Jealous Friends

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My name is Inayat I’m 19 and for me I’m the best looking girl in the world. Everything in my looks stands out from the girls from my colony or my school but one aspect of my beauty that stands out is my beautiful long curls. I love them with all my heart and give most my time to them, from specific shampoos to specific oils and lotions everything I can do for my hair I do. I know this for a fact that each girl I know is jealous of them unlike some curls which look odd mine are soft and I have grown them to my waist. My plans are to grow them further so I take special care for them, I have a salon lady that helps me trim less than half inch every 2 months to ensure proper growth and she pampers my hair too at every visit. I have a close friend Neha who lives in other area of town we have a spot near the lake where we meet each evening, it’s a beautiful place we sit there each evening for hours and gossip about guys and other girls. A few days back I had told Neha that I was worried about my hair the salon lady went home due to lockdown and I couldn’t get any pampering or trimming done on them in past 4 months, the ends of my hair were starting to split because of it. She gave it a thought then suggested me that she knew a barber who could help me trim my hair “Nooooo wayyy I can’t let a barber touch my hair” I almost yelled at her “You don’t know anything, go them keep crying about them salons won’t open for another month till then you will have split ends till here” she got a little offended pointed at the midback section of my hair claiming the hair will get damaged. I felt a little down “come on I take gurantee if anything happens to your hair I will cut all of mine from the same barber” she said trying to convince me “hahaha” I laughed out “what?” she asked “You barely have any hair and probably should cut them, having no hair is better than having a mop” I teased her touching her mid back hair. She took a pause then replied “whatever!! If you want to take care of yours then I will call him here tomorrow, rest is upto you hair will get damaged and instead of cutting half inches you will loose a couple more”. I gave her words long thought and reluctantly asked her to call her barber. “But how will I get trimmed here? Won’t everyone see us” I asked her. “We will go to our hiding spot here don’t worry” she replied calming me down. Deep down I just wanted to avoid the situation and was cursing myself I had told my problem to her, she was adamant and I with reluctance subdued to her.

All day I have been thinking ways to avoid her but couldn’t find a proper answer; one part of my brain also is trying to convince me nothing will go wrong. My  phone rang it was Neha on the other side “Come we have reached here” she said “Umm Neha I don’t want to get my hair trimmed by a barber” I replied in a slow scared voice “We avoided police people beating us everywhere to get here now you’re saying no. Just come here with a towel or I’ll come there with him” she yelled on my phone “wait I’m coming there please don’t come here”. If she came here my mom would surely ask for a short haircut she hates me spending time on my hair, my aunt too keeps taking shots at me for my hair her own daughter never could grow her hair as beautiful most she could grow was mid back and that too looked ugly. A cluster of thoughts ran thru my head as I walked to the park it was closer to my place than hers and I know the restrictions all over town are quite strict so there must have been a lot of problem for her to get there, she kept mentioning that since lockdown was imposed but somehow always came there to meet me. I reached the park gate and called her she asked me to come to our hiding spot, there was an unfinished house on an end of the park near the lake it just had a gate and some brick walls without a roof. I went there hesitatingly I knocked on the door a boy probably around our age opened the door; Neha was sitting on a stool we had previously installed there for us to sit and have fun. “You’re late” she said pointing me to sit at the stool opposite to her. I walked slowly my feet weren’t helping I hadn’t been this nervous ever in my life “have you ever trimmed a girl’s hair?” I asked him “Don’t worry he will do just fine” she replied for him as he closed then the door behind me it didn’t have a lock so he just pushed the door so no one could see inside. I sat on the stool he didn’t say a word opened his bag, I could see a number of products there razors, blade, big scissors, trimmer etc. He picked out the spray bottle and handed it to Neha, he then took the towel from my hand and tied it to my neck. He opened my bun my lovely curls flew down my back touching sitting end of the stool they stopped, he started spraying water all over my hair. I got a little confused he just had to trim ends why would he damp all my hair but I had already asked too many questions and he had given me worse looks every time so I didn’t say anything to him.

Neha got up from her chair and stood beside me she kept her hand on my shoulder “Make a ponytail and tie one rubber band up here the other at the end to make it easy “She guided him “But he just needs to cut less than half inches” I said “Yeah Yeah that’s why I’m standing here to make sure its just half inches” she replied to me turning my face forward. He did as asked he combed my hair properly then made a ponytail tied a rubber band right at the top on the base of the tail then tied one at the end “can I see how much is below the rubber band at the end” I asked Neha tried turning back again but she turned my head forward “You trust me or you don’t” she yelled holding his big scissors in her hand in a threatening manner. I hadn’t felt this submissive before a few more yelling and I would have cried there and then. “Neha you hear something?” I asked her “What? “ she asked “It feels like some people are outside I can hear people walking” I replied “It’s a park people come here to walk. Now stop distracting and let him finish this” she replied quite rudely this time.

The silence of our spot broke with sounds of his scissors kchhhh..kchhhh..kchhhhh loud sounds came from behind me I was feeling some pressure pulling my head back and forth, I didn’t know what was happening. Nervous to the point of peeing my pants I closed my eyes kept murmuring asking him to take it easy just cut half inches of my hair. The pressure continued for a few minutes my head bounced forward and back then suddenly it felt like I have been released of something my head went forward, I was feeling a lot lighter too like someone had taken a lot of weight off my head. Neha came forward stood infront of me she had something in her hand behind her “Come on guys” she yelled and a few other girls from my colony, school and my cousin sister barged in the space. Neha held my ponytail high in the hair like a prized possession, my face went from happy looking at people to shock then the tears flowed down my eyes as I put my hands back to see if it’s a prank. I could only touch some hair above my neck tied in a ponytail, “what have you done to my hair” I cried trying to get up but was forced to sit again.”Awww poor Rapunzel and her poor hair” Neha laughed out swinging my ponytail in the air the girls laughed at the sight and started making videos of my crying, swinging my ponytail near my face showing the small pony left on my head. “Girls Girls keep shooting we aren’t finished yet” Neha announced signalling the barber to start his work. He opened the pony on my head hair fell from each corner covering my ears and my forehead. He took his comb and started parting the hair on top gathering them then clipping them to hold tight. I then heard the most dreadful sound I had ever heard close to my ears bzzzzzzzzzzzz the clippers were turned on I jumped up but the girls held me down, Neha took Rita’s phone and started filming my ordeal she went back the other girl went in front and the rest held me to the stool. I felt the clippers running on my neck going up to my crown then coming down it happened a number of times until I could feel the air touching my head the same procedure was done on the right side of my head chunks of hair fell over my shoulders some sat on my lap some fell to the ground. He continued on the right side with the same imitative I sat crying I was hurt deeply I trusted Neha but because of her my prized possession were on the floor and in her hand.  He kept the clippers down and started spraying on my back and sides it made me realise I didn’t have any hair left there just skin. He poured some shaving cream on his hands and started massaging me on the sides and back “Please stop I beg you please” I cried but was just met with laughter Neena even picked up the hair from the ground and threw them on my face as everyone laughed.  He took out his razor and placed a blade in it then started on the sides it was an odd feeling as the razor ran over the side of my head but I couldn’t stop it “Oh Inayat di you will look very good don’t worry” my cousin Rashmi laughed .Scrrrr Scrrrr I could only hear the sound of it and feel the cold metal being run on the side of my head. He went back after spending 10-12 minutes cleaning both sides of my head, the air in the room the spit coming out of those monsters laughing at me could all be felt on the skin of my head now I knew all hope was lost I had no hair left at those sections. He bent my head down the same sensation started on the back of my head, I had gone thru a mix of emotions from bad to worse the razor just was the last nail in my coffin my bladder ran out I pissed my pants as he shaved the back of my head. Everyone in the room was laughing hysterically at the sight of me sitting in my own toilet, my shorts wet like that of a baby I felt really embarrassed. He didn’t seem to bother tho he continued his work announced he was finished with shaving. He came forward kept his razor back in his bag “What do you want to do with the top?” he asked Neha. She gave her phone to Rita opened the clips holding my hair on top of my head then started running her hands all over my scalp deliberately touching the bald parts. “Oh so smooth Rashmi ask your mom to shave her every day so she stays like this” she laughed “So Inayat baby what should we do with the hair left on your head?” she asked laughing and playing with my bald head pulling the hair left on top. “Shave it too make her bald” suggested Neena “No No lets shave some parts like a punishment hair cut, she has always made us feel jealous deliberately let’s give it back to her” said Rita “A crop cut will be fine Chachi might like it too” said my cousin. “Yeah we can do a crop it will make her look like boys in military” Neha agreed to her plan and signalled the barber to do as asked. He brought out his clippers again this time placed a guard on them “Can I do it?” Neha jumped in excitement he handed her the clippers. She ran her hands over my hair I couldn’t bare giving her a look so she held my chin up switched them on again bzzzzzzz the sound was as loud and clear as her intentions. She placed the clippers on my crown and ran them straight down to my forehead hair came crashing down my forehead bouncing on my face and on her hand as she grinned. “I want to do it too” said Rashmi she obliged her gave her the clippers Rashmi made another pass more hair came down sticking to my face which was covered with tears, the tears worked like glue to the hair. Neena wasn’t going to be left behind she took the clippers from Rashmi and made a pass, at my expense these girls were having the time of their life. Things kept  running thru my head how I used to tease these girls for their shorter, ugly and frizzy hair now they had kept me as a bait for their fun. “I think that’s done let me clean her up” the barber said he took the scissors from them and started making passes all over my head, I could feel there wasn’t much left over my head even the tears had dried up now so I couldn’t even express my sorrow. Earlier today I had ordered a new lotion for my lovely curls now they are gone the ponytail sits on Neha’s shoulders she has kept it as a trophy since the first cut was made.

When he removed the towel I knew it was done my ordeal was over but I didn’t have the strength to get up Neha came up again she switched her camera and showed me how I looked, it was the most disgusting site in the world I kept my hands on my face and started crying again. The girl in the mirror had no hair at all just a thin black strip on top and nothing else, it couldn’t be me I wasn’t ready to believe it. “Rashmi take her home dear I hope your mom and aunt will be as happy as us. I have your video and your precious curls with me these are my prized possessions now as you know none of us have beautiful hair like you” Neha said holding my chin looking into my sobby eyes.

On our way home I tried covering my head but Rashmi made sure I didn’t she was 2 years younger than me and I had always teased her for not having beautiful or long hair for that matter. She too was taking a revenge I had never dreamed of, when we were about to reach home she covered my head with the towel as we entered the house my mom and aunt were in the lounge. Rashmi took me infront of them and took off the towel “Didi just got a new haircut” she jumped up cheering. There was a silence in the room followed by loud laughter even my own mom was laughing at me, Aunt got up and ran her hands all over my head as I cried. “Rekha you should keep her this way, that long hair is of no use” she teased me rubbing my shaved back “Yeah I too think so look its so neat and clean” my mom added to the humiliation. I ran to my room cried the whole night, I got up to a whatsap text by Neha who had sent pictures posing with my ponytail and sent videos of what had happened with a message “You’re aunt asked for the ponytail so I posed a bit before giving it to her” she had written. The days that followed weren’t as happy for me either all my beautiful products were given to Rashmi no moment was spared where I wasn’t told I had no hair left. To top everything off the same barber was called home the following week to clean the little fuzz I had grown in the 7 days “Come every 10 days bhaiya we need her clean like this” my mom told him while paying.

The experience broke me but it taught me I shouldn’t have been so arrogant, I started living my life the way they intended me to without hair at one point my aunt had shaved me clean leaving a palika because I argued with her. I had become submissive to them or they had now taught me how to become submissive.

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