Haley needs to be humbled

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So I have moved to this small village in the middle of nowhere about half a year ago. Before, I have worked for a big company almost 24/7. It was bad. In fact, I felt like work was all that was in my life at the time. Being given the opportunity to own a farm felt like a blessing. But boy, was it hard work.


By now I have perfected the Art of animal farming. I sold a lot of goats the other day and it got me so much money, I didn’t know what to do with all of it. So I decided to go to the local beach. After all, it was a lovely summer.


The distance wasn’t big so I walked there. It was surprisingly empty. But it was beautiful so I just sat on my little chair and enjoyed the view of the blue water and 2 fishermen on the bridge far away from me.


And that’s when I met her for the very first time. Haley. When I saw her I felt like smiling and cuddling her without hesitation. She was beyond pretty. Long, blonde hair, blue, sparkling eyes and a soft tan. She was tall and on the skinnier side with soft, rounded curves and big boobs. And her outfit was tiny, sporting a blue tank top and a pink Mini skirt. She looked so sweet and innocent, spreading her towel on the sand and putting on her sun lotion. She could be a model with that face and figure. Or Barbie. She did, in fact look like a Barbie doll.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a beauty living in this tiny village? I had to approach her. I, myself wasn’t too good-looking. A little belly, average looking, pale and brown hair with brown eyes. It helped that I was rather tall, though.


I went to her and offered to help with her sun Lotion. She smiled. Her smile made me blush. She was adorable. Handed me the Lotion and turned around, so I can put it on her back. I slowly did and enjoyed every second of it. The rest of the day we sat together. We didn’t talk too much but I shared my snacks with her. I could almost fall asleep like that, but she got up and left. She didn’t even say good bye. But I was so stunned by her that I didn’t mind and hoped she would be there the next day.


She was. And I was beyond happy. I said hello again but she didn’t greet back and put on her sunglasses. I thought she didn’t hear me so I just sat besides her. After a while I said hey again, then asked for her name. She looked at me with an annoyed face. “It’s Haley, who the heck are you?” I was surprised. She seemed to hate me. “It’s John” I said quietly.


Haley rolled with her eyes. “I already forgot your name. Anyways, can you leave? Your fat ass is blocking the sun” I was surprised. But all that left my lips was a “fine” and I took my chair and walked home.


The next days went by and I was too busy with my farm to do anything. Until one day, where my uncle visited and did all the work. One day I visited the beach once again and saw her. But this time, with a young man. He was fairly short, almost her size even. But he had muscles and was very tan. He almost looked like a more handsome version of me. This made me furious. What a shallow bitch, I thought. I began hating her so much.


That evening I followed her home. I knew her address now. It was near my farm house.


The next morning I went to her house to watch her leave. Her outfit was skimpy as always. She went to the beach again, with her towel in her hand. I couldn’t help but follow her. On her way, she stopped at a sunflower planted near an old ladies house. She took a picture of it and went ahead.

I had sunflowers planted on my farm too. So I made a plan…


The next day I brought a few sunflowers to the beach with me. As I saw Haley, I went to her and smiled.


“Hello, Haley. I’m selling some flowers and thought, since it reminds me of you, to give you a sunflower for free”


Her serious face brightened up immediately. “My god these are my favourites! Thank you so much, John” and she hugged me.

“I have a little sunflower field on my farm. You can come some time if you’d like”

“How about tomorrow evening?” She asked

I was surprised. That’s how easy she was? What an easy whore


“Of course. I have cats too. And some chickens”


“See you tomorrow, my John”


The next day at 6 I heard my doorbell ring and it actually was Haley. She put on a blue dress and a sun hat. It was almost cute. If I didn’t hate her I would have fallen in love.


The day went by smoothly. I showed her my chicken farm, my cats, some vegetables I grew and lastly, the sunflowers. It was sunset by now and she was so happy. By the end of the day we watched the sunset and talked about flowers. I must say, she knew a lot of things about flowers.

I joined her on her way home. At her door, she suddenly hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to say. She went into her house quickly and locked the door. As I was leaving, I turned around and she waved at me


I was so happy. I believed she was the one for me. But things were about to change.

The next day I noticed she left her sun hat behind. I decided to bring it to her. I walked to her house and knocked on the door. A tall girl with a blue Bob and long, red dress opened. Besides her crazy style, she had a pretty face. Even almost as pretty as Haley. I introduced myself and asked for Haley.

“John?” I heard from the back of the room. She pushed the girl aside and hugged me. “Haley that hurt” the girl said. “Stop whining. Emily, this is John. My new boyfriend”

“Your boyfriend?” The girl asked. “I thought you were dating this Alex guy”

Haley shook her head. “No, John is kind of hotter, now go and fuck the blacksmith” Haley hissed and Emily rolled her eyes and went to a room

Haley smiled again “you brought my hat! I missed it. Thank you so much” and she kissed my cheek again. I blushed. “You want to come over today?” I asked. Haley Held my hand “I would love to. But I’ll go to the beach today” she said while looking away from me. I suspected she lied. So I just played along and told her about how much work was awaiting me and told her to have fun


In reality, I went to the beach too. But I hid behind a plant. And when I saw her I was in shock. She was there, again, with that man from last time. They were laughing and having fun all day. And when they were about to leave, she kissed him just like she kissed me. I began to plan my revenge even more

Meanwhile it was fall and way too cold for the beach. I decided to pay her a visit and invited her to my farm. But at her house, I heard yelling and screaming. The door opened and Haley tried to run out, to be stopped by me. She was in tears. “Emily is such a witch” she screamed. I calmed her down a little, then asked what happened. “Emily donated my clothes to charity” she sobbed. I comforted her “that’s so horrible” I said, running my hands through her waist long, blonde, soft, wavy hair. She was all quiet. “Haley, you have the worst sister” I said. “I know, I wish I could just leave” I hugged her even tighter. “Haley, I have a big house! You can have one half of it all for yourself! You know, the one with the view to the sunflower field” she remained quiet. “Are you sure I won’t bother you?” She asked quietly. “Of course not” I said. She wiped her tears and a bit of her makeup and shook her head. “I can’t live in some filthy farm house, what will Alex… I mean Sandy think of me?” I accepted and left. I gave her a little kiss as a good bye.


However, the next day my doorbell rang. I opened. It was her with a big, pink suitcase. Without me getting a chance to even say something she rushed inside.


“Emily is such a whore! I have her so much” and without another word she rushed upstairs.


I went after her to carry her suitcase. It was heavy. Once we were upstairs, she sat on the couch and threw off her jacket. She wore a blue tank top and basic Jeans. I was amazed by her body. Absolute bombshell.

Long story short, she stayed for a couple of weeks. We were cool and I almost forgot my hate towards her. She didn’t do much. Went out every day and sometimes stayed in her new room all day. But one day, her loud noises woke me up at night. I pretended to be asleep but heard everything. She. Had. Sex. With. Someone. In my house!!


After a while I saw a man leave. It was the guy I saw her with. I boiled up with rage and ran upstairs. She laid in her bed, completely naked. Without hesitation I ran towards her and grabbed her by her hair “ouch, you’re hurting me” she squeeked. I didn’t hesitate and dragged her downstairs, then outside. “You little slut” I yelled. She screamed and I dragged her along, butt naked. I dragged her towards my old stable. I used to have a horse but sold it a while ago because the stable was too run down. It was cleaned but it was small, cold and hard. So I dragged her inside, pushed her and walked outside, locking the door and the big railing and went back into my farm house and back to bed. The next morning I went to pay her a visit. Turns out she fell asleep on the floor. Laughing at her I decided to bring her a blanket, some bread and rice I cooked and a sunflower. As she woke up I stood by the railing. ” Are you crazy?? It’s so cold and I’m in here naked” I grinned. “Don’t whine so much, the heater is on. Turned it on just for you, be more grateful”

“You!! I have done nothing wrong, now let me out of here or else I’ll call the police” she yelled. I just laughed and asked “with what?”

She went quiet. “You will stay in here for a little while, sweetie” I said as I left.

I went back and did a bit of work.

I kept her in there for a whole week. I made sure to overfeed her greasy foods. By now she had some pimples all over her forehead. And a little belly has grown too. I put a leash on her, just in case. Her hair on her body has grown a lot. I wasn’t a Fan of body her so I began to find her less attractive. She was forced to drink out of a bowl and eat from the floor. I would let her use the old toilet cabin once a day. The rest of the day she was forced to pee herself. She looked dirty, greasy and unhealthy. But more was to come.

One day I decided to let her out and take a shower. And I would watch. Was no longer allowed to talk so she didn’t say anything. I pulled her hair and dragged her into the house again. In the shower the water was running already. It was warm and she began shampooing her hair. Soon she put soap all over her body and rinsed it off. She was clean again

I handcuffed her to my bed and had her sleep with me that day. I began eating her out the next morning. “You like that, little slut, huh? She moaned. I began feeding her more Pizza. She began having a slight double chin and bigger arms and tits. She wasn’t chubby, yet but had a little extra fat. I rubbed her belly and told her “that’s how I like my women” and fed her more bread.

Another week passed and she began to be rounder. It was kind of cute.


However, after almost 3 months she began whining more and more. “I can no longer do it John” she cried. “You want to go back to the stable?” I asked


“No. Just don’t give me any more Pizza. Look how fat I have become” she cried, touching her belly. I slapped her. She remained quiet and continued eating.

Another week later it was spring. I allowed her to call her sister. She did. Her sister invited her to the spring flower Party. Haley got So happy and told her she will be there.


She came up to me and went to her knees “John, please let me go to the party next week, I want to perform a dancw with Alex” I looked down. “Sure” I said “but under one condition”

She nodded.

“You let me choose your hairstyle, outfit and makeup”

Her naiveness expected nothing bad, and she was so desperate to go. “Yes! Okay! I will! Anything you want” she said.

After almost a week it was time for me to humble her, one last time.


“Alright Haley, sit on this chair, we’re making you real beautiful tonight” She hesitated but sat on it. She hasn’t worn any clothes in almost 4 months, so I decided to not give her a cape or anything alike. I brushed her hair, cuffed her to the chair and left the room to grab everything. Clippers, razor, foam and lotion, put it all in a bag and went back to her. “Oh Haley, you’re not going to like this” I said with a smirk on my face I taped her mouth so her screams wouldn’t hurt my ears. And before she even realized I turned on the clippers. I walked in front of her to see her reaction. Her eyes were widened. I grinned even more, then went behind her again.


From there, I put them to her forehead. I hesitated for a second but then, slowly pushed them towards the back of her head. I turned off the clippers again. “Looks like there is no way back now” I said. I turned them back on while looking at the big, bald strip on her head I just created. Right next to it, I pushed the clippers through, once again. Her hair fell to the floor and on her lap. I continued shaving one more, and more, and more. Until after a while, all that was left were her blonde stubbles. I walked to stand in front of her to “you’re going to have no hair left on your head when I’m done with you” as she cried.


I took a bottle of water and poured it over her head. Next, I spread the foam on top of her head and began shaving. Shaving sounds could be heard. She shivered, so I was careful not to cut her. After a while she was shiny and smooth.

I began investigating my work. I made sure to touch her head. It felt amazing


I grabbed another razor and pulled up the skin around her eyebrows, to shave them off. I started with the left one. The hair was perfectly shaped but the razor took it off perfectly without any traces of hair. The next eyebrow was gone next.


“You’re not done yet, slut” I took tiny scissors and cut off her eyelashes carefully, ridding her of hair entirely.


She was done. Her body, legs and armpits bushy. Her head? No signs of hair. I put Lotion on her head and took her handcuffs off. She fell to the ground.


“Come on, take a shower, baldie” I laughed and she went to the bathroom with me. There she saw herself for the first time. She was so shocked. Crying she went inside the shower and I turned on ice cold water. Remaining pieces of hair and shaving foam fell down the drain. After 5 minutes I turned off the water and went to our bed. She sucked my dick and I came on her head and face. She was truly an ugly alien creature. But that was the point. Humble her. She has no right to play with me like that.

I gave her a potato bag, cut holes in it and grabbed her wrist to have her turn it on. It was so tight on her so I cut a little hole on the place where her belly was to expose it. Next, I gave her some old crocs.


And we walked to her home. I knocked on the door and Emily opened. She was almost screaming as she looked at Haley.


Well, the next day the whole village gathered to the spring flower Festival. I put all of Haleys hair in a bag and brought it with me. But she was nowhere to be seen. Until I saw a person in a hoodie. I came to realize, it was her. I ran towards her and pulled off her hood, for everyone to see her shiny, bald head. Everyone stared and many people gasped. I smiled and left.


On my way out I met this guy again. I wasn’t mad at him. “She’s all yours. But I think she lost something” I said as I headed him the bag of hair. He seemed confused. “Her dignity” I whispered and walked away.

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