His model, forever

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“You’re a control freak”,he yells at me,”I’m glad I cheated on you with your sister”

I aim to hit him but he hurriedly picks up his jacket and leaves, we were together for five years and he does this to me, for my sister.

I wanted revenge so I stalked the SOB almost every day, angry to see my sister getting some while I got nothing.

He parked his car, one day, in a carpark and I was prepared to take revenge, he loved that car so it had it coming.

I forgot the floor it was on so I checked each floor for the corvette and found one on floor 3, I dumbly didn’t check the plates.

I sprayed the car pink and painted the most vulgar curse words on the hood and roof.

As I was looking over my work, I heard a voice; thinking it was him, I turned around smugly.

But, it wasn’t him, the man before me was unknown to me and I just destroyed his car.

”What have you done!”he looked crushed.

I felt terrible and told him he wasn’t my target, basically giving him my life story,”How can I make this right?”

He stopped,”It will take a thousand dollars to make this right, assuming you have cash”

”No”, I confessed,”I’m really sorry but I’m flat broke”

Then his crushed lips and eyes tightened into a happier face,”Alright, you did this, you are going to make this right”

I was confused,” I’m.. broke, no cash”

He gave me a business card with an address,”Morning; 8:00 sharp”

I was still in confusion as the man walked away from his defamed car.

I, in turn, left the carpark; hoping my ex didn’t see me.

8:00, I entered the destination of the card and was told to wait and fill out a form.

It was cliche at first but then it divulged into personal territory.

How much do you weigh?

What type is your hair? Color?

Have you had children before?

It got more invasive so I tried to leave but the desk lady told me,”Mr. Roma will see you now”

Protesting to follow her directions revealed fruitless as she rebuked me with,”Mr. Roma told me everything and Miss. If you refuse again, I have authorization to press charges on behalf of my boss”

Sealed into place, I took an elevator to Roma’s office.

His hallway was decorated with plants, busts, and paintings of world leaders of young and old.

But the walls were a bit dull to me, I was grateful to get to his door.

He was a different man when I entered, very proper actions for a small time millionaire.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again”

”Um.. hey”, I fumbled,”It’s nice to see you too..”

”Sit”,he invited as the conversation was to commence,”I trust you have an idea what you’ll be doing”

”What?”I proclaimed,”I’m not working for you”

”I’m afraid you have no choice”

I was going to protest but a reminder of my trespass sent me into a state of compliance.

”I draw line at nudity”, I put,”I’m not a porn girl”

”Trust me”,he smiled,” I require a model, not an object”

He made me sign a contract and my internship with him began.

We started at a runway; he went on to say,”I’m a jack of all traits to be frank; I started out as a fashion designer and part-time hairdresser at a barbershop in Queens. And when I had it all, my business drew from my younger years”


“I make models for the common people to view art on skin, in a sense”

”You sure I’m not getting naked on camera?”

”Clothing drapes the skin, I view nudity as a sin if used for vile pleasures”

He was casual about his work, but his eyes told of his enthusiasm and giddiness.

We left the runway and traveled to the dressing room, dress after dress was asked upon me and when he was satisfied, I was put in a peach, fluff dress with stylish heels.

Before leaving, he opened a door to a room that looked like a barbershop, black and white checkered floor and vintage perfume.

”Cool room”, I commented, playing dumb but sensing his intent; he wanted my hair cut.

Roma turned the chair towards me,”This should be quick”

I reluctantly sat in the old but shiny chair and he turned me to face the chair.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t reach for the scissors but propped himself against the counter before me.


”Oh, my hairdressing days are behind me. We’re waiting for the woman I hired to do your hair; besides, I can’t dirty this suit. 2 Grand for this suit, can you believe it”

”Yeah”, I replied.

While we waited, he showed styles that he wanted to give me, it went from lobs and bobs to pixies, Chelseas, and flat out bald; I hoped to God that he wouldn’t choose that one.

I loved my slightly-curly, dirty blonde hair but this is what I get for messin’ up a random dude’s car.

”So sorry I’m late”,a lady in a purple blouse and black jeans.

”Sara”,chuckled Roma,”What kept you?”

”Traffic”,she replied.

”Ah”,Roma put,”This is our new model, she is due for a haircut”

”The one that sacked your car?”

”Yeah”, I sighed,” I was-“

”So, what are doing to her today”, Sara cut me off, she was in a good mood now that I had given her a reason to do whatever she wanted to me.

“Are we going short”,she angled her flat palms to the halfway point of her neck,”Or is all coming off?”

”Easy girl”,Roma calmed Sara’s insanity, he gave her his phone and whispered something in her ear.

”Ooh-hoo-hoo”, she whooped as the phone was given back,”You’re in for a treat, girl”

Oh no, I thought as she put on an apron and retrieved a cape close to me.

She put it on my lap and opened a drawer in the cabinet below the counter, a roll of paper was torn off and wrapped around my neck.

Sara then unfolded the blue cape and spread it out over my body, clipping the buttons snugly.

I became nervous as she gave me a spin in the chair with an inspecting look and stop me abruptly which cause a slight jerk in me.

She then gathered my hair and pulled it into a ponytail, with the scissors, she set the blades near the white hair tie.

”You ready?”

My uncertain face was good enough for her as she started hacking at the ponytail.

It soon gave way and she held it up beside my face to remind me of my mistake.

The ponytail was dropped and Sara was in her zone, securing the top hair to my head, it was time to say goodbye to the remaining hair.

”This is the fun part”,she emphasized, grabbing the clippers from a cupboard above me.

However, she didn’t apply a guard to the device, she wanted skin to show.

Placing a hand on my head, Sara forced my head down,”Just relax and enjoy the experience”

With that, she flicked it on and started up my nape, sliding off to empty the cluster of hair she accumulated.

Left then right were also buzzed off, leaving fine stubble.

“We’re going smooth?” she asked Roma.

”Yes”,he replied.

Sara went back into the cupboard and took out a can of shaving cream as I gazed at my altered self.

”What have I done?” I asked himself.

”You vandalized my boss’s car”, she reminded me,”Head down”

My head was back down into its position as the van was shook and her hand smeared the buzzed parts with cream.

With the leather strip on one side of the chair, Sara ran the razor up and down til she was satisfied.

Another hand on my head, she took off the white foam that left me with bare scalp on my sides.

”Alrighty, let’s get this hair washed”,Sara proclaimed but I saw no sink.

”Where?” I dumbly asked which gave me a glare for my stylist.

”She’s kinda right”, Roma admitted,”I really need to install a washing station”

”Or”,Sara replied,”She can stop complaining and do as I instruct”


She wanted to slap me but Roma rebuked his staff,”Just show her to the sink”

Sara groaned but did so, removing the cape and neck-wrap.

Taken by the hand, I was led to the bathroom with a industrial sink, she quite forcefully placed me above the sink and with the spray, my head was quenched with water.

Lather, rinse, and repeat was the process, I came out soaking wet up top; only a towel prevented the drips from their work.

I was put back into the chair and a fresh wrap was around my neck, the cape was dusted off and spread over me again.

Sara dried my hair quick and hard, I was dizzy when the motion stopped.

My remaining hair was spread evenly over my head and clippers came back into the picture.

I could only watch as Sara went around my head, taking off the hair that necessary.

A bowl-cut was taking shape but I didn’t know whether to like it or hate it.

Final touch of the clippers was done, a bowl and tubes were produced.

“These gloves are hard as hell to get on”,Sara said frustrated,”Come on”

”Hey, girls”, Roma chimed in,” I got some work to do so”.He pointed at Sara,”Just continue doing my models hair and I will catch you girls later”

Sara nodded and he left, I was left alone with a sadistic hairdresser.

She took me back to the bathroom and sat me down in a chair with my back to the sink.

My head was pulled back and bleach dye was poured over my scalp that stung me greatly.

She made sure it set before she washed out the excess dye, a new dye was emptied on my head and scrubbed in.

After both dyes had done their job, I was rinsed thoroughly and my head was wrapped.

Back in the barber chair, I grew even more anxious for I didn’t how the dye would turn my hair.

Finally the towel came off, my hair was bright orange; I had to cover my mouth due to the shock.

”You like it?” Sara asked.

” I..”

She did not care if I did, she took back up the clippers and tidied up my cut.

When it was nice and round, my hairdresser put back the clippers into their home and opened another cabinet to retrieve a straightener.

The ends swooped into my eyebrows as she curled them inwards.

I had a almost-neon, bright orange bowl-cut, I made me look like a clown.

But, this was my atonement, I had to own it.

Sara released me from the cape and cleaned up my hair clippings and the ponytail that I so desperately missed.

She walked me to Roma’s office and he was so happy to see me in my new haircut.

”You look nice”, he smiled.

I couldn’t help but blush,”Really?”

”The show’s tonight”,he told me,”You’ll knock’em dead with your beauty”

He was right, my runway shots were on major magazines and even my ex tried to get with me.

”Nah”, I rejected him,” I don’t date cheaters”

However, as Roma’s model, I found myself in Sara’s chair when my was ready for a change.

I tried them, from lobs and bobs to Mohawks, pixies, and Chelseas.

I even shaved it off for a Bald is Beautiful campaign.


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