Heather meets Ben

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This is a true story that happened about a year ago. I was at our local dog park with my golden doodle Ben. He is more golden than poodle. He is black and gray with a golden retriever coat. Most people at the dog park ask me if he is wolfhound. Although at 80 pounds, he still is not quite big enough for that breed. He is extremely friendly and a little shy at the same time.

I met Heather by way of Ben. She is a tall slender young lady in her mid 30s. I was sitting on a bench watching Ben be goofy and Heather was walking towards us with her dog close behind her. She was dressed in a light green sun dress and a floppy sun hat. She looked at me and smiled and asked me what his name was? I responded by telling her it was Ben. She bent over and called Ben but Ben being shy this day, would not go to her. So, Heather knelt down and said maybe it was her hat. She removed her hat and exposed a freshly 0 guard buzzed head. She was just stunningly beautiful. I told her that and she thanked me. She sat next to me and we spoke about her hair. I told her she really looked amazing. I asked her when did she decide to shave her head. She responded that she had mid-back length brown hair and it was always in her way, hot or she had to wear it up. And I have always wanted to do this, so I bought a clipper set and just shaved it off. I said that you look absolutely gorgeous. I asked her how often do you have to shave your head? Heather responded at least once a week or maybe twice. I asked her if she had ever thought of totally shaving it to the scalp. She said she had but it would be too messy and the razor would pull on her head. I mentioned to her that I had a skull shaver and it works in minutes to shave your head to a smooth scalp. I asked her if she would like to try that. She said yes. I told her whenever she was ready to give me a call. We exchanged business cards, she put her hat on and departed.

It was about 2 weeks later and my phone rang. I answered and it was Heather. She asked if I was still interested in showing her how to use a skull shaver before she decided if she wanted to purchase one. I said of course, when would you like this demonstration. We decided on a time and she would be coming to my house. Since the was self-employed, we decided that we would do this after lunch on our scheduled day.

Wednesday afternoon arrived and Heather was in my driveway. She exited her car and she still looked amazing with a white sundress on, sandals and her large floppy sun hat. Ben was wagging his tail as the made her way to the house. She petted Ben and we spoke about her drive and the day she was having. She said  it was going to get better!

Since it was a beautiful day, I decided to set up my salon on the deck. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine and she accepted. I poured it, handed her the glass and we walked towards the deck. I slid open the glass door and we stepped out onto the deck. We were both a little nervous, but I said that when you are ready to sit down on my stool. She finished her wine, I asked her if she wanted another and poured it for her. She drank about half of it and set it down on the small table. She removed her hat and exposed 2 weeks of hair growth that was almost a quarter of an inch long.

She sat down and I placed my cloth cape around her and fastened it. I asked her if it was too tight, she said no. I asked her if she was ready, she nodded, I first picked up my clippers and shaved the new growth of hair from her head. This bare blade reduced her hair to just stubble. When I had finished, I then picked up my trimmer and began to buzz her head again, leaving just 0.5mm in its wake. There was still a lot of hair being removed with this trimmer. When I was finished with the trimmer, I then picked up my skull shaver, I asked her if she was ready for the best feeling of her life? She said that she had been shaving her head for about a year, but she had never felt anything like this before. She said that she was nervous about being totally bald. I said it will grow back fast and if you do not want to shave it again, just let it grow. I asked if she was ready? She nodded yes and I flipped on the shaver. I began going over the top in circular motions and the shaver just devoured the remaining stubble. About 3 minutes later I felt her head for any rough spots and then touched them up. She put her hands up and felt her bald head. I gave her a hand mirror to look and she said that it looked fantastic. I had to totally agree. I put some scalp balm in my hands and massaged it into her scalp.

Heather looked so phenomenal with a bald head that I had to rub it one more time. She asked me if I really liked it, and I told her that if she never wanted to grow another hair on her head, it would fine with me! She asked me if I would continue to shave her head for her. I quickly said yes. We hugged and kissed before she left. Nothing sexual about this as we were becoming friends.  We met every week it was nice at the dog park and after the dogs were finished playing, I would set my salon up beside my car and Heather would sit and I would use my skull shaver on her head until she was perfectly smooth.

I picked up a couple of customers from doing this. So, those hair cuts will be coming soon.

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