I’m A Pretty Femboy

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I had just had my bandages taken off from top surgery I had a couple months prior, which meant that people could start hugging me again, my boyfriend Jordan was very excited to see what I looked like naked with flat chest and wanted some physical naked affection since the bandages made it impossible beforehand to give him that.


I laid with him in our bed as he tried to pull me in for hug,

“Not too tightly it still hurts”

“Sorry, can I rub it?”

the thought of this made me hard.

”yes please”

he rubbed my newly made nips and developed six-pack with his warm hands.

”you’re chest is so flat and smooth, you are such a brave boy for getting that surgery”

He then moved on to my hair and began to stroke it and move it out of my face gently, and pressed his hands against my cheeks and I could feel the warmth of his palm against my cheeks I knew what was coming and I was going to enjoy every minute of it

”lie down my soft little man, I’ve got you right here in my arms, you’re my good little boy and I know you have been hurt but I’m going to make it better, you’re a strong and brave man for going through with this surgery”

he then moved his hands throughout my hair to stroke it.

“your hair is longer than it usually is,”

”I haven’t had time to really cut it since top surgery, unless you were willing to cut it?”

I knew their were clippers and scissors somewhere because Jordan who was a licensed barber, would always cut it for me, and I liked it because he made me feel safe, happy and confident whenever he had to.

“I would be more than happy to”

we both went to the bathroom and Jordan grabbed a stool from the kitchen for me to sit on while he cut my hair.

”how would you like it done?”

“Start with a fringe and I will see if I want it shorter”

he grabbed his clippers, scissors, hair tie water spray and towel. He tied the towel over me and then sprayed the water on my fluffy hair and tied my forehead hair into a ponytail.

“head down”


I heard the clippers warp to life and press against the back of my neck, I felt the hair on the back of my head fall off and the bare skin become exposed to the air around me, he moved up to my forehead and stopped to get the sides. He pressed my right ear down and I could feel the clippers shave away all the unwanted hair and then my sideburns as well, he did the same thing with the left side and then turned the clippers off. Jordan knew that I liked my sides very short and faded along with  the exact length to cut them. He turned them on again and I watched more of my hair fall off of my side until it was faded well.

he then took out the pony tail and began to cut till just above my eyebrows.

“tilt your head back up and tell me what you think?”

i did and it was the same boy I had seen before when Jordan cut my hair but this time, he didn’t satisfy me, I wanted it shorter on the top.

“give me a buzz”

”are you sure?”

”are you scared to see your boyfriend without hair?”

” How short?”

#2 guard”

I watched him turn on the clippers and place them atop my head as he nervously glided them down my hair line I watched my fluff become a studded rubble and become like my sides. He finally stopped and turned the hairdryer and blew all the extra hair away.

“Well what do you think?”

”Cody I want to take that towel off and just fuck you right here”

”I love you Jordan”

”I love you Cody”

he took the cape off and guided me back towards the bed where we laid and he touched my hair.

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