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When a guy saw an unisex salon that is either automatic or a barber does the work he thought he would get his wife to go there because he doesn’t want her to have hair anymore as it clogs the drains in the shower and the sink. He called the salon to see if there needed to be an appointment needed but it is just walk ins only. So he told his wife that he has a surprise for her but she has to be blind folded. Once they arrived he entered first and there wasn’t a line which was a good thing. Once inside he led her to the chair that will bring her to the different stations. He entered how he would like her to be hairless. Shaved bald with clippers and a foil shaver, nose and ear hair were also checked but that would be done with a special trimmer, eyebrows shaved, pubic hair shaved with clippers and a foil shaver, and the rest of her body would be shaved with a rotary shaver all done by different people. While he was entering the information, she was getting scanned because she was also going to get her mouth washed and teeth cleaned. After all of that she would go into a separate room and get all the hair vacuumed off, then she would get scanned again to see if she still had hair attached.

Once all the data was entered her clothes were cut off so she was sitting in the chair naked. The first barber shaved her head with the big oster clippers and then with a foil shaver. The chair moved into the second room where another barber shaved her eyebrows off with a small pair of oster clippers and trimmed her nose and ear hair. The chair moved into third room where another barber shaved her pubic hair with a pair oster clippers and a foil shaver. The chair moved into a fourth room where the last barber took a rotary shaver and shaved the rest of her body. Then the chair moved to fifth room where she got vacuumed off and free of hair hopefully. She did have to get scanned again to make sure all the hair is gone. The barbers missed some hair and so she had to go to the beginning but instead of the barbers she had to go through the automatic salon which she was not happy about. A big helmet came over her head and a bunch of little shavers started and went all over her head and it also did her face. The next room was shaving her pubic area again, she did not like that part because as soon as the outside part is shaved two little clamps come and open the lips so the inside of the lips can get shaved. After that was the rest of the body getting shaved. Then comes the mouth cleaning and teeth cleaning. After that she’ll go to the polishing room and that’s all automatic. She was not happy with her husband when they got home.

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