Jedi Hair Removal

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“Your training is almost complete.” My master said as I could barely contain my excitement. “But you must first undergo a procedure all padawans go through before becoming a Jedi knight.” He said as my heart sank. I had heard rumours about this from other padawans in the temple but I refused seeking to live in blissful ignorance. “Today you will have your entire body shaved before being submerged into mitoclorian rich water.” As he said this I clutched onto my long ponytail that hung well below my waist it was plaited beautifully by my secret girlfriend, Ashoka. Today she was bacoming a Jedi knight too, undergoing the plunge into the midichlorian rich water too however togrutas are hairless so she would not be needing any shaving.

As I sat down with the other graduating padawans we were all simultaneously getting both excited and anxious a lot of people here had short hairstyles some had longer one or two wookies were looking incredibly grumpy but I easily had the longest hair when I sat down it almost touched the ground it had taken 10 years to grow it to this length. 1 woman all of a sudden revealed herself from a doorway and placed herself behind a chair sitting in the middle of the ring of chairs us 30 padawans had created. She lay out her tools on a little table next to the chair and said “Now everybody take off your gis and come up one by one.” I took my gi off with everybody else Ashoka who was sitting next to me didn’t need to but did anyway to make me feel better. She was completely hairless it was stunning. A human boy with short hair and a singular braid. With a moderate amount of pubic hair came up to the chair. As he stripped naked a little of dread furled in my stomach knowing that would be me soon. Once he was naked he sat down and almost as soon as he sat down she began shaving him with the sharpest straight razor ever because almost immediately he was completely bald on his head. Then she closed her eyes and held her hand infront of the boy. All of a sudden a pained grunt was heard he had been waxed in one swoop using the force. He was as bald as Ashoka. Then a human girl came up. She had mid back length black hair and was crying. After seeing what was about to happen to her I’m not surprised. She had a large black bush as well but apart from that she had kept herself well shaved. When she sat down her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and severed. She wept. The the razor was used to shave her head. After she was shaved bald and had stopped sobbing she was told to stand up. Then the same thing happened and she was waxed using the force this time you could see her black plume of curled hair fall to her feet as she whaled. Many more Jedi and a couple gruesome wookies later and I was up. The woman smiled as I approached. “Look at all that hair.” She said as I sat down. She grabbed my massive ponytail and held it aloft taking the weight off my head everyone jeered as I heard a snip and never felt the weight being placed back down. Then I felt cold metal being dragged across the top of my head. I looked to Ashoka who was smiling. This comforted me and after a while I felt a cold breeze over my dome enough to give me goose bumps. Then I was told to stand up I waved my bush goodbye as I felt a tug everywhere at once. It was the strangest feeling. The first thing I noticed was the lack of eyelashes. This prompted me to look down and see no bush nor was there leg hair or hair that hung down infront of my eyes. This made me reach up and stoke my head. It was amazing. For the first time in forever I could feel my scalp and I loved it. Ashoka also loved the feeling of it as she reached up and felt it. As more Jedi went up she kept feeling my head as I touch my bald body including my armpits, my eyebrows, my legs, my arms and many more.

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