Indian girl Nandhu’s haircut

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Hi, I’m Nandhu working in an IT company and happily married. I have thick long hair upto hip length. I will trim my hair once in three months. Usually i will go to local parlour with my husband. He will wait outside till my hair trim and eyebrow gets done. I will never cut my hair more than few inches, since

Haircut Coupon

One day my husband got a premium salon membership card from his office. The offer included  haircuts and spa for three times an year at 70% off. For the first time i went to that premium salon and got my hair trimmed as usual. But the haircut and setting took few hours which my husband cant tolerate. He came all the way shouting for wasting time. Afrer three months it was second time using the coupon. Husband is not willing to come to that premium salon since it takes lot of time to finish the cutting and hair setting. Yet i forced him to accompany me. He came with me half heartedly. Again same trim and setting gpr late for almost two hours. This time he got irritated. We came back to home without speaking.

Third time, The surprise. 

It has been six month since last trim and my hair is uneven and got split ends too. This time we went there. I was so eager and he came hesitated. I went in and sat on the chair. Usually my husband won’t come inside, surprisingly he came inside today. Hairstylist put a cape around me and loosened my hair. Then began to comb my long hair. As usual beautician asked me ” mam just trim or do you want a change?”. My husband came to me and told ” kuttima, iniku naa solra madri mudi cut panikiria? ” (baby, shall i decide your haircut? “. This is the first time he is asking this and he loved my long hair very much. I have noticed him admiring my hair many times and proudly praise my long hair among friends and family. Keeping this on mind, with a whole hearted trust, i said”yes!”

And the Haircut begins…

My husband wanted me be surprised till my haircut gets completed, so he asked hairstylist to turn the chair away from mirror. I smiled and said” length kammi pannidatha da” ( i don’t Want to lose the lengths). He replied ” kandipa!” (sure!). First he asked the beautician to take off few inches to get rid of split ends. Beautician started cutting with Krchhhh!! Sound. I could see few pieces of hair about 3 inches falling below and that made me feel good. Now he asked the beautician “layer cut pannunga, epadi iruku nu papom” (cut her hair into layers, let’s see how it looks). My heart skipped a beat on listening to this but i allowed it since he wants me to be stylish. Beautician had a evil smile in her face. Usually Indian beauticians love to chop long hair more than the client wanted and make us to feel for getting shorter. She asked ”   mam, shall we?”, My husband interrupted and told “kuttima, vetta venama?” (baby don’t you want to cut?). I replied, ” mudiya vettalam the decide panita, nadathu nadathu!” (you decided to cut my hair, carry on!). Beautician started cutting my hair in layers. It was raining hair around me. SNIP SNIP SNIP…. It is what all i could hear. Now beautician turned me towards mirror as my husband insisted. My hair was already halfway to my back. After half an hour, beautician finished setting and the haircut was awesome. But my husband looked dissatisfied.

Surprise again..✂️

Husband asked beautician to turn tha chair away from mirror. My heat began to pump very fast and asked him innocently “enna baby, haircut pudichuruka?” (baby, do you like the haircut?). He told ” illa kuttima, layers unaku set aagala” (No baby, it doesn’t suit you). He asked beautician ” iva mudiya ivalo vetti vidunga” (cut her hair upto this), pointing somewhere at my back. I was too nervous and asked “baby, romba shorta vendam da” (baby not too short). But he directed the beautician to cut my hair. Beautician began to chop my hair. All i hear is krrrrch…. Sound. Husband told beautician turn myself to the mirror, and wanted to check my reaction. Beautician turned me to the mirror and pushed my hair on my shoulders. WTF!. my hair was cut just below the shoulders. I felt too shy. All my friend who are jealous of my hair came to my mind for a second, laughing at me. I told husband ” pothuma baby, polama?” (is it enough baby, shall we go?). He replied ” iru kuttima, imnum konjam cut panalam” (wait baby, let’s cut little more). I Could hear my heart beat.

Once again. 

He whispered something in beauticians ears, she came to me asking “mam, shall we?”. I replied, “pathu vetti vidunga, romba vettidathinga” (careful, not too short). She began to comb my front hair. OMG, my husband wanted me to wear bangs. She forst cut as side swept bangs and showed it to my husband. He told, “side ivalukku set agala, straight try pannunga”. My heart pounced. She chopped it and gave me bangs. Then my husband told “intha bangs cut ku, mudi lengtha irukra madri iriku, imnum konjam cut pannunga”( hair length feels little longer, cut it little more) ” Pointing towards my hair below the shoulder. The stylist with evil smile came with scissors saying ” vettita pochu”(lets cut). This time they are not even asking me. I’m seeing lot of hair raining again. Husband told “pothum, finish pannunga” (let’s finish). But the stylish keep on cutting few more inches and few more cms in mu forehead. I looked mu husband and he stopped the beautician asking “innum vetturingala” (still cutting?). Beautician told “No, just finishing touches”. Finally my hair was a lob with bangs. Je tricked me to get short hair, so that i could not come back for atleast an year.

Two years passed.. 

My hair got its length back. I don’t wanted to cut it again other than trimming. My husband came bacl from office and told me that he got the same coupon for the premium salon again!. He told “mudi romba valanthuruchu, vetti vidalama” (hair has grown a lot, shall we cut?). We sat on the car and started towards salon….


To be continued…

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