Her “Big Girl” Haircut

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The barber shop was empty expect for the two barberettes, when Nicci and Kate walked in. Taylor knew it would be her job to cut Kate hair, so she said “come have a seat, Kate” As she said this, she padded on her barber chair. At this point, Kate wondered why she was asked to seat in the chair. Just a few days ago, she got her haircut, permed, and highlighted at Betty’s Beauty Palour.

Her fat thighs slapped together each time she took a step. When the plus size girl was almost to Taylor’s chair, Taylor said “how is it going, Kate”. Kate fit better in the barber chair, than she did in smaller chairs at the beauty palour. Due to a thyroid condition, Kate had a bigger butt and belly.

Once Kate was in her chair, Taylor flipped over the cover that was that cover the wash bowl. Taylor reclined the chair back, as she said “I’m going to wash your hair”. Kate began to get worried. She mother told her they where coming to the shop to drop off a wig for a girl that just got her head shaved. As Taylor gathered up her hair into the sink, Kate began to wonder if she was getting her head shaved.

Kate’s hair was almost down to her waist. Taylor began running warm water over her head. As Taylor massagged shampoo in Kate hair, Kate said “did you bring that wig here for me”. With out even thinking about it, Nicci, her mother, said “no, the wig is for Samantha’s friend”. In effort to redirect Kate thoughts, she said “does this feel good, Kate”.

With out hast, Kate said “yes, it feels very nice”. When Taylor was done rising out Kate’s hair, she wrapped a towel around Kate’s head. Once the towel was around her head, Taylor got her in the up right position. As Taylor rubbed the towel on Kate’s head, she said “are you excited for the party, tonight”. With out even thinking about it, Kate said “yes”.

Before she put a cape over Kate, she began  combing her hair out. The brush kept getting stuck.  Taylor knew what she was going to have to do. She set down the brush on her vanity, and then walked over to Katie with cape in her hands. Once she had the cape draped over her large body, she secured it around her neck. As Taylor secured the cape, she said “I’m going to try to just cut off the damaged hair”.

With out even thinking about it, Kate said Ok”. At this point, Kate didn’t realize that Taylor was going to remove the bulk of her hair. Kate was not facing the mirror, when Taylor started cutting the long lengths of hair off. They fell to the floor like curly sheets of paper. Soon after Taylor started cutting, Kate realized a lot of hair was being cut off.

Taylor realized that Kate knew something was up , so she said “there is more damage than I thought”. In reality, Taylor knew this is what she was going to need to do before they even walked into the shop. Taylor chopped Kate’s hair into a chin length bob to start the cut. As Taylor began sectioning off Kate’s hair, Kate said “what’s going on”.

In an effort to keep Kate calm, she said “we are going to cut your hair like Khloe’s”. Kate went to the same school as Samantha and Khloe. She knew Khloe had a chin lenght bob with an undercut. What she didn’t know was that Khloe just got buzzed down with to a 000. Once Taylor was done sectioning her off, Nicci said “I want you to have a shorter haircut that you can manage on your own”.

As Taylor oil the clippers, Nicci said “your a teenager, now. I can’t keep doing your hair for you”. In reality, Kate realized that it was a reasonable request on her mother’s part. Just before Taylor began clipping the right side of Kate’s head, she said “Samantha just got her hair cut down to a bob, yesterday”. With out even thinking about it, Kate said “alot of girls at our school have bobs”.

With out hast, her mother said “that awesome. You will fit right in then”. Before they entered the barbershop, Kate had the longest hair of any student in her school. She was often teased for having hair so long. At this point, she believed the haircut as a positive thing. As Taylor began to push Kate’s ear forward, Nicci sat down in her mother’s chair.

Becky quickly pulled a wig head out of the cabinet, and then removed Nicci wigs. Once the wig was off Nicci head, everyone in the shop could see that Nicci was bald. As Taylor began to work on Kate’s nape, Becky pulled out a head massage tool out of her drawer. Taylor made long passes up Kate’s nape, as Becky prepared to give Nicci a proper head massage.

As Taylor made her 3 pass up Kate’s nape, she said “your hair will be short enough to get scalp massages on the sides and back, now”. With out thinking about it, Nicci said “her dad gives me the best head massage when he straight razors me in the mornings”. Little, Kate’s dad, shaved Nicci down every morning, before he left for work.

Nicci was very much enjoying her head massage, as Taylor finished up Kate’s nape. Nicci began to dig though her purse, as Taylor started peeling the left side of Kate’s head. As hairs hit the cape, Becky said “I’m not going to allow you to smoke one of your cigars in here, Nicci”. With out hast, Nicci said “More 120’s are not cigars”.

Taylor reduced the left side of Kate’s head to just stubble, as Taylor said “I don’t know why you can’t smoke an all white cigarette, like the rest of us”. Nicci laughted, and then said “my husband prefers I smoke these”. Taylor was almost done with the left side of Kate’s head, when Nicci said “he finds me absolutely, unrestiable when he sees a 120 in my fingers”.

Taylor wanted to laught, as she knew that Little was into some odd things. Instead of laughing, she said “Kate is almost done with her big girl haircut”. Once Taylor said that, she realized those where probably not the right words to use. At this point, Taylor realized she should have said “young adult” or “teen”. Before Taylor could say anything esle, Kate said “no fucking way”.

At this point, Taylor just wanted to get Kate and her mom out of the barbershop. As Taylor began to remove the cape, Kate said “if that is not the pot calling kettle black, I don’t know what is”. She took a brief pause, and then said “you and Samantha got curves too, aunty”. In an effort to take the higher road, Taylor said “yes, I think Samantha and I could afford to lose 10 pounds”.

In reality, Samantha and Taylor had their “extra wieght” in all the right areas. As Kate got out of the barber chair, she said “try 50 pounds”. At this point, Taylor was beginning to get upset. Just as Taylor was about to put Kate in her place, Kate said “you both have big butts”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I think you should both get breast reduction surgery. It’s not good for Samantha’s back for her to have 38 c size breasts”.

Taylor laughted, and then said “one of your fat rolls on your belly probably weights what her perfect breasts do”. When Kate was standing on her feet, Taylor said “you must have a steel reinforced spine, if you think her breasts are too big”. She took a brief pause, and then said “what are you, Kate? I’m guessing your at least a 42 double D”.

Once Kate heard that, she began to walk in her aunt direction. At this point, Taylor became scared. She had heard Kate was a very angry person. In an effort to protect herself, she pulled her 9mm handgun. When the gun was pointed directly at Kate head, Taylor said “I think it time for Kate to go take a “time out” in the corner.

Kate knew Taylor wouldn’t do a day in jail for her murder, so she began walking towards the far corner of the barbershop. Nicci, Becky, and Taylor all thought it was a hilarious sight. It was funny to watch Kate walk, because of her giant fat butt. Her belly jiggled, as she walked to the corner. As her fat thighs slapped together, Taylor wondered how she even fit in a chair at the beauty palour.

Katie was Huffing and puffing by the time she made it to the corner.  When Kate got to the corner, she began to cry. Kate realized that she would not have the muscle strength to stand back up, if Taylor ordered her to the ground. She also knew that she didn’t have the ability to stand and face the wall for a long period of time. Kate felt so relieved, when her mother said “let’s go, Kate”.

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