Hairless Part 2

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Hello everybody this is the second part to hairless.

The women who got forced by her husband the get shaved is coming up with a payback and it is going to be something he is going to regret for the rest of his life. It took her a couple weeks to come up with a payback but she finally figured it out. She decided she going to call the same unisex salon and set up an appointment for him to become hairless just like her. But she’s not letting him become hairless with people shaving him but it’s going to be all automatic and if the automatic clippers and razors miss hair he’s going through it again. After she called to set up the appointment she was able to get the last one of the day. When it came close to the time she told to get in the car she has a surprise for him. When they arrived he thought he was going to get to watch her go through again but much to his disappointment he was wrong. It was his turn to get to know what he put his wife through. He was not pleased with her. Once they arrived he was taken back to a chair that was waiting for him and like when his wife went through he had to undress and get scanned for the hair portion so the automated clippers and razors knew where there was more hair. His wife was grinning ear to ear when she was pushing the screen selecting automatic and he was to be hairless. He also got his teeth cleaned and got all polished up. The first room he went to was to get his head shaved and his ears nose hair trimmed and eyebrows shaved off. While in that room a rotary shaver went over his face clearing the stubble of his beard. The next room is to shave his arms, underarms, and torso front and back with little trimmers then with either a rotary shaver or a foil shaver. The next room was shaving his privates and in between his butt cheeks. He was not a fan of that because robots are not as gental as humans with the private area. The next room was to shave his legs with trimmers then with a rotary shaver or a foil shaver. After he got all shaved he had to get vacuumed off before getting scanned again. He got lucky unlike his wife, there was no hair left on his body. After getting scanned the next room was the exfoliating and polishing room. His privates were the only area where the exfoliating machine went. He enjoyed this room because it turned him on. The last room was teeth cleaning and that’s even automatic. He tried to struggle but his was secure so his teeth could get a good deep cleaning. Then his wife thought while he’s strapped down he should have his ears and nose looked at and at that point the robot decided to check his privates too. So not only was he being shaved hairless but getting a checkup as well.

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