It’s Lisa turn for haircut

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Its a sequel for wolf haircut. I would recommend reading the first part in order to understand the story better.

“Stop lisa. Come sit in the chair. Its your turn now.”

A third person pov

“Mom i don’t need a haircut.”

“I never asked you. Don’t make this more difficult for any of us. Come sit in the chair while I’m asking nicely.”

Lisa was now horrified. Her mother never used such tone with her. She obliged and sat in the chair.

“How are you going to cut my hair.” Her voice slightly cracked.
Lisa’s hair was even longer than quinn. She would happily spent hours in brushing and styling her hair. She would buy various types of serums to keep it in good shape. Her hair was one the most important assets of beauty for her. She absolutely loved her hair and would make a fuss even on small trims. She really believed that she manipulated her sister into this but never thought that she will bear any big consequence.

“Exactly like your sister.”

But her mother’s response really numbed her for a second. As soon as her mind got clear she tried to get up. But her mother held her shoulders and pushed her back in the chair.

“Do you really think you can go out of this room without getting a haircut. I thought you will be perfectly fine on receiving the same haircut you chose for your sister.”

Lisa somehow felt guilt pouring in her veins. She bowed her head out of embarrassment.

Her mother came in front of her amd raised her head by putting fingers on her chin so they were at eye level.

“I will give you two choices, either you behave like a good girl and i will give you the same haircut as your sister or you will retaliate and i will tie you to this chair and will shave your head. Now you tell me.”
Her mother said rather calmly.

Upon hearing this lisa started crying as she knew that her fate has been sealed and she was unable to find any way out of it.

“Lisa i need a clear answer. Do you want me to cut your hair like your sister yes or no.” Her mother was still rather calm.

Lisa nodded her head between hiccups and said yes.

Her mom went behind her.
“Sit up straight lisa.”
Lisa moved a little behind her chair so that her back was alligned with the chair.

“Try to keep your posture straight.”
Lisa moved a little more.
“Yeah like this.”

Her mom handed her a tissue box
“Wipe your tears like a good girl.”
She got some tissues from it and wiped her face.

Her mom picked the nylon cape and a clip kept on the shelf.

She clipped her hair so that it was out of the way and then draped the cape around her neck quite tightly. She removed the clip from the hair. She took a comb and water spray and started spraying water on her hair. She then combed the hair to get rid of any tangles. There weren’t many to begin with as her hair were naturally quite straight.

“You aren’t going to wash my hair.”Lisa  asked her last attempt to get out of the situation.

“I know you want to just get over with it. So I’ll skip it. And also your hair are not that oily so i can work with it.” Her mother said.

I didn’t want to get over with it early. I just don’t even want to do it. She thought. A tear ran silently on her cheek.

Her mother took a rubber band and made a pony at the base of her neck. She pulled the rubber slightly lower till her shoulders. She took the scissors and started cutting just above the ponytail. After cutting for a full minute the ponytail was finally free. Her mom placed the ponytail on the shelf. On seeing that lisa again bursted into tears.
Her mother went silent for a few minutes.

Then again she asked softly.
“How am i going to complete the haircut if you’ll keep on crying.”
Lisa remained silent.
“Ok tell me what do you think of quinns haircut.” Her mother asked.
“It looks good on her but I don’t think it will suit me.” Lisa said.
“So you want a different haircut.” Her mother asked.
“Yes please.” Lisa said.
“What about chin length bob.” Her mother suggested.
No mom.” Lisa said
“A graduate bob.” Her mother again suggested.
“No.” Lisa still refused.
“Then you tell me what do you want.” Her mother said.
“I don’t want to lose any more length mom.” Lisa said.
“Then I will trim them at collar bone and give it some texture. Will that be okay?” Her mom said.
Lisa nodded as she clearly had no other options.
“Ok mom but i don’t like the shape of bob.” Lisa said.
“Ok ok so demanding.” Her mom said.
Lisa felt a little better after this conversation.

Her mother sectioned her hair into three sections leaving some hair on the nape area.
Then she bowed her head until it touched the cape and thoroughly combed the section and cut it at collarbone level. Then she started separating small layers and cut it at the same level as before using the previous layer as a guide.

While her mother was cutting hair some hair also fell on her lap. Lisa was relieved to see that the hair was not too long mostly an inch or so.

While Lisa’s hair were being cut quinn at once opened the door.
“Ohh myyy Goddd what is happening in here???” And was completely shook. She ofcourse wasn’t expecting to see any of this.

Her mother asked quinn.
“What are you doing in here?”
“Well i was waiting for lisa in the room and she was not coming so I was searching for her and couldn’t find her anywhere and this is where I ended.” Quin told her.

“You can take a seat there.” Her mom said.
Quinn was still shocked.
“But how did this happen?” Quin couldn’t help her curiosity.
“She liked your haircut and wanted to try something short herself.” Her mom said.
“I thought she liked her long hair.” Quin said still unable to believe the scene happening in front of her.”
“Change is good sometimes.” Her mom said.

Lisa just listened and didn’t had the heart to say anything. Upon seeing quin guilt started pouring in Lisa’s heart and she became quite numb of her surroundings at this point.
Her mother straightened her head and started cutting her hair at the left side.
Quinn made eye contact with lisa in the mirror where lisa gave a faint smile but quinn couldn’t believe the situation and thought that her smile was fake.
Her mother started evening her hair at the right side and then she was finishing the haircut by taking thinning shears and adding the softness at ends. She took blow dryer and dried her hair thoroughly and then straightened her hair to give her a defined look. She again took thinning shears and gave some final touches. Her mother then rounded the chair towards the opposite side of mirror and with the help of small mirror she showed her the back and front.
“Do you like it.”
Lisa just nodded. She was lost at words.
Her mother opened the cape and lisa almost got stumbled while getting up. She gave last look at her ponytail lying on the table thinking that it will take her years to grow her hair this long and left the room. She thoroughly regretted everything that happened today.

“Everything done wrong shall come with consequences.” Now lisa understood why her mother said this.

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