Minako Investment part 1

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“I’m sure you’ll be extremely please with this investment you made over the years, sir.” Mr. pinleba said in zoom. He kept me updated on my investment every month to see how things were going.

“Yes, I will be there in couple a weeks. I want you to prepared the things that is needed when I get there and keep me updated at all time if there’s any problem.” I said.

“Will do, sir.” Mr pinleba replyed before ending the zoom call.

I shut my laptop, looking up at the clear blue sky, and gave a good stretch on my arms and legs. I called my secretary to cancel all meeting in a few weeks and will be going on a vacation for a couple of days.

The next couple of week, I met Mr pinleba at this big old house. Now, the house looks old from outside, but inside is sparkling clear with modern furniture that only the rich could afford. He guided me upstairs and to a big shiny brown door.

“Your investment is in this room, please enjoy sir.” Mr pinleba said as he open the door to my room.

I slowly walk in and was impressive how the room smell. The room is fill with the fragrance of sweet peach and Sakura mix together. I looked around the room and saw a young beautiful lady sitting on the high stool wearing a pink kimono. Her name is Minako, a modern Japanese Ex-Geisha. She as hair like silk, black as night, and long perfectly straight that flow like waterfall down to her ankles all in one length.


A few years ago, I was looking at resumes of the new recruit and come across Pinleba papers that spark my interested. He has worked in different companies around the world, and speaks multiple language. My secretary did a check on him and found that many his employee don’t get along with him because of his rude behavior, the only good thing about him that he’s highly intelligent according to his previous company. Even he had a bad record, I want a polyglot person to work for me. So, I called my secretary to arranged a meeting for Pinleba interview.

The following day, Pinleba come as expected for the interview.

“So, you’re a polyglot, Mr Pinleba?” I said while pretending to flip his papers.

“Yes sir, I speak over 20 language.” said Pinleba with a polite tone.

“I heard quite a number of bad things about you from your previous employee. why is that?” looking straight into his eye waiting for an answer.

“Well… I’m just not happy with my paycheck and felt that I could earned more.” He said with honestly.

I never had a guy who’s brutally honest about his paycheck in an interview. A guy who’s honest is always a good person. I was feeling good about him. I told him the reason why I accepted the interview with him is because he’s a polyglot and I needed his linguistic skill for my personal investment.

“What kind of investment?” he asked curiously

“I want you to search for ladies around the world with good quality hair. You see Mr Pinleba, I’m a hair fetish person, I love and desire hair specially from beautiful ladies. A busy man like me don’t have time to look around, so I think you’re the perfect person since you been around the world.” I said putting his paper aside.

A part that, I also told him that 45% equity of my shampoo company will be his. The only important job he need to work is creating a shampoo product that is good for the hair. And my team will handle the sales and production. With this, he will have plenty of time recruiting girls with good set of hair. Expense paid and comes with a high salary.

“Now, what do you think? Wanna work for me?” I lean my chair back and waited for his reply. Knowing it will be hard to refused such great opportunity.

“It’s my pleasure to work with you, Sir.” he responded. I stood up and seal the deal with a handshake.

(Back to the present)

I walked behind Minako, as I expected the peach and Sakura fragrant comes from her hair. I pick up a lock and rub my thumb to feel the silkiness of her hair. The shampoo that Mr Pinleba created indeed an excellent and high quality product.

I snap my thumb of approval to Mr. Pinleba and signal him to shut the door. I run my fingers through her silk, and look at her reflection in the mirror. She smile at me before standing up, turning towards me and slowly unbuttoning my clothes. My fingers were driving in and out of her long pretty hair as she undress me. Minako then guided me to the bed and laid me there, slowly she took off her kimono.

Both of us are now naked, Minako took her long hair and press it on my chest and gently rubbing all over. She inserted my cock into her, and started mourning in pleasure as she rub her hair against my chest. Bit by bit, she moved her hair up and eventually ending to my face. The smell, thickness, and smoothness of her hair is heavenly, I truly enjoy every moment. After that, I got up and moved into a doggie style, I gathered the hair into a long ponytail, and pull it hard close to my nose that I can smell her clean scalp. I pull her hair harder in each movement, never letting go of her ponytail, until I was satisfied.

After the short break, I held Minako hand gently and guided her back to the high stool. Standing behind her, I brushed her super long hair and play with her silk. As soon I’m done with her hair, I went to drawer and pick up some zip tie. I section her hair into 10 thick pieces, 4 each on both side, 1 thick ponytail at the back, and 1 in the front, and zip locked it tight near her scalped. Above us there’s 8 ropes, these ropes I’m going used to hang her hair. I tied 8 section of her hair onto the rope expect for the front and back of her hair. I took a step back and walk around her, making sure the ropes are tight enough.

When I’m done inspecting that all section of hair are tight, I went back to drawer and took out the a newly sharp scissor and a razor. I slowly walk back to Minako, playfully snapping the scissor in the air, and gave it Minako. She instantly knew what she has to do, she got off the stool and kneel on the floor. As she kneel, the hair that is tied to the rope, started to pull tight that her head can’t moved any further down. She place to scissor at her ponytail, and slowly snipping that hair  *SCHHIINKKK*  *SCHHHIIKKK* *SCHHHIIIKKK* and off come out her ponytail.

She offered me her thick 5 feet ponytail that was cut off. I held it up high, looking in amazed at the length, I kiss and smell her ponytail before putting it aside. I walked in front of her to received a blowjob. As she was doing her job, she handed me back the scissor. I place to scissor on the right side of her head and slowly cutting the sections while she’s busy. *SCHHIINKKK* *SCHHIINKKK* *SCHHIINKKK* all right side of her hair has been free from the pulling, and now for the left *SCHHIINKKK*  *SCHHHIIKKK* *SCHHHIIIKKK* finally her head is free from the ropes. She pass me the sharp razor to shave off the reminding 4 inch of her head. Slowly I scrub away her hair, bit of hair started falling on the floor. I carefully shave her until she’s bald clean.

Now, her fringe. The 5 feet of fringe still attach on her head. Minako stood up, wrap her hair around my dick for a hairjob with her hands with a mourning sound. She moved closely to my chest so it would be easier for me to shave off her fringe. Her hand move in slow motion round my dick to absorb to silkiness of the hair, while I scrubbing her fringe away with the razor. After the fringe came off, I released a load of cum to show her that I’m fully satisfied with her. I rubbed her bald, feeling happy with my work. I took fully bald Minako to the bed, and we spent a wonderful night.

(A few weeks later….) 

My shampoo company has reached a record high in sales. The preach and sakura shampoo product become popular, especially in japan, that we had problem in keeping with the production because of the high demand. Mr. Pinleba took 2 Minako long hair section that I shaved off a few weeks ago, and used it to pitch sales in the street of japan. Japanese women were touching and smelling Minako long hair to show the our shampoo product works great. Well… what can I say, Mr. Pinleba is truly intelligent, we’re making tons of money through this investment. I happily checked my email, to my surprised Mr. Pinleba emailed me, and has worked on another shampoo product. I leaned back, light my cigar, and look at the Minako long hair that I put on the wall as a trophy and I smile in excitement in my next investment.


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