair, so Khloe could see that Samantha had sat down in the other chair. With out evening think about it, Khloe said “don’t do it, Samantha”. 

Before Samantha could respond to what Khloe said, Taylor said “if you speak, again, with out permission, I will be forced to put a ball gag in your mouth”. When Samantha heard that, she wondered what happened, before she entered the shop. As she looked at her friend, she wondered if she was restrained under the cape

She knew that Khloe’s mother was a very strict, and she had assumed that why Khloe was sitting good for Taylor, because her mother thread to take something away from her. As Samantha’s grandmother finished up her sweeping, Taylor said “lock the door, flip the sign, and draw the blinds”.

By the time her grandmother had the door locke, the sign flipped, and the blinds drawn, the top of Khloe’s head was reduced to stubble. Once there was no more need for the clippers, Taylor hug them up on the wall hook. After the clippers, where safety secure, Taylor reached for her pack of cigarettes. She flipped the top of the pack open, and then walked to the right side of her chair.

As she implied like Khloe could take one, Khloe said “is this some kind of test”. She took a brief pause, and then said “my mother just had me shaved down for smoking”. Taylor ran her fingers a top of Khloe’s fresh shorn top, and then said “no, this is not test”. Khloe knew she shouldn’t take one, but she did. After she pulled one out, Taylor flipped the pack closed. Once it was closed, she tossed the pack on her vanity”.

Khloe put the cigarette to lips, and then Taylor lit it for her. After she lit Khloe’s cigarette, she said “the first time I had my head shaved was in that very chair”. After Khloe exhaled the hit, she said “you have a shaved head, Mrs Edwards”. Taylor laughted, and then said “I have been wearing wigs most of all my adult life”.

Right after Taylor said that, Khloe took another hit of her cigarette. khloe took the hit of her cigarette, as Taylor walked to a waiting area chair. The chair was located directly in front of Khloe. Just before Taylor sat down, she said “I was also 15 years old the first I was shaved down”. She took a brief pause, and then said “don’t look at this as a punishment. Look at it as a new beginning”.

After Khloe exhaled the hit, she said “to what”. She took a brief pause, and then said “harrassment, bullying, and teasing”. Before Taylor could comment, her mother, Samantha’s grandmother, said “get out of my chair, Samantha”. With out hast, Samantha said “I want to get shaved down like Khloe”. Her grandmother laughted, and then said “no”. 

Once Samantha heard her say “no”, she did as she was told. As she exited the chair, Khloe said “that was rude of you. She wanted just to support her friend”. Her grandmother laughted, and then said “she wants all that attention that your going to get from both girls and guys”. She took a brief pause, and then said “that one got pregnant with that one, right after she shaved head”.

Khloe took another hit of her cigarette, as Taylor said “her dad was so jealous of all tha attention I got, that he made me start wearing wigs in public”. After khloe exhaled the hit, she said  “so a shaved head is a good thing”. As khloe ashed her cigarette, Taylor said “it is a good thing, because you no longer have to deal with all that curly hair. It is a good thing, because it will take you less time in the morning to get ready”. 

Khloe stubbed out her cigarette in the ash tray in the arm rest. She began thinking maybe being bald wouldn’t be all that bad. When Taylor saw her stub out her cigarette, she walked over to the chair Khloe was sitting in. Taylor reclined the chair back, and then said “I’ll wash you, now. Then when Nicci gets here with a wig for you, I’ll straight razor you down”. 

As the water began to flow, Khloe said “my mother will never allow me to wear a wig”.Taylor began massaging shampoo into khloe’s remaining hair and scalp. Taylor could tell Khloe was enjoying it, so she said “how amazing does this feel”. With out hast, Khloe said “it feels pretty good”. Taylor grinned, and then said “it feel even better, once I run the straight razor over you”.

Taylor began to rinse khloe, after she said that. As Taylor began to rinse out the shampoo, Taylor said “your mom wants you in here every morning get a shampoo and shave for the next 6 months”. With out even thinking about it, Khloe said “6 months”. Before Taylor could say anything esle, Samantha’s grandmother said “I have been shaving my head since 1982”. Once she said that, Taylor wrapped a towel around Khloe’s head. 

When the chair was back in the up right position, Taylor said “the next 6 months will go by quick. Who knows after 6 months, you may want to keep the cut”. As Taylor rubbed the towel on her head, Khloe thought that was it was highly unlikely that she would want to stay bald. When Taylor believed that Khloe’s head was dry enough, she tossed the towel into the hamper. 

As she removed the cape from Khloe’s body, she said “I’m going to let you go out and enjoy your new buzz cut. Once I text you, come back immediately”. Khloe got out of the chair, and then said “ok”. When Khloe was almost to the exit door, Samantha said “I can’t wait to touch it”.

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