It’s Just Hair, It’ll grow back. Pt.1

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This is a story of six girls five of which end up shaving their heads bald.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gabby, Valerie, Katie, Rachel and Isabella are all sisters, they had been left at home for a couple of weeks, While their parents went on a vacation for just the two of them. The girls father was a Grocery Store Manager and their mother was a Realtor. While their parents were gone they left Isabella who was 20yrs. old in charge. The family had a decent sized home with a two car garage and a detached garage and a pool that worked for their family needs. Besides the parents regular jobs they also owned multiple rental properties ranging from a small cottage to a townhome and finally a small hair salon. Seeing that the one rental property was a salon they sometimes bought a few things for the salon, If the salon needed a new Styling chair they would find a somewhat inexpensive one that worked, and might hold onto the old ones as a backup incase one broke. In fact they stored a Styling chair in their detached Garage and many other rental property items in there homes Basement or Garage. Isabella went to college 45min. from their home and worked a full time job at a coffee shop, so she drove herself to work when she was home for the summer. Rachel was in high school and had a babysitting job for people when they needed her, she to could drive, but only did when it was absolutely necessary. Valerie and Katie are twins and are in high school too. Gabby is the youngest and is in middle school. All five daughters had gorgeous hair stemming in color from Dark Brown to dark Blonde hair.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The first day their parents were away Isabella was at work and the rest of the girls were at home either on their computers or watching tv. It was a very hot day around 95 degrees, actually it was supposed to be very hot all week long. When ever Isabella had to work on really hot days she would wear her hair in bun on top of her head, to keep her head cool and so her hair wouldn’t fall into her face. So seeing it was so hot out, all the girls at home chose to go swimming in the pool. They were out there for 3 hrs. before returning back inside. The girls than went up to their rooms to dry off and dressed. After doing this Rachel and her sisters decided to put on a movie to watch. About 30 min. into the movie Gabby disappeared to the upstairs bathroom, 5 min. later Valerie went looking for her and found her upstairs. As she neared the bathroom she heard a buzzing sound, upon opening the door she found Gabby, her hair shaved down the middle of her head with a beard trimmer. Valerie than said, “Gabby what are you doing? Mom and Dad will kill you.” Gabby responded saying, ” Well it is hot to day and will be for the rest of the week. So I thought I would give myself a little haircut.” Valerie than yelled for Rachel and Katie saying, ” RACHEL, KATIE come upstairs quick!” They jumped from their seats and ran upstairs to where Gabby and Valerie were. Upon getting there they gasped and reiterated what Valerie had said. They than thought we should call Isabella and find out what to do about this. They than called Isabella to find out what to do. Isabella answered her phone, it was than that Valerie told her what the situation was. Isabella’s response was, ” SHE DID WHAT? ” Valerie than had a good idea she said, ” Isabella I have an idea, I don’t know if you will agree, but why don’t we call Max and see if he knows anyone who could help?” Max was a former friend of Isabella’s. Isabella than replied, ” Oh, Ok go ahead.” So they called Max. Max has a friend named Courtney who works in a healthcare facility and does hair in her spare time. So after receiving their call Max called Courtney and she said, ” Tell them I will be there with in 20 min. but I can’t stay there long.” So Courtney showed up and took a look at Gabby and said, ” As I told Max I can’t stay long and don’t have my supplies with me. I could come back later and fix it, But my recommendation would be we’ll have to shave her head. I can do it or you all can, it’s easy to do. If you chose to do it all you need is a set of hair clippers and a cape.” Valerie called Isabella back and told her what the situation was, to which Isabella replied, ” Well I guess we will have to shave Gabby’s head then. Thank Courtney and tell her, We will do it. Ask Rachel if she wants to run to the beauty supply store or if she wants me to when I get off work.” They thanked Courtney and told her, ” We’ve decided to just do it ourselves, Thank you so much for coming out.” They decided to have Rachel run to the beauty supply store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So Rachel ran to the beauty supply store taking with her Valerie, so she could run in and get the supplies needed. Valerie entered the beauty supply store, the bell rang and the clerk looked up and said, ” Hi I’m Kasey. May I help you?” Valerie replied, ” Yes I’m looking for a Set of clippers, some combs, scissors and a cape.” The clerk then showed her where everything was, while doing this saying to her, ” Your not going to do anything crazy like shave your head are you? You must either need them to do Hair dressing or you have a wild side?” Valerie replied, ” No I’m not shaving my head it’s for doing someone else’s hair. I am kind of adventurous though.” Until the clerk said anything about Shaving her hair off, Valerie had never considered doing that. It kind of lit something in her that now she kind of wanted to do it. Valerie than asked: ” Is there a cape that is one size fits all, so it will fit from a child to an adult or would we need to get one specifically for a child and one bigger for adult?” She also asked if a Velcro or a cape with snaps would be better. The clerk noticing Valerie possibly considering the idea of Shaving her head then said: ” Yes we have quite a few one size fits all capes. You can get a one size fits all or get ones specifically for each a child and adult your choice. It doesn’t really matter what closure you get, but in my opinion I prefer capes with snaps, it’s more professional looking. But Velcro capes aren’t bad, It’s your choice.” So the clerk showed her a few options. So she got the combs, scissors, two sets of clippers and two capes. The clerk having a sly smile at seeing this said, ” Looks as though you found everything you needed. I hope you or the friend you are getting these for enjoy them.” Knowing exactly what was going to happen once Valerie got home. Valerie replied, “Yes. Thanks for all your help. You have been more help then you know.” So Valerie payed for the items and got back in the car with Rachel and they went home. On the way home Valerie than asked Rachel something saying, ” Hey Rachel do you think we should shave Gabby’s head bald? Rachel than said, “You know it will look weird if we don’t seeing she has already shaved some of her head bald anyway.” Then Valerie brought up what the clerk had said and asked Rachel, “What do you think. Should we Shave our heads too?” Rachel than said, ” Are you crazy? Mom and Dad would kill us.” Valerie than said, ” Come on Rachel. In light of what Gabby’s about to go through. Besides Mom and Dad will kill us anyway when they see Gabby with no hair and you can’t say you don’t have a wild side and never thought of doing something crazy like that.” Rachel than replied, ” You know Valerie you’re right, it would make Gabby feel better. You are also right I do have a wild side and have thought about Shaving my head sometimes. In fact it might be lots of fun, Let’s do it.” Valerie than said, ” Really? Are you serious? I wonder if we can convince Katie and Isabella to do it too?” Once at home Rachel and Valerie unloaded what they had gotten and laid them out on the kitchen table. They laid out the combs, scissors, clippers and the capes, two with Snap closure. Rachel than said, ” Isabella will be home in a little while, we will shave Gabby’s head then. First though we need to make dinner, so after Isabella gets home we can do the hair cut.” So the girls prepared dinner and had it waiting when Isabella came home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So Isabella got home, saw all the tools and supplies they had for the shaving and they sat down and ate dinner. Neither Rachel nor Valerie told Gabby, Katie or Isabella their plan of a full sister’s head shaving that night. All through dinner Rachel and Valerie could hardly contain themselves, they kept trying to envision what they all would look like with no hair. As it turned out they wouldn’t have long to wait, plus Isabella thought something might be up when she saw multiple capes and clippers rather than just one. So after they finished dinner and cleaned up, Valerie and Rachel asked Isabella if they should shave Gabby’s head in the kitchen or bathroom? Isabella asked Gabby seeing her head was the one being shaved and Gabby replied saying, ” I think we should do it in the master bathroom it’s bigger then ours, and looks and feels more like being in a salon.” So Isabella grabbed the desk chair from Rachels room and placed it in front of the mirror. As they were getting ready to shave Gabby’s head Katie remembered that one day a month ago while helping their dad in the detached garage she thought she saw a styling chair. So she said, “Hold on a second! There maybe a styling chair in the detached garage I thought I saw last month let me see if it’s still there.” When she went to the detached garage sure enough she found one and quickly ran and told the others. Katie then asked, “What do you think should we use the Styling chair?” They agreed and Rachel and Katie grabbed the chair and brought it to the master bathroom. Isabella chose to turn the chair away from the mirror while they shaved her head so it’d be a surprise to her when she was spun around when it was done. Rachel then said, ” Isabella, Valerie and I were talking on the way home with this stuff and agreed Gabby will have to be shaved bald.” Isabella agreed and grabbed one of the capes with snaps and called Gabby over and told her to take a seat as she was caped her saying: ” Welcome to Bella’s hair salon. What can I do for you today?” Gabby answered: ” I’d like my head shaved please.” Isabella then inquired saying, ” Shaved just bald or completely bald? Meaning we lather your head with shaving cream and razor you completely bald.” Gabby then replied, ” Shaved completely bald.” So Isabella turned Gabby away from the mirror, grabbed the clippers and plugged them in, at this point Valerie said,” I think we should all take turns shaving Gabby’s head.” Isabella agreed and said, ” That sounds good. Who wants to go first?” Katie spoke up first. So Katie flicked on the clippers unguarded and started shaving Gabby’s head. After a few passes Rachel than took a turn followed by Isabella and lastly Valerie took her turn. When Gabby’s head was shaved as close as possible they then got the shaving cream and a razor from the bathroom. Before they lathered Gabby’s head and shaved her smooth Gabby asked, ” Are you sure you know how to shave someone’s head with a razor? ” Isabella then replied, ” I wouldn’t see why we couldn’t, I mean all of us old enough to shave our legs can. Why not shave someone’s head?” Gabby understood and felt more confident, so they lathered Gabby’s head and shaved her smooth. Everyone was surprised with how cute Gabby looked completely bald. When they finished they turned Gabby back to facing the mirror so she could see herself. Gabby let out a smile, laughed and then said, ” I do look cute. I really like it.” As Isabella uncaped Gabby, Rachel and Valerie brought up their grand plan, to the complete shock of Isabella, Katie and Gabby. Isabella and Katie had the same reaction as Rachel did but after more explanation Isabella and Katie reluctantly agreed. Which brought the question, ” Who wants to go first?” Katie took a deep breath and said, ” I can’t believe what I’m saying, but I will.” Valerie than said, ” Why don’t we do two at a time? I will shave mine at the same time as Katie so it will be a twin head shave.” So all agreed. As Katie and Valerie were about to grab a swivel desk chair Rachel remembered seeing yet another styling chair in the garage and told them to hang on and instructed Katie to come with her to grab the second chair. Once back and chairs side by side both Katie and Valerie took their seats next to each other and were caped and turned away like Gabby and were asked if they were both going be shaved completely bald too. To which with no hesitation both replied, “Absolutely!” Katie remembering they only had one set of clippers opted to be scissor cut until the clippers could be used, But then Valerie said, “Actually I did buy a second set of clippers.” So she ran and grabbed them. Both were asked if they were ready, both answered, ” Yes!” Both held each others hand and took a deep breathe and Isabella and Rachel grabbed the clippers turned them on and put them to Katie and Valerie’s foreheads and pushed them back leaving no hair behind. Within a few minutes Katie and Valerie were bald. After this happened Valerie turned seeing Katie with no hair laughed and said, ” Katie, believe it or not you look Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see myself bald too. Hopefully I’ll be just as Gorgeous.” Everyone else agreed. Katie thanked her and everyone else. Just like with Katie, Valerie was also told how Gorgeous she was. Valerie also thanked everyone. So both Valerie and Katie’s heads were lathered with shaving cream and Rachel and Isabella took razors and shaved them smooth. When finished Valerie and Katie were turned back to facing the mirror and saw themselves in the mirror and loved how beautiful they looked. After taking a look at themselves Katie and Valerie’s capes were removed stood up and asked if Isabella and Rachel would like to be shaved together and completely like they were. Rachel and Isabella said, ” Sure, Why not.” So Rachel and Isabella took their seats were caped and just like before turned away from the mirror. Isabella and Rachel were shaved like Katie and Valerie, just like with Katie and Valerie within a few minutes Isabella was bald and the clippers were passed to Katie to shave Rachel. While this was happening Rachel turned seeing Isabella with no hair laughed and said, ” Isabella, believe it or not you look Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see myself bald too. Hopefully I’ll be just as Gorgeous as you. ” Everyone else agreed. Isabella thanked her and everyone else. Rachel was also told how Gorgeous she was. Rachel also thanked everyone. So both Rachel and Isabella heads were lathered with shaving cream and Katie and Valerie took razors and shaved them smooth. When finished they to were turned back to the mirror and saw themselves in the mirror and loved how beautiful they looked, Isabella and Rachel’s capes were then removed. Gabby then thanked everyone for Shaving their heads for her. Her sisters then replied, “You are very welcome. Believe it or not I think we look really good and had fun and it was good bonding time. I still can’t believe we did this.” Then the five sisters took a photo to remember this occasion. Rachel then said,” We have got to be the most gorgeous girls in town with our completely shaved heads.” All agreed, then Valerie asked, ” What do you think would happen if we stayed completely bald for when Mom and Dad get home? Do you think they would have a heart attack?” Gabby, Isabella, Rachel and Katie all laughed and said, ” As great an experience as this was I don’t think we should, because they will freak out.” Valerie agreed and then asked, ” Well, what will we say when they get home and we all have really short hair? Should we say we went to a salon and got haircuts because of the heat. Say we just did it ourselves because of the heat? Or tell them what really happened and hope they don’t freak out and get mad? Plus what will people say at work about Isabella having no hair? ” They all said’ ” Good point we need to come up with a story for why we have very short hair. As for Isabella’s being bald who would notice with her wearing a hat, plus she and us could get wigs to wear. ” While trying to figure out what their story should be, Valerie asked if anyone would be willing to shave their heads again. Surprisingly everyone said that they would. Isabella said, ” Believe it or not that was the most Exhilarating thing I have ever done.” All said similar things and they continued to try to figure out what their excuse would be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next morning came and Isabella and the rest of the girls shaved their heads smooth again before put on hats and going to the beauty supply store to go wig shopping. Upon entering Kasey noticed Valerie and said to the rest of the group, ” Hi I’m Kasey. I’ve been expecting you.” The group then said, ” What you mean?” Kasey replied, ” Well my cousin Courtney did tell me you all might stop by, Plus after seeing your sister in here yesterday I knew you’d come in. How may I help you? It’s hot out. What’s with the hats?” Valerie and her sisters smiled and removed their hats to reveal their completed shaved heads and said, ” We need five wigs, please.” Kasey then said, ” I thought you said you weren’t shaving your head.” Valerie then replied, ” You are right, but believe it or not what you said inspired me to convince me and my sister’s to shave our heads.” Isabella then asked, ” How would Courtney know we might show up? Kasey replied, ” She knew once one sister shaved her head you all probably would.” Kasey then said, ” By the way. You all are absolutely gorgeous bald. I remember the first time I shaved my head bald, it was the most thrilling and Exhilarating thing I have ever done.” The group then said, ” What do you mean?” Kasey then removed her wig to reveal her completely shaved head. The girls then replied, ” Wow! You also look gorgeous. Do you ever not wear a wig out in public?” Kasey then replied, ” Yes, actually I do every once in a while and some people give me weird looks, but a lot compliment me and say it shows I have lots of guts and confidence.” Katie then asked, “ How long have you been shaving your head? Is there any particular reason you shave your head?” Kasey then replied, ” Well the first time I did was when I was 12, I heard about raising money and shaving your head for cancer research. So I did, after doing it the feeling was so great I wanted to stay bald forever, but my parents convinced me to grow it back out because they thought I’d be teased. ” So once a year I was allowed to shave my head for a cancer fundraiser during the summer. When I was 16 I got my drivers license and decided it was my responsibility now seeing I could drive myself to get haircuts. So I went to the salon every couple of months to get my hair cut and found a really nice stylist who was about 19. After my third visit to her she asked, ” Have you ever donated your hair to charity. I said, ” Yes. In fact I’ve shaved my head when I was 12 for charity, after doing it the feeling was so great I wanted to stay bald forever, but my parents convinced me to grow it back out because they thought I’d be teased. Me and my parents made a deal though, I would be allowed to shave my head once a summer for charity. Now that I’m 16 and have my drivers license I decided it was my responsibility now seeing I could drive myself to get haircuts. I then asked her if she had ever donated her hair or shaved her head”. She replied, ” Yes. I too did everything you said, But when I turned 16 and got my drivers license I too decided it was my responsibility now seeing I could drive myself to get haircuts. My decision was to shave my head again.” She then removed her wig to reveal her completely shaved head. She then said to me, ” I shaved my head and have never gone back, I’ll wear wigs so some people don’t know. If you were to ask me what I would do if I were you I would say, being bald is something I love and I may never grow my hair back again.”  So I did ask her what I should do. She replied, ” Just shave your head and never go back like me.” So that’s exactly what I did. The girls then asked, ” If you were us would keep our heads shaved like this? Especially seeing our parents don’t know what we did. How did your parents react to your shaving your head and never going back?” Kasey replied, ” It’s up to you, I’d continue to shave my head, but seeing your parents don’t know you all shaved your heads, I’d wear wigs and grow my hair back and ask them later if you can shave your heads. As for your oldest sister she’s old enough to make her own decisions.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      To answer their other question Kasey replied.  My parents told me you drive yourself, you have a job, your paying for your hair to be cut. If you want to continue to be bald it’s up to you. If you choose to wear a wig sometimes at school that’s fine.  Just for graduation photos and actual ceremony we’d like for you to be wearing a wig. I accepted their requests and did what I did. So I went back to the salon and had the stylist shave my head. I then asked her how I would do it myself if I wanted to. The stylist replied,  Just take clippers with no guard and shave your head. If you want it smooth take shaving cream and a razor and shave your head smooth. Rachel then asked, Should we tell our parents what we did and take what ever punishments we receive. Have you ever thought of cutting hair like Courtney?” Kasey replying to Rachel’s question said, It may be in your best to let them know to lessen their anger. Yes, I have thought of being a Hair stylist, in fact I’m in beauty school now and when I’m done. Me and Courtney plan on working together maybe even opening our own salon. Katie and Valerie then had a thought come into both their heads at the same time. Maybe they should become Hairdressers and maybe join Kasey and Courtney with both of their guidance. They then told the group their idea of being hairdressers. The group then told them that sounds like a cool idea. Katie and Valerie then asked Kasey. When you graduate Beauty school would you and Courtney teach us how to be hairdressers. Should we go into the Cosmetology department at school? Kasey replied, ” I think you two should absolutely go into the Cosmetology department. I think me and Courtney could definitely mentor both of you.” They then thanked Kasey. So Kasey helped the five girls to find the perfect wigs for each. If they chose to remain bald or if they just weren’t ready to show their parents. The five sisters paid for their wigs and went back home. Once they were back at home Valerie asked, ” So what do you all think? Should we all stay bald or should everyone but Isabella grow their hair back?” Katie responded first saying,  As much as I love and want to stay bald. I think Rachel, Valerie, Gabby and myself should grow our hair back. I really think Isabella should remain bald, because she pulls it off so well. It will lessen the impact of seeing Isabella bald. Besides we can Shave our heads again sooner than you think. The rest of her sisters looked puzzled until Katie continued. Before she could continue Rachel asked, ” What do you mean we can shave our heads sooner than we think? Katie than answered. Well the way I see it. After seeing Isabella bald, Mom and Dad may more easily let the rest of us Shave our heads. Problem solved We could be bald as long as we want.” Isabella, Rachel, Valerie and Gabby all agreed. So after Isabella agreed to the idea of her being the only one remaining bald. As short a period as that might turn out to be. After thinking it over some more Isabella decided to call Kasey and get her advice again as what to do. Should she remain bald or grow her hair back? Once Isabella arrived at Kasey’s house Isabella told Kasey what was going on. Isabella said, “ Kasey, I have a dilemma. I really want to stay bald and know my sisters do too. Unfortunately once we arrived home they decided that I’m the only one staying bald. My sister Katie said, “As much as I love and want to stay bald. I think Rachel, Valerie, Gabby and myself should grow our hair back. I really think Isabella should remain bald, because she pulls it off so well. It will lessen the impact of seeing Isabella bald.” Besides we can Shave our heads again sooner than you think. I don’t want to have to be the only one bald. What would you do or think?” Kasey told her, It’s up to you. If you want to stay bald or grow your hair back. Personally I love being bald, but you already know that. So after thinking for a few minutes Isabella decided to just let her hair grow back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Meanwhile back at home the rest of the girls were talking about their future plans for careers. After hearing Valerie and Katie’s possible hairdressing idea Rachel came to the conclusion she might be a good realtor. Perhaps joining their mom in the family business. After Isabella got back home Rachel told her sisters her possible career plans.  Just then Katie realized, wait we own a hair salon we are renting out. Why don’t we discuss with Courtney and Kasey perhaps letting them start their salon there and just pay us rent. Plus we could let mom and dad know that we have some fantastic future renters for the salon. When me and Valerie get our cosmetology licenses we could join them in the salon and own it. The girls agreed. Isabella told her sisters she’d just visited Kasey about the dilemma she felt.  She then told them she had decided to grow her hair back. A week later Rachel, Valerie, Katie and Gabby notice Isabella didn’t look happy, so they asked her, ” Isabella what’s wrong ?” Isabella answered saying, ” Nothing.” and walked out the door to go to work. So Valerie told Rachel, Katie and Gabby she thought they should give Kasey call. So they did and she told them the same she did to Isabella. After talking to Kasey, Katie told her sisters that she thought they should shave their heads again. All of her sisters agreed except Isabella who had no idea about this. Then Valerie had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we tell Isabella we’re doing a makeover night tonight and besides doing makeup we surprise her. Then we can shave our heads again. All agreed with this idea. So once Isabella arrived back home from work they made dinner. After they finished dinner Katie said, ” I have an idea. Why don’t we have a makeover night tonight?” Pretending that she had just thought of it. Rachel, Valerie, Gabby and even Isabella agreed. Katie then said, ”How about we do it in the master bathroom.” all agreed as usual. Isabella started getting a little suspicious about them doing it in the master bathroom.

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