Jenny’s barber shop

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I was a 15 year old girl who for the last 5 years had lived with my father for the most part didn’t care what I did or looked like. So when he sent me to go live with mother across the state I was in for quite the shock with how she liked micromanage everything I couldn’t leave the house without her consent and approval of my outfit since I had arrived she had looked distasteful at my long hair the hung just below my waist it was golden blonde color witch went well with my bronze skin. I didn’t care for much for sports or school what I did care about were my looks how well my outfit looked keeping good care of my crowning glory witch was my hair it was the thickest at my old school I had enough hair to make 3 ponytails and each would still be much thicker than all the other girls ponytails. I had moved at the beginning of summer. Having as much hair as I do you could guess that the summer months were hell for me and you’d be right it is but I persisted through it all in the name of having fantastic hair. My mother walked into my room were I was seated at on my bed brushing my hair “ your getting a haircut get changed and meet me in the car in five minutes” “what I don’t want to get a haircut” “ your getting it cut and that’s final I humored that long hair long enough your getting a short haircut that I’ll choose for you” I was in shock and couldn’t move this couldn’t be happening to me my brush was frozen in my golden locks my mother didn’t like my reaction apparently as she rushed forward ripping the brush out of my hair and yanking me up by the wrist “ looks like we’re leaving now” she continued to drag me throughout the house and out the front door and into the car. I still couldn’t believe it I felt like I couldn’t breathe. She started the car and pulled out of the driveway within five minutes we parked outside of a building that said Jenny’s barber shop “ come now Jenny doesn’t have all day” I steps were slow trying to stall my seemingly inedible fate. My mother yanked me forward by the wrist again and shoved me inside the the building which was empty save for a pretty lady with brown hair cut in a crew cut who was sweeping “ Jenny I have someone who’s in dire need of a summer haircut.” Jenny looked up from were she was sweeping and smiled when she caught sight of my mother “ just sit her down in the chair margaret” Jenny put away the broom and soon arrived to the chair I was seated in “ so Margaret what will it be for Goldie locks here” she said running her hands through my hair “ oh I was thinking something short. very. very. very. short if you get what I’m saying Jenny” “ I understand ya just clear Margaret” she placed paper around my neck and capped me with a black cape that seemed to swallow me whole she reached and and gripped my hair and pulled out letting it fall freely it smacked the back of the chair with a loud thunk a testament to just how long and thick it was. “ that’s quite the mane you have there Goldie we’ll get that taken care of very soon though”
She took a bottle of spray off her workstation and sprayed my hair down before brushing it out so It was even. She put my hair in a ponytail the base of it was was bigger than my own fist “ you have the thickest hair I have ever seen girlie I don’t think and siscorres are cutting through that ponytail” she reached over and grabbed a black machine off of her work station and turned it on they were a pair of wahl clippers and without hesitation plunged them into the base of the my ponytail my hair put up quite the struggle but in the end it was the clippers that won the battle Jenny felled up the ponytail waving it around in the air “ say Margaret how much blonde hair do ya think I got here” she said smiling “ oh I think that’s well over 30 inches of shiny golden hair then Jenny” you’d you like to keep it Margaret” “ no thanks Jenny” Jenny smiled as she set the pony tail down on her workstation very happy of what she had just done “ you should be honored Goldie I’m gonna put your ponytail tail on display here in my shop”. I couldn’t believe it I was still in shock that this was happening to me my once longer than waist length hair had be reduced to to a shoulder length cut it a matter of minutes. The tears that had been build up were finally let go and I I openly started to cry. “ I’d save those tears for later Goldie there’s still more to come off” she placed a guard on the clippers and began to run them over my head. I could only stare into the mirror and watch Jenny take my hair without mercy. She made quick work of my hair leaving me with ½ inch length hair all around I was practically bald “ short enough Margaret” Jenny asked my mother who was looking at me with a frown “ I think I’ve decided what her year round haircut is gonna be. Jenny take her down to the skin” Jenny smiled at my mom words I Didn’t understand what was happening anymore I shook with sobs the tears still streaming down my face. Jenny placed the clippers in front of my hairline again except without a guard this time and repeated the process she had down minutes before. If I thought I was practically bald before well I was now. I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror that wasn’t me she looked like me put wasn’t that girl had big ears and handful of moles could be seen on her scalp through the stubble of blonde hair. I didn’t have much time to ponder who was in the mirror as Jenny was rubbing a cold cream on head. She grabbed a razor and made quick work of the stubble with practised ease. She wiped of any remaining hair and shaving cream off my head and playfully smacked my bare scalp I looked at the mirror looking at the pale scalp that was littered with small moles the pale skin constraint harbibly with my bronze skin I wanted to cry but I couldn’t I had no tears left. “ guess I can’t call ya Goldie any more can I girl” my mother walked up to us and said “ now that’s what I call a haircut. How much do I owe you Jenny” “ it’s own the house today I enjoyed myself a lot I even got a prize out of it” she said referring to my pony tail “ you can either send her here for me to touch up the shave or you can do it yourself just do it about 4 times a week.” Was this what my mother had Been referring to when she said year round haircut. “ will do Jenny thanks a lot” “ it was my pleasure”

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