I am all yours

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I knew it. I knew he would know it. I shouldn’t have done it. If only I wasn’t tempted to sneak out and party late at night. If only he didn’t catch me messing around with other guys. Now I have no choice but to be at his mercy, which I knew he didn’t have any.

His expression was dark and he was staring straight at my soul. I shivered involuntarily at his gaze. I kneeled down quickly. ‘ I… I… I’m sorry. I wo…n’t do it again’, I couldn’t help but stutter in front of him. I knew his wrath and I knew he would be merciless, given his anger.

‘ Shut up, face backwards and Strip’, he emphasized every word. His sounded like a devil and I didn’t dare question him. I did as instructed quickly.

When I turned over my head and looked at him, he wasn’t sitting there anymore. He was rampaging around the shelves and his fingers were fishing out something. Before I could figure out what he was taking, his intimating voice snapped.

‘Did I tell you to look at me? Turn around’

‘Yes, Master’, I immediately replied back apologetically.

After a long five minutes, he seemed to have found what he wanted. I could hear his footsteps from behind. He came behind me and he was taking his sweet time sorting out the equipment he had taken from the shelves.

I must have been trembling. My heart was going a thousand miles a second and so did my brain.

His big hands gathered around my hair and pushed it forward, making my back bared to him. His fingers started massaging around my shoulders. And then my back. I expected him to be rough but he was surprisingly gentle. I already succumbed to his touch before I knew it. I was moaning in pleasure.

Slap. Ahhhhhhh, I screamed mentally. I knew it. He wasn’t giving me pleasure. He was taking pleasure himself. And then, the massage came again. He carefully touched around the area he had just assulted. And then, a kiss? Did he just kiss that area? And then he massaged there again. I was gasping for breath and the wetness between my legs became apparent to him.

He stopped massaging immediately. The next words from him took my life away.

‘ You know, I was planning to let you off with just a beating but you were moaning like a slut. Guess I should really punish you now’, he emphasized the last part.

Now I’m even more scared. What was he planning to do?

His fingers reached forward to my hair. No, no, no. I was shouting to myself. I was glad I didn’t shout it out loud. But he must have noticed my fear because his hand was resting on my head, keeping it in place while the other hand pushed my hair onto my back.

He was slowly combing it now. His touch was sensual. If he weren’t punishing me, I would have really loved the touch, but now, it made me fear him more.

My hair felt silky smooth to the touch. After all, I had taken care of it meticulously for too long. It had just reached my small back and I wasn’t ready to part with it yet.

I could hear him putting the brush down. It took everything in me not to run away from him. A lone tear ran down my face as I awaited my fate. Or the fate of my hair.

I heard him snap the scissors in mid-air, showing how sharp they actually were. The cold steel touched the end of my skull and snip, snip, snip. I felt my long hair fall down my back and onto the floor by my leg. He didn’t waste any time and kept on snipping. Well, I could settle with a short bob. After my back was devoid of hair, he stopped to take in his handiwork. I could feel his breath near my shorn nape and he blew away the shorn clips there.

I felt something bolt inside me. And the wetness re-emerged between my legs again. I squirmed in my place.

I didn’t know why but I suddenly wanted to see his face or much rather, I needed to see that beautiful face. I looked up so suddenly that even he got startled. His face was so pretty I could kiss him right now. He was smiling, actually smiling. He must have really loved tormenting me. Once again, I knew I shouldn’t have but I kissed him on those luscious lips. He gave in for a split second. But the next moment that he regained his senses, he yanked my head away and the smile dissipated into a scary smirk.

‘Look straight’, he ordered. Those two words were enough to keep me still in front of him. My idea of a short bob was diminished completely as he lifted away a huge chunk from my left scalp and inserted the scissors just a few inches away from my scalp. He let the cut hair down unceremoniously onto the ground. He lifted another huge part again and cut it off without any remorse. He repeated this process until my left hair was only 3 inches long. His slender hands ruffled through my hair. His hands felt wonderful touching my scalp and I was moaning once again. As soon as he heard my moans, his hands got out of my head and reached for the scissors again.

This times, the scissors were getting dangerously near my scalp. The cold metal was literally touching my scalp And he cut off anything that protruded between the teeth of the scissors. Fine clippings were flying everywhere. How is there any more hair to cut? And I really didn’t want to end up bald. Just the thought sent a cold shiver down my spine. He stopped after some time. Once again, his hands were shuffling my hair. This time, it was just a short pelt of hair. His hands instantly touched my scalp. I couldn’t understand my body now. As soon as his hands touched me, I wanted to moan again.

‘ If you make any sound again, I will shave you bald’, his threat really shut me up. The fear overpowered my arousal as he kept shuffling my hair. Next, he moved onto my right side. He did the same thing. Lift, snip and shuffle. I kept getting more and more aroused. The scissors felt amazing to my sensitive skin and he was taking his sweet time again. It took every urge inside me not to moan. It was hell. To feel great pleasure and not to react to it. How could he be so evil. This was the true punishment. It must be.

After both sides, he went back to my back again. He just kept snipping and snipping without even a pause. I peered down to see the snippets and what I saw shocked me. They were at least three inches long. He was scalping me. I was starting to get real scared. I didn’t want to get bald. But the on the other hand, I was getting real aroused. I wanted to feel his hands moving around my head. I wanted to run my hand through the shorn hair. I wanted to feel what it would feel.

After a through clipping, he stopped to observe his handiwork. I had no idea what he was thinking but I was sure I wouldn’t be needing a comb for some time. He finally spoke, ‘You know, it’s already pretty short. I can just blend it in with the top.’ Is it already over? I felt sort of disappointed to hear that. He continued, ‘But if you let me buzz you shorter, I promise I’ll treat you extra well tonight’.

I knew it. He wasn’t done. How could he offer like that? He already knew I was addicted to his touch. I was speechless. I had fallen in love with the real devil.

The clippers came to life the next minute. His big hand rested on my head and he pushed them through my nape slowly. I was actually enjoying the sensations. They felt like the vibrator and it almost felt heavenly. How come I haven’t felt these before? I moaned involuntarily. He was slowly pushing them around my neck and then moved on to my sides. I looked down to see the moisture between my legs. I was about to come if this went on. The combination of his hand and the clippers were too much.

The clippers stopped suddenly but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. His fingers got inside me as I came on them. I came in big spurts and his hands moved around with my orgasim. When I finished, he was smiling sweetly. He sucked my juices as he kept on smiling.

He didn’t say anything but picked up the scissors again. I thought he would cut my already short hair shorter but he was actually blending in them. He seemed to be really concentrating on it. The silence in the room was nice and after some time, he seemed to have finished whatever he was doing. His hands were shuffling through my hair again.

He started massaging my head sensually. I could feel his fingers all over my scalp. It also reminded me of how short my hair was now but I didn’t mind at all. I savoured in his touch and all the pleasure he was giving. I was almost in a trance and the start of organism was forming again.

He stopped massaging and started giving passionate little kisses to my shoulders and shorn nape.

‘ Do you like it?’, he finally asked for confirmation. His intimating voice was now completely sweet.

I looked around at him and  kissed on his mouth. This time, he kissed me back. ‘ I love it’, I replied. ‘Can I see it?’, I asked him although I knew he would be the only person I would be meeting.

‘ Can I see?’, I asked him. Curiosity was eating me and I might have thrown a tantrum if he didn’t show me.

‘ Sure’, he smiled at me and pulled me up princess style. He let down in front of the bathroom mirror. I was surprised, really surprised.

My hair was short to say the least. The back and sides were buzzed to a uniform pelt. The top had more volume and looked fluffy. He stopped me just as I was about to touch it.

‘ Let me show you’. He held my hand and brought it to the shorn nape. ‘ I shaved around here with a number 2 to get a clean look. You know I really like that, right?’, he said as he playfully kissed around that area. ‘ When you move up, you’ll find more hair and I left it quite long at the top.’, he said as he guided my hand through the handiwork.

‘ Ummm’, I replied. I had no idea what he was  saying but i loved the haircut and the way it felt.

He lifted me again and headed towards the bed as he said ‘ Next haircut will be in two weeks and don’t worry, I’ll take it shorter.’

I nudged his broad chest as I said ‘ I am all yours’, emphasising each word.

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