Her Humiliation

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So this is my first story ever, and I’m not having an easy time navigating how to place stories from my docs to here as they seem to mess up the formatting and I have to go through every thing again for paragraphing. It might just be me lol. Anyway, I hope at least one person enjoys this.


Caroline sat at the worn kitchen table with her arms crossed and tears burning In her eyes. Her auburn hair hung in long thin curtains around her face

“This is ridiculous Coraline. You need a haircut! The ends are all split and it looks fried and frizzy.” Her mother leaned forward, frustration evident on her face. “What do you think people say when they see you walking around like an unkept hobo?” She gestured towards Caroline’s hair. “Your appearance doesn’t just affect you, Miss Attitude!”

“Dad, please!” Caroline turned to beg her father, hoping he would just once, come to her defense.

Her father barely paused in his chopping at the counter. Studiously ignoring the escalating emotions at the table not 5 feet from him. “Your mother knows best. I’m not about to get in the way of women’s issues, dear.”

Her mother sat back in her chair. Victory evident on her face.

“Your appointment is tomorrow. I’ll pick you up from school and we will go straight there. No lollygagging either, or I’ll come in there and drag you out myself.” Her mother sat back in her chair, and started scrolling through her phone. Obviously dismissing the distressed girl across from her.

Caroline knew she couldn’t argue more, knew it would only mean getting a worse punishment.

She stood to leave for her room before pausing to her mother

“I can just get a trim right?” Tentative hope laced her words

Her mother didn’t bother to look up from her phone “Caroline with the way your hair looks, you’ll be lucky to escape with anything. It needs a proper cut.”

Heat flooded Caroline’s cheeks as she thought about losing her hair. A security blanket she had come to require. Since, in her mind, it didn’t draw attention to her.

Losing her hair, however much, meant people noticing. People commenting, or thinking it was ugly. She always had the same hair. long, simple and occasionally pulled back into a ponytail. If she never changed it then no one would ever notice her. She would blend into the background the way she wanted.

Running up the stairs she finally lost control of the tears.

She shut her bedroom door behind her, taking all her strength to not slam it and scream.

Caroline moved to stand in front of the floor length mirror on her closet door, trying to accept the inevitable change that was coming. Hot tears streaked her face as she quietly tried to stifle her sobs. She knew she was being overdramatic but no one seemed to understand why her hair meant so much to her. She didn’t even really understand. She just didn’t want people to notice her. It didn’t help being a senior in high school. Forced into a haircut she didn’t want. It felt almost comical, being at the age of adulthood and still being under the control of her mother.

As she readied herself for bed, a cold heavy feeling of dread settled in the pit of her stomach… She tried to close her eyes and hoped when she made it to the appointment, her mother was feeling a bit more forgiving.




Caroline floated through school as if in a dream. Ignoring her few friends, barely getting her class work done; All she could think of was how she could possibly get out of this haircut. Luck wasn’t on her side however, as she got to the doors of the school she saw her mother’s car parked directly outside.

Her eyes flooded heavily with unshed tears, threatening to spill over at any moment. Her nose burning and cheeks heating up she knew if she waited any longer it would be an embarrassing breakdown in front of her classmates. Before the first tear could fall Caroline ran to the car and threw herself in. Slamming the door without so much as a glance in the direction of her mother.

“If you don’t smarten up I’ll tell the hairdresser to shave you bald!” Her mother had a scowl on her face. Unable or uninterested as to why something as simple as a haircut would cause such distress in her child.

Caroline let out a wail of fear as the tears finally broke through and poured down her cheeks. She turned pleadingly to her mother. “Please, just a trim!” She begged, desperation evident in her voice.

Her mother ignored her completely, only bothering to turn on the radio to cover Caroline’s soft crying.


Her mother pulled in the mall parkade and slammed the car door behind her as she left. Making it very clear she was not in a mood to negotiate. She stood waiting by the car for Caroline to get out and follow her. Her mother knew Caroline would obey. As much as she whined she would always do as she was told.

They finally made it to the small salon inside the mall. It was an open concept; with all the salon chairs facing a large bay window for anyone in the busy mall to see as they walked by

The stylist called her name, and to her dismay, her mother got up to come to the chair with her.

Sniffing, she sat. Her eyes cast downward and awaited her fate.

“She’s in for a long overdue haircut and I’m fed up of looking at this scraggly mop.” Her mother stated plainly. She picked up a lock of Caroline’s hair to emphasize the frizzy mess it was “I want it nice and neat.” She dropped the lock back in its place and crossed her arms.

“Ok, so what are you thinking?” the stylist asked, Combing her fingers through Caroline’s ratty hair.

“A short bob I think.” Her mom had moved to sit in a vacant chair next to Caroline “Something stylish but easy to keep up. She doesn’t do anything with it so something she can wash and go”

“How about to here?” the hairdresser held her hand to the middle of Caroline’s neck.

Caroline’s breath stuttered. That would be shorter than any haircut she’s ever gotten. Would she even be able to pull it back into a ponytail?

“No-“ Caroline felt relief wash over her in a warm wave. Thank god “— something shorter.” Her stomach plummeted. A twisting warm feeling she had never felt before taking over her abdomen. She had masturbated before sure, but nothing had ever made her vagina throb.

“I’m thinking to here-“ her mother held her hand to the middle of her ear.

The throbbing in her genitals continued throbbing in sync with her heart “-and take it up high in the back. Like those cute little bobs at the sharp angle you know what I mean?” Her mother dragged her finger high up her head. Passed the occipital bone.  Caroline took a steadying breath trying to will her pussy to calm down  “What the fuck is happening” Caroline thought absently.

The stylist nodded, “Oh yes, we do quite a few of those. Not that short I wouldn’t say but it should be really cute with her pretty auburn hair!” She seemed almost oblivious to the tear tracks and snuffled breathing from Caroline.

The stylist grabbed a well worn spray bottle and started dampening Caroline’s hair. Taking a large comb she pulled through the knots deftly and gathered it cleanly into a elastic at the base of her neck. Once secured she reached into a drawer next to the chair and took out what looked like a large pair of silver sewing scissors.

Holding Caroline’s limp ponytail in her hand, rougher than necessary if you asked her, she lobbed off the entire thing in one go. Schnick  She felt a tightening on the back of her head and just as quickly heard the crunch and felt the release.

Caroline’s hair fell around her face to her neck. She felt the damp pieces tickle her throat and a wave of anxiety and something else coursed through her as she noticed people curiously looking into the large window at the girl getting all her hair cut off.

“This is just to get the bulk off,” the stylist spoke to her mother. Seeming to be completely fine with treating Caroline as if she wasn’t even there. Her mother nodded to the stylist and nabbed a magazine from a small close by.

Sectioning Caroline’s hair, the stylist dragged a comb in a large upside down U shape on the back of her head. Caroline felt the comb pull high up her neck, just above the occipital bone and down again to the other side. The stylist clipped the remainder to the top of her head and grabbed a pair of clippers Caroline had seen her father use on his own head.

Tears flowed anew with the throbbing continuing to increase in tempo and intensity.

Not bothering to attach a guard the stylist made no qualms about running the machine up Caroline’s neck all the way up to the top of her head where she had sectioned. Caroline’s mind felt numb, the buzzing feeling almost entrancing her.

Pulling the clip off, the rest of her hair tumbled down and it seemed as if nothing had happened. Her hair back to the length at her neck, now concealing a secret patch of naked skin.

Caroline felt a surprisingly forceful throb pulse through her clit at the feeling of her hair brushing the almost bald skin. Her tears long since dried up. She stared into the mirror watching her security blanket be ripped away from her without mercy  “Am I… enjoying this?” She thought to herself. Alarmed at the idea. Her clit throbbed again almost in answer, “Oh fuck,” Caroline thought as she closed her eyes from the sudden pulse of pleasure.

The stylist, having put away the clippers and picked up a small pair of sharp looking scissors, combed her hair down straight and starting at Caroline’s side, she carefully snipped the hair from her neck to the bottom of her earlobe. Caroline watched as her hair was chopped shorter and shorter, the stylist moving around her head pulling the hair up up up with her scissors, the long chunks of hair unceremoniously dropping onto the cape with large thwack’. The throbbing of Caroline’s clit continued to intensify. Feeling her panties moisten with her unexpected arousal she was conflicted.

Why was this happening!

The hairdresser slowly snipped Caroline’s hair at the harsh angle up and above the occipital bone and down again to the other side. Taking care to make sure every single hair was cut bluntly as she went. She finally made it to the other side, taking the final lock of hair and snipping it again at her other lobe. What were people going to say? She looked like a freak! From hair that almost completely covered her breasts to hair that didn’t even cover her ears!

Her mother moved in front of her smiling, and inspected the brutal haircut.

She pulled a strand at the front “Could you do some short little bangs? That would be so cute I think.”

“It would, wouldn’t it!” The stylist seemed to be enjoying herself as she combed forth a large section of hair and without asking how much to take off, snipped bluntly just above the middle of her forehead. Caroline had never seen bangs this short before, completely removing the ability to hide in her hair. Nothing to tuck behind her ears, nothing to drape in front of her face, she might as well have been shaved bald. That might have been easier to explain than this.


She was breathing heavily now. Seeing herself in the mirror. Her comfort being taken from her and left with this extreme haircut she had never seen on another person. Even the goths at her school didn’t have hair like this. She squirmed in the chair. Her hand reached between her legs under the cape to gently press her throbbing mound. Caroline could barely hold her gasp as she felt the wet denim from her leaking pussy against her fingertips

The stylist grabbed the hairdryer and proceeded to curl Caroline’s hair inward with a tiny round brush and did the same to her bangs, as well as she could with how short they were. She took her time teasing as much volume at the small amount of hair left at the crown.

The stylist finished with a blast of far too much hairspray, and the finished look brought the already short bob to almost completely above Caroline’s ears. She looked like a clown. She had to bite her lip to cover a moan.

Suddenly, just as Caroline thought she would orgasm right there, The cape was whipped off her shoulders and she was left looking at the stranger in the mirror with a large wet patch on the crotch of her light jeans.

Her mother and the hair stylist were already making their way to the cash register without her.

With no one looking she quickly tied the sweater she had worn to school around her waist to conceal the pants soaked in her own fluid.

She swore she could smell herself.

“Come on Caroline.” her mother called from the front of the salon. “You can’t sit and sulk forever”

The drive home was silent and as soon as she got home she ran upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door

Stripping out of her soaked jeans and sopping panties, she moved to the mirror and looked at herself

Caroline’s once long unkempt hair had been turned into an extreme A line bob. All curled under, and sprayed to a shiny helmet. She touched the hard hair gently with her fingertips to not break the mask. Shaking her head there was almost no movement at all.

The tiny bangs only accentuated her already large forehead and made her doe eyes seem even wider.

She grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of the back. Caroline felt her knees weaken when she saw the shaved neck that seemed to go on forever; to the tall overly teased hair at her crown.

Turning back to the mirror she placed her hand on her throbbing pussy.

Kneeling on the floor, she spread her slick lips and watched as she rubbed her own hardened clit in the mirror. She could see her pussy slowly dripping from arousal into a growing puddle on the hardwood floor.  Her other hand explored her new hair. Fingers dragging up the sandpapery bald nape, to the backcombed crown, and finally, the tiny bangs that did her no favours in the looks department.

“You can’t hide this,” she thought to herself. “Everyone is going to see”; It’s not like she could wear a wig, or even a hat for that matter. Everyone would see her naked nape and tiny little bangs whether she liked it or not.

Caroline moaned at the thought.

Speeding up her fingers she brought her other hand again, up her neck and stroked the almost bald skin back and forth.

Her body tensed as she felt wave after wave of orgasm hit her body. Her pussy squirting forcefully onto the floor below her, feeling large splashes on her quivering thighs.

As she caught her breath she looked at herself in the mirror. Completely debauched over a haircut.

“What is happening to me” she thought as she brought her hand back up her nape. Her eyes fluttered closer as her clit throbbed again,

I wonder what it would feel like smooth…

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  1. What a wonderful story! Your juxtaposition of a brutal, forced shearing with Caroline’s erotic reaction was VERY powerful.

    I also very much enjoyed your detail around styling, teasing, and spraying. Many authors don’t focus on that aspect, and it’s one I really enjoy. Your phrases “sprayed to a shiny helmet” and “almost no movement” were wonderful. Just the way I like to see hair styled.

    I very much hope you write more.


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