Haley’s Surprising Haircut

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It was a sunny day in March of 2017. In the town of Tellico Plains, TN. 16-year-old Haley was getting ready for school, when her Mom called her from downstairs.
“Haley C’mon, Breakfast is getting cold!”
Haley was straightening her knee length red hair for 20 minutes and said, “I’ll be there in a minute!”
Her mother was a busy woman. Not only was she a stay-at-home Mom, but she has a 11-year-old son, Mike to take care of and every other week going to the community center to get volunteer hours.
She has had enough of Haley being late. When Haley got downstairs, her mother said this “I need you to start taking your life seriously! After school, You and I are going to John’s Barbershop!”
Haley held her hair and shuddered. “But- “
“No Ifs, Ands or Buts! She snapped. Now, go to school.”

Haley was concerned about having a haircut by a barber. She heard her friend Eliza got a haircut at John’s, because of money issues. She came back to school the next day with a Bowl Cut! She then noticed that it was Friday, which is a half-day! She wanted to convince her Mom to reconsider, but she was a tough cookie.  “*Sighs* I hope I get lucky, and the shop is closed.”

After school, Haley waited for her mom. She considered running home, but she heard her brother calling her name. “Damnit” she whispered. She got into the front passenger seat and the three went to John’s.

They parked about 10 feet from the barber’s pole. The red, white and blue stripes always confused her. When they entered, four barbers were inside; but three were with customers.
She sat down at saw the first two barbers were in their late 50’s and wore glasses. Their name tags said “John” and “Buzzy”. John was shaving a man’s beard while Buzzy was giving boy her age a Crewcut. The third barber was in his mid 30’s No one was in his chair, so he was reading the Weekly newspaper. His name tag said “Ricky” The final barber was in his late teens or early 20’s giving a teenage girl, about Haley’s age a short boy’s haircut. His tag said “Tony”.

Moments later, Tony finished up his customer and said “Next!”
Haley slowly got up. “Well, I guess that’s me.”
Tony said “Ok then. C’mon, young lady.”
She never sat in a chair this big, but it was strangely comfortable. She put her arms on the chair’s armrests and her feet on the metal plate.
“So, I’m guessing a trim or something else.”
Haley saw her Mom staring at her.
“Um, Let’s go short, I don’t care how short”.
Tony shrugged. “Alrighty.”
He took a strip of tissue and wrapped it around her neck. Ricky then took a red and white striped cape and covered her body with it. Her hands and her white tennis shoes peeked out from the cape.
Tony asked Haley as he was spraying her hair, “Nervous?”.
“Yeah, but it’ll help me in the long-run.”
Tony smiled, “Ah, a trooper. Not a lot of those these days.”
Haley quickly said, “Just be careful behind the ears!”
Tony answered, “You bet!”

Haley was faced away from the mirror, so she couldn’t see what Tony was doing. She felt a comb going through her hair and then…
Shears taking off about 3 feet of hair, which slid onto the cape and floor. She then felt the cold air on her neck and right ear. She moved her eyes from top-left to top-right in a twitching-like motion as she heard…
Cut after cut, she felt more cold air on her neck. Both her ears were exposed. She looked down at the cape and the tiled floor seeing her tresses shorn off.
After 10 minutes of cutting, Tony put down the shears and reached for the clippers. He put the #2 guard on the clippers and then put clips to hold the hair up top in place.
Haley felt the clippers touch her uneven hair. Bits of hair fell onto the floor as Tony shaved the sides and back.
Haley then thought “Please let this be a Bob with an Undercut!”

After 5 minutes, everything was even; Tony then took a strange looking comb and inserted it into her hair. He turned on the clippers again and said, “I need you to be very still, otherwise it’ll be uneven.”
She listened and stay perfectly still.
Haley thought Tony was using a “Clipper-over-comb” method. That is until she saw large chunks of hair shower doing in front of her onto the cape. She had been hoping this will be a good look. She then remembered that Picture Day was Monday!
Tony put down the large clippers and picked up a much smaller one. He used it to clean her sideburns, around her ears and temple, and the back of her head.
“I’ll be done soon” Tony said.
He picked up his shears again and used the “Shears-over-comb” method on the sides and top.
He put down the shears and Haley then heard an odd sound.
Tony put shaving cream on her neck and took a straight razor to clean up the neck.
Tony then used a warm towel to wipe up any residual cream that wasn’t necessary. He then asked me “Are you ready to see the finished look?”
Haley closed her eyes, took a short breath and said “Yeah”.
Tony turned the chair slowly and Haley opened her eyes. Her mouth dropped.
Haley said “Woah! I look like Scarlett Johannsson!” Tony was holding a small handheld mirror showing the back.
Haley and her mom thanked him for her haircut. Mike went after and got a Fauxhawk.
They paid for the two haircuts and said they would be back in three weeks.

On the way home, Haley said “I’m sorry for being so concerned about my hair. Don’t worry though, I think I’ll keep it like this for a while.”
Mom said, “Good to hear!”
Haley smiled and said “Well, Picture Day is on Monday. I can’t wait to show my friend my new ‘do!”
Her mom chuckled and said, “They’ll definitely be surprised!”

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