Holly’s Humiliation

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Chapter One

Holly tried to move her wrists, but like her ankles they were bound tight to the chair with thick black tape. She strained harder, and there was no ply at all. Naked, with the faux leather of the salon chair growing damp with sweat on her bare buttocks, she gave up. Her head was pushed forwards, and her hair fell over her face and tickled her breasts. A dull hum filled her ears as the clippers were brought to life. How on earth did she get herself into this…?

One day previously, Thursday 12:32 pm

It was the lunch break, and today Holly was sitting outside, enjoying the Spring sunshine. She squinted when the sun caught the glossy pages of the Vogue magazine she was reading. She put on her sunglasses and continued to soak up the gentle sun.

Holly was aware she was different to the other girls in her college. She liked to think she had a bit of class. Her light blonde hair was cut in a fringe which brushed her brown, think, arched eyebrows and reached to just above her elbows. Holly did wish she could do something about those dark roots though…

She dressed in a “vintage” style, trying to capture the look of a high end, classical early 80’s model.

Her nose was large, but soft and in proportion. Holly had a shallow chin, and her lips were always covered with dark red lipstick.

Holly flickered her eyes up from the magazine when she heard somebody call her name. Walking towards her was Stephanie. She was petite with naturally full, smiling lips, thick wavy dark hair and blue eyes. Stephanie was significantly more well endowed than Holly, and her breasts jiggled as she walked. “Hey Holly.’

Holly folded her magazine up and put in her handbag. “Hi. How are you?’

“Yeah good thanks, you?’

“Tired.’ Holly said with a smile. “I wanted to go back to bed this morning.’

Stephanie came and sat down next to Holly. “So are you coming out with me and Claire tonight?’

“Oh I would love to Steph, I could actually really do with that tonight.’ Holly took her sunglasses off and dropped them in her handbag. “But I’ve got literally no money.’

“Literally no money?’

“Well I think I have about five pounds, but that’s it.’

“Get a job then.’

Holly rolled her eyes. “I keep trying! It’s so annoying, everywhere I apply to just ignores me! Nowhere has got back to me. I’m sick of having no money.’

“You could always do modeling.’ Suggested Stephanie.
Holly was fishing her make up compact out of her bag. “I don’t think I’m that good looking Steph.’
“You are, and I was thinking you could model for us.’
“For you? What do you mean?’ Holly was looking in the mirror of her compact, checking out her make up.

“Well, as part of our hairdressing course we do those how-to videos.’
This was the first Holly had heard of anything like that. She snapped her compact shut. “What, and I’ll get paid to model?’
“Yes, £100.’

She buried the compact in her bag again as she considered it. “I’m not sure I want a haircut though Steph. I want to grow my hair.’

“You don’t even have to cut it. You can just have colors done or whatever.’
“Really? I’m actually thinking of having my roots touched up.’
“Sure we can do that. As long as you don’t mind being filmed.’
“Well I can’t complain if I’m being paid to do it.’ Holly thought it would be great. She could get her hair sorted and make £100 pounds in the process. “It sounds good. I’ll do it.’
“Great!’ Stephanie told her to be at the college salon at 6 pm the next day.

Friday, 5:50 pm

Holly, with her appointment with Stephanie was staying on later than usual at college. She did some work in the library, whilst pondering on her touch up. Her hair would look so much better with the roots bleached. It was also a bit dry, so maybe she’d see about conditioning it as well.
With ten minutes to go until her appointment, Holly gathered up her things and put them in her bag.

The click-clack of her high heels was louder than normal.The beauty section of the college was almost deserted. Usually the place was full of life but at six pm the only people around where the cleaners. Holly didn’t know why, but she was starting the feel uneasy. She dodged a “wet floor” sign and opened the big double doors to the salon.

The lingering smell of ammonia, hairspray and fragrant shampoo hit her. Some of the dull evening light got into the large room, but not much.

“Hello? Steph?’ She was wondering if something had gone wrong, the salon was more deserted than the corridors. “It’s Holly.’ she walked a little further into the room. The chrome of the salon chairs arms, and taps of the wash basins caught the light and glinted. With no one answering, she glanced over her shoulders at the doors. She was considering leaving.
“Hey!’ Came a familiar, sunny voice. “Give me a second.’

Holly noticed Stephanie’s voice was coming from a side room. She relaxed immediately. “You gave me a fright Steph!’ she looked to the left, where she saw her own reflection. She smoothed down her fringe.

“Sorry, I’m just getting my stuff ready. Sit down.’
“Where do you want me?’

Holly settled into the nearest chair, hearing the fake leather creak as she got comfortable. The seat was cold and made her shiver. She put her bag on the floor, then pushed it under the chair with her feet. A sturdy chromed bar separated her feet from the wood effect floor. She chose to not use it, and let the tips of her stilettos brush the floor.

Stephanie was speaking again. “By the way, my friend Vicky is here to help film it. I hope you don’t mind.’

“Of course not, that’s fine.’
Seconds later, a girl, about Holly’s age emerged from the mysterious side room. Holly saw her in the mirror. She had an oddly rodent like face and had heavily drawn on dark eyebrows, clashing with her brownish red (obviously dyed) hair.

“Hello Vicky.’ Said Holly, probably she thought, in an overly formal way.

“Hi.’ Her voice was confident. Vicky flicked some switches, and the salon lights flickered into life. The salon seemed a lot less hostile now, and somehow less cold. The lights reveled something that had been hidden away in the corner by the dark. It was a tripod with a cam corder mounted on the top. Vicky picked it up, and lugged it over and put it behind Holly’s chair.

Finally Stephanie came out of the side room. Behind her she was pulling a trolly, rattling with what Holly assumed to be hair cutting tools. Wait. She wasn’t having a hair cut. Surely Stephanie only needed foils and a coloring kit? But who was she to know. Holly mentally shrugged it off. Holly was sure she knew what she doing.

Stephanie wheeled the trolly up to Holly’s chair. She took a pen and paper that was resting  on the top of it, and dropped it on Holly’s lap.
“What’s this?’ She asked, picking it up.
“Oh it’s just boring admin stuff.’ Stephanie said. “Just to say you’re happy filmed and for the video to be shared, no one ever reads the whole thing.’
“OK.’ Holly swept the pen across the page as she singed it.
“It’s called a Model Release Form.’ Vicky said as she set up the cam corder, which was making a series of beeps.

Stephanie opened a draw on the trolly and brought out a black cape. “It’s just to stop your clothes from getting wet.’ She swished it up in the air, so it made a slight crack, and with one deft movement placed it around Holly’s neck. “So you just want your roots touched up, yeah?’

“Yes please.’

Stephanie flicked Holly’s hair out of the way to allow her to tie the cape up. Holly saw lots of little shards of hair on the cape. Some blonde, some dark and some red.

“I was also wondering if you could do something about my hair’s dryness?’

Stephanie smiled. “Of course we can. Vicky-can you shampoo Holly for me?’

Vicky stopped what she was doing and walked towards the basins at the end of the room. “Do you want to come over?’

With her cape swishing, Holly went after Vicky. The chair was tilted back, into the basin. It was probably a silly idea to wear a skirt she thought. Holly sidled onto the chair, and sat back. She adjusted her skirt self consciously, even though she was wearing thick black tights. It reminded her of being in a dentist’s chair.

As Vicky turned on the tap, Holly felt a cold draught in her hair.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it nice and warm for you.’

As Vicky got to work on Holly, Stephanie pulled out another draw on the trolly. She was looking at the tools she’d need to work on Holly with. There were no foils or a coloring kit. Stephanie felt a pang of guilt as she heard the happy chit-chat from Holly.

There was a silver hair clipper with no attachment, and a smaller hair clipper, also lacking its attachment, a can of shaving foam and a pink lady razor.

Chapter Two

The rush of hot air felt good to her. Holly’s hair was being blown madly by the hair dryer. It had been washed and conditioned and felt fresh and clean. The smell of the fruity hair products was fantastic. There was something about being pampered that always made Holly smile.
She wasn’t sure if you were meant to dry hair before putting color in or not, but who was she to know?

Stephanie was brushing the hair as she dried it, making it silky smooth by the time it was finished.

Holly reached from under the cape and touched her head. “My hair feels amazing.’
Stephanie was playing around with something in the draws. “We’ll get the camera rolling and start to do your roots soon.’

Vicky undid the cape, and pulled it away from Holly’s neck.

Holly noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere: as if a loud bang had just gone off, and only Stephanie and Vicky had heard it. They froze for a second. In the mirror Holly saw them make sharp, direct eye contact. Stephanie parted her lips to speak and said “Now!’

What happened next, happened in seconds.

Vicky kicked the side of the chair which spun round to face her and Stephanie-and the camera. There was a loud tearing sound. Vicky grasped Holly’s ankles and pulled them away from her. Holly slid down the chair and grabbed hold of the chair arms.

Stephanie put something sticky and taught on Holly’s wrist. She looked and saw it was black masking tape, which explained the sound. She pulled the other arm away, but Stephanie gripped hold of it tightly.  With Vicky holding her legs away from the ground, there was nothing she could do as her other wrist was taped down-apart from desperately jerk her legs around. “Get off me!’ Stephanie came to join Vicky and took one of her ankles. “Get off me, let me go!’ Being tied to the chair sucked most of Holly’s strength (what little strength she had) and she felt her legs being forced down. “What’s this about, can you please stop?’ Holly felt her shoes being slipped off. More tearing sounds. Her ankles were tethered to the side of the chair, so her feet were resting on the chrome footrest.

Both Stephanie and Vicky stood up, then stepped back.

Stephanie giggled-like it was all a joke. Holly hoped it was. Her heart was thumping against the wall of her chest. “Steph, this isn’t funny.’ Holly said in a level but hoarse voice. Her throat had gone dry. “Can you untie me please?’

Stephanie looked at Vicky. “Shall we untie her Vicky?’

Vicky was still looking at Holly. “Hmmmm…I think I like her tied up best.’

“Yes. Less of a snooty bitch.’ Stephanie looked at Holly with a look of mock sadness, turing her bottom lip down. “No you have to stay. Sowwy Miss Holly.’

Holly strained her ankles and wrists against their binds. The tape was warm and sticky. Not her wrists or ankles moved even a millimeter. Holly felt panic setting in when she realised how tight they were.

“Steph let me go!’ she shouted.
Stephanie put her finger to her lips. “Don’t shout, or we’ll gag you.’
“What? Steph, have you flipped?’
“No, I’ve been looking forwards to doing something like this for a while.’
“Like what…’ Holly said slowly “Doing my roots?’ She noticed Vicky walking towards the door, but was scared to take her eyes off of Stephanie, who was rooting through that draw again. “Dark roots are the least of you worries, bitch.’
What did she mean? And Stephanie had never called her, or anyone else a bitch before. She felt her heart beat faster when she saw Vicky locking the doors. “Steph, I really don’t like this.’
Stephanie smiled sweetly. “You’re not meant to.’
Vicky stood behind the camera. “Ready when you are.’
“I’m sorry Holly, but you’ve had this coming.’
“What have I done wrong? Just tell me and I’ll try and put it right, OK?’
Stephanie’s eyes grew narrow. “You can’t put right what you’ve done wrong.’
Holly blinked in surprise. What had she done wrong? She purposely avoided doing wrong things.
“What the heck? Steph, what are you talking about? If you untie me then maybe we can talk about stuff and sort something out. But I really don’t like this, you’re scaring me.’
“You’re not being untied and you know just what you’ve done wrong.’
Holly honestly didn’t.

“You think you’re so classy,’ Stephanie went on “so charming and amazing don’t you?’
Holly didn’t know what to say. All of this had come as a shock.
“The number of times you’ve stolen boys away from me Holly, and wrecked my chances of being with them, so you can be their “friends”, but we all know it’s because you want to fuck them!’
Holly had gone pale and was feeling light in the head. “Steph…calm down.’ she was speaking slowly and quietly. “I never…’ she hesitated use the next word. ” “fucked” any of them, I don’t know which boys you mean, but I’ve got loads of guy friends. They’re friends,’ Despite the tape, Holly managed to raise her hands slightly. “That is all they are. Friends. You have the complete wrong idea of me. So please let me go.’
Vicky was talking now “No. We’re here to have some fun with you.’
Holly felt her blood go cold. “Fun?’
“And none of it involves coloring your roots.’ Stephanie was grinning madly. “Vicky, start filming’
Holly swallowed. She had no idea what was in store for her.
“We’re going to give you a haircut.’
She said nothing, but felt her stomach screw up into a tight ball.
Stephanie walked up to Holly, bent down and undid one of her top buttons. Holly pressed herself tightly into the back of the chair. “I should also tell you something about myself.’ Stephanie bent down to whisper something to her. Holly felt her hot breath blowing in her ear, as she heard two words which made her blood run even more cold. “I’m bi.’
“You’re…you’re not going to do anything stupid are you?’ Holly’s throat now felt like it was filled with saw dust.

“Yes.’ Stephanie took hold of Holly’s cream blouse where she’d undone the button. “Very, very stupid.’ she ripped Holly’s blouse open with a single jerk. Holly gasped as buttons came rattling to the floor around her. Her first instinct was to cover her chest, but the binds made it impossible. “My top!’ Her cheeks flushed hotly. Holly’s modest cleavage was covered by a black lacy bra.
Vicky was coming at her with a pair of scissors. Holly pressed herself even tighter into the back of the chair. Her voice was dry and panicked. “Don’t you dare touch my hair!’
Vicky pulled Holly’s blouse out further, pulling it across her shoulders. Vicky began to cut down the length of the sleeves.

“What the hell? Stop wrecking my clothes!’
Vicky ignored her as she slid the scissors down the other sleeve. Cutting had allowed her blouse to be pulled away, around her taped up wrists.
“Wow, they’re small.’ Stephanie said. “Why do you even bother to cover boobs that small up?’
Despite feeling very cold now her blouse was off, Holly’s cheeks began to flush again   “You do realise that you’re not going to get away with this?’
Stephanie laughed. “We will. I knew you were too stupid to read that piece of paperwork. When you signed it you gave us permission to strip you and give you whatever hair cut we wanted.’
Holly felt her scalp prickle. She had made a horrid mistake.
“So there is nothing you can do.’ Stephanie bent down in front of the chair and began to slowly pull off the black tulip skirt Holly was wearing. Holly clenched her thighs and buttocks in the hope it would somehow slow Stephanie down. I didn’t. The skirt slipped off her waist with Stephanie’s keen little hands tugging on the waistband. It ran over her thighs and past her knees. Holly was wearing thick black tights, so her matching lacy black panties were not yet on display. The skirt met the same fate as her top as it was cut from her ankles. Holly had another moment of horror strike her. When they let her go, what would she wear home?
“What next?’ Stephanie was studying Holly again. “Bra or tights?’
“Neither, please.’
“Tights it is then!’
Holly groaned. She really didn’t want to end up naked, the thought of people seeing all her assets was the worst thing in the world.
Stephanie was kneeling down by Holly’s feet. “If you promise not to kick up or play up, I’ll untie your feet so I don’t have to cut your tights.’
“OK.’ Holly said meekly. “I promise.’
Stephanie peeled the tape away, freeing Holly’s feet. She stretched out her toes, feeling them fizz as the feeling came back to them.
“Vicky,’ Stephanie said. “You can do the next bit.’
Holly grimaced more as Vicky took the top of Holly’s tights and unceremoniously pulled them off. She was now wearing only her black lacy panties and bra.
Stephanie was turned on, Holly could tell. Her “friend” was practically licking her lips as her eyes explored Holly’s half naked, pale body. Stephanie’s eyes moved from Holly’s slim but femininely curved stomach, to her narrow waist and to her slender, slight, well shaped thighs. Holly squirmed under Stephanie’s watch.
“I really like your underwear.’ Stephanie had placed her hand on her groin. “I’m tempted to take them for myself.’ she was moving her fingers rhythmically around her crouch area. Nobody had ever behaved that way in front of Holly before. She didn’t know if she’d ever made anyone feel that way. Holly swallowed. “Please don’t.’ What else could she say.

Holly squirmed as Vicky came over to her. “OK small tits. The moment of truth.’

Holly whimpered as Vicky pulled the shoulder straps up of her bra, and sliced though them with the scissors. Her chest was now bare, with her two small, milky white breasts on show.
Stephanie’s eyes were fixed on them as she continued to pleasure herself. Her chest heaved up and down as her breathing got heavy.
Holly’s fists clenched as Vicky approached her with the scissors. She ran the cold metal of its closed blades over Holly’s small, pink nipples.
Holly tensed her entire body as she felt her nipples harden. Her areola shrank as her nipples raised. She bit her lips and tired not to react any further.
Stephanie’s cheeks were now flushed like Holly’s, but for a different reason.

Chapter Three

Holly felt the electric triangle of tension in the room, one that she was the conductor of. The feelings were totally alien to her. She also had the feeling she wasn’t going to leave the room with her pride intact.

She’d now lost her panties and her pussy with its five o’clock shadow had been exposed. Holly was now completely naked.

“When was the last time you shaved down there?’ Stephanie quizzed her.

Holly had crossed her legs, covering her pussy. Her hands were still bound meaning that she had no choice about who got to see her boobs.

“She asked you a question, Tiny Tits.’ Vicky taunted.
“I shaved my legs last night.’ came Holly’s quiet answer.
“I’m not interested in your legs. When did you shave that pussy last?’
Once again, Holly’s cheeks were burning. “I shaved my lady parts,’ she said shyly “last week.’
“That has to change. We’re sort that out tonight.’ Stephanie was providing a form of commentary, while Vicky was behind the camera. “I think it’s time we got to work on your hair.’
Holly’s eyebrows raised.
Stephanie made her way back to the draw on the trolly. “I’m trying to decide what style to give you.’
Holly began to feel queasier. “Please Stephanie,’ Holly was speaking in a desperate, pleading tone “nothing too drastic. You’ve got to remember I have to live with whatever style you give me.’ she strained to see what Stephanie was doing. “Don’t take this too far.’
“I won’t. I was thinking of something nice and low maintenance for you, Holly.’ There was more ripping sounds. Was she going to tie her feet up again?
Stephanie left the trolly holding two things: a length of masking tape and a pair of hair clippers.
“Oh shit.’ Holly’s eye’s grew wide. She knew there only one purpose those things would have: to remove hair. “Stephanie, please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want! Anything but that, please don’t use those on me, please.’
“This is a preventative measure.’ Stephanie reached across and slapped the tape over Holly’s mouth.
“Mmmmmph!’ Holly was now unable to talk, and felt like there was nothing she could do to influence the situation. She pushed her tongue between her lips, but wasn’t able to shift the tape.
The clippers that Stephanie was holding fizzed into life.
Holly’s eyes went wider. “Nmmmmph!’
“Do you think a nice shaved head will suit her, Vicky?’
“Defiantly! I say go for it.’
Her heart was racing, quivering and crashing against her chest.
“What do you think Holly?’ Stephanie stepped closer. “Do you want to be shaved bald?’
Holly shook her head vigorously from side to side. “Nnnnnmph!’
“What’s that Holly? You do want me to shave you bald? I think you’ll look really weird and ugly, but if that’s what you want…’

Naked, with the faux leather of the salon chair growing damp with sweat on her bare buttocks, she thrashed her head from side to side. “Nnhhhhmmmmphh!’ her heart was now in her throat.
Stephanie was talking calmly. “Head down for me.’

Holly had made her self feel dizzy after her pointless protest. She felt her head being gripped from the back and it was pushed down. She limply complied, suddenly feeling drained. The fizzing of the clippers was loud in her ear. Holly’s hair was tossed forwards over her face by Stephanie. She felt a sharp tugging of her roots at the back as her blonde hair was smoothed down for the clippers.
Their hot teeth bit into her neck. They seared up her nape then chewed into her hair. Humming coldly they began to shave off the first of her hair.

Holly felt light headed and surreal, as they scratched her neck. They hissed and rasped, going up the nape towards her crown.

Stephanie brushed the fallen hair away from the back of Holly’s head. It fell past her face and landed squarely on her pussy. Holly felt her heart jolt at the sight of her shorn off locks.
Stephanie took a step back to admire her work. Each side of the stripe of grey stubble, Holly’s dark brown roots were visible.

“Oh Holly. You’re not going to like this.’ Stephanie giggled, and shaved off another strip from the back of Holly’s head, ignoring the muffled pleas. The hair that was hanging over Holly’s face grew thinner and thinner, as more and more of it was taken off from the back of her head.

Getting more confident, Stephanie began to shave off Holly’s hair faster. As chunks of blonde hair slid off onto Holly’s lap, Stephanie cold feel Holly tensing up.

By the time the back of her head was done, a large pile of hair had built up on her legs. Stephanie took hold of Holly by her ears and lifted her head up again.

Holly thought she must have been holding breath during the shave. She was now short of breath and even more light headed. The masking tape over her mouth was making it worse.
Stephanie seemed to read Holly’s mind. She ripped the tape off, taking much of Holly’s dark lipstick with it.

Holly gasped in air then swallowed. “You bitch!’ she looked at the hair on her lap. “My hair! Why?’
“You know why.’ Stephanie said simply. She began to brush the hair off of Holly’s lap, once again exposing her pussy. The shorn hair landed on the floor, some of it hanging over Holly’s toes. From the front, Holly looked like her hair was untouched. The back of her head was bare though, the grey stubble contrasting with her blonde hair.
“Vicky,’ said Stephanie “could you get another set of clippers from the draw?’
Leaving the camera running, Vicky got out a second pair of clippers and made her way to the chair.
Holly watched her anxiously. Where was she planning on using them?
Stephanie was adjusting the hair on the side of Holly’s head. “I’ll do the left side, you can do the right.’
Vicky turned on the clippers the same time as Stephanie and giggled. “This looks like fun.’
Holly’s throat dried up as she heard the clippers in stereo. She creased her nose and winced as Stephanie took hold of a section of hair from the side of her head and began to shave it off.
“But not fun for Holly.’ Stephanie added cruelly.

Holly bit her lips and screwed her eyes as tightly shut as she could. Vicky had now started on the other side. Silently, the two girls worked on the remainder of Holly’s hair, working towards her ears. Stephanie lifted the hair away from Holly’s ear and shaved around it, while Vicky ran the clipper up Holly’s cheek and over her ear. Hair slid down both sides of Holly’s body, before settling on her thighs. She opened her eyes, and looked down at the sad pile of shorn blonde locks on her lap.
The skin on the side of her head now almost bare, apart from a covering of stubble, Vicky and Stephanie carried on dragging the clippers over it.

Now only the hair on the top of Holly’s head remained, hanging down in rattails down the back and sides of her head, and her fringe. Her small ears stood proud.

Stephanie stood in front of her with buzzing clippers. Holly swallowed and the hot clippers were pushed through the middle of her crown, taking a bite from her neat fringe.

The view of Stephanie wielding the clippers got blurry for Holly, as her eyes filled with tears.
Stephanie took four, short sharp swipes and Holly now had a completely clipper shaved head.
Stephanie cupped Holly’s chin in her hand as she rubbed the clipper up and down the sides of the now ex-blonde’s head, clearing away excess stubble, getting as close to the skin as the clippers would allow.

Finally Stephanie turned them off. She brushed her hand over Holly’s naked scalp. “I can’t wait to see what you think of your new hair style, Holly’ Stephanie turned the chair around to face the mirror.
Holly let out a small squeal when she caught site of her reflection: naked and bald. Once again her vision got blurry. No blonde fringe. No blonde tresses reaching past her shoulders. Just a dull pale grey scalp.

Holly burst into tears.

“Oh dear Holly.’ Stephanie had that same mock sad expression. “Are you crying because you lost all your precious hair?”
Holly managed to speak through her tears, anger starting to creep into her voice. “Of course I am! You shaved my fucking head!’ Still in shock she cried, her body shaking in the chair with tears.
“If you’re a good girl, we’ll untie you.’ Stephanie swung the chair away from the mirror, the face the camera again.
Holly sniffed. “And then what.’
“The next stage.’
Holly made a hollow laugh. “What’s that? How can you take off anymore?’ she went pale, only managing to say “Ugh.’ when Stephanie showed her the can of shaving foam. There was something dreadful about the idea of having her head shaved with a razor.
Vikki tore the tape away from her wrists, freeing her after what seemed like hours. She moved them around, trying to get some feeling into them.
“Up.’ Stephanie ordered.
Holly got to her feet on shaking legs. The last bits of hair that been sticking to her body fell sadly to the floor, joining the bulk of the shorn off locks.
Standing up, with only her watch on, her body looked even more slight and pale, with her pussy disappearing between her dainty thighs.
Holly covered her lower body and breasts with her hands.
“Give us a twirl.’ Vicky teased.
Looking daggers at the two girls, Holly turned 360 degrees in front of the camera. She was able to cover up two parts of her body, but not her arse, with its one dark mole on her lower right cheek.
Her cheeks began to burn again.
She was directed back to the dentist’s style chair underneath the sink by Vicky. Holly felt goosebumps ripple over her naked body as she caught a chill.
Vikki ran bowl of warm water, and wrapped a hot towel around Holly’s head.
“It will make your stubble nice and soft for when we shave it.’
Holly swallowed again.
“I want to do the next part.’ Stephanie was standing over Holly with the can of shaving cream. “Remember, if you kick up, it’s back to the tape.’
Holly rose up. “What are you going to shave? Which bit of me?’
“What part do you think?’
“Oh bloody hell.’ Holly sunk back into the chair again. She just as well let Stephanie go ahead with it.
She felt that sick feeling again, when she heard the sound of cream hissing it’s way out of the can.
Holly tensed, curled her toes and dug her nails into the side of the chair, when Stephanie’s warm fingers smeared the cold cream onto her pussy.
With a pink handled lady razor Stephanie began to work around Holly’s lips. After suffering her head shave, Holly now had to face the humiliation of another girl shaving her pussy.
Slowly, the shaving cream began to warm up. As Stephanie started to finish up, Holly found herself trying to fight enjoying having another girl pay attention to her vagina.
The now warm razor slipped around her wet crouch. Between her legs, Holly felt her pulse quicken and the lips her pussy swell.
But she didn’t have much more of a chance to explore her feelings. Stephanie dried Holly’s pussy with a towel. She was rough, pressed hard and rubbed the sensitive, newly shaved skin far to harshly, which felt more than a little uncomfortable.
Stephanie gave what was halfway between a slap and a pat to Holly’s freshly shaven pussy, eliciting
a little yelp from Holly.
She was left stinging and humiliated.
“You can get up now.’
No longer seeing the point in trying to cover herself up-what was the point in modesty now-Holly rose from the chair, and gently touched her pussy.
“Don’t touch yourself you dirty bitch!’ Stephanie shouted.
“I was just checking how it felt and that you didn’t cut me.’ Holly mumbled.
“No time for that, Tiny Tits. Get back in the barber’s chair.’ Stephanie picked up a spare towel and smacked it across Holly’s buttocks. It spurred Holly on her way, making the naked girl run towards the chair.

Fearing she’d be smacked again, Holly got into the chair, her arse now starting to sting from being hit with the towel.

Stephanie smirked. “We’ve got you so well trained already.’

“Now lets see some skin.’ Vicky said from behind the camera, as the towel was taken off Holly’s head.
Stephanie squirted the shaving cream straight onto Holly’s head. After having her head warmed by the hot towel, the cold cream was a shock. One again her nipples hardened and her body became covered in goose pimples.

Stephanie spread the cream over Holly’s head in a rubbing motion, with a look of cruel relish on her face.

Holly saw the fallen blonde tresses on the floor and thought back to when she had hair. She felt her eyes sting with tears again.

“It’s a good job you have good hygiene down there Tiny Tits, because your head is getting shaved with the same one I shaved your pussy with.’ Stephanie placed it at the front of Holly’s head.
“Just get it over with.’ Holly said quietly. The cold razor made contact with her skin. Holly was shocked at how much it pulled. It sliced through the shaving cream, making a scraping sound as it removed the last of Holly’s hair, the rough, millimeters thick stubble.

By the time it reached the back of her crown there was a light grey, shiny stripe on Holly’s head. “Oh God.’ Holly’s heat began beat fast again. She shut her eyes, and Stephanie, slowly, torturously shaved another strip away from the stubble.

In ten minuets time Holly’s head was completely shaved, light grey and shiny allover, and slightly red in patches where Stephanie had been over zealous with the razor. The odd small dark mole stood out, never having seen the sun before. Her small, dainty ears were also exposed, not able to hide under bleached tresses anymore.

“Open your eyes.’

Holly gasped, not able to recognise the bald headed girl looking back at her agape. She’d seen her head clipper shaved, but razor shaved it looked even worse. She nervously felt it for the first time. It was warm, soft and wet.

Next Stephanie used another towel to dry Holly’s head off. She was rough and knocked Holly’s head from side to side as she dried it. Holly knew it was being done to humiliate her further, so she tried not to let her displeasure show.

With the towel gone some of the shine had gone from Holly’s head. She was still staring at the pale dome in the mirror where her hair used to be. God, she looked so different. A tear made it’s way down her cheek and she wiped it away, sniffing.

Chapter Four

“Oh Tiny Tits,’ Stephanie said. “No need to cry. In two years time your hair will be just the same.’
Holly’s crying got worse. “I’m so ugly! You bitch! Why would you do this?’

Stephanie knelt down next to Holly’s chair. “You know why…but try stealing boys from me at parties again with your classy charm now.’

Holly swallowed as she tried to get used to her reflection. She wasn’t even going to argue. “Can I go now.’ she spoke in whisper.

“I don’t know.’ Stephanie said thoughtfully “I’m not quite sure if we’re done with you yet.’

Holly felt that was an empty threat. What more could they do. Stephanie walked back to the trolly and she felt sudden, deep, dread. There was that same ominous tearing sound again. She turned in her seat. Stephanie holding more tape and something small and shiny.

“What are you doing now!’

“There’s not much else left to shave. Think Tiny Tits, think.’ Stephanie switched the small thing thing on.

It was a miniature hair clipper, loud and buzzy. “Eyebrows, and then you can go.’

Forgetting her modesty completely, she got out of her chair and ran towards the door. She slipped on some of her own hair. Holly landed on her backside.

Both Vicky and Stephanie laughed at her, and the camera panned round to the naked, floored Holly.
“You’re making a dick of yourself girl.’ Vicky shouted.

Holly wondered why they weren’t going after her. She got up as quickly as she fell and made a dash for the door. She made it. Holly put her hand on the handle and tried to open the door. The she remembered. It was locked. She tugged at the door madly, rattling it in desperation. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the two girls walking towards her.

She rattled the doors some more. Holly kicked the door. She swore when she hurt her foot, and when Vicky and Stephanie hooked their arms under her armpits and dragged her away.
Holly looked at the chair waiting for her again. She’d already had her head shaved, but having her eyebrows shaved too would make it that little bit worse. Her last shred of hair, and dignity and femininity was going to be taken. Pleading was her last hope.

“No! Please! Stephanie, whatever I’ve done I’m sorry! Please don’t!’ Her pleading didn’t help. She was taped back into the chair again, wrists and ankles, legs spread.

Holly started sobbing as the clippers were brought level to her eyebrows. Stephanie put them through one of her brows fine, short brown hair.

Like a knife through butter, the clippers cleared off the hair. It scattered on her nose and cheeks, her tears sticking them in place.

Now with only one eyebrow remaining on Holly, Stephanie moved over the other side to take it.
“Ready, Tiny Tits?’
Holly bit her lip and closed her eyes.
“I asked you a question.’
“Yes! Ok do it.’

Five seconds later, Holly had no eyebrows. Just pale, barely visible fuzz.

Stephanie picked up her can of shaving cream again. As Holly quietly sobbed, eyes shut, tears streaming, Stephanie smeared shaving cream over where Holly’s eyebrows used to be. Slowly, with a quite scraping sound, she took off the last of Holly’s eyebrows. With the shaving complete, Stephanie wiped away the dregs of shaving cream, and wiped Holly’s tears away.

“You can open your eyes now.’

Holly did so slowly. She looked at the hairless, ugly freak that replaced the pretty blonde. She dug her index finger into her thumb and felt the pain. It wasn’t a dream. That light headed fuzzy feeling came back to her.  Stephanie untied her. The freshly shaven Holly ran the hands over her head, which felt oddly warm and soft.

“I want my clothes back. And I want to go. You’ve both got your fun out of me.’ a pile of ruined, shredded rags which used to be her clothes was dumped on her lap.

“Good luck getting home in them without anyone seeing your bits.’ Stephanie said cruelly.

Holly self consciously touched her pussy.

“And here’s your money.’ Stephanie dropped an envelope on top of the clothes. “I hope it was worth it.’ and she added with a real, nasty, acidic tone. “Get out here…tiny tits.’


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