Hairfestish barber part-4( goes sexual)

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This is continuing….

Itis 6:00pm, I all most late for the date. When I go near to that hotel has we planned. I got stund, she was that beautiful I can’t control my mod after seeing her, mind says to hug her and use that chance to touch her hair. I walk near her,she said cool hairstyle Varun. I said your so amazing seema,(she hair was in braid that hanging on her  front touched her breast). I asked shall we began our I got lot of questions to ask. She said ok first we eat something in the hotel. As we sit in chair opposite and we ordered simple we start with a one grape juice with two straws. I asking her first question , she is your own daughter?. She said no, youva was her sister daughter, her sister and her husband was died in a car accident when she was a child. I said sorry for asking that. She cried and it’s fine. Second question is why is like me. She said, she was fall in love in first site she said I had a life too she can’t wait for my divorce husband ,why I choose you because your a good man. The juice was severed and we both began drink slow after we finish. Now she began to ask me questions. First question why you choose a barbershop for only ladies. I said Because in this area I saw women get haircut on Street barber,so I open this shop. Her second question, you didn’t open this barbershop for your living?.I Said​ yes. She said don’t tell lie let me honest, because no one could open this barbershop so early on my calculations your rich and you hear for some other reason. I said nothing. She said we could marry so don’t hide anything be honest Varun. I said can we move on . We go to the club and I got so drunk . She also but she is bit counseus that time she asked me why you open barbershop. I am in drunk I told because I want to shave women’s head. She asked why. I said I am a hairfestish that my dream to play or cut with women hair my. parents won’t accept me to open a parlor so I went for hairstyle classes on my semester holiday for 5 years. I lie to my Parents  that I am here for a business Chance.she said explain more about the hairfestish thing. I said everyone one get hony by seeing pron but hairfestish get hony and sexual mood on women’s​ hair. After a few hours, we get late it’s already 1:00am she said we can go to my house my daughter was went to a school trip she will rent in 3days. As I was drunk I moved to her house and we both go to the bedroom​. She drag me to the bathroom and we both get fresh shower and now we normal. She said the same question and I said nothing. She began to play the answer in her phone she record that. She ask me now you don’t have a private information because I also know them.

I was sat in the bed shocked. I feel so shame and suddenly she move to the door and locked it and began to undress her in front of me. Now she was standing wet in a bra and panties with a wet hip length braid in front of her. I couldn’t resist my penis grow big. She came near me biting her lips and jump on me and hug me and whisper in my hear (today your going to be a enjoy little boy) and she took my t-shirt off. I still sitting in the bed on my thigs she was sitting in a huging position. She took off the belt in my pant and took my pant. Now I was sitting in the bed with a underwear only she also with bra and panties. She put her left hand on my neck and right hand on my manbun she hardly kissing me and grabbing my hair. I put my right hand on her hip and left hand grabbing her wet braid. We both kissing we hardly and we roll on the bed. I was lay down she sit above me and she put her hand behind her back and took off the bra. She put her braid in front and it’s cover the left side breast. I can see her right side breast. I sit up opposite to her in the bed and grab the braid and put on her back. I began to grab her both breast with my both hands it felt like a soft rubber ball. She asked me that all you got. I said already I am a hairfestish I get hony only by hair. If I want to be more sexual bring a kinfe I cut your hair little bit that enough for the night and she get and began to walk. I stand up and grab her by the braid pulling her close to me. She sit on the floor and her head on the bed her braid also on the bed I am on the bed sit and pulling the hair. She was totally in my control . I said can I shave it off. She said only hmmm. I told not today but soon. I took off the rubber band and unbraid her. I drag her to top of the bed and we both sit opposite to each other. I put a twin tail on her head like (harely queen hairstyle). She removed me underwear. I grab her by the twintails  and took off her panties. And we both lay down back to the bed I was above her kissing her lips and my chest was squeezing her breasts and she grab me by my manbun that felt so awesome as hell. We both had sex for more than 4:00hrs it’s 5:30am. I said it time to I want move to my flat. She wait in the bet her breast was covered by her hair. She said see you soon honey I said me too darling and I dress my self up and I move to my flat and I took my open the gallery vault to see the picture that we both took on while sexy and video. It’s 7:30am I heard knock on door and I opened that Visalia​. She said now is the time to open the shop? I said yes. I told her to go a different open the shop I will be there. After a hrs I go the shop. She was already finished two Customer and after the last one get out . I pull the cillper on and said it your turn for the change(I was so hony last night effect). Without any questions she sat on the chair. I cape her. I began by spary water in her hair and told watch I put my phone on video mode to record. I on the cillper and without any guard and bend her head right side and I put the cillper on the left ear and I slowly move upward and I move it back on nape after that I again spary her hair and put shaving cream on the buzzed part and I took the razor I slowly shave it off. I color her hair dark purple. And I told her to grow your hair on the right side keep buzzing in the left.

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